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DAILY DISPATCH. DWAlieh - Chronicling America · PDF filethe daily dispatch. jyThe circulation...

Date post: 27-Mar-2018
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Page 1: DAILY DISPATCH. DWAlieh - Chronicling America · PDF filethe daily dispatch. jyThe circulation of the DAILY DISPATCH eireedt considerably that of allthe Daily papers of ... Mr Bowec;

daily dispatchMHN

tmda.lt?<** {or nD'itin,' t4 * '\u25a0

DISPATCH la Istned e ver» rri ' i>1 peran..?__

ZT? «\u25a0 %.



K.7d thirty. v?.r«h< «i'» sixty feet lo»| s " .ioo e f two rail-Vr. ;ez h ? atore bo «#s, A better lota.IT. and two MaeadamljMwjf;,,,yirglalafar atwo eaonot be'o»ed In \ c <tb bn«iofa» canJroeery or Prods" Ma Thoaawlal.-

toBear or F Qotdon9v\He % Vi*>r letteror perwoa, *i v L w BK£KD .

Va- »>»' 1> \u25a0_

?r;, ,p RKJvr?Two desirable BrickM * , .nn Clav between 7 b and Bth ata.,

P"'ll ' o' 'th. premises, confining ?Sko--a£ Water on immM ,at«W:0*> rr-aae«alcn can ee 0.

f CLOpTON--20?1* ?


-a' FOR KENT ?The Dwelling part\u25a0 »b« Ho«m No 43 Main streetoeanpled by

» Sboa atore. Th- Heme la welly ' a Swarding Hoaae For termtaPP I/ to, S! pt!>a far a * JAMES WALSH,

? . No 60 Mailt atreet.*' "vow KENT OH LEAKE.?Those

?£ V.!.. STORES or WAREHOUSES. Not."!%% fos :e the Exchange Btnk of Virginia,

-»cd l ? -Ft #>|ecnct «tore« ofi Co l«cb of these stores front 26

s '° ; iil?r fleet. With five flcort, running backfeet to "ai ?

bMen, 9Et4 open on a level with a' > ,-nrt or vard in the rear, from which a

®fi, T leads to Iltb ttreet, oppoalte theT.h. American are amongst the

,J* ,>ri.?ut Vnd ttibs*Stial bnildingt fn thet *'\u25a0 c'ißir^ -iij arrf-cfed forbatineaieatabliabmeota, .iand ate 'fe e jE . je fart room enough ineeeh(fsr>!s>a«a \u25a0 -.tt&tfi»bmenU Tbete atorea are

» Bd oat ' The "W"' " «?EMem»ntofNf.l67ean be had Immediately,rrfoaadbwe slrsfi dy leaaed, except oneZ uronton of tenement?. ieTfow oeeupied by Meaara. Joneai. Potta, ean~ h'd on tbe

, h( , leltoreli belnirln the*?\u2666!\u25a0 « eitv '» 100we " known t0 require fur-»

JoJrrH jAMKS y a, the'W ,"f Hr,,hW%< E.q ,or to

'''f'e 3uwtt ' FLEMING JAMES.

\u25a0"FOSBES T ?That large tenement00th' eaat aide of Main atreet two doora be-

tbe Excbsrge Sank. i« for rent. It baajaatbeenI? a camp>ete order, and it auited for any kind of


TAYLOR t WILLIAMS.~m~~r'Oß BENT.?A nice brick Tene-\u25a0 west coroer of 3d and Marihall. Apply to

ilt, URUBBS APPERSON.TOK BALE?A neat framed House

01Matottreet, eontainlng 5 roomt, kiteben,?oodaad eoil bontet, with water inthe yard Thedf cti 16 feet on Mayo at, and rnntback on Oy-

, .ultreet KOfeet. Fortermi, which will be veryW apply to THOS. W. KEESEE,' j; 18?1» No. 20 Pearl tt.

? A Cottageresidenceeortaimnj nine rooms, on Grove ttreet,in theof Sidney, a abort distance from the Fair

Oronnda. Apply to W. J. HDBARJJ.jy 14-tf

FOR RENT. ? A Brick DwellingHome at the upper end of Clay ttreet. Poa-

I'fiioD riven immediately. Apply at thiaoffica.jj 16?ti

? FOR RENT?One upper room inthe new Brick (Tenement on 10th ttreet, be*Mainand Cary tta.

iLSO-An Office In nm«; 2 roomt on lit floor andt the modern convenience! tultsble for a Dentin,Liwyr or Phyaician.

ALSO-A large 3torenear Warwick i. B&rktdale'tHill,oo Caiy atreet, sdmirably suited for a whole-lie Grocery and Commission Houae. Potteationivec immediately.

Apply to BARRET It MORRISS,» 29 No. 136 r.arv «t.



On and sfter Wednesday. the 19 b inat the FreightT tin will run to Craigaville, 22 milea Wait of Staun-toa.

On and after October Ist the Freight Train willran to Goshen. 32 miles West of Staunton.8. HUNTER. General Freight Agent.

R'chniord. B*pt 18. ae 19?1 w

t DANCING ANT) WA L T ZINGACADEMY.?GOD DIN' 3 NEW HAUL, Cob.11th and Bts.? Mr. L WARP.OCKwiu.d respeetfolly announce that his School

sill open onSATURfUY, October 13th, at 11 o'clk\u25a0it Udies. Same evening, at 74 o'clock, for Gentle-EH}

Th*re will be two «esiionf %A deduction will be made where a Scholar euterafcrtae whole Course. se 12?2aw6w

t] ACADEMY OF DANCING.?v«CHAS A. McEVOY ha§ the honor of announ-

ti> the eit zens of Richmond, that the B'.hc®«iinasl session of his school, for instruction in*»econip!i*hment, in all it*improved forma

' ''\u25a0\u25a0(** st Coiidthian Hull Main street, onWED-ajtsDAV, November 7th, 1855"iMtssior will be along one, and nex» arrange-Mtihsve been made for giving private lessons.'fll-2awlm0 TEXAS LAND FOR SALE.?I am

v.'.horizsd to sell sever*! thoutjed acres of' -oabieand desirably located LANDS, lying in the'.cctiei of Bastrop and Montgomery, in this State

of iheaa tracts, containing 1100 acres, is of tinei"> !yand not far d'stant from Houston, the prioci-Mbwneis mart of the Slate.it excellent opportunity is now offered to any

f«»on wuhiog valuable land at a low price. Apply| ' ®J office, where a m«p of the State and moreKteue information may be had

JAS. T 8LITTON Jr ,>' 11?eo2w Bank Street, corner 11th.

NEW SADDLE AND HAK-I»k NESS MANUFACTORY -The sabscri-ber having taken the store N0.3, Pearl

1. _.l ..,treel: Besr Main,(having just returnedNorth with a fresh and new «tyleof goods)

, "i Vnt inducements to his friends and old cus? e '», »« he is determined to jell cheap Repair-'s? ion* at short notice.Ail persons indebted to the old firms ofOteyA.» w:11 Ple69e come forwardr

» *'jS! 1&m very anxious te close upbusiness ofsaid firms.JAg w qoFF.

rffei r'^AY 1 STOKE ?

S8' oftha

f'»« Wd uDon a. .

" ,hB mo,t red « ed»i*ts. P a* * Jod tertn* as can be had else-

OF* OlVpf repsired, and let on hire.jy7

W in part pay for new one*.

,;[o~tiTe citizens ofal*;.co .ONTIEB OF KING WIL-«Mrs CITY 4NM? vSo£ EN GLOUCESTKR,

IOWKKb mp. ?The steamboat W.: ? »«sta o:,!l will leave Walkerton.

