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CUNA STAFF SALARY REPORT · 2019. 8. 6. · Simplot ECU St Joe Valley CU. Westmark CU ILLINOIS. 1st...

Date post: 14-Sep-2020
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Sponsored by CUNA STAFF SALARY REPORT // 2019-2020
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    STAFF SALARY REPORT // 2019-2020

  • CUNA STAFF SALARY REPORT 3©2019 Credit Union National Association

    The 2019-2020 CUNA Staff Salary Report (Stock No. 30699) is produced by CUNA Research.

    PREPARED BY:Dayna Johnson Schmitt, product manager

    Lora Bray, market intelligence analyst

    Connie Dey-Marcos, manager of market research

    Meg Jelak, product administrator

    Bandana Malla, research analyst


    • Visit cuna.org/compensation;• Call 800-356-9655, ext. 4172; or• Email [email protected]

    Copyright Infringement Notice — Copyright ©2019 Credit Union National Association Inc. All rights reserved. The contents of this report are copyright protected and are considered confidential by Credit Union National Association (CUNA). This report, or any of the data contained in the report, may not be printed, forwarded, shared, reproduced, copied, or otherwise redistributed to anyone or any entity outside of the recipient’s own organization.

    Any violation of CUNA’s rights with respect to this report will cause CUNA irreparable harm and damages will result.


    STAFF SALARY REPORT// 2019-2020


  • CUNA STAFF SALARY REPORT 5©2019 Credit Union National Association


    Survey Methods, Regions, and Services . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7

    List of Participating Credit Unions . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9

    Key Findings . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 21

    Base Salaries and Variable Pay . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 29

    How to Use the Data Tables, Including Definitions of Terms . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 38

    List of Data Tables/Job Descriptions . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 41

    Data Tables/Job Descriptions . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 44


    STAFF SALARY REPORT// 2019-2020

  • ©2019 Credit Union National Association

    This report summarizes the results of a survey conducted by CUNA Research in Madison, Wis., between February and June 2019.

    In February, CUNA sent questionnaires to the Human Resource (HR) professional or CEO/manager of 5,388 credit unions with $1 million or more in assets. An online version of the questionnaire was available as well.

    Several follow-up email messages and a postcard were also sent to nonresponding credit unions, to remind them of their opportu-nity to participate in the study.

    CUNA Research asked credit unions to provide compensation data effective January 1, 2019.

    By April 2019, the cutoff date for inclusion in the report, CUNA had received a total of 1,161 usable surveys—a 21.5% response rate.

    The data was weighted to adjust for the over- or under-represen-tation of credit unions in any individual asset category.

    Weighting is a standard survey analysis procedure designed to increase the reliability of the survey results. It ensures that the results aren’t biased by a specific group of credit unions.

    The salary, total variable pay, and total cash compensation data also were weighted by the number of employees in each position.


    Northeast = New England (ME, NH, VT, MA, RI, CT);

    Middle Atlantic (NY, NJ, PA)

    Midwest = East North Central (OH, IN, IL, MI, WI);

    West North Central (MN, IA, MO, ND, SD, NE, KS)

    South = South Atlantic (DE, MD, DC, VA, WV, NC, SC,

    GA, FL);

    East South Central (KY, TN, AL, MS);

    West South Central (AR, LA, OK, TX)

    West = Mountain (MT, ID, WY, CO, NM, AZ, UT, NV);

    Pacific (WA, OR, CA, AK, HI)














