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Creating a Performance Dashboard

Date post:05-Dec-2014
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How to create a simple Performance Dashboard report in Excel. Using a traffic light system
  • 1. Creating a traffic light system report
  • 2. Avoid Boring tables This is a boring table!! Nobody enjoys looking at this. And its very difficult to see any meaning in this. What were the good performances? What do we need to work on? Its impossible to tell so we need to find a better way.
  • 3. Traffic light system One of the easiest ways is to set up a traffic light system So your boring report will look more like this With a bit more work you could add more graphics to this and really bring it to life. But the traffic light system adds a layer of information you dont get from numbers themselves
  • 4. Step 1 Decide your KPIs Type them into Excel 1 per line Total number of shots - Number of shots on target - Entries into the penalty area - Entries into the attacking third - Number of passes forward and/or completed - Fouls won/conceded - Goals scored from set plays (differentiate between corners and free kicks) - Individual possession - Individual duels won (aerial and ground) - Offsides
  • 5. Step 2 Fill in the data I have done this for 4 games but it can be done on a game to game basis or for a full season review.
  • 6. Step 3 1. Select all data for 1 KPI 2. Click on Conditional Formatting 3. And then Colour Scales 4. Click more Rules
  • 7. Step 4 This dialogue box will appear Use this drop down menu to decide if you want 2 or 3 colours? I prefer 3 (Red, Yellow & Green) but (Gold, Silver & Bronze) might also work well.
  • 8. Step 5 Now we just fill in the details 1. Under Type choose either Number or Percent (depending on the type of data you have) 2. Fill in the values you want (these should be agreed with your coaching staff). Minimum means anything below this will be Red Midpoint means yellow And Maximum means this value or higher will be green At each stage the colour will be a gradient as appropriate. 3. Use the colour drop down to change colours if you require
  • 9. Step 6 Repeat this for each line of your KPIs You will have something like this Now its much easier to see how your performance relates to other games or the standards you have set.
  • 10. Step 7 You can obviously spend a bit more time making it look better But as you add games you can just copy the conditional formatting across Really simple something you only have to set-up once Your coaching staff and players will thank you.
  • 11. Thanks for watching If you liked this you will love the Ebook (its free!) Signup here!

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