:VJ .?iCO.IP Iy on TUESDAY MORN-" *«op OB j .'j v w

LIII ,tO P at a' l the on

I'-'H r,ve" t0 the cuntri-L sis'.e. ~f M" ,rr'or| ey or provision* designedp-g- uf N »cd Portsmouth. *e 17 j

Pi n andta<^>.&lehm",^dItvi1t vi. 13th,,r8e,, b,stwoan Mil,:

,L"0) Vllh'!TTJ^'i AXn fixtures,MeU.JT?T c,hßrehe«, Public Building*, &*,a «!> in 1 Oottering aud Spouting, put

tbe elt7 ?onntryFOR BALI!

1 'i;.^A^!FACTUHEIiS' SAVINGS*- -ii tin., . continue to receive Depositee, on

PBy Plsr Cen, ', PaV" ,!'J' e ,en,i

t»epo*it*tß H M*oaT a.Co.1 *i» Tf ,. » C WORTH AM, Pre.'t

lp-p * * fc&iorer. lay 2?dthiwAtofim

r CUPPING ?MRS.her *ervice* to the Me--1 '? Lt rut'. R'ob'nond and it* vi-

,"? ANO CUPPER, and trust,,it "tentlon, to merit their kiud patroi.-rt

t,'" V080?." a!t t,oar». day and night,t,HUbieU 11 B,° lber ''

ml" LEECHEB eonsUntly

*lioful| »r

p«ok«4 000DtrT P rou>P"y atended to'* on hand, and made\u25a04*"» Uover tl" dcog from 9o'eloek till morn-VlmTv---?

tJ-« rW UM L! COAL!?Tfatt uh«Ibiglbig yard, where ft to be

lUtTn ,llU, ? D ««P «hnft" COAL, forvi}'" ,be )or In

""'HU WIt.LIAM GRAY.Near the Armory.

VOL. Vlil.?HO. '0

the daily dispatch.jyThe circulation of the DAILY DISPATCH

eireedt considerably that of allthe Daily papers ofRitbtnond combined.


VIRGINIA.I'ROGBKaa or th* Fever.?'The Peteraburg In*

telllgeccer has two letters dated Irotn Norfolk 18:h,one of which announces Ibo fever on the decrease,and the other atatea that a number of new caaeahave occurred.

Among the new deaths areMrFranci* Green,John II Wyatt?for 20 years wood measurer ofNorfolk; a child of J W Hopkins, Mrs CatharineCrosby, a child ol Mr Lu'en, Mlaa Matchlever, MraB While, a child of Mr Godfrey, Miai Susan SeLd-n daughter of the late I)r Selden, James Mc-C rmlck, a Durae from Richmond.

Mr» Edward, agnd 50at the cotton factory, Mrsl.ovett, church ttreet, M't Aleda Sayfervllle, aNew Orleari curtc, Wm .luge, Dr Gait, the PotUmatter, father o'Gait, the tculptor. It down withthe fever, Or Brlggt Ucertaluly dead.

From thecorreapondence ol the Petertburg Es-preat we leara that?

Capt George Guy, chief of police, hat tufT-irfd arelapte; L Stoeaer, a confectioner, ha* died In Bal-tltnure, where he had fl to escape the scourge.

Among the new deatht are Jesse NVeale; wifeof J Rrltton, and Robert A Graves.

The following ta a list of those who died In theNaval Hospital. Porttmoutb, from the Ist to the 31stof August locluaive:

Boyd Flaherty, Hugh O'Rourke, CatharineCooke. Patrick Lyla, Mrs O'Shaugbtiesay, PatrickGalilee, Joshua Grimes, child of Mr Dulgan, MaryHerald, Sarah Flaherty, James Fortune, MichaelDulgan, Mrs Sullivan, Mrs Alex Saunders, RobertAsh, Ann O'Rourke, Juo B Denson MrsEliza God«win, Ann O Nell, Ann Donohoe, James Garrison,Timothy Sullivan, Mrs Howell, Patrick O'Donnull,

Tarous, Patrick Majority, NathanliiDorrlty,Mary Ross, Catharine O'Donald, Mis» McManns,Caroline Herald, Wm Mlddleton, Hannah, ('black)James Mays, Mr Curran, Mr Reed John Flaherty,Daniel Collins, Mrs Garrlaon, Bilo, (black) CharlesPeterson, (boy) James Webster, ftf Mlliigan, WinHolden, Mr Waters, Bridget Maybew, FrancisLewis, Edward Hurst, Mr Lorn, Henry Greenfield,Wilson Dobie, Thomas James, Ferdinand Hoffman,James Foley, Mr Maher, Mary Hoffman, RobertNclome, Thomas Bourkp, John N Aahton, Sr?Clarity Forehand, Henry Lewia, (boy) MrsPurcell,Mrs Gray, Bridget O'Donnell, Geo W Woodward,Patrick Maher, P G Le Breton, Mr Parker, MilesCake, Mrs Smyth, J W Hopkins, John Lees, HardyForehand, Mr Naylor, Mr Lester, Thomas Lewit,John W Forrest, Mrs Moore, Mrs Bright, JohnKelly, Wm Echard, Child of Mr Bright, John Don-ovan, Thomas Smyth, Mra Covert, Sr , James CDowllng, Mrs Darden. Edward Wilson, GeorgeMiller,John Kennedy, MLR Woodson, Mrs Fran-ess Lewis, John Moore, Dr J W H Truglen, MrsA i*el.

From the Ist to the 31st August two hundred andseventy-one persons were admitted from Ports-mouth, of which ninety-five have died.

Of those who died, fifty were admlited in a hope-leas condition, and sixteen of them were eitherunconscious on admission or within a few hoursafter, and one of them died at the door of theHospital.

The following, which we find in the BaltimoreAmerican, it a litt of deatln. embracing the nametof322 of the white adults known to have died of yellowfever in Porttmouth tince itt appearance in thattown. The total mortality is knowD to have certain-ly reached H7B, and the number it probably larger ?

The number of white children and colored personswho have died it not given .-

DEATHS AMONG WHITE ADULTS.Mr Long; Mr Martin; Mra Lapps; Mist Kiag; MrDavid*on; Tar Grant; Mr Harriett; Peter O'Donald;

Mr Bwiler; Mr Floud; Mr* L Cock; Dr C Heintisi;Martha Livesay; Mr* George Butt; Mr Marshall, US N; Mr Bowec; Mia Mr Belehum; Mis*Brown; Mr» Aclove; Wm P Brittenham; Mr Keoh;Geo Brent; Jas Powers: Mrs Sarah Pott*; Mi*s Latti*more; Pater Gailee; Mri #?0 Dill; Mr Geo Dill; MrBaker; Mr File*; Mr AIHNM Mrs O'Brier; P McQuire;Dr Parker; D Godwin; Mr Godfrey; Mr Chilton; MrCimp; J R Wilson; Jane Bracy; Mr« Whitney; Mi*Wiiaor; Mra Alman; Jat Fo-ter; J B Davis, J Har,«cock; M Lynch; C Happer; _\fta« M Woodhouse; MraDunivat; N Manning; Mr Snead; Mr Bb*-ppard. M laM Du?*; P Churchwill; Mrs HPerkt;M« M William*;Michfei Hutley; J Whilehurst; Mis* Ghio; WilliamJoaes. Willery Belzoc; Mrs Simmons; B F Burte-;WmHsndj; Mrs Robinson: Miss O'Brien; Miss CBta*cy; Miss Ross: Mrs Martin; 8 Jones, Mrs Cor-tilt; J Snian, Miss Ross: J Mahoney; Mr Bren!; MrHerlley: P Williams; Mr Aahton; Miss Mary Neviil;Wm Woodley;Captain GCbambera; W Wallax; MrCary; Jamea Williams, jr; Mr Harrison; Mr Kins;Mrs E Pritchett; Mrs Toland; Mis Randolph; Mr