  • CUNA STAFF SALARY REPORT 9©2019 Credit Union National Association


    Alabama CU

    Alabama One CU

    Alabama Rural Electric CU

    Avadian CU

    Brassies CU

    Covington School FCU

    Family Savings CU

    Family Security CU

    Fedmont FCU

    Fogce FCU

    Heritage South CU

    North Alabama Papermakers FCU

    Nucor EFCU

    Postal ECU

    RiverFall CU

    Rocket City FCU

    The Infirmary FCU

    Tuscaloosa VA FCU

    Tuscumbia FCU

    Valley CU

    WCU CU


    Alhambra CU


    Arizona Central CU

    Arizona FCU

    Desert Financial CU

    EM FCU

    First CU

    Mohave Community FCU

    Pima FCU

    Prescott FCU

    Rim Country FCU

    SunWest FCU


    Arkansas Education Assn FCU

    Baptist Health FCU

    Democrat P and L FCU

    Fort Smith Teachers FCU


    Natural State FCU

    Northeast Arkansas FCU

    Rheem Arkansas FCU

    Southern Gas FCU


    United Arkansas FCU

    Usem Mena FCU

    White County FCU


    Altura CU

    Arrowhead CU

    Atchison Village CU

    Bay FCU

    Bourns EFCU

    Cal Poly FCU

    CalCom FCU

    California CU

    Chabot FCU

    City of Ukiah ECU

    CoastHills CU

    Community First CU

    Delta Schools FCU

    Denocos FCU

    Dow Great Western CU

    Downey FCU

    Eagle Community CU

    East County Schools FCU

    Employees Choice FCU

    Espeeco FCU

    Financial Center CU

    Fresno Grangers FCU

    High Sierra CU


    Kinecta FCU

    Lassen County FCU

    Limoneira FCU

    Merced School EFCU

    Modestos First FCU

    Mojave Plant EFCU

    Nikkei CU

    North Bay CU

    Ontario Public EFCU

    Orange County’s CU

    Organized Labor CU

    Pacific Transportation FCU

    Pacoima Development FCU

    Patelco CU

    Rancho FCU

    Safe 1 CU

    San Diego County CU

    San Joaquin Power ECU

    Santa Ana FCU

    Santa Clara County FCU

    SchoolsFirst FCU

    Sea Air FCU


    Siskiyou Central CU

    SkyOne FCU

    SMW 104 FCU

    South Bay CU

    Southland CU

    Technicolor FCU

    Technology CU

    Thinkwise CU

    Torrance Community FCU

    USC CU

    Valley Oak CU

    Ventura County CU

    Watsonville Hospital FCU

    Western Healthcare FCU

    Xceed Financial CU

  • 10 CUNA STAFF SALARY REPORT ©2019 Credit Union National Association


    Aventa CU

    BCS Community CU

    Canvas CU

    Colorado CU

    Electrical FCU

    Elevations CU

    Fidelis Catholic CU

    Foothills CU

    Harrison District 2 FCU

    One Thirteen CU

    Options CU

    Otero County Teachers FCU

    Pikes Peak CU

    Premier Members CU

    Rio Blanco Schools FCU

    Rio Grande FCU

    School District 3 FCU

    Southwest Colorado FCU

    Westerra CU

    White Crown FCU

    Yuma County FCU


    Bridgeport Post Office FCU

    Connecticut State ECU Inc

    Lawrence Memorial Hospital EFCU

    Regional Water Authority ECU Inc

    St Vincents Medical Center FCU

    Stamford Postal EFCU

    Torrington Municipal-Teachers FCU

    Valley Catholic FCU

    Waterbury Police FCU


    Eagle One FCU

    Priority Plus FCU

    Provident FCU

    Tidemark FCU


    Agriculture FCU



    Bay CU

    Community CU of Florida

    Connect CU

    Coral Community FCU

    Dade County FCU

    ECU CU

    Farmers FCU

    First Coast FCU

    Flag CU

    Florida Dept of Trans CU


    Gold Coast FCU

    Guardians CU

    Harvesters FCU

    IBM Southeast ECU

    Manatee Community FCU

    McCoy FCU

    MembersFirst CU of Florida


    My Healthcare FCU

    Pinellas FCU

    Priority CU

    San Antonio Citizens FCU

    South Atlantic FCU

    SunState FCU

    Tampa Postal FCU

    Town of Palm Beach FCU



    Altamaha FUC

    Atlanta Postal CU

    Brosnan Yard FCU

    Coca-Cola FCU

    Colquitt County Teachers FCU

    Combined Employees CU

    Credit Union of Georgia

    Delta Community CU

    Doco CU

    Family First CU

    Flowers Employees Credit League


    Georgia Heritage FCU

    HALLCO Community CU

    Lanier FCU

    Macon-Bibb Employees CU

    Marshland Community FCU

    North Main CU

    Savannah Postal CU

    Three Rivers CU


    CU Hawaii FCU

    Garden Island FCU

    Gather FCU

    Hawaii Central FCU

    Hawaii Community FCU

    Hawaii First FCU

    Hawaii State FCU

    Hawaiian Electric EFCU


    Honolulu FCU

    Kahuku FCU

    Lanai FCU

    McCabe Hamilton and Renny FCU

    Pearl Hawaii FCU

    Wailuku FCU


    Beehive FCU

    Capital Educators FCU

    Icon CU

    Latah CU

    Lewis Clark CU

    Pine Tree Community CU

  • CUNA STAFF SALARY REPORT 11©2019 Credit Union National Association

    Potlatch No 1 Financial CU

    Simplot ECU

    St Joe Valley CU

    Westmark CU


    1st MidAmerica CU

    2 Rivers Area CU


    Acme Continental CU

    ADM CU

    Altonized Community FCU

    Andigo CU


    Aurora Firefighters CU

    Aurora Postal ECU

    Central Illinois CU

    Champaign Postal CU

    Chicago Firefighters CU

    Chicago Firemans Assn CU

    Clifford Jacobs ECU

    Community Plus FCU

    Community Trust CU

    Corporate America Family CU

    Credit Union 1

    CSX Chicago Terminal CU

    Decatur Postal CU

    Dupage County ECU

    Elite Community CU

    Evergreen Park Schools FCU

    Fieldstone CU

    Financial Partners CU

    Financial Plus CU

    Fox Valley CU

    Gale CU

    Great Lakes CU

    Illinois Educators CU

    Illinois State CU

    Joliet Firefighters CU

    Joliet Municipal EFCU

    Kaskaskia Valley Community CU

    Kone ECU

    LinXus CU

    Maternity BVM CU

    Mid-Illini CU

    Midwest Members CU

    New Horizon CU

    Northern Illinois FCU

    Oak Lawn Municipal ECU

    Paris Hiway CU

    Peoria Postal ECU

    Prairieland FCU

    Quincy Postal ECU

    Riverside Community CU

    Rock Valley CU

    School Dist 162 163 EFCU

    Scott CU

    Sherwin Williams ECU

    Silgan White Cap CU

    SIU CU


    Sourceone CU

    South Division CU

    South Shop FCU

    Springfield Fire Fighters CU

    State Farm FCU

    Streator Onized CU

    Synergy Partners CU

    Western Illinois CU

    Western Illinois School ECU

    Williamson County Catholic CU


    Advance Financial FCU

    Afena FCU

    Allegius FCU

    Bar-Cons FCU

    Bluffton Motor Works Franklin Electric ECU

    Central Soya FCU

    Clifty Creek EFCU

    Concora Wabash FCU

    Crane CU

    Dearborn County Hospital FCU

    Financial Builders FCU

    Financial Health FCU

    Financial Partners FCU

    Fire Police City County FCU

    Fortress FCU

    Gary Fire Fighters Assn FCU

    Hoosier Hills CU

    Huntington County FCU

    Industrial FCU


    Jefferson Community FCU

    KEMBA Indianapolis CU

    LaPorte Community FCU

    Link FCU

    Members Source CU

    One Vision FCU

    Partners 1st FCU

    PrimeTrust Financial FCU

    Purdue FCU

    Richmond City EFCU

    Teachers CU

    TLCU Financial

    Whitewater Regional FCU


    Ascentra CU

    Burlington Municipal ECU

    Capitol View CU

    Casebine Community CU

    Community 1st CU

    Community Choice CU

    Davenport Police Dept CU

    Greater Iowa CU

    KAH CU

    Midwest Community CU

    North Star Community CU

  • 12 CUNA STAFF SALARY REPORT ©2019 Credit Union National Association


    North Western ECU

    Polk County CU

    Power Co-Op ECU

    Quaker Oats CU

    River Community CU

