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Curt Maintenance Campus

Date post:12-Jul-2015
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  • maintenance complex proposalfriend house sitecurt sparks

  • the enhanced current condition site plan shows an existing break in the wood line providing an implied connection between the friend house and the barn location

  • this proposed site plan shows how the regulating lines generated from both the friend house and the topography dictated the location and provided a base line from which to pursue my design solutions

  • the new maintenance building is situated on the north side of the friend house so that an outdoor working courtyard could be created that best takes advantage of the southern sun

    this layout also preserves the view sheds from the offices which will now be located on the southern side of the friend house while creating a new entry drive and service loop

  • 1 drive thru garage bay2 upper level loading dock3 material storage bays4 ext work area/courtyard5 new maintenance building6 chemical storage bins7 outdoor shower8 friend house offices9 future green house10 experimental planting beds11 ext office patios12 foot path from parking lot13 new entry road

  • standing seem steel panel roofing allows for a shallow slope roof without the environmental concerns of membrane layers

    the roofing material is continued onto the horizontal banding of the new building

    these bands create deep-set eaves shading the southern facade in the summer while allowing direct heat gain in the cooler months

    the grid pattern developed from the site study was used in conjunction with alternating grain plywood panels to bring a sense of tactility to the new structure

  • learning from the bank barn vernacular, the new structure allows direct access to the upper level from the north side

    the new maintenance building tucks into the topography for a more pedestrian scale

    the linear qualities of the new building help tie it to the existing friend house

  • east west section

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