Mr Pratt; Mr JohnGallalee; Mr R :chenor;Peter Gallalee; Mr Gravei: M'ss M A Beaaley; M'r*Eliza Jarvit; Joseph Duntoc; J Lavering; Mr Moore;Miss Moore; Dr Lovett; Mrs F Herbert; Miss EmmaBoutwill; James Andersoc; Miss Lucess Roas; MrsRundlry; Mrs Avery William*; Dr Wilson; Mr*Hutchiraoti; Mrs Gate*; Mi* Matrop; Mils C Ba-ke:; Miss Hentlej; Wilson William*; Mr* Smith;Betsey Herbert; Mr Gwync; H Gwynn; Mrs CMyera; John Myers; Mr* Falcon; Mote* William*;W Ca:ey; J Wille; Richard Goddin; Moring Lac-na ce; Fraticia Fouler; Mr* Atkinson; Mr* Spratt;M!*i j J Nnin; Luther Barrott; Wm Collin*; GBower?: J Me*lty; Mr* Davii; Mr* Fo*t?r; AnnBlack; W I Oweni: Mrs Buchanan; Mis* Dunbar* ;M Rotier; Mr Johnson: Mr Harryham; Mr* Bar-ham; Mr Rant"; Miss Sopbrsny Gwyni; Mis* Ma--gtrec Manning: MrCi oc Mis* Mitcham; Jesie Oak-ley; Patrick O'Donald; Mrs Kelly; Mrs Macklin; Mr»Lister; N Cocke; Mis Talir; Jani-gWilliamr; MrsCherry; Mr* Davideor): Mia* Caroline William*; WmFord; Mr* E Cherry: Margaret Robbins; Jehn Earl;MrsCoskerr; William Weaton; Miss Gbicj Capi CCaisell: Mrs C Bill'*olly; Mr* John Laabj Mrs Bul-lae*; Michael Suilivan; Mrs J D Cohen; RobertCockt; Mr Bullock; Mr* F William*; Mrs Reec;Toißhii Greer; Joseph BiliiaoIIj; George Tayloi,Mrs Thomas White: Robert Bncdsor; Samusl Rich-ardson; John Land; Micbael Bark*; Mr* Coiemai;M Godfre; John McGuire; G W George; Mr Heat-ly; Joh'i Davit; Mr Chitty; Richard William*; MLynch; Dr Nicholas; Mr F.sher; Mr« Pulling; 3/rsDanstoc; .Miss G Buckner; R Churchell; G Welti;Thomas iPea-ce; Luke Perks; MaKilton; James Tot-terdell; John Whitehurit; tapt Taylor Mia Buch-anai; Jacob Miller: Mr Holland: Mtaa Vermillio>;MriJiae* Willia-ns, Jr; Jfii* Webt; Mis* Simmons;Joseph George; W B Collins- G Chambers; JohnNash; J W Eliza Rand: M a Brvanf;A/-* Totterdell; M Bullock: Mr* P C Thorns* Mia GToppin, A/ra C Myera, Mra Porch; William Creekmort; -Urt Brannamon; Lenman Dean, Jno Deniion;JoahuaGrime* Mra Hud«or; Mr* Cushing; Mca J BDavis; -Vr AfjPhadden; Capt Samuel Forbes; Mr*Bu*an Gwyon, -Visa Billigolly; W Pebwortb; AfBryant, Miss Morressitt; Moiice Williams; J DCooper; Tboma* Rudd; John Wcortly; Mr Mattross;Mr Levant; F Land; Geo Hope; William Fay; MrsPeteiaon; Miaa J Bingly; Robert McDoca'd; RichardEakiidge; Mi* Carl Reynold*, Mr* Brickley; MrsBiittenhan; Mr* 8 Brewer; Mr* 8 A W P Allen;Mr* Boutwell: Mr* Cor Coleman; Mr* Lane Jordan;Mr*Barah White; Batuuel Parker; John Vermillion;Robert Balentine; Miss Maltha Peter*; Wells Cow-pet; Mr* John Accinelly; Mi** Etherege; MraEFBrown; Mr* Gamble; Mr* Porch; Mr* Wm Riohard-*«n; Samuel Creekmore; John Hodges; Joabua Ral«utiae; William Brockell; Mra Wm Ro*»; Mr* J Hiiodget; William Kelly; Lnwrence Kearne*; M t*Kebecca Kobinaon; (itia Fiaber; Dr Ma>*ball; DiSmith; Rev Vernon Eakridge; Rev Mr Chiaholu ; DP Daughter?; William Co' k ar; George Barber; Wil-liam Singleton; William Reed; Mra Penn; John Lan-fort; Daroy Clark; Samuel Harrald; Mra B Cherry;Susan Johnaon; Mi*a L Edwards; Charle* Billlaoliy;J T Powell; Mra M Sullivan; William Barton; MrCherry; Mr* John Cherry; Mr* Jirne* Avery; JohnNel»on, Samuel Harwood; Mr* E Cherry: Mr* Mill-teau; Levy C Witiv; Joahua Morriaett; M L Bohonnon; Mra Yeatea; Miss Berlin; M:a D P Daoghtery.

New Mabkbt Racks.?The Peteriburg N*-wMarket race* con.trv nee on Tu«*day next. ThfiKzpreia say* that among the bor«e« are Pcllo, Ju-lia,Pa*ta aod a Glfncoe tilly, entered by Gibbon*of New Jer»ej; Little Flag, Ellen Bateman andSam Letcber. In Mr Calvin'a Green stable will beFianktort. la Jamea Tally'* gtable Seb6(topot andOo<* EyeJJoe. In Tboma* D j*well'*stable Sel Ine,and Mr O P Hare will have Funny Fern, MlcbaeiAngelo,and twoprcrnlltng colts.

Di»TiNot-isusD Abbival-? George |Baticroft,the biitorian, arrlvid la Lynchburg Tuecdaynight.

FiHPi?A smoko bouse ol W H Mouotcaatlo InLynchburg,n as tired Tueaday raoroluK at an earlyhour and daring >hn cotiladim, Mr M'a bouio wasrobbr d ot aquantityof clothing.

Odd Kklluwi' Contribution.? ThpOld Fel-lows ol Stauutoo havn c mtrlbuti d over one hun-dred dollar*, for the relief ol member* of thatfraternity In Norfolk and Portunuutb.S* Appointment.?Mr George S Tnompion, lati-of tbe Nortb Western Hank, baa beeu electedTreasurer ot the Saving* Bank of Wheeling, to?mppty the place vacatwl by tbe deceaae ol WmKankln.

Kflioious As.s ciatii.n ~ A "brotherhood oltheProtestant Kpiaeopal > hurch ol North Weet*rnVirginia," *aya tbe Wbeellog litelligencnr, ba>been formed in that cl-y. Tne »oclety, as lta nameImpllci, is ot a r«llglou* rbaracter, and la formedI >r Che advaneeni-m ol a -cUI Intercouree amongthe church member*. The "Brotherhood" tilWheeling have a library and reading room.

THE REFORM IN THE NAVY.We And the folio wing complete llat of naval offi-ceri who are a fleeted by the late action ol theNaval Retiring Board la the New York Herald.?1 hat paper tays that tome Inaccuracies were con.talned In the firat partial llat published. The tin>«of entering the navy, and the time ol service lanoted oppoalte the namea :

dropped.Totalt tea

_ .. terrice.Cop taini. Knt'd ten jrt Y. M

001 211812 12 7\\ m Ramtey* Sept. 1 1811 16 6J P Zantzingar* Nov. 15 18r0 14 11

'Neither of these Csptains have been to sea assuch.Commandtrt

Frederick Varnum Jnne 18 1812 10 5Sam! W Lacompt June 4 '8!2 11 7Thomat Pettigru Jan 1 1812 17 PJnhn SChauneey ..Jan 1 1812 17 2w s Olden July 56 1829 14 10Z F Johnston April 23 1818 16 00

LieutenantsW A CKarragut Jan 16 1809 6 IIH H Rhodes May 10 1820 14 1Law Pennington May 27 18)0 16 8W H Noland Dee 31 1823 11 5Jumna Noble May 27 1824 14 1J T McDonougb April 1 18?'6 7 6R W Meade April 1 1876 13 6John I Ring April 1 1828 15 2D F Dulany April 1 1828 13 0Thomas Brownell ..Oct 30 1840 ?