    United CU

    University of Iowa Community CU

    Veridian CU


    Bradken CU

    C & R CU

    Catholic Family FCU

    Central Kansas Education CU

    Cooperative CU

    Dillon CU

    Eagle FCU

    Enterprise CU

    Frontier Community CU

    Golden Plains CU

    Kansas Teachers Community CU

    Meritrust CU

    Morton CU

    Reliance CU

    Salina Interparochial CU

    Tri-County CU

    United CU

    United Northwest FCU


    Wheat State CU


    Bluegrass Community FCU

    C and O United CU

    Class Act FCU

    Commonwealth CU Inc

    Cove FCU

    Fort Knox FCU

    Hopkins County Teachers FCU

    Jefferson County FCU



    L and N FCU

    Louvah FCU

    Modern EFCU

    Morehead Community FCU

    Signet FCU

    Tayco EFCU

    Your Hometown FCU


    3rd District Highway FCU

    Acadian FCU

    Aneca FCU

    Ascension CU

    Baton Rouge Fire Dept FCU

    Baton Rouge Telco FCU

    CF LA CU

    Coast Guard ECU

    Concordia Parish School EFCU

    District 58 FCU

    Eagle Louisiana FCU

    First Street FCU

    Geismar Complex FCU

    Iberville FCU

    Jeff Davis Teachers FCU

    Kraftman FCU

    La Capitol FCU

    Louisiana USA FCU

    Montell FCU

    Morton Weeks FCU

    Municipal EFCU


    Northwest Louisiana FCU

    Ouachita Valley FCU

    Pelican State CU

    Rapides FCU

    South Louisiana Highway FCU

    Southwest Louisiana CU

    Texaco CU of Houma

    Total Choice FCU


    Valex FCU

    Xplore FCU


    Capital Area FCU

    Connected CU

    Dirigo FCU

    Lewiston Municipal FCU

    Monmouth FCU

    New Dimensions FCU

    Saco Valley CU

    The County FCU


    Baltimore Washington FCU

    Carco FCU

    Educational Systems FCU

    Freedom FCU


    Howard County Education FCU

    Market USA FCU

    National Institutes of Health FCU

    Peninsula General Hosp Med Ctr EFCU

    Prince George’s Community FCU

    SelfReliance Baltimore FCU

    WOR Co FCU


    Bedford VA FCU

    Cambridge Municipal EFCU

    Chelsea EFCU

    Commonwealth Utilities ECU

    Hanscom FCU

    Leominster Employees FCU

    Lincoln Sudbury Town EFCU

    Lynn Firemens FCU

    Malden FCU

    Manchester FCU

  • CUNA STAFF SALARY REPORT 13©2019 Credit Union National Association


    Norwood Town EFCU

    Ocean Spray EFCU

    St Anne CU

    St Jean’s CU

    Somerville Municipal FCU

    Tewksbury FCU

    Winchester FCU


    Advantage One CU

    Advia CU

    Awakon FCU

    Birmingham-Bloomfield CU

    Christian Financial CU

    Community Focus FCU

    Consumers Professional CU

    Detour Drummond Comm CU

    Diversified Members CU


    Dowagiac Area FCU

    Eastpointe Community CU

    Family Financial CU

    Filer CU

    Financial Plus CU

    Forest Area FCU

    Four Flags Area CU

    Frankenmuth CU

    FreeStar Financial CU

    Genisys CU

    Harbor Beach Community FCU

    HarborLight CU

    Honor CU

    Isabella Community CU


    Kellogg Community CU

    Kent County CU

    Lake Superior CU

    Lakes Community CU

    Limestone FCU


    MemberFocus Community CU

    Michigan Schools & Government CU

    Michigan State University FCU

    Michigan Tech EFCU

    Muskegon Co-op FCU

    North Central Area CU

    Northland Area FCU

    Northwest Consumers FCU


    Peninsula FCU

    People Driven CU


    Riverview Community FCU

    SB Community FCU

    Service 1 FCU

    Settlers FCU

    Soo Co-Op CU

    South Central CU

    Southeast Michigan State EFCU

    Sovita CU

    T & I CU

    TBA CU

    TLC Community CU

    Total Community CU

    Tri-Cities CU

    Ukrainian Selfreliance Michigan FCU

    Unified Communities FCU

    United Bay Community CU

    Walled Lake School EFCU

    West Michigan CU

    Wildfire CU

    Wolverine State CU


    Affinity Plus FCU

    Associated Healthcare CU

    Central Hanna ECU

    Electric Machinery ECU

    Embarrass Vermillion FCU

    Energy Services FCU

    Fairmont School EFCU

    Federated ECU

    Firefly CU

    First Alliance CU


    Heartland CU

    Hiway FCU

    Home Town FCU

    Latvian CU

    Mayo EFCU

    Mid Minnesota FCU

    Mower County ECU

    North Memorial FCU

    North Star CU

    Northern Energy FCU

    Northern States Power St Paul CU

    Red Wing CU

    Riverview CU

    St Paul FCU

    Star Choice CU

    TopLine FCU

    Toro EFCU

    Trades and Labor FCU

    Trustone Financial FCU

    United ECU

    Wadena FCU

    Wakota FCU

    West Metro Schools CU


    Biloxi Teachers FCU

    Citizens Choice FCU

    First Neshoba FCU

    Gulf Coast Community FCU

    Keesler FCU

    Memorial FCU

    Meridian Postal FCU

    Mississippi FCU

    MS Highway Safety Patrol FCU

  • 14 CUNA STAFF SALARY REPORT ©2019 Credit Union National Association



    Mutual CU

    Natchez Adams Educators FCU

    Pearl Municipal FCU

    Shelby Bolivar County FCU

    Sunbelt FCU

    Tombigbee FCU

    Twin States FCU


    Assemblies of God CU

    BluCurrent CU

    Cape Regional CU

    City CU

    Dexter Public Schools CU

    Division 10 Highway ECU

    First Community CU

    Goetz CU

    Great Plains FCU

    Greater KC Public Safety CU

    Health Care Family CU

    JC Federal ECU


    Missouri Baptist CU

    Missouri Central CU

    Neosho School ECU

    SW Counties School Employees CU

    UBC CU


    Altana FCU

    Billings FCU

    Butte Community FCU

    Daniels-Sheridan FCU

    Embark CU

    Fergus FCU

    Miles City FCU

    Montana FCU

    Mountain West FCU

    Park Side CU


    Sky FCU

    Tricounty FCU

    Valley CU

    Wolf Point FCU


    Archer Cooperative CU

    Bakers FCU

    Box Butte Public EFCU

    Chadron FCU

    Cobalt CU

    Dale Employees FCU

    First Nebraska CU

    Four Points FCU

    Heartland Area FCU


    North Platte Union Pacific ECU

    Northeast Nebraska FCU

    Omaha Douglas FCU

    Omaha Police FCU

    Roberts Dairy EFCU

    Trius FCU


    Elko FCU

    Great Basin FCU

    Las Vegas UP EFCU

    Pahranagat Valley FCU

    Silver State Schools CU


    Holy Rosary CU

    Members First CU of NH

    St Mary’s Bank CU

    Triangle CU


    Atlantic City Police FCU

    Bay Atlantic FCU

    Campbell EFCU

    Clifton NJ Postal EFCU

    Deepwater Industries FCU

    Healthcare EFCU

    Jersey City Police FCU

    Linden NJ Police and Firemen FCU

    M & C Menlo Park FCU

    Manville Area FCU

    Monmouth County Postal ECU

    New Jersey Law and Public Safety CU

    Newark Police FCU

    P.S.E. and G. Nuclear EFCU

    Princeton FCU

    South Jersey FCU

    VAH Lyons EFCU

    West Hudson Teachers FCU


    Deming School ECU

    Eddy FCU

    Estacado FCU

    Everyone’s FCU

    First Financial CU

    Ft Bayard FCU

    Jemez Valley CU

    Otero FCU

    Sandia Laboratory FCU

    Telco Roswell New Mexico FCU

    U-1st Community FCU

    ZIA CU


    Allegany First FCU

    Alternatives FCU

    Amherst FCU

    Att-Wyo Correctional EFCU

    Boulevard FCU

    BS & CP Hospitals EFCU

    Buffalo Police FCU

    Cobblestone Country FCU

  • CUNA STAFF SALARY REPORT 15©2019 Credit Union National Association

    Cornerstone Community FCU

    Corning FCU

    Coxsackie Correctional EFCU


    Division 726 FCU

    Encompass Niagara FCU

    Erie County Employees CU

    Erie Metro FCU

    First Heritage FCU

    Focus First FCU

