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Date post: 14-Apr-2017
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ADVERTISING: THEN AND NOW Mary Dippold, Sarah Farbacher, Sam Froehlich, Matt Heckmann
Page 1: Cross curricular


Mary Dippold, Sarah Farbacher, Sam Froehlich, Matt Heckmann

Page 2: Cross curricular

Essential Questions for the Unit How and why is advertising so effective? How has advertising changed over the

years? How can you be a more critical and

conscious consumer?

Page 3: Cross curricular

Unit at a Glance Week 1: Cognitive

Student Prior Knowledge Types of Advertising/History

Week 2: Socio-Cultural Bias in Advertisements Gender/Race/Groups of people

Week 3: Critical Critical issues in advertisements Students create advertisement for present

day issue

Page 4: Cross curricular

Social Studies Compare and contrast events over time

and how continuity and change over time influenced those events.

Look at bias in advertisements throughout history Gender, Race, Ethnicity

Research current critical issues in society Produce an advertisement on issue for

specific geographic/racial/ethnic group

Page 5: Cross curricular

English Analyze an advertisement as a text

Theme/Message/Argument Audience Purpose

Understand persuasive techniques and psychological appeals

Argue against a group’s marginalization Create and justify a critical issue


Page 6: Cross curricular

Math Click to add text

Page 7: Cross curricular

Today’s Lesson Essential Questions Can the critical issue of cigarette

smoking influence a change in advertisements over a period of time?

Can cigarette advertisements effectively

persuade someone to smoke or stop smoking, based on the persuasive techniques that are utilized?

Page 8: Cross curricular

Today’s Lesson continued…

Page 9: Cross curricular

Today’s Lesson continued…