John J B Walbaah Dec 1 18i7 14 4L B Avery Dec 19 1831 15 6Wash A Bartlett Jan 22 1833 12 11A Davit Harrell lan 4 1834 12 108 C Barney June 28 1835 8 98 H Stevens Dee 14 18S6 9 9Aboer Read March 2 1839 10 2I C Wait Deo 28 1836 11 7ACRhind Sept 3 1838 11 10Pasted Midshipmen.J 8 Bobrer Dee 31 1839 8 7J Madigan, Jr Feb 19 1840 13 00ATByreut Feb 26 1841 4 9J P Hall Dec 29 1840 10 10George 8 King Match 25 1842 7 3Aug McLaughlin Jan 11184* 8 6J A Seawell Jnly 2 1842 9 4N T Weta />b 18 IC4I 11 6W R Mercer Deo 8 1841 9 3Charlet Gray Oct 19 1841 10 10E Selden Oct 19 1841 n iGeo A Stevens May 13 1840 12 5E Shepherd Oat 19 1841 10 4David Ochiltree Jane 21 1839 12 6J H March.. Oct 19 1841 10 9C B Smith ? _

P Wager, Jr Feb 12 1840 10 10Francis G Clarke Oct 19 1840 6 1Edwin F Gray April 8 1846 7 2RETIRED I.IST?LEAVE OF ABSENCE PAY.

Captains, §2,500 per annum-, (senior #3 800;; Com-manders, ®1 800; Lieutenants, $1,200 ; Masters $60 i.Sea ServiceCaptain». Ent d service. Y M

Stephen Casaln Fob 21 1800 H 4Geo C Read April 2 1804 23 11TApCJonet Nov 22 1805 19 2David Geiatenger Nov 15 I8(i 919 0Jamet Armstrong Nov 15 1809 20 9Chit Stewart, (Sen. Capt (March 9 1798 22 11David Conner Jan 16 18W9 15 3JohnDSloat Feb 12 1800 17 5Chas W Skinner Jan 16 1809 14 7Joseph Bmit?! Jan 16 1809 12 gJohn Petcival March 6 1809 17 5W V Taylor April 28 1813 10 0Chas Boorman June 9 1811 12 7William Jameton Sept 11811 13 2Hugh N Paee Sept 1 1811 20 3

Commanders.John Y Young Jan 1 1812 8 2B W Carpenter July 13 1813 17 2John L Sanndert Nov 15 18<9 14 IIJohn S Paine ..Nov 9 1813 17 4James Glynn March 4 1815 17 3Robert Ritchie.... Feb 1 1814 15 7Oscar Buliut Nov 1 1817 13 1Cadwallader Ringgold....March 4 1819 18 1T D Shaw May 10 I*2o 13 7R D Thornburn March 30 182 ) 16 0Samuel Lockwood July 12 1820 14 10Amasa Payne May 18 1822 14 2Elisha Peck Mareh 4 1817 19 3Jnhn Manning May 10 1820 15 2Timothy G Benham Nov St) 1814 15 0CharlesH J&okson March 418 8 IX 7John Colhoun Jan 25 1821 14 i

LieutenantsBenjamin M Dorr Deo 1 1826 18 1R J Atoeller April 1 18<7 9 7Henry Walke Feb ?1827 13 6Charlet Thoma Feb 2 1829 10 4Kiohard L Love Sept 17 1830 15 0R B Riell Sept 2 1835 8 0Jona W Swift Aug 25 1823 8 2J D Ferris Feb 29 1809 7 6

Entered Sea ServiceLieutenants Service Y. M.

J F Miller Nov 1 1816 11 6Henry Darcautei April 1 18i6 13 7George M White Nov 1 1828 14 10George L Seldee April 1 1828 13 7Stephen Decatur Marsh 17 1829 7 7James B Lewis March 31 1831 11 0John Hall Jan 11 1832 10 9M B Wcolsey Sept 24 1832 13 0J S Palmer Jsa 1 1825 12 2George Bo'it Jan 1 1825 8 9Passed Midshipmen.W w Low March 3 1831 10 0

Masters.Francis Mallaby..... Sept 22 1 822 4 0Robert Knox July 20 1812 0 5John Robinson Nov 27 1815 5 7

KORLOUGH LIST?FURLOUGH PAY.Captains. #1250per annum: Commanders ®9i>C; JAeu-tenants$0 0; Masters f3uo: Pasted Midshipmen f3OOEntered Sea ServiceCaptains. Service. yF A Farter Jan 11 1808 20 11PFVoorhees Nov 15 1809 21 5Thomas Paine Oct 10 1312 8 10Benjamin Page Dec 17 1810 H 5Wm R Latimer Nov 15 18'9 20 0Henry tienry July 1 1812 8 1John H Graham June 15 1812 3 0Wm Inman Jan 11812 17 8Lewis E Simonds Jan 1 1812 12 10H H Cooke June 18 1812 16 4Horace B Sawyer June 4 1812 9 0Jesse Wilkinson July 10 1805 15 gWm D Nov 15 1809 ]8 7Thos M Newell Sept 11 1813 7 5Joseph Smoot Dec 1 18 9 19 nStephen Champlin May 22 1812 6 q

CommandersCharles T Piatt June 18 IPI2 13 4Henry Bruce Nov 918 3 15 1A K Long Nov 1 1818 17 5F A Neville May 10 182(1 15 2Wm Green Jan 1 1818 13 10Wo M Armstrong Nov 30 1814 16 7W F Shield* Feb 2 18(4 17 0Joseph Myers Dec 6 1815 15 6Thos R Gedney March 4 1815 22 SJohn 8 Nichols June ? 1815 16 IIThosJ Manning Jan 1 IHI7 13 ]0Geo Adams.. Jan 1 1818 12 2Isaac S Steirett March 34 1819 17 6Fraocis B Ellison May S3 1819 17 ItL B Newell May 10 1820 10 1HenryK Hoff Oct 23 1823 13 2MurrayMason Nov 14 1823 11 10Joseph P Jarvis June 18 1812 10 &

LieutenantsWilliam B Fitzgerald Jan 30 1838 9 10Henry C Flagg April 1 1828 12 6flush rod W Hunter Nov 1 1877 10 2A A Hj'c>mb April 1 1828 15 2Kobert Handy Feb 1 1826 15 2JuhnJ Glaison Feb 1 18.3 16 6Henry A Steele Nov 1 1826 16 10Alexander Gibson July 1 1822 17 3* B Biisell March 1 1825 13 5Wm Chandler Aug 1 1826 12 8G G Williamson June 2 1824 12 IIE C Bower* Feb 2 1829 10 8W D Porter Jan 1 1823 10 0Peter Turner March 4 1823 15 3W E Hunt Oct 28 1823 14 3J J Boyle Aug i 7 1823 17 0James M Wataon Feb 1 1823 17 0Frank Eliery Jan 1 1812 14 8Malt hi*- F Maury,. Feb 1 1825 9 8John P G Uls Deo 12 1825 15 SJohn C Carter Jao 1 1825 16 8AllKil'z July 4 1821 15 8Jax.es M Gillis Mareh 1 1827 4 7Gee rge II Gray Nov 1 1826 16 7John HPtt'ker Dee 30 1836 10 7Montgomery Lewi* Nov 1 1828 16 7Richard Forrest Nov 1 1828 15 9J-jbaNMoHUt Feb 25 1832 17 3D Lynch Feb 2 1829 16 8Fablus Stanly Dee 20 1831 15 7Francis Lowry Au( 3 1831 9 9Vac-Rensselaer Morgan..Dee 8 1836 11 HJames A Doyle Jan 4 1832 12 8John 8 Taj lor Dee 14 1836 14 2John P Decatur Aug 31 1836 9 10Jirnes Higgins March 13 1839 12 »'