    Good Neighbors FCU

    Hudson River Community CU

    Hudson Valley FCU


    Inner Lakes FCU

    Linton FCU

    Local 804 FCU

    Lockport Schools FCU

    Long Island State EFCU



    Municipal CU

    Neighborhood Trust FCU

    Niagara Falls Teachers FCU

    Niagara Frontier Federal Municipal ECU

    Niagara Regional FCU

    Niagara Wheatfield FCU

    Niagara’s Choice FCU

    Norton-Troy ECU

    O and R Utilities EFCU

    Ontario Shores FCU

    Peru FCU

    Postal Emp of Troy NY FCU

    Rediform Niagara Falls NY FCU

    Remington FCU

    Rochester and Monroe Co EFCU

    Rome FCU

    SeaComm FCU

    Southern Chautauqua FCU

    St Lawrence FCU

    Steuben Citizens FCU

    Sunmark FCU

    SUNY Fredonia FCU

    Sweet Home FCU

    Syracuse Postal FCU


    Teachers FCU


    The Summit FCU

    Town of Cheektowaga FCU

    Troy FCU

    Twin Rivers FCU

    Ulster FCU

    Upstate Telco FCU

    Western Division FCU

    Western New York FCU


    Acclaim FCU

    American Partners FCU

    Carolina FCU

    Local Government FCU

    Members CU

    Mountain CU

    Nova CU

    Piedmont Advantage CU

    Shuford FCU

    State ECU

    Team & Wheel FCU

    Vision Financial FCU

    WNC Community CU


    AREA Community CU

    Fargo Public Schools FCU


    Flasher Community CU


    Hometown CU

    Minot Area Schools FCU

    North Star Community CU

    Northern States Power Co EFCU

    Postal Family FCU

    Prairie FCU

    Tel-U-Watt FCU

    University FCU

    Vue Community CU


    Atomic CU Inc

    Bardes EFCU

    Canton School Employees FCU

    Cincinnati Ohio Police FCU

    Cleveland Selfreliance FCU Inc


    Community One CU Inc

    Community United CU

    DAY AIR CU Inc

    Desco FCU

    DN Community FCU

    Dynamic FCU

    Edison CU

    Eight FCU

    Emerald CU

    Firefighters and Company FCU

    Fremont FCU

    Goodyear ECU Inc

    Greater Wayne Community FCU

    GROhio Community CU

    Hancock FCU

    Heartland FCU

    Jeep Country FCU

    KEMBA Financial CU Inc

    Kraton Belpre FCU

    Lake Community FCU

    Local Union 392 FCU

    Members Choice CU


    Ohio Catholic FCU

    Presidents FCU

  • 16 CUNA STAFF SALARY REPORT ©2019 Credit Union National Association


    Quest FCU

    River Valley CU

    RSC YO/CL Offices FCU

    Sharefax CU Inc

    Sorg Bay West FCU

    St James Parish CU

    St Josephs FCU

    Sun FCU

    Superior Savings CU Inc

    TrueCore FCU

    Unity Catholic FCU

    Universal 1 CU

    Wiremens CU Inc

    Woodco FCU


    Allegiance CU

    Fort Sill FCU

    Friends FCU

    OK Members First FCU

    Space Age Tulsa FCU


    Tinker FCU


    Tulsa FCU

    University and Community FCU


    Advantis CU

    Cascade Central CU

    Cascade Community FCU

    Emerald Empire FCU

    IBEW and United Workers FCU

    InRoads CU

    Laneco FCU

    Mid Oregon FCU

    Pacific Crest FCU

    Rogue CU

    South Coast ILWU FCU

    USAgencies CU

    Wauna FCU


    Allegent Community FCU

    Ambridge Area FCU

    American Heritage FCU


    Beaver Falls PA Teachers FCU

    Bethlehem 1st FCU

    Blue Chip FCU

    Bradford Area FCU

    Butler Co Teachers FCU

    Choice One Community FCU


    Clarion FCU

    Community Regional CU

    Consumer 1st FCU

    Corner Post FCU

    Corry Jamestown CU

    Discovery FCU

    Erie City Emp FCU

    Erie Times FCU

    Fayette Federal Employees FCU

    Financial 1st FCU

    First Area FCU

    First Commonwealth FCU

    Fort Ligonier FCU

    Franklin Mint FCU

    Freedom CU

    Freedom United FCU

    Glass Cap FCU

    Hershey FCU

    IBEW - Local NO. 5 FCU

    Irvin Works FCU

    Lake Erie Community FCU


    North East Welch FCU

    PACE Resources FCU

    Pittsburgh Firefighters FCU

    Riverside Beaver County FCU

    R-S Bellco FCU

    Sarco FCU

    Service 1st FCU

    Spirit Financial CU

    Springdale P P G FCU

    Stanwood Area FCU

    State College FCU

    Superior CU

    Tendto CU

    Tri Boro FCU

    Trouvaille FCU

    U F C W Local 1776 FCU


    Vasco FCU

    West York Area School Dist Employees FCU


    Westmoreland Water FCU

    White Rose CU

    Your Choice FCU


    Blackstone River FCU

    Greenwood CU

    Ocean State CU

    The Peoples CU


    ArrowPointe FCU

    Columbia Post Office CU

    G.H.S FCU


    Nucor ECU


    Secured Advantage FCU

    South Carolina FCU

    South Carolina Methdst Cnfrnc CU

    Spartanburg City ECU

    SPC CU

    Upstate FCU

  • CUNA STAFF SALARY REPORT 17©2019 Credit Union National Association


    Aberdeen FCU

    Consumers FCU

    Coteau Valley FCU

    Dakota Star FCU

    Dakotaland FCU

    East River FCU

    Fort Randall FCU

    HB Telco FCU

    Lakota FCU

    M-O FCU


    Palace City FCU

    Sioux Empire FCU

    Voyage FCU


    Alcoa Tenn FCU

    Appliance CU

    Ascend FCU


    Binsy FCU

    Bowater ECU

    Chattanooga Federal Empl CU

    Chattanooga First FCU

    Cornerstone Financial CU

    Dixie Line CU

    Employee Resources CU

    Enlighten FCU

    Family Advantage FCU

    First Choice Community CU

    Foothills FCU

    Fortera CU

    Greeneville City ECU

    Healthcare Services CU

    HealthNet FCU

    Kennedy VA EFCU

    Kimberly Clark CU

    LG & W FCU

    Lowland CU

    Middle Tennessee FCU

    MPD Community CU

    Nashville Post Office CU

    Northeast Community CU


    Outreach Community FCU

    Pathway CU

    Shelby County FCU

    St Thomas CU

    Tenn Depart of Safety CU

    Tennessee River FCU

    TNConnect CU

    TVA Mid South FCU

    United Southeast FCU

    Upper Cumberland FCU

    Veritas FCU



    Andrews School FCU

    Baylor Health Care System CU

    Ben E Keith EFCU

    Big Spring Education EFCU

    Brazos Community CU

    Brazos Valley Schools CU

    Cochran Cnty Schools FCU

    Communities of Abilene FCU

    Concho Valley CU

    C-T Waco FCU

    Cy Fair FCU

    Dallas UP Employees CU

    Domino FCU

    DuGood FCU

    East Texas Professional CU

    Education CU

    Educators CU

    Faith Cooperative FCU

    Fannin Co Teachers FCU


    First Community CU

    FirstLight FCU


    Germania CU

    Government EFCU

    Gulf Coast Educators FCU

    Heritage USA FCU

    Highway District 2 CU

    Highway ECU

    Houston Police FCU

    Houston Texas Fire Fighters FCU

    InTouch CU

    Kerr County FCU

    Las Colinas FCU

    Local 20 IBEW FCU

    Local 24 EFCU

    Longview FCU

    Lufkin FCU

    Mesquite CU

    Mountain Star FCU


    Nascoga FCU

    Neighborhood CU

    Northeast Texas Teach FCU


    One Source FCU

    Pasadena Postal CU

    Pie CU

    Pollock Employees CU

    Port Arthur Teachers FCU

    Port Terminal FCU

    Red River EFCU

    Resource One CU

    Sabine FCU

    Santa Fe FCU

    Shared Resources CU

    Shell FCU

    South Texas FCU

    Southland FCU

    St Lukes Community FCU

    Star of Texas CU

  • 18 CUNA STAFF SALARY REPORT ©2019 Credit Union National Association


    Sweeny Teachers FCU

    Tarrant County’s CU

    Temple Santa Fe Community CU

    Texas Assn of Professionals FCU

    Texas Bridge CU

    Texas DPS CU

    Texas People FCU

    Texas Tech FCU

    Texas Trust CU

    Texasgulf FCU

    Texell CU

    Tyler City ECU

    Valwood Park FCU

    Velocity CU

    Victoria FCU

    Wharton County Teachers CU

