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  • Council of Governments Central Naugatuck Valley | DAM SAFETY QUALIFICATIONS

    BLACK & VEATCH | APPENDIX D: Resumes 7

    Dennis J. Hogan, P.E. Dam Safety

    Mr. Hogan is the East Region Practice Lead for Dam Engineering in Black & Veatchs Philadelphia, Pennsylvania office. His geotechnical experience includes planning and overseeing field investigations, instrumentation installation, assigning and interpreting laboratory testing, design analyses, writing technical reports and project specifications, and resident engineering for construction projects. He has over fourteen years experience in the planning, investigation, analysis, design, permitting, and construction inspection of geotechnical engineering and dam rehabilitation projects, and construction of dams..

    PROJECT EXPERIENCE City of Escondido | Lake Wohlford Dam; Escondido, CA Geotechnical Engineer. Design of a replacement dam for the existing 100-ft high (high hazard) hydraulic fill dam due to seismic instability. The project includes dam type alternatives analysis; geotechnical investigation; stability/seepage analyses; detailed design; and intense agency coordination FERC, DSOD, and a BOC.

    Puerto Rico Electric and Power Authority | Patillas Dam; Patillas, PR Geotechnical Engineer. Performed stability and deformation analysis for a 140-ft hydraulic fill dam. Scope of work included preparation of geotechnical data and interpretive report; probabilistic seismic hazard analysis; slope stability (Slope/W); deformation analysis; and risk assessment.

    Hartford Metropolitan District Commission | Reservoir No. 3; Hartford, CT | 2013-2014 Engineering Manager. Reviewed previous engineering work on the 40-foot high, 500-foot long earth embankment dam and determined the existing spillway configuration was not sufficient to safely pass the design storm. Developed and executed supplementary investigations in support of preliminary design alternatives. Collaborating with District staff to analyze and decide on a preferred alternative for the necessary dam and spillway improvements.

    City of Winston-Salem | Reservoir No. 1; Winston-Salem, NC | 2014 Engineering Manager. Developed and executed investigation program for 40-foot high ringed earth embankment. Utilized Ground Penetrating Radar and Multi-channel Array Surface Waves to characterize embankment, and undisturbed samples of the reservoir liner to verify performance. Developed instrumentation and monitoring plan for future management of the structure and adjacent reservoir.

    ENGINEERING MANAGER Specialization: Geotechnical Engineering, Dams, Levees, and Reservoirs Office Location Philadelphia, PA Education MS, Civil Engineering,

    Drexel University, Philadelphia, PA 2009

    BS, Civil Engineering, University of Maryland, College Park, MD 2000

    Professional Registration PE 2006, PA, PE073199 PE 2010, NY, 088568 PE 2011, NJ, GE49070 PE 2014, NC, 041294 PE 2014, CT, Pending Professional Associations American Society of Civil

    Engineers Association of State Dam

    Safety Officials United States Society on

    Dams Year Career Started 2000 Year Started with B&V 2008

  • Council of Governments Central Naugatuck Valley | DAM SAFETY QUALIFICATIONS

    8 Dennis J. Hogan, P.E. | JUNE 2014

    Tampa Bay Water | CW Bill Young Reservoir; Tampa Bay, FL Geotechnical Engineer. Part of a forensic engineering team analyzing failed inboard slopes of the 5-mile long earth embankment dam. Slope protection on the 80-foot high embankment is comprised of plate and stepped soil cement overlying the failed slopes. Participated in investigation planning of borings, test pits, and geophysics and assignment of advanced laboratory testing. Currently designing various slope rehabilitation alternatives for proper slope drainage, stabilization, and long term performance for variable drawdown conditions within the reservoir.

    Lancaster County Water & Sewer District | Catawba Reservoir Expansion; Lancaster, SC Project Engineer. New 105-foot high, 1300-foot long zoned earth embankment dam to impound a 1 billion gallon reservoir off-stream of the Catawba River. Planned the geotechnical investigation and laboratory testing program in conjunction with the project team, including geophysical investigation, instrumentation, and in-situ testing. Currently performing seepage, settlement, and slope stability analysis in accordance with USCOE criteria.

    Los Angeles DWP | North Haiwee Dam Seismic Improvement Project; Owens Valley, CA | 2011-Present Design Engineer. Design of new zoned embankment dam and realignment of the Los Angeles aqueduct to address seismic stability concerns for the existing North Haiwee Dam No. 2. Developed subsurface investigation plan, project management plan and coordinated technical advisory panel.