APau-'ce S.moni Dec 10 1839 9 0Samuel K Knox April 1 1828 16 0Aitxardcr Murray Aug 1 18<5 in 11John F Abbott Dee 27 1837 6 10Aug 8 Baldwin Feb 2 1829 1" IDCharlesHaater April 85 1831 11 3MC Perry July 11835 13 5XC Marin Jan 3 1832 9 10

MastersACanniosham Nov 15 1815 noneMinhael Clear Dee 28 1899 nonePoised MidshipmanSnoieel Peatc March 30 1833 5 4

The Pay Roll of Ibe Retired List lout* np a* fol-low;

14 Captains on leave pay 93),000|6 Cnpiatu* onfarlougb pay 20 (WO17 Cuiuaiaailor*on leave pay SO 600I 1U Commander* onfarlougb pay . 18,3004 II LUatenaata on leave pay................ 31,600


« Lieateaants on farloaih pay 26 400? Masterson leave pay 1,800i r*"*d midshipman ou leave pay 6001 M'oahipman on (nrlongh pay .300

132 Officers, reeeiviog annually *152,500Thefollowing Isa list of the promotions that will

« made to fill these vancanclea, as rank In theJ7 * " Roea by seniority :Commnnrf/;rs to be Captains.?G J Pendergraas,L! o {? Wm 11 Gardiner, Stephen B Wll«?on, Robt B Cunningham,Frederick Enslee,FrankBuchanan, Charlea Lowndes, G N Holllns, JohnMarston, Wm 3 Walker, James T Gerry, William

p John Po P". Thos O Selfrldge, H-nryEagle, W C Nicholson. John Kelley. David G Far.ragut, T A Dornlo, Victor M Randolph, Jnoßudd,Samuel Mercer, L M Goldsborongh, Duncan N In.graham, Henry Adams, Geo F Parsons, Samuel FDu Pont, Geo A McGruder, Levin M Powell, ChasWllkea, G J Van Brunt, Wm M GlendyLieutenants to be Commanders.?Arthnr Lewis,Chyle. H Mcß'alr, Henry K Thatcher, Wm Mc«Blair, Richard L Page, Benjamin J Totten, Arthur?Mnclalr, C HAH K-nnedy, JosephLanman, ThosTurner, James Flndley Schenck, Wm Badford,John M Berrlan, Alfred Taylor, SAmunl Swartwout, James P McKinstry, John A Dahlgren, GGausevoort, E Lloyd Handy, Wm C Chaplin, J RGoldsborr ugb, Theodore P Green, Thomas JPage, P Drayton, Thomas R ttootes, Wm S Young,Joseph F Green, Charles W Hickering, Wm Mwalker, Thornton A Jenkens. John B Marchand,Henry J Hartstene, John W Livingston, A B Fair-fax, James H Hvwsrd, John S Mlssroon, FrederickChataad, Robt B Hitchcock, Luther Stoddtrd,Tbos W Brent, John K Mitchell, Chas II Poor,TlmotnyA Hunt, Samuel F Hazzard, George APrentiss, Samuel P Lee, Raphael Semmes,OliverS Glltson, Stephen C Rowan, Edward R Thomp.son, Chas Green, Melancton Smith, Clcuro Price,Charles S Boggs, John It Tucker, George Minor,Robt F Pinkney, Edward M Yard, Wm W Bleeker,John DeCamp, Overton Carr, Robert E Johnson,John A Wllslow, John Rodgers, Wm R Taylor.Masters in live ofpromotion and Passed Mid-shipmen tobe Lieutenants. -Richmond Aulick,RobtA Marr, Edward Brlnley, Wm G Temple, SamuelP Carter, Robt M McArarn, Kdwani C Stont, JnoWolcutt, Thos S Phelpo, G V Dennlaton, Francis 8Conovor, Colville Terrett, Homer C Blake, Ste-phen P Quackenbusb, Joseph M Bradford, J IICarter, J P Jones, Wm P Buckner, W K Bridge,W II Wilcox, ThosRoney, John Van N Philip, WD Whiting, S L Phelps, T L Walker, Francla ARoe, W H Murdaugb,.W Gibson, fospph DJohn T Walker, J c P DeKrafft. John VaT Mc-Collum, John E Hart, Oscar C Badger, ThomasC Harris, John Kell, Wm N Jeffers, Wm D Austin,Edward Simpson, Geo P Welsh, W Nelson, ChasW Aby, Reuben Harris, /«mes B McCauley, AlexF Warley, Leonard Barrett. Jinn W B-innett,Clark H Wells, Earl English,R B Lowrle, Wm HParker, David A MacDermut, Gho I] Morgan, RichL Law, Jjbn T Barraud, J ihn H Upshur Saml RFranklin, W L Powell, E Y McCauley, W Mitchell, Jos B Smith, John M Brooke, Edw'd Rnnshaw,Robert Stuart, Theodorlc Lee, George II Bier,Pendleton G Watmough George W Young, Wll»liam Van Wyck, Jobn IIRussell, Edward F Stone,John L Davis, Alexander A Semmes, James SThornton John R Stewart, M Patterson Jones,Watson Smith, Alexander M De Bree, Joseph EDe Haven. A'exander VV Habersbam, William TTruxtun, John K Wilton, Greenleal Clllfiy, HoraceN Orabb, Samuel Magaw, James H Rochelle,Robert D Minor, William C West, Nicholas H VanZahdt, Francis G Dallas, Simeon S Bassett. RobertCDuvall, David P McCorcle, William Rflil/, GeoH Hare. Walter F Jones, Sylvanus J Blisa, WmSharp, James I Waddell, William M Gamble, Jon-athan Young, Thomas W Brodhead, William KMFtyo, Thomas Young,.James E Jouett, T ScottFillebrown, Joseph Fry,Leonard H Lyne, EdwardC Grafton, Milton Haxtun, Robert Seldun, AlbertAllmand, Thomas C Eaton, Dawaon Paenlx, RobertF R Lewis, Charles P McGary, Henry St GeorgeHunter, Hunter Davidson, Andrew W Johnson,Stephen B Luce.Jeffsrson Maury,DulanyA Forreat,Robert W Scott, Walter W Queen, Robert R Car.ter, Edmund VV H'-nry, Thomas T Houston, KalphChandler, John R Hamilton, Edwin O <"arnes, JasParker, Philip C Johnson, Jr., John Walters, KRandolph Breose, o*car F Johnston, Lewis AKlmberlv, Beverly Keunon, S Livingston Breese,George U Morris, John G Sproston, Bancroft Ghe-rardl, Daniel L. Bralne, John Taylor Wood, LHoward Newman, Charles Edmomton Thorburn,Richard T Bowen, Charles W Fiusser, William SLoveli, John R Eggleston. Andrew B Cummings,Bayard E. Hand, George E Belknap.

Religious Intelligence-?We take the follow-ingreligious interns from the Religious Herald :Dan River Baptist Association has had its annual

meeting. The report shows: Churches 15; mpmbers1,525, rather over one-third colored. Added bybaptism 159. Owing to the large number dismiss-ed, the Increase was only 64 All the churcheswith one exception reported Sabbath schools. Theamount of fundi forwarded to the AMociatloD,with the sum collected during the session, was$862.21 One newly constituted church, Meads-vllle. was admitted on application.