    Yoakum County FCU


    Box Elder County FCU

    Employees First CU

    Freedom CU

    Gibbons & Reed EFCU

    Hercules CU

    HollyFrontier ECU

    Logan Medical FCU

    San Juan CU

    Trans West CU

    Uintah CU

    Utah First FCU

    Utah Prison ECU

    Varex FCU


    Members 1st CU

    Members Advantage Community CU

    New England FCU

    NorthCountry FCU

    Northeast Schools and Hospital CU

    One CU

    Vermont VA FCU


    Augusta County FCU

    Baylands Family CU

    BayPort CU

    Beach Municipal FCU

    CommonWealth One FCU

    Credit Union of Richmond

    Fairfax County FCU

    Front Royal FCU

    Glamorgan EFCU

    InFirst FCU

    Kraftsman FCU

    Member One FCU

    Mountain Empire FCU


    Park View FCU

    Portsmouth Schools FCU

    Prime Care CU

    Richmond Virginia Fire Police CU

    RVA Financial

    Vantage Point FCU

    Virginia Beach Schools FCU


    Alaska Air Group CU

    Blue Mountain CU


    Connection CU

    Fibre FCU

    Granco FCU

    iQ Credit Union

    Lower Valley CU

    Newrizons FCU

    Nordstrom FCU

    North Coast CU

    Peoples Community FCU

    Red Canoe CU

    Solarity CU

    Sound CU


    Utility Employees FCU

    Waterfront FCU






    Clarksburg Area Postal EFCU

    Logan County School EFCU

    Members Choice WV FCU

    Morgantown AES FCU

    National EFCU

    Natrium Employees FCU

    Peoples FCU

    Pioneer West Virginia FCU

    Raleigh County Educators FCU

    Teamsters Local 697 FCU



    1st Class Express CU

    1st Community CU

    Air Tech CU

    Altra FCU

    Appletree CU

    Arcadia CU

    Athens Area CU

    Bay Shore CU

    Blackhawk Community CU

    Brantwood CU

    Brewery CU

    Brokaw CU

    Capital CU

    Community First CU

    Compassionate Care CU


  • CUNA STAFF SALARY REPORT 19©2019 Credit Union National Association

    Connexus CU

    Co-op CU

    County City CU

    CoVantage CU

    Dane County CU

    Empower CU

    Evergreen CU

    First Choice CU


    Fond du Lac CU

    Fort Community CU

    Fox Communities CU

    Glacier Hills CU

    Golden Rule Community CU

    Governmental ECU

    Hayward Community CU

    Health Care CU

    Heartland CU

    Heritage CU

    Holy Family Memorial CU

    Kenosha Police and Firemen CU

    Kohler CU

    Lakewood CU

    Madison Fire Dept CU

    Marshfield Medical Center CU

    MCU Financial Center - CU

    Meadowland CU

    Members Advantage CU

    Members First CU

    MG & E CU

    Northern Paper Mills CU

    Northwestern Mutual CU

    Northwoods Community CU

    Oakdale CU

    Oshkosh Community CU

    Oshkosh Postal Employees CU

    Oshkosh Truck CU

    Park City CU

    PCM CU

    Post Office CU

    Premier Financial CU

    Public Service CU

    Ripco CU

    Royal CU

    Schneider Community CU

    School Employees CU

    Service CU

    Sheboygan Area CU

    Shipbuilders CU

    Shoreline CU

    Simplicity CU

    Southern Lakes CU

    St Mary’s and Affiliates CU

    Taylor CU

    Teachers CU

    The Labor CU

    Thrivent FCU

    Tomah Area CU

    Unison CU

    Utilities CU

    UW CU

    WEA CU

    Westby Coop CU

    Westconsin CU

    Wisconsin Medical CU

    Wood County Employees CU


    Atlantic City FCU

    Blue FCU


    Powell Schools FCU

    Reliant FCU

    Sheridan Community FCU

    Sweetwater FCU

    Yellowstone FCU

  • CUNA STAFF SALARY REPORT 41©2019 Credit Union National Association

    EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Compensation and Staffing Trends 44

    PRESIDENT/CEO/MANAGER President/CEO/Manager 78

    EXECUTIVE MANAGEMENT Executive VP or Assistant Manager 84 Chief Operations Officer 90Chief Lending Officer 96Chief Information Officer 102Chief Marketing Officer 108Chief Human Resources Officer 114Chief Financial Officer 120

    SUPPORT/MEMBER SERVICES SVP/VP Operations 126Member Services VP 131Teller Manager/Supervisor 136Share Draft Manager 141Business Services VP/Director 146”Universal Employee” 151Member Services Representative II/Sr. 156Member Services Representative I 161Head Teller 166Teller II/Sr. 171Teller I 177Share Draft Clerk 182EFT/ACH Clerk 187Executive Secretary/Admin. Assistant 192Receptionist 197General Office Clerk 202IRA/Certificate Specialist 207Financial Planner 212Small-Credit Union Generalist Position 217


    Consumer Loan VP/Manager 227

    Mortgage Loan VP/Manager 232

    Member Business Loan VP/Manager 237

    Dealer Direct Manager 242

    Collections VP/Manager 247 Loan Officer II/Sr. 252

    Loan Officer I 257

    Loan Processor 262

    Loan Clerk 267

    Member Business Loan Officer II/Sr. 272

    Member Business Loan Officer I 277

    Consumer Loan Officer II/Sr. 282

    Consumer Loan Officer I 287

    Consumer Loan Processor/Clerk 292

    Mortgage Loan Officer II/Sr. 297

    Mortgage Loan Officer I 302

    Mortgage Loan Processor/Clerk 307

    Collector/Adjuster 312

    Collection Clerk 317

    PLASTIC CARD Plastic Card Manager/Supervisor 322Plastic Card Clerk 327Member Service Representative— Plastic Cards 332ATM Specialist 337

    INFORMATION SYSTEMS/TECHNOLOGY SVP/VP of IT 342Information Systems Manager/Supervisor 347Systems Analyst 352Programmer 357Network Administrator 362Technology Specialist 367Web Administrator 372Data Entry Specialist 377

    MARKETING SVP/VP of Marketing 382Marketing Manager/Supervisor 387Business Development Manager 392Marketing Specialist 397Marketing/Communications Coordinator 402Marketing Assistant 407Business Development Representative 412

    HUMAN RESOURCES SVP/VP of Human Resources 417Human Resources Manager/Supervisor 423Training Director 428Human Resources Assistant/Specialist 433Training Coordinator/Specialist 438


  • 42 CUNA STAFF SALARY REPORT ©2019 Credit Union National Association

    Payroll Coordinator/Administrator 443Benefits Coordinator/Specialist 448

    LEGAL & AUDIT Internal Audit VP 453Internal Audit Manager/Supervisor 458Internal Auditor 463Compliance Officer 468Risk Management Officer/Specialist 473

    ACCOUNTING & FINANCESVP/VP of Finance 478Accounting VP 483Accounting Manager/Supervisor 488Investments VP 493Investment Manager 498Accountant 503Accounting Clerk 508

    BRANCH OPERATIONS & CALL CENTER Branch Operations VP 513Branch Manager II 518Branch Manager I 523Assistant Branch Manager II 528Assistant Branch Manager I 533Call Center VP 538Call Center Manager/Supervisor 543Call Center Representative II/Sr. 548Call Center Representative I 553

    PART-TIME HOURLY WAGES Part-Time President/CEO/Manager 558Part-Time EVP 561Part-Time “Universal Employee” 564Part-Time Teller 567Part-Time MSR 570Part-Time Loan Officer 573Part-Time Loan Processor/Clerk 576Part-Time Accountant 579Part-Time Call Center Representative 582

    CUNA Member Activation Program enables credit unions to fully harness the advocacy potential of their membership with three simple steps:

    1. We provide plug-and-play content on advocacy issues.

    2. You deliver the content to members.

    3. Members find ways they can fight for your credit union’s future.

    “Advocacy is part of our Culture…We take our responsibility to keep our law makers informed of who we are and what we do very seriously.  MAP has made it possible for us to take our message directly to our members and enlist their help in telling our story.”

