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Customer Purchasing Strategy- MALL MANIA OR BRAND MANIA

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Customer Purchasing Strategy ( Mall- Mania or Brand-Mania)"Guided By- Presented By- Mr. Abhishek Gupta Vivek Kumar GuptaSRMSCET, B.Tech EC 4th Yr. Bareilly SRMSCET, BLY Session: 2014-15

IntroductionShoppingImportant things related to a nice shopping experienceSignificance of this project TopicCustomer Purchasing Strategy (Brand Mania or Mall Mania)My survey ( The research Work ) Snapshots Of My Online Survey PagesSurvey ResultsConclusion

20 December 20142CONTENTSPeople Love to shop things, either for himself/ herself or for their beloved. This tendency of people give support to the marketing business.

But todays market is far differ than the old age markets. There are lots of changes we have in market .Either it is from customers side or from the sellers side. Some are-Customer is more smarter now.Rising competition in the market.Market professionals are growing day by day.Technology is effecting the market from top to bottom.

20 December 20143


20 December 20144


Today shopping is not only for need fulfillment task for customers. They want more than this which is not a non sense at all. They are paying for it.

These are things for which the customer is ready to pay more than the real cost-Nice quality product.Better environment of shopping.Nice customer dealing by the staff members.Self and family security.Easy payment technics like Plastic money etc.A satisfactory after sales response.Multi task completion with shopping like movies, restaurant, gaming, make up etc.

20 December 20146IMPORTANT THINGS RELATED TO A NICE SHOPPING EXPERIENCEPeople just think that they are buying because they are willing to do it. But here is the marketing suspense that the sellers make us to buy their things.Does it not so Amazing?

Lets take some examples-You go to market for just passing your spare time and when you come back, you have a bag with you containing the latest trendy cloth.You go for a party in KFC with friends in Phoenix Mall and you like a dress there in the outlet and you just buy it.You go for a movie in the PVR and while coming back you purchase one pair of footwear. Lots of examples are there which make you to think that do you really had a will for that product?

20 December 20146SIGNIFICANCE OF THIS PROJECT TOPIC?Malls are rising day by day in every city.Malls are providing a huge competition to the local retail market.Malls are providing lots of things for them under a single roof with a better environment, security and with a good customer service.Today all the multinational Brands are moving to Malls for opening there outlets.Malls have a direct dealing with the companies so the middle cost that usually charged by the mediators are not in consideration so customers are getting cheaper things also.Because all the fabulous brands are in Mall so its clear that there is no compromise with quality of product.

20 December 20147CUSTOMER PURCHASING STRATEGY(BRAND MANIA OR MALL MANIA)BUT, I have a Qu's?If Malls are so good as shown above then what's the reason that local markets are still flourishing??? For finding the answer of this curious question, I conducted an Online Survey by using Google Forms, a developing part of Google Docs.In this survey I asked some simple question to differnet persons( Students, Employees, Businessmen, Housewives, Retired Persons etc.).Questions are related to their salary, monthly spending on apparels, place they used to purchase, why Mall? , why local market?, improvement in malls etc.The survey revealed the truth to all and some of the results are as follows-

20 December 20149MY SURVEY ( RESEARCH WORK)20 December 201410


20 December 201411SURVEY RESULTS

20 December 201412SURVEY RESULTS

20 December 201413SURVEY RESULTS

People are ready to spend on them or on their families.They want good things but at a very affordable price (We are Indian, Saving nature is in our souls).People like malls but not totally depend on them because they have the another option in front of them, the Local Retail Market.An uneducated person feel discomfort in doing shopping from malls because of Generation Gap and also language barriers.Finally malls are nice place to enjoy , to shop and to experience the better world. So it can be clearly understand by everyone that neither its Mall Mania nor Brand Mania completely that consumers are running to malls. Although it depends on time and situations. But Mall culture really attracting the youth and its a fact.

20 December 201414CONCLUSIONThank You20 December 201415

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