    East Bay Municipal Utility District | Camanche Dam; Sacramento, CA Project Engineer. Involved in the evaluation of piping potential and internal erosion through a 170-foot high zoned earth embankment. The reservoir impoundment also includes an embankment dike system comprised of 40 to 90-foot high earth embankments over 4 miles in length. Utilized USBR criteria to characterize the embankment materials, and applied probabilistic models to identify failure modes for the main embankment.

    City of Lynchburg | Pedlar Dam; Lynchburg, VA Project Engineer. Involved in full characterization of an existing 90-foot high concrete gravity dam that impounds the primary water supply reservoir for the City of Lynchburg. Analyses included hydrologic and hydraulic modeling, structural stability determination using finite element methods, foundation scour potential, as well as regulatory requirements and permitting items.

    City of Lynchburg | College Lake Dam; Lynchburg, VA Project Engineer. In charge of the rehabilitation design for a high-hazard embankment dam with insufficient spillway capacity. Black & Veatch performed hydrologic analysis of the watershed and hydraulic analysis of the current spillway in advance of the on-going development of rehabilitation alternatives.

    SELECTED PUBLICATIONS Hogan, D.J., Molyneux, J.D., Zhou, J., and Bradshaw, J. New Passages in Old Dams, International Coalition on Large Dams, 81st Annual Meeting, Seattle WA, September, 2013.

    Hogan, D.J., A New Zoned Embankment Dam and Cutoff Wall in Piedmont Geology United States Society on Dams (USSD), Annual Conference, New Orleans LA, April, 2012.

    Hogan, D.J., Quantifying Sustainability in New Dam Construction: Roller Compacted Concrete vs. Earth Embankment International Symposium on Modern Technologies and Long-Term Behavior of Dams, Chinese National Committee on Large Dams, Zhengzhou, China, September, 2011.

    Hogan, D.J., and Litton, E. Quality and Quantity: It Can Be Done! Assessments of 16 High Hazard Dams in North Carolina United States Society on Dams (USSD), Annual Conference, San Diego CA, April 2011. Outstanding Young Professional Paper Award.

  • Council of Governments Central Naugatuck Valley | DAM SAFETY QUALIFICATIONS

    BLACK & VEATCH | APPENDIX D: Resumes 9

    The 35-foot high, 300-foot long embankment carries a 2-lane state highway along its crest, and will require overtopping protection and embankment modification along with an expanded spillway in order to safely pass the required PMF storm flows.

    Lake Holiday Country Club & Frederick County, VA | Lake Holiday Dam; Winchester, VA Project Engineer. Alternatives development and design of a spillway expansion to pass PMF storm flows. Summit Dam is a high-hazard structure with insufficient spillway capacity and physical site constraints. Black & Veatch developed multiple alternatives for the spillway capacity solution, and aided the client in selecting a cost-effective approach while dealing with the site engineering challenges. A labyrinth weir is being utilized with a reconfigured stilling basin and energy dissipation channel to safely pass the PMF flows.

    Fairfax Water | Upper and Lower Occoquan Dams; Fairfax, VA Project Engineer. Involved in the development of a Dam Safety Surveillance and Monitoring plan for the concrete gravity dams in accordance with FEMA regulations. Consulted Fairfax Water on emergency action planning exercises, blasting impacts on structures, inundation mapping and hazard classification of the dams.

    Augusta County Service Authority | Coles Run Dam; Staunton, VA Project Engineer. Tasked with review of previous engineering studies, inspecting the dam and appurtenant structures, and developing rehabilitation alternatives. The 65-foot high, 400 foot long earth embankment dam required replacement of the intake tower structure, complete demolition and replacement of the concrete ogee spillway and chute, and overtopping protection. The high-hazard dam concept designs were also value engineered with client input at an alternative selection workshop.

    Natural Resources Conservation Service | High Hazard Flood Retarding Structures Assessment; Various Locations, NC Task Manager. In charge of field inspection, analysis, and rehabilitation alternatives development for sixteen high hazard flood retarding structures located throughout North Carolina. The comprehensive study of the structures includes hydrology and hydraulic studies, and downstream inundation mapping in accordance with NRCS and NC regulations. Updated hazard classifications and risk indexing is included in the assessment reports, that also provide rehabilitation alternatives with cost estimates.

    City of Charlottesville | Lower Ragged Mountain Dam; Charlottesville, VA Geotechnical Engineer. Involved in the planning and investigation for evaluation of raising an existing 67-foot high, 400 foot long cyclopean concrete dam

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