    Angela McCathran - President/CEO, People’s Trust FCU



    More EngagementAdvocacy communications make members feel more connected to your credit union.

    More Business82% of members are more inclined to do business with your credit union after receiving advocacy communications.

    More SatisfactionSelf-described credit union “members” view credit unions 89% more favorably than banks.

  • 508 CUNA STAFF SALARY REPORT ©2019 Credit Union National Association


    Reports to:   Accounting Manager/Supervisor  



    Job Responsibilities  

    Perform a variety of activities to assist the manager in maintaining the financial, statistical, and accounting records of the credit union. 

      Enter data into accounting systems and generate reports on a daily basis. Prepare various 

    financial, regulatory, and special reports on a weekly, monthly, and quarterly basis as requested by management. 

      On a daily basis, verify and balance teller sheets from all locations. Total checks and prepare 

    deposit slips for daily bank deposit. Verify that checks received from members have restricted endorsement. Run tapes of check vouchers, receipts, and offline items. 

      Assist share draft department in encoding errors, late returns, and other problems. Batch 

    checks in numerical order, indicating missing stubs.   

    Journalize all necessary transactions and make sure everything is in balance.  

    Review and enter employee expenses into the general ledger.  

    Post some general ledger entries, and proof totals with the general ledger system. File and store general ledger journals daily. 

      Prepare accounts payable checks after receiving proper authorization. 

      Maintain FED Line by wiring money to/from Federal Reserve, verifying outgoing wires, daily 

    roll‐over, and reconciling Federal Reserve Account. Wire money for purchase of mortgages.  

    Reconcile MasterCard statements and share draft statements.  

    Deposit mortgage checks from the settlement companies.  

    Maintain working knowledge of various account software programs. 

    Position Purpose:  Follow detailed and standardized procedures in performing routine accounting clerical operations. Perform a variety of support duties related to the accounting function within the credit union. 


    Accounting & Finance 

  • CUNA STAFF SALARY REPORT 509©2019 Credit Union National Association

    Table 85 - 1Salaries

    Accounting Clerk25th 75th 90th

    N average percentile median percentile percentileOverall 329 $38,840 $33,000 $37,620 $42,860 $50,440By credit union asset size $1M to $2M 0

    $2M to $5M 0$5M to $10M 1 * * * * *$10M to $20M 5 $35,800 $29,180 $33,000 $43,860 *$20M to $50M 28 $35,630 $31,200 $35,880 $38,250 $43,440$50M to $100M 59 $36,450 $30,730 $34,540 $40,620 $48,100$100M to $200M 75 $37,190 $33,000 $36,000 $40,560 $49,400$200M to $500M 69 $39,550 $33,110 $39,200 $43,970 $50,440$500M to $1B 42 $39,320 $32,070 $37,670 $43,270 $50,810$1B to $3B 41 $41,080 $36,300 $39,790 $44,280 $49,850$3B or more 9 $45,050 $42,980 $44,400 $50,060 *

    By region New England 12 $39,030 $34,930 $39,630 $41,310 $44,510Middle Atlantic 24 $38,400 $35,180 $38,210 $41,320 $44,400East North Central 95 $39,000 $33,270 $38,910 $42,440 $50,440West North Central 27 $38,700 $31,750 $38,280 $44,080 $48,910South Atlantic 45 $39,610 $33,000 $37,480 $46,350 $51,760East South Central 30 $37,510 $33,350 $37,550 $39,870 $49,240West South Central 38 $36,210 $32,050 $34,820 $40,360 $44,830Mountain 25 $37,600 $32,000 $36,070 $42,000 $46,000Pacific 33 $43,800 $37,640 $44,440 $50,050 $52,480

    By number of 1 0full-time employees 2 - 4 4 * * * * *

    5 - 9 17 $38,120 $32,540 $36,950 $44,020 $49,24010 - 49 127 $36,950 $31,280 $35,670 $40,290 $49,26050 - 99 74 $38,340 $33,000 $37,230 $41,690 $50,440100 or more 107 $40,540 $35,280 $40,370 $44,400 $51,630

    By number of 1 - 2 0services offered 3 - 4 0

    5 - 6 1 * * * * *7 - 8 1 * * * * *9 - 10 5 $33,180 $28,220 $32,620 $38,610 *11 - 12 20 $37,630 $31,900 $38,310 $40,920 $43,99013 - 20 302 $38,960 $33,210 $37,640 $42,980 $50,440

    By amount of $500,000 to $2M 0loans outstanding $2M to $5M 2 * * * * *

    $5M to $20M 25 $35,400 $30,000 $34,440 $39,730 $44,050$20M to $50M 52 $36,830 $32,020 $35,000 $40,270 $46,010$50M to $100M 59 $34,530 $30,490 $33,280 $37,400 $41,600$100M to $200M 63 $38,860 $33,750 $37,290 $41,180 $49,990$200M or more 128 $40,940 $35,310 $40,390 $44,830 $50,600

    By number of members 1 - 999 01,000 - 1,999 4 * * * * *2,000 - 4,999 33 $38,150 $32,910 $37,020 $41,300 $50,8405,000 - 9,999 61 $35,000 $30,330 $34,090 $39,040 $42,47010,000 - 19,999 76 $37,710 $33,000 $36,780 $40,590 $49,40020,000 - 39,999 53 $38,930 $33,000 $36,330 $44,830 $50,44040,000 - 49,999 16 $38,790 $37,000 $39,870 $41,870 $44,08050,000 - 59,999 17 $42,840 $40,550 $42,400 $44,440 $51,64060,000 or more 69 $40,590 $35,280 $39,500 $46,000 $51,680

    Number of branch offices 1 44 $38,230 $31,200 $37,640 $43,920 $51,8102 40 $36,800 $32,110 $35,000 $40,500 $47,3303 37 $39,300 $32,670 $37,310 $44,630 $52,4804 40 $34,480 $30,450 $33,920 $36,280 $44,4205 or more 168 $39,860 $34,290 $39,680 $44,000 $50,440

    * Insufficient data

  • 510 CUNA STAFF SALARY REPORT ©2019 Credit Union National Association

    Table 85 - 2Incentives and Bonuses

    Accounting Clerk% paid average

    incentive incentive/N and/or bonus N bonus

    Overall 316 70% 213 $1,700By credit union asset size $1M to $2M 0 0

    $2M to $5M 0 0$5M to $10M 1 0% 0$10M to $20M 5 40% 2 *$20M to $50M 28 74% 20 $1,140$50M to $100M 57 65% 38 $1,290$100M to $200M 72 71% 49 $1,210$200M to $500M 66 71% 44 $2,350$500M to $1B 40 73% 27 $1,690$1B to $3B 39 74% 29 $1,770$3B or more 8 56% 4 *

