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Date post: 02-Aug-2015
Author: dpasin
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Creator Market Daniel Pasin Creatormarket.blogspot.com December 10, 2011
Page 1: Creator market

Creator MarketDaniel Pasin


December 10, 2011

Page 2: Creator market

Perspective! Internet Marketing

Create Awareness

Its Fun

Its innovating at every moment

Makes Life easier to customers

Page 3: Creator market

Overview Blog Topic: Web Design Market Place

Page 4: Creator market


Young web designers who would to earn an extra income 21 years old ‘’NERDS’’ Don’t like Human Interaction

Page 6: Creator market

Facebook Page

Page 7: Creator market

Twitter Account

Frequently tweets Follow people similar to your topic


Page 8: Creator market

Youtube Channel

Page 9: Creator market


Page 10: Creator market

Google Analytics k

Google Analytics was the tool I liked most.

Page 11: Creator market

Ice Rocket

Page 12: Creator market

Facebook grader

*FB is not just to see friend’s photos.Its provide a good help center*A good way to communicate your business.

Page 13: Creator market

Twitter counterTwitter is a useful tool to post and receive information.

It would be very powerful if you mix it with the FB page

Page 14: Creator market


Create a massive social media sign in in Google analytics to get measurable results Make post regularly Involve in conversation with people who has similar topics

than you