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Date post: 01-Jul-2015
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About D. Plump Consulting
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D. Plump Consulting More than promises… Undeniable Results
  • 1. D. Plump Consulting More than promises Undeniable Results

2. About DPC D. Plump Consulting is a full service, independent contract firm that specializes in public relations, media relations, marketing, special event management and consultation worldwide. DPC is dedicated, professional yet personable. DPC is based in Los Angeles with satellite offices in Chicago, New York, and Beijing, with clients in between. 3. Services Public & Media Relations Placement in News Social Media Marketing Press Kit Design Press Release Writing & Distribution Product Launches Employee Communications D. Plump Consulting has and continues to command attention for clients and their projects. Utilizing worldwide media contacts, D. Plump Consulting has been able to get air time, and print for clients in some of the most respected and followed television shows, radio programs, magazines and newspapers. In addition, D. Plump Consulting has launched viral campaigns that integrate clients in social media and intrigue the blogging communities. 4. Services Event Production Vision and Design Vendor Selection Production and Stage Management Site Logistics and Planning Scheduling and Performer Liaison Community, Public and Media Relations From philanthropy fundraisers to award shows, D. Plump Consulting has its hands in producing all types of events with an eye for creative detail, and undeniable results... 5. Services Consultation Public Relations & Branding Special Events Public Speaking Media Training Freelance (News Reporting, Producing, Writing) D. Plump Consulting understands that you may have all of your ducks in a row, but may have a question or two on how to set them in the right direction. Thats where D. Plump Consulting comes in. In addition, D.Plump Consulting serves an independent contractors for public speaking training, on air broadcast training, as well as news reporting, producing and writing. 6. Accolades to mention a few Personable, creative and an expert.D. Plump Consulting helped advertise my colleague's non profit as well as advertise for a play I was in. I met Daphne at another networking function and her energy and professionalism stood out for both myself and my colleague. ~ Leslie Pogue, Life Coach/Talk Show Host Daphne (Plump) is a joy to work with and is extremely professional. She is detail oriented with an eye for creative and inventive concepts. Her work is superlative and she provides big results! I would definitely work with Daphne again on future projects. ~ Clifton Magee, RingMyName Daphne's confidence in people's ways and concerns makes her a productive marketeer and public relations consultant. Her organizational skills produce fast results, while her vision guides her to present the material in ways that are perfectly clear to the general public. ~ Tim Ulmer, TV Network Producer 7. The Founder Chief Executive Consultant Daphne Plump believes experience coupled with undeniable results equal expertise. The award-winning broadcast journalist has worked for nearly two decades as a news reporter and foreign news correspondent, from Iowa to Kosovofrom China to Los Angeles, and everywhere in between. To date, Daphnes public relations, marketing, and event productions have moved mountains by encouraging literally thousands of people to make an environmental change, raised half a million dollars for such causes as cancer and autism, placed clients on the sets of some of the most recognizable television news show, as well as coached aspiring public speakers to standing ovations. Daphne is joined by a dedicated team, comprised of professionals with unmatched skills in the following specialties: graphic design, media relations, marketing, event production, news reporting, as well as public speaking and broadcast training / consultation. 8. Contact eMail: [email protected] Telephone: (661) 478-6512