    By region New England 11 83% 5 $1,230Middle Atlantic 24 58% 16 $1,760East North Central 90 70% 64 $1,760West North Central 27 66% 21 $2,210South Atlantic 44 62% 22 $1,170East South Central 29 81% 22 $1,510West South Central 34 78% 26 $1,690Mountain 25 59% 15 $1,160Pacific 32 76% 22 $2,180

    By number of 1 0 0full-time employees 2 - 4 4 0% 0

    5 - 9 17 71% 12 $1,25010 - 49 125 69% 86 $1,32050 - 99 68 74% 46 $2,000100 or more 102 69% 69 $1,790

    By number of 1 - 2 0 0services offered 3 - 4 0 0

    5 - 6 1 0% 07 - 8 1 0% 09 - 10 5 79% 4 *11 - 12 19 56% 11 $1,86013 - 20 290 71% 198 $1,700

    By amount of $500,000 to $2M 0 0loans outstanding $2M to $5M 2 0% 0

    $5M to $20M 25 67% 17 $1,120$20M to $50M 50 67% 33 $1,490$50M to $100M 57 62% 39 $1,020$100M to $200M 60 79% 43 $1,760$200M or more 122 70% 81 $1,970

    By number of members 1 - 999 0 01,000 - 1,999 4 74% 3 *2,000 - 4,999 33 64% 20 $1,4505,000 - 9,999 59 71% 43 $1,19010,000 - 19,999 71 67% 45 $1,32020,000 - 39,999 52 75% 36 $2,11040,000 - 49,999 16 83% 12 $1,89050,000 - 59,999 15 65% 10 $2,07060,000 or more 66 68% 44 $1,750

    Number of branch offices 1 42 74% 28 $1,4102 39 57% 24 $1,4403 36 70% 26 $1,4104 40 71% 26 $1,2405 or more 159 71% 109 $1,880

    * Insufficient dataNOTE: Incentives/bonuses are limited to credit unions actually reporting incentive/bonus payments were made.

  • CUNA STAFF SALARY REPORT 511©2019 Credit Union National Association

    Table 85 - 3Total Cash Compensation

    Accounting Clerk25th 75th 90th

    N average percentile median percentile percentileOverall 329 $39,900 $34,050 $39,260 $44,000 $51,680By credit union asset size $1M to $2M 0

    $2M to $5M 0$5M to $10M 1 * * * * *$10M to $20M 5 $36,430 $30,740 $33,000 $43,860 *$20M to $50M 28 $36,400 $31,200 $36,500 $40,210 $43,920$50M to $100M 59 $37,260 $31,780 $35,000 $42,100 $50,370$100M to $200M 75 $37,910 $33,280 $36,790 $41,370 $49,400$200M to $500M 69 $41,050 $33,990 $40,390 $45,590 $55,000$500M to $1B 42 $40,480 $34,050 $41,050 $45,170 $50,870$1B to $3B 41 $42,190 $37,490 $41,700 $45,380 $50,800$3B or more 9 $45,610 $43,110 $45,150 $51,160 *

    By region New England 12 $39,700 $36,280 $39,630 $42,550 $45,880Middle Atlantic 24 $39,420 $36,000 $40,390 $42,870 $44,550East North Central 95 $40,130 $33,880 $39,990 $42,900 $55,000West North Central 27 $40,170 $32,320 $39,500 $45,000 $49,900South Atlantic 45 $40,160 $34,090 $37,620 $46,470 $51,810East South Central 30 $38,610 $34,270 $37,870 $41,050 $50,560West South Central 38 $37,320 $33,970 $37,230 $41,290 $46,000Mountain 25 $38,190 $33,350 $36,320 $42,580 $46,000Pacific 33 $45,430 $40,490 $46,640 $51,160 $55,680

    By number of 1 0full-time employees 2 - 4 4 * * * * *

    5 - 9 17 $39,020 $33,640 $36,960 $44,350 $50,44010 - 49 127 $37,780 $32,240 $36,150 $41,610 $51,47050 - 99 74 $39,600 $33,280 $37,620 $43,300 $51,800100 or more 107 $41,660 $35,520 $41,270 $45,590 $51,680

    By number of 1 - 2 0services offered 3 - 4 0

    5 - 6 1 * * * * *7 - 8 1 * * * * *9 - 10 5 $34,040 $29,590 $33,220 $38,990 *11 - 12 20 $38,510 $32,780 $38,820 $41,360 $50,33013 - 20 302 $40,040 $34,090 $39,500 $44,030 $51,700

    By amount of $500,000 to $2M 0loans outstanding $2M to $5M 2 * * * * *

    $5M to $20M 25 $36,140 $30,250 $35,880 $40,870 $44,770$20M to $50M 52 $37,730 $32,700 $35,950 $41,970 $46,470$50M to $100M 59 $35,130 $30,770 $33,630 $38,370 $42,870$100M to $200M 63 $39,950 $34,720 $37,720 $44,130 $51,500$200M or more 128 $42,200 $36,000 $41,700 $46,390 $54,480

    By number of members 1 - 999 01,000 - 1,999 4 * * * * *2,000 - 4,999 33 $38,990 $34,350 $38,750 $41,740 $52,2605,000 - 9,999 61 $35,830 $31,180 $34,280 $40,400 $43,54010,000 - 19,999 76 $38,370 $33,280 $36,920 $41,270 $50,70020,000 - 39,999 53 $40,510 $33,990 $37,720 $48,610 $55,00040,000 - 49,999 16 $40,220 $39,500 $40,840 $43,660 $45,59050,000 - 59,999 17 $44,020 $41,460 $42,550 $46,640 $51,75060,000 or more 69 $41,630 $35,350 $41,050 $46,000 $51,680

    Number of branch offices 1 44 $39,010 $32,310 $39,580 $44,160 $51,8102 40 $37,540 $32,380 $35,570 $41,550 $48,0603 37 $40,200 $33,850 $37,470 $45,710 $52,9004 40 $35,300 $30,670 $34,110 $36,810 $46,5005 or more 168 $41,070 $35,290 $40,670 $45,150 $51,750

    * Insufficient dataNOTE: Total compensation mean and percentile calculations include zeroes ($0) for the incentive/bonus part of the calculation,if the position did not receive an incentive/bonus payment - this reflects the fact that not all employees in a given position received such payments.

  • 512 CUNA STAFF SALARY REPORT ©2019 Credit Union National Association

    Table 85 - 4Salary Ranges

    Accounting Clerkaverage average average

    N minimum midpoint maximumOverall 219 $31,380 $39,030 $46,670By credit union asset size $1M to $2M 0

    $2M to $5M 0$5M to $10M 0$10M to $20M 1 * * *$20M to $50M 13 $28,350 $34,050 $39,750$50M to $100M 28 $32,760 $38,750 $44,750$100M to $200M 45 $30,290 $37,230 $44,160$200M to $500M 51 $30,930 $38,540 $46,160$500M to $1B 36 $31,730 $41,460 $51,190$1B to $3B 36 $32,450 $40,700 $48,950$3B or more 9 $35,660 $46,750 $57,840

    * Insufficient dataNOTE: Limited to credit unions with established minimums and maximums for the position.

