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Creating a talking photo

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  • 1. Creating a talking photo

2. TASK Create a talking photo.-Looking at how we can use images andonline resources for speaking.-Talk about my favourite hobby. 3. PLANNING 4. PLANNING-TASKRecording your voice talking about a photo about your favourite hobby 5. WARM UP 6. What is your favourite hobby? Playing various board games Playing computer games.such as chess and scrabble Watching cartoons on TV. Collecting badges,key.rings Taking up different sports such Collecting posters andas football, handball,photographs basketball, gymnastics, Playing a musical instrumentvolleyball etc. Reading Looking after a family pet such Playing mind gamesas cat, dog, hamster, fish,parrot etc. Painting and relate artwork Bird watching. Craft Horse riding. Baking and other easy cooking Fishingmethods like makingchocolates Rowing Dancing 7. ACTIVITIES 8. Activity 1-Match the pictures to the words 9. Activity 2.Internet activity. Look at the picture and choose the correct one .Vocabulary 10. Activity 3.ReadEverybody has different hobbies that they like to do for fun or just to relax. My name is Andrew. Hi! My name is My hobbies are.Rita. listening to music and I love dancing. watching television. Its my favorite My favourite singer hobby. is Justin Bieber.My favouritehobby is collecting My favorite hobby is playingTeddy Bears. Ithe piano. I spend a lot ofhave twenty my free time playing theteddy bears in my piano. I startedbedroom.playing it when I was 9 yearsold. 11. Recording your voice talking about a photoabout your favourite hobby. 12. WRITING ABOUT YOUR FAVOURITE HOBBYMy name is ______________My favourite hobby is ___________________ 13. Recording your voice talking about a photo about yourfavourite hobbyOnline resources to use for speakingRegister at: FotobabbleSign upFotobabble is easy to use:1.Upload a photo2.Record your voice3.Save the photo4.Share with friends 14. MORE INFORMATION ABOUT FOTOBABBLEA BLOG POSThttp://tefltecher.wordpress.com/2010/03/01/talking-photographs/VIDEOTUTORIALhttp://www.teachertrainingvideos.com/fotobabble/index.html 15. A videoUsing Fotobabble Application on iPod in Class, High School,Spanish 16. Pictures that tell a storypicture that tell a story

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