The Salem Baptist Asmcialion has had its an-nual meeting. It occnoles a large district, havingohnrches in Fauquier, Loudonn, Stafford and PrinceWilliam counties in E««tern Virginia! Pare, Frede-rick. Clarke, Warren. Rockingham, Berkley, andHan pihire, In the Valley and Western Virginia.?Keoofntions were adopted expressive of tbe loss theassociation had sustained In tbe demise of Klder T.L>. Herndon. Cnurches 20 Members 3 863, viz:1,138 Whit»: 72.5 colored. Added bv baptism 111

Middle District Baptitt Astociation?Churches 25;two of them colored Members 8,845, viz: wh'te,1,530; colored, 2 315. Added by Baptism, 226 In-

crease 212. Three of the churches failed to report.Adding tbeir numbers from previous returns, tbe to-tal membership in tbe association is not less than4,588. Eleven Sabbath schools were reported.?Chesterfield Church was admitted on application.

Canadian Imports?The Canadian papers pub»llsh an official statementof the good* importedCanada during the first six months of 1555, aWiwIng a total of $16 067,323, which Is a decrease oft2 532,401 .compared with the corresponding periodof last year.

Reported Indian Battle?The St. Pauls(Minnesota) Democrat of the 6th instant, sla e*that there has been a bloody battle between tbeSioux and Half-breed Chippewa*, In which nine-teen Sioux were killed and about *lx'.y wounded,and several of tbe Chippewa* were alio killed andwounded.

Alleged Mail Robb eb Abrestkd.?EdwardReynold, bow*man on a canal boat, waa arrettedlaat Saturday, at Lafayette, Ind, charged withaiding in tbe robbery of the Port office at Circle,vllle, Ohio, *ome time ago. He waa committedfor trial to Cincinnati jail,where Jerome Gephart,the other peraon charged with therobbery, wa*lodged laat week.

The Choleea at Flobence.?The Florencecorreapondent of the Newark Advertlter, In aletter written on »he 24th ult,. *ay* that themortality in that city by cholera wa* abouteighty a day ; and ninety-five per cent of It waaamong the miserable and ilUcondltloned claase*.?Thegovernment had made an effort to preventthefatiguing street processions, but without suc-cess, as the clergy persisted in maintaining theirefficacy.

Lunatic Asylum.?The new Lunatic AsylumofNorth Carolina Is to be completed and opened bythe let of January next. Several application* foradmission, one ol them from South Carolina, havebeen made. Dr Charlei E Fisher, formerlyolRichmond, has been re-eiectod superintendent,with a salary lncreaaed to $2,000.

Heavi Lumber Business.?The greatest lum-berman In America 1« William Price, of Quebec.He hat erec:ed a wharf, at River La Loupe, I*2omllos below Quebec, at a cose of $120 000, to ac-commodate bit lumber butioets. He la the moatextensive dealer In North America; hat 30 aawarunningDKar that place; 40 at St. John's Bay; 32In constant operation at Ha. Ho Hay, and at theSaguenay Rapids 10 more. He alao purchase*some millions of feet from the Ottawa. It lasaidbe has furnished for several years, employmentfor from 2 000 to 3 000 men, and freightedoyer ahundred ships annually, with lumber for Europeanmarkets.

A Navy Officer Deajj.?Simon BoAvar Knox,Second Asalstaat Engineer, U. 8. N., died Fridaynight, at his residence In Washington city.

Wm H Jones, sheriff of Warren county, N C,died last week of disease of the heart.

Rev Mr Shack la leoturlng In California for thebenefit of the Chlneae mission. I

Charles W Bonner, a volunteer In the Mexicanwar, died laat week In Beaufort, N C.from woundsreceived la an affray with John Rom, who hassince escaped.

HenryShelmlre, a wealthyGerman of New Or-leans, committed aulclde while on a pleasure ex-cursion last week.

A block of marble from the ruins of Carthagehat been presented by D P Heap, for the NationalWashington Monument

Thecommon council of Washington city haverecommended the 26th to be obaerved there as ?day of huosUUttaa ood prayer.




r®* dir ; have you ?eon any of Simoim'fate Pictorea? If oof, fo and see tbam, and markli'n.F'jSß th 9 ejre * BeW lBV»Btl00, theN ogtapfcoscope, it very mooh liked. te 17Mayor's Codrt.?The Mayor's Court forthe eity of Rlobmood will be held it 9 o'clock A.M-. from the 10th of April to the 10th of OctoberAfter the 10th of October, it 10 o'eloek


For Civil hairnets on Thursdays, always at 11 o>cikA ' M ?« 1-1,

Dr. Geo. W. Briggs his removed tohie new residence, corneref Broad and 27th itreetfChnrch Hill, opposite Mr. Jamet Wiarton't, wherehe can be found at oi*ht or daring the day. He stillcontinues hit oid Office at the corner of Governorand Main streata. h<""« from 9 to 12 A. M., and from 3 tos r " M "


* 3?lm*Robooe B. Heath, Attorney at Law,Richmond, Va., practice, in the Court, of tbe eity ofRichmond and of the countiet of Cheitrrjleld andHenrico.ITOffice Northeaat corner of Main and 11th staEntrance on 11th it au 16?lm* 'Mark the Improvement.?Hobson, ofthe American Shaving Saloon, it barnithiug up hi.accommodating place for the reception ef Fall andWinter viiitori Painting, guilding,carpeting, be.?He will soon have hi. place handsomely renewed.?It ha.heretofore been, and will continue to be. theresort of the old, ths middle aced and the young :for all who want an agreeable Shave and their Haircut in a style unsurprised by any one, will surelyfind Hobson or his polite employees. Go. then, to

Hob.on and get a clean, nice shavi, your hair cut inbecoming style, and take a good Hot Cold or ShotoerBath, and you will come away better and wiserse 12

Hair Cutting,?Citizens and Stranger#visiting the city, wishir* to get their Hair eut in thelatest and most appro',ed style, I would advise tbemto call on HOBBON. under the American Hotel, en-trance on 11th street.N. B?Hot, Cold and Shower Bath* can he hidtil boon. Single Bath2se.. or ,\u25a0>Tickets for 81.Osborne b GoldKnameled Daguekreos

types ?The public are invited to call and view the?. ew fX1®? Daguerreotypei taken at thia old-eatab-liabed Gallery. They are admitted to be auperior toany ever before aeen. A. W. OSBORNE,jy21 Opposite Exchange Bank.

Hair Dye, Hair Dye ?JOHNSON,Barber, has a Hair Dye wtiich is instantaneousand never washes off. We will adviae all who Dyeto give Johnaon a call, aa he warrantaio give perfoctaatiafastion or no charge.

Alaotobe had FLETCHER'S H4IR TONIC?aninfallible remedy for all the i'lsthat the human hairis beir to.


Hair Tonic.?This Tonic is unsurpassedby anything now before the public. It will promotethe growth and the healthy action of the hair, cleanthehead of dandruff, prevent beadache, and la oneof the beat toilet articles ever uaed.

Made and sold by R. C. HOBSON, wholesale orretail, at his Hair Cutting, Shaving and Sbampoon-ing Room, under the American Hotel?entrance on11th st. an7

To Nervous Sufferers.?A retired cler-gyman, restored to health in a few days, after manyyears of great nervous suffering, is anxious to makeknown the means ef cure. Will send (free) the pre-scription used. Direct Rev. JOHN M. DAGNALL,No 59 Fulton street, Brooklyn, N. Y.se I?dlmitw4t*

Baker's Premium Bittep.B are the on-ly familiar remedy known to man for the cure ofDyspepain Diarrhoea, Cbolic, Nervous Head Ache,Ague and Fever, Sour atotiißch and General Debili-ty. They are manufactured of vegetable matter en-tirely, are perfectly safe in their useby allages, sexesand conditions, and are very palatable (o the taste.