  • © Credit Union National Association 2019


    Regardless of market conditions, understanding the status of compensation across the credit union industry enables you to offer total compensation packages that are competitive to attract and retain top talent.

    In addition to the PDF file and print versions of the Staff Salary Report, CUNA also offers the same data through CUNA Compensation Analytics, an online, interactive tool to review and compare data collected from 1,100 credit unions for 90 job titles.

    Check out the comprehensive collection of compensation resources from CUNA to help you build your best team.

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    36% of credit unions— including no fewer than 59% of those with assets of $100 million or more—plan to add full-time employees to their payrolls during 2019.

    Source: CUNA 2019-2020 Staff Salary Report

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    CUNA's 2019-2020 Staff Salary ReportTitle pageTable of contentsSurvey Methods, Regions, and ServicesList of participating CUsKey FindingsAdapt your compensation srategy to retain employeesTrends in CU Staff Turnover Compensation questions for considerationBase Salaries and Variable PayIncentive/Bonus PayHow to use the data tables, including definitions of termsList of data tables and job descriptionsLIST OF DATA TABLESExecutive Summary (ES) tablesPresident/CEO/ManagerEXECUTIVE MANAGEMENTExecutive VP or Assistant Manager (#2 position)Chief Operations Officer/ COO/SVP/VPChief Lending Officer/ CLO/SVP/VP Chief Information Officer/ CIO/SVP/VPChief Marketing Officer/ CMO/SVP/VPChief Human Resources Officer/ CHRO/SVP/VPChief Financial Officer/ CFO/SVP/VP

    SUPPORT/ MEMBER SERVICESSVP/VP of Operations (#2 position) Member Services VP (head of member services)Teller Manager/SupervisorShare Draft ManagerBusiness Services VP/ Director"Universal Employee"Member Services Representative II/SrMember Services Representative IHead TellerTeller II/SrTeller IShare Draft ClerkEFT/ACH ClerkExecutive Secretary/ Administrative AssistantReceptionistGeneral Office ClerkIRA/ Certificate SpecialistFinancial PlannerGeneralist (at small CUs)

    LENDING/COLLECTIONSSVP/VP of Lending (#2 position)Consumer Loan VP/ ManagerMortgage Loan VP/ ManagerMember Business Loan VP/ManagerDealer Direct ManagerCollections VP/ Manager (head of collectionsLoan Officer II/ SrLoan Officer ILoan ProcessorLoan ClerkMember Business Loan Officer II/SrMember Business Loan Officer IConsumer Loan Officer II/SrConsumer Loan Officer IConsumer Loan Processor/ ClerkMortgage Loan Officer II/SrMortgage Loan Officer IMortgage Loan Processor/ ClerkCollector/ AdjusterCollection Clerk

    PLASTIC CARDSPlastic Cards Manager/ SupervisorPlastic Card ClerkMember Service Rep. -- Plastic CardsATM Specialist

    INFORMATION SYSTEMSSVP/VP of IT (#2 position)IT Manager/ SupervisorSystems AnalystProgrammerNetwork AdministratorTechnology SpecialistWeb AdministratorData Entry Specialist

    MARKETINGSVP/ VP of Marketing (#2 position)Marketing Manager/ SupervisorBusiness Development ManagerMarketing SpecialistMarketing/ Communications Coordinator Marketing AssistantBusiness Development Representative

    HUMAN RESOURCESSVP/VP of Human Resources (#2 position)HR Manager/ SupervisorTraining DirectorHR Assistant/ SpecialistTraining Coordinator/ SpecialistPayroll Coordinator/ AdministratorBenefits Coordinator/ Specialist

    LEGAL & AUDITInternal Audit VP (head of internal audit)Internal Audit Manager/ SupervisorInternal AuditorCompliance OfficerRisk Management Officer/ Specialist

    ACCOUNTING & FINANCE SVP/VP of Finance (#2 position)Accounting VPAccounting Manager/ SupervisorInvestments VPInvestments ManagerAccountantAccounting Clerk

    BRANCH OPERATIONS & CALL CENTERBranch Operations VP (head of branch ops)Branch Manager IIBranch Manager IAssistant Branch Manager IIAssistant Branch Manager ICall Center VP (head of call center)Call Center Manager/ SupervisorCall Center Representative IICall Center Representative I


    JOB DESCRIPTIONSPresident/CEO/ManagerEXECUTIVE MANAGEMENTExecutive Vice President/ Assistant ManagerChief Operations OfficerChief Lending OfficerChief Information OfficerChief Marketing OfficerChief Human Resources OfficerChief Financial Officer

    SUPPORT/ MEMBER SERVICESSVP/VP of OperationsMember Services Vice President Teller Manager/ SupervisorShare Draft ManagerBusiness Services Vice President/ Director "Üniversal Employee"Member Service Representative II/SeniorMember Service Representative IHead TellerTeller II/ SeniorTeller IShare Draft ClerkEFT/ACH ClerkExecutive Secretary/ Administrative AssistantReceptionistGeneral Office ClerkIRA/ Certificate SpecialistFinancial PlannerGeneralist (at small CUs)

    LENDING/ COLLECTIONSSVP/VP of Lending (#2 position)Consumer Loan VP/ManagerMortgage Loan VP/ ManagerMember Business Loan VP/ ManagerDealer Direct Manager Collections VP/ ManagerLoan Officer II/ SeniorLoan Officer ILoan ProcessorLoan ClerkMember Business Loan Officer II/ SeniorMember Business Loan Officer IConsumer Loan Officer II/ SeniorConsumer Loan Officer IConsumer Loan Processor/ ClerkMortgage Loan Officer II/ SeniorMortgage Loan Officer IMortgage Loan Processor/ ClerkCollector/ AdjusterCollection Clerk

    PLASTIC CARDPlastic Card Manager/ SupervisorPlastic Card ClerkMember Service Representative -- Plastic CardsATM Specialist

    INFORMATION SYSTEMSSVP/VP of IT (#2 position)IT Manager/ SupervisorSystems AnalystProgrammerNetwork AdministratorTechnology SpecialistWeb AdministratorData Entry Specialist

    MARKETINGSVP/VP of Marketing (#2 position)Marketing Manager/ SupervisorBusiness Development ManagerMarketing SpecialistMarketing/ Communications CoordinatorMarketing AssistantBusiness Development Representative

    HUMAN RESOURCESSVP/VP of Human Resources (#2 position)Human Resources Manager/ SupervisorTrianing DirectorHuman Resources Assistant/ SpecialistTraining Coordinator/ SpecialistPayroll Coordinator/ AdministratorBenefits Coordinator/ Specialist

    LEGAL & AUDITInternal Audit VPInternal Audit Manager/ SupervisorInternal AuditorCompliance OfficerRisk Management Officer/ Specialist

    ACCOUNTING & FINANCESVP/VP of Finance (#2 position)Accounting VPAccounting Manager/ SupervisorInvestments VPInvestments ManagerAccountantAccounting Clerk

    BRANCH OPERATIONS & CALL CENTERBranch Operations VPBranch Manager IIBranch Manager IAssistant Branch Manager IIAssistant Branch Manager ICall Center VPCall Center Manager/ SupervisorCall Center Representative IICall Center Representative I

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