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Creative Marketing Slide Show

Date post:25-Jun-2015
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This slide as created to provide visual aid to our Downtown association as two other young ladies and myself gave a pitch!
  • 1. Downtown Now The Old Downtown Share 0 What Downtown Can Be! By : ThePretty Little Marketers


  • We feel that downtown only appeals to a certain market. We envision downtown Hattiesburg being filled with new, attractive businesses that will bring in a new customer base as well as maintain the current one. This is a long term process that may take several years, but we feel that it will be very beneficial and profitable. We plan to demonstrate this progression in two steps. First, through improved promotion and advertising. Then, with developing current downtown businesses and charming other crowd pleasing retail shops along with new companies to reach our goal of a fresh and more enhanced downtown.


  • Colleges/ Universities
    • Student Printz
  • Billboards
  • Broadcast Media
  • Other Hattiesburg Establishments


  • Necessity:
    • We envision downtown .
      • Catering to all individuals
        • Offering items that will attract all demographics
      • Having positive outlooks
        • Associating downtown with a positive experience
        • A place to remember
      • Being the MUST GO place
        • Bringing crowd pleasing retail shops downtown.
        • Shops that will prevent outsourcing

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