Price 50 cents per bottleFor sale in Richmond by Meßsri. PURCELL,

LADD fc CO., and Drusgist generally. se 18A Card.?The subscriber, an experi-

enced practitioner of Medicine, Surgery and Obstetries, having located on Broad street, three doorsabove tenth, offers his professional services to thecitizens of Richmond.

He has devoted nincb time and attention to thestudy and practice of Midwifery, and to the treat-ment ofDiseases of Women ana Children,

sp 7?6 m* RICH'D 8. CAUTHORN. M. D.Lee & Bayly, attorn eyb at Law,

and Commissioners to fake Depositions. Affidavit*,Acknowledgments of Deeds, Powers of Attorney,Jic., for the Statesand Territories ofAlabama Louisiana New forkArkansas Maine North CarolinaCalifornia Maryland OhioConnecticut Massachusetts PennsylvaniaFlorida Michigan Rhode IslandGeorgia Minnesota South CarolinaIllinois Mississippi TennesseeIndiana Missouri Texaslowa New Hampshire VermontKentucky New Jersey Wisconsinrr sam'l T. Bayly, Commissionerof the UnitedStaies Court of Claims, and Notary Public.

Office on 11th St., between Main and Bank,au 12?d!2mW. Leigh Burton, Dentist, Office on

Main between 9th and 10th streets,formerly occu-piedby McConnell & Barton, and next door belowS. P. Semple's Drug Store. an 29?lm


cajhttui of Aovunama.1sqaar*, 1 iasertioß.Bo 50 liqwut+,lmomtk..s4 ?

I to 1....40..3....d0....]0 OR

!....40.1J....d0..? f n 1....d0 .lyear Son.kV* **WhM until forMi. will tor,B t? H! ?J?" Uaee forth# AaHidvert)on, uid 2.*>eeatt for iieh loitimiM.


fall meeting,ImnSmi i**-??*??' *-l*MP«a* foe S mi lU* colts and fillies two mil,neata, $200 entrance, #100 dollars forfeit dllU litJanuary. 18V5. with the following entries:O. P. Hare'* eh e by Tally Ho, dam byTrmUe.Tally k Cheatham'* g e by Revenn% dam by Aa*drewetta.Tally fc. Cheatham'* be by Tally Ho, dam byOn-tnx.

TfaomaaDo,well,? bf ** *?*?«»?» 4»m byEmily

Wm H. Gibbon* 1 br f Whiatle, by Mariner, \u25a0*?by Fatay Anthony.

Belcher k McDaniel'* eh f by John Blunt, dam byi<rp. Priam.

Belcher k McDsnieP*b f by Regent, dam by impFlatterer

Calvio Green'* be by Sovereign, dam by AnaChaae.Thoi. G. Moore'* br e by Gienooe, \u25a0<»\u25a0- byMKHammet.Thoa. G. Moore1 * eh «by Torkehlre, dam by Mar-grave.WEDNESDAY, Sd Oet.?Proprietor 1 * parte 9300;two mile heat*?free for all age*.Ttl (JRBOAY, 4th Oct.?Proprietor"* par*e 9400;tbr#e mile beat*?free far all age*.FRIDAY, sth Oct ?Jcekey Club parae 9600; fonrmlla heats?free for all age*.SATURDAY. 6th Oet,?A poet stake for S yearolps; 2 mile heat*; 8200 entrance?play or aay?clos-ed with three entraoces:Wm H. Gibbon,

John Belcher,James Tally

The following *take* are propoied?three or mmto make a race :WEDNEBD AY. 3d Oet ?A «weepstake for antrledthree year old (mile heat*) 150 entrance 9180 for-feit. Tbi* is to be thesecond race.SATURDAY?A sweepstake for four year* old;850# entrance; $100 forfeit; 2 mile heat*. Secondrace.The above (take* to close on the l*t September,lyentry to John Belcher, Richmond Va.

JOHN BELCHER, Proprietor.CF" Delinquent* to the Fall field Club are notifiedthat unless their subscriptions, now doe, are paid

by the Ist of Sept., their bills will be placed in thebands of the H'gh Constable for warrant,an 10 To&Ftd

V£s& BROAD ROCKRACES -FALL MEET-IlfG, 1855, will commrnse

» nT7 iT i> the *eccnd MONDAY InOctober, 1855, and continue six day*.FIRST DAY?MONDAY, Oct B.?A Sweepstake

for all ages; four mile heats; fonr or more to make arace, the Proprietor to add $1000. B^ooentrance-half forfeit. Clused Ist June with the following

ENTRIES:Mr. Wm H. Gibbons names b. m. Phllo, byMari-ner, out of Ca**andra. fonr year*old.Mr. Towles names ch. m CordeliaRead, by Wag-ner, out ofMadura, five years old

Mr. Tho*. G. Moore name* eh. h. Henry, by Glen-coe. outof Madora, fonr years old. ?

Mr. John Campbell name* ch. m. Floride, by Wag-ner, out of Ann Watson, by Glencoe-

Mr. John Campbell names oh. f. Laura Bplllman,by Wasner, ont of Gloena, three years old.

Mr. Jame* Tally name* g. g. One-Eye Joe, byPrince George, out of Register's dam, seven year*old.

Mr. H. P. MeGrath name* ch. h. Sam Letcher, byWagner, out of a Medoo mare, fonr year* old.

Mr. John Walsh names b. g. Lawson, by Wagner,out of Minstrel's dam, seven years old.Mr. Calvin Green names ch. h. Frankfort, by Gien-ooe, out of Mary Morris, fonr years old.Mr, A. Cheatham names

SECOND DAY-TUESDAY.?A Sweepatake for3 years old, 8500 entrance, half forfeit, mile beat*,closed with the following subscribers:

David McDaniel name* .f. by Regent, dam byimp. Flatterer. ?

A Cheatham and Jame*Tally name* g. c. byRev-enue. dam Andrewetta.

Calvin Green names b. g. by Sovereign, dam AmChase.

THIRD DAY?WEDNESDAY.?Jockey ClnbPnrse 8500, three mile heats

FOU RTH DAY ? THURSDAY? ProprietoCePurse 8300, two mile heats.FIFTH DAY?FRIDAY, Oct. 12.?A Sweepstake

for untried three year old*; 8l«0 entrance, half for-feit?closed with the following enties:

Boure Si Hall name g e Union, by Register, damLilly.McDaniel Sl Morris name ch f by Regent, dam b*



erricE with oeoroe j. sumnir,No. 20 PEARL STREET,

Will attend to the sale of Real Estate, and everydescription of Mercnandise, Household Furniture,to. Also?To Renting oat Houses, Collecting, its-

mh 8Leeches Leeches.?The public are

hereby informed, thatI have jnstreceived by Adams'Express a lot of superior Swedish Leecher, whichwill be applied upon themost reasonable terms; canbe found at ail hours of the day at tbe Hair DressingSaloon under the American Hotel, and at night on25th, between Main and Franklinsheets.

N.B.?Cupping and Leeching promptly attendedo, at the shortest notice.

\u25a0OS * C. HOBBQN-

Capt John Belcbei natne* Mr P. A. Prindel'* br fhy Cnilde Harrold, dam bv Boaton.J fan Campbell nameicho by Glenoe, dam [Emily

Spaed, by Wagner,W J.Shaw namrt A B C. by imported

oat of JSilsn Bateman'a dam.SIXTH DAY-SATURDAY,Oct. 13 -Proprietor'*

Parte $000 three mile heate, for a handicap raee,free for horiet only that have itarted In aome racedaringthe week.


