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    • HOBBIES -byCzech team

2. Czech students from our class 6A like mostly dancing, sports, animals and purple colours. They like eTwinning. They dont like spiders, snakes and learning. 3. We like dancing styleHIP HOP.Our dancing group is called SHOCK CREW. We're very funny team,we go to many competitions .TerkaSmolkov a Matj Skopa 4. I like handball, tennis and football.I like pop music .I often listen music Kuba 5. I like playing with lego,making models of planes and ships, watch ingTVanddrawing pictures . Krytof 6. Nikol : What are my hobbies?

  • I likeshopping
  • roller scating
  • animal s
  • blue colour
  • modern clothes
  • ice cream
  • dancing
  • drawing picture
  • riding a bike
  • listening to music

7. I loverainbow . I like music, cars and animals. MYFAVOURITEHOBBIES Milan Botlo 8. I love shark s . I hate spiders I like purple colour. I dont like snakes. I like music. I don t like learning at school. I love fashion . Silvie 9. Michelle and her hobbies I love dancing and listening to music. I like dogs and spending time with group of friends called Smradi. I hate spider and snakes. 10. Kamil and his hobbies

  • My best hobby is badminton This sport is very good.
  • My sports club has one world record.
  • I like colourful parrots too.

11. Marktashobbies

  • I like playing the drums
  • I love swimming in water park in Italy
  • I listen to music.
  • I like phones
  • I love playing with my cats

12. I like dancing. I love purple colour. I dont like black colour. I dont like wearing skirt. I love dogs . I love Justin Bieber. I hate spiders . I hate school. Kamilaeratovsk 13. Matj loves dancing

  • He lovesHip Hop danceandParkour .
  • He likespizza , animals.
  • He doesnt likemilk . And he hates learning.

14. I like dancing very much. I like playing with my dog. I love purple but I hate brown colour. I dont like sandals. My best number is 26 .

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