STOKES & CO. offer for sale?1250baga Java, Rio and Laguayra Coffee

17.5 hbda N O Sugar*, part prime475 bbla Cruahed, Powdered and Coffee Sugari20 half boxes Loaf do

400 boxea Tallow, Sperm and Adamantine C n-dlea

2.50 boxea Window Glaaa, all aUea2(io cheata and balf cbeata Tea*

1250kega Naila, aaaorted125 boxea aaaorted Candy200 bbla N O Molaa.es50 do Tannera' Oil100 keg* Soda50 boxea Olive Oil

With a great varietyof other Gooda, which wa efferon the usual termato tbe trade. an IB? 6«»




Beg* leave to oall tbeattention of the trade to hieaelected atoek of DOMEBTIC LIQUORS : Cocktail;French Cognac of varioua brand*; Old Rye Whin-key; Holland Gin; Aromatic Bit:er»; Klmmel; ClaretWines in caaka and boxea; Whte French and Rbe-niah Winea do. do.

ALSO?London Stoat Porter; Champagne of H>imoat reputed branda; Sweat Winea of every daacrip-tiou; a iarm atock of cheapGerman Cigar*;do. Ptia-cipe; alao HavanaCigara, beat quality; Miller A Biah-off'a Smoking Tobacoo; do. Chewing Tobaoeo ofcboiee branda, 4ic., fce.

Country mercbanU are raapectfnlly requeattd, be-fore supplying themaelvea elaewhere, to give me acall, aa I can offer great lndoaementa In ell article*in my line. ee I?laa*

Beneficial results invariably follow theadminiftertng of STABLER'S ANODYNE CHER-RY EXPECTORANT in cases of Coughs, Colds,Bronehitis, Asthma, Croup and Throat and Lungcomplaints generally. It is not claimed that it willcure in all cares, but none have come to our know-ledge where it failed to give relief, while, at thesame time, thousands ef instances have occurredwbere its effects have been so marked that theyhave been widely noticed and commended. TheDIARRHCEA CORDIAL, it is candidly believed,is unequalled indiseases of the bowels, and Us cura-tive properties have been wonderfully experiencedin numerous eases. Therefore, you are advised tomake trial of these "good medicines," should yon oryour family require their aid.

See descriptive pamphlets, to be had gratis of theagenta.

Price of each only 50 cents par bottle, or six bot-tles for #2.50.

E. H. STABLER k CO Proprietor*,Wholesale Druggist*, Baltimore.

rURCELL LADD b CO.. Druggist*,Wholesale Agenta, Richmond,

And by Druggists and Merchants generally through-oat Virginia se 10-di.slit

New Establishment.?John Johnboslately of the Ameriean Shaving Saloon, ha* takenthe house next door to Dr. Powell, on 10th street,between Main and Cary, and fitted up with superioraccommodations for hi* business, where allwho de-sire an easyand pleasant shave, will find him a* here-tofore, ever ready to pleaiehi* customers.

His superiorstyle of Hair Cutting is proverbial,and he is snre be can please the mostfastidious. Hawill eoatlnua to manufacture the celebrated hair re-stoiative and tonie, which, with other popular pre-paration* and dyes, together with the delight??hampoon bath, will make his shop, he hope*, theresort of ail who desire to be waited upon in his line

The circulation or the Blood is justlyesteemed tbe greatest ordioetioo of diviae frovi-dence; by that beatiog engine, the heart, it is drivento all parts of tbe system, giving vigor and strengthto tbe oomplleated machinery of mao. Th.s llvi.gflood, whether we sleep or wake, *eUle* briaklythrough thearteries and retnrn* eoftlylhrough theveias How necessary that it should be kept freefrom all Impurity, and yet how negligent many arerespecting this great essential to the enjoyment ofperfect health. Derangement in tbe Liver and |Nerves is generallythe primary eauae; and Jaundioe,Indigestion, and all the harassing feeling* attendingOyapapsia, which make* life a burden, remit frosoit. Butclde would rapidly follow aaleide, if therewas no cure. No one would suffer long. If he 1* ablato obtain a bottle of Boopland's CelebratedGesmsm Bittes*, prepared by Dr C.M.Jackson,Philadelphia;they rarely fall in effecting a perma-nent cure

Agent* for tbi* *lty? Messrs. Pvbckll, Laud *

Co-, and Bn«n«TT fc Banna,Draggirta.se 10 ? d2w

VTOTICE.?MBS- WOOLHOUSE, Cup-i.* par and Leechar, haa removed bar plaoe of re-sidence to 213 Broad street, over Measea. Sablett hBrother*a Hardware store. se 17 -<S

A GOOD TAILOR can find constantemployment byapplying to the sabaerlber at

Oordon.vilii, Va. WM. H. MANN.?. IS?6t.

1 IGHT BUGGY AND HAKNJSHB FOBU HALE.?-A very Bae one, nearly aew. way*eea at 01CKB' AMERICAN MTABLCS


WINSTON & POWERS, Corker orCar* and Pearl Sts , Richmond, Va , In*

vita the attention of country mercbanU and tbetrade generally to their large aaeortmentof GROCE-RIES, WINKS, LIQUORS, ke, embracing ? va-riety. aa follows:

97 hbda N O ana Caba Sogare187 belt Cruahed. Pulverized, Granulated and ?

and C Coffee Sugar* "»

30 boxea Loaf do ~ ,?

837 bag* Rio. Lagnayra and Java Coffee*90 pkga Green and Blaek Teaa, aome very eholea46 do choice Brandi**, Wbiakie*, Holland Gia,Rum, Port, Sherry and Madeira Wine*382 bbla and pkga mediate Bran dice aed WbUaieabO baaketa and 40 oaaea Champagne and CI vret

Wine*Together with a large and vailed aaaoxtment of Mo-lutea, Candle*, Naila. Bucketa, Wrapping Paper,Rfca, Mackerel and N C Herringa, together withmany artlclea too nameronato mention.

ALSO-Agen ta fer Leather Betting.ae 10?2m

/CLOTHING AT WHOLESALE.?TheV aubaeribera have e*tabli*bed la tbta elty aWHOLESALE CLOTHING WAREHOUSE, andare now in receipt of their atoek, to which they r* -

?pectfully invite tbe attention of the merchant* ofVirginia, North Carolina and Tenneeeee.

Our Good* were moatiy manufactured by oar-?elvea, and to order, (under many advaatagea.) andwe faelaaaured that we can, and toifl, offer aa matyindacemeata to buyera aa aay houae in thi* ooantry


No. 106 Main at., (up ataira,) Ricbmoad, va.aa 27?2 m

PROTECTION !! PROTECTION f \u25a0'»?JL GOODE'S IMPROVED LIGHTNING PRO-TECTOR?ThI* apparatuaor iigbtoing protector, i*tbe reaultof many yeara atndy and axperiaaeetloc,the inventor baying devoted eighteen y»a»e of hielife to tbe atody of eleotricity and 1U electa, and Wnow prepared to brlna before the publV» a Protectorfrom that meoh dreaded deetroyer, the lightning'*flWla

Tiila Proteotor, the inventor warrant* eqaal tofourteen common iron rod*, and therefore affotdafourteen titaea the protection. Itonly requiring tworod* to any daed building,aed wbem pat up theywill h*t forever. They will be p«t up ea the aemeteraaaa* aay other rod.Air order* addraaeed to J OSCAR GOODE,through the Rtehmoad Poet Office, will he attendedto aia toon aa poaeibie.

N, B ?The mveator ean *how numeroe* eertlft-eatea of the moat *clantific gentlemen Ip o« com-munity. aeT APJEB AND GENTLEHEN?I have-Li h>a*received a apleodld aaeortmaatof all ktndaof W.tchea and faocy Jewe ry, of the latartffjte.and at aoeh prioea that will Indace yon to bay Tothoae who waat haodaomeJewelry, he. aell it C

\u25a0 eiiiRMTKi'SLAll klnda of Wat«hea, Clock*, Jewelry, fee., ie-pairedoatil* *hert»at aotia*,and equal to aa* bona*fm the oiij. All 1 aah laa trial.