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Daily Dispatch (Richmond, [Va.]) 1854-10-17 [p ]THE DAILY DISPATCH. BY J. A. COWARDIM. Ik* DAILY...

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Page 1: Daily Dispatch (Richmond, [Va.]) 1854-10-17 [p ]THE DAILY DISPATCH. BY J. A. COWARDIM. Ik* DAILY DISPATCH is *«rr*dto sabaaribar*?t NXAMD * «CART«a CtRTI rift Will, payable to theCurler


Ik* DAILY DISPATCH is *«rr*dto sabaaribar*?t NX AMD * «CART«a CtRTI rift Will, payableto the Curler weekly. Price for mailing,W ? jeexlaUruet.

The WKEKLT DISPATCH It Ittued every Wti--4 iy and mailed to eabeeriben at Sipar au»a.


TWO CI BOUSES!.JtW Consolidating their eele-

brated FLOATING PALACEyvy CIRCUS, fron tbeir PalatialAqaatie Amphi-Th»a're, on the

J Miaawaippl and Ohio River*; and

NORTH AMERICAN CIRCUS!so favorab) s known ia the Northand Ea*t, into

ONE MQNSTER CONCERN!Witlf the two Companies. Comprising respectivelythe uiixtdutingaithed Northern and Soothero Per-foimera in rair.NULVstrife daily, in the same ring,in presence of the audierce, withTWO SETB OF PERFORMERS'


TWO SETS OF RING HORSES!!!ST*Pantomime every Afternoon! Spectacle

every night!NED KENDALL, (the Bugler)

KENDALL'S BRASS BAND!choa tics string band:

And everything else upon tbe aami elaborate andmagnificent sca e, with BILL LAKE, the greef NewO'leaH* Clown ; 11. Magiltoa, the wonderful ManMonkeT: Madlle Agnes, the celebrated Creole Gym-nas!; Walter Aymar, tbe peerle** Barehsck Rider;C. J. Roger*, thedistinguished Scenic E.jue«tr :an ;Mast-r Clarer.ce, tb* young Eque-trian Hero; Mrs.Ormond, the beautiful Scenic Eqaestreione ; Mr».Like, tbe very ir-trepii Ilonewoman; the famousMon.rv Brothers: JL Magnirty, the renownedVoltigeur; Mnnaieur L» Thorn, the modern Hercu-les; Prof. Baldwin, the English Wizard; W. K nkale,the Veraatite Equestrian; H. Durand. the skilfulGvmnast; Robert White, the accompliabed Maitre ;W. J. Paul, the famous Jehu; C Brown. J. Ryan.W. Conor,ke he., will be exhibited at 2 P. M., and7JP.M. afternoon and night, on



FRIDAY,(October 3l*t. and November Ist, 2d and 3d, 1051.)

Aiao, at Petersburg 0ct.24th,2.5th and26th; andLynchburg. Oct. ?7tb and 28tb.er* ADMISSION?Dre«s Circle, 50 cts ; Colored

Boxes. 2!>ct* Children and Servants, half price, toDrea* Circle only. oc 14?l!it



DAY, 21th Oct'r.?Bweep-*take for 3 years' old; t'M'entrance ; $ 100 forfeit.?

Two mile heats.Three or more to make a ract-?cloied with the fo!-wing eatrie*:

O. P. Hare'*b. c., by 7-inganee, dam l>y Boston.John Belcher'* b. c. by Childe Uarrold, dam byPriam.

Jas. P, Do*well'» b. c by Childe Harrold, dam lyPriam.Calvin Green'* br. f. by Ainderby, dam by Levia-

than.Ja*. Tallpy'sch. c. byTaily Ho, dam by Imp. Mar-grave.Second Dav?WEDNESDAY, 2jch Oct Propri-

etor's puree B200; 2 mile heats; free for all agas.?Entrance ®lfl.Third Day?THURSDAY, 26th Oct.?Proprietor"*

purse $4'*); 3 mile heats; free lor all ages. En-trance $15.

Fourth Day?FRIDAY, 71 h Ocf.?Jockey Clubpurse ®800; 4 mile heati; free for all ages.se s?dt24Q JOHN BELCHER, Prop.

AGRICULTURAL FAl?Save yourXm. coatly Ware by meansof the ''Chemical LiquidSolder," for welding China, Glass, Marble, and Orna-mental Ware of every description.

All aniclea joined with thiavalaable Competitionwill become perfectly firm and ready for aae In tenminutea after being joined.

Full directiona on each bottle Price 2"» cent*.For aale by R. R DUVAL U BRO,

os 12 Mainat., Richmond,Va.pARPETS, CARPETS.?CHRISTIANVy k LATHROP are in receipt of an additionalsupply of

Best 3 plyand Ingrain CarpetsBest pat. TapestryBrussels do

Do do Velvet doBest Tapestry Brussels, Twilled and Plain Veni-tian.and Damailc Venitien StairCarpets.

The above are of cur own direct importatian, atlower prices than formerly, and such goods as canbe confidently recommended.

Also, Brass Stair Rods, in lengths from 87 inchtsto 38 inches. CHRISTIAN 4i LATHROP,


mond Fire Assfeiat'on, (in consequence of the dis-appearance of cholera.) have resumed Insurance onthe Life of Sinves, at the former rates of premium,laithout the extra charge.

The prompt and liberal adjustments of its losses,and being strictly a Home Institution, entitles it tothe liberal patronageof the public.All information relative to Life Insurances, will becheerfully furnished on application at theoffice, cor-nerof Main and 9th streets

CIIAB. T. WORTHAM, V. Preset.Jno. H. Bosher, Sec'y. se2BOFFICE VA. CENTRAL R. R. COMPANY, >

Richmond, Oct. 6, 1854. 5NOTICE.?The Annual Meeting of theStockholder of theVirginia Control Railroad

Company will be held in the town of Staunton onThursday, the9th of November, 1854.Stockholders going to and returning from the meet-

ing, will travelon theCars free of charge.oc 7 J. GARRETT, Treas.

Business house on ma i n st.FOR RENT.?The large and admirably arran-ged building on Main street, adjoiningKent, Paine it

Kent's new store, and recently occupied by Mefsrs.Pembertonand Brother, isfor rent, and immediatepossession may be had.

Its 'ocation and arrangement render it decidedlyone of the most desirable bouses in the city for alar*e business.se 29 TAYLOR fc WILLIAMS.WOOD.?I have a good supply of OAK

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/"CARPETS.?Received, per Saturday'sV steamer, a fresh lot Carpets, making our assort-ment venr good, consisting of Hemp. Cotton' Warp,Ingrain, Three-ply, Tapearry and Velvet Carpets,

oc 16 C. HARTVVELL t CO.

Anewcatechism?Q ?Who hasthe greatest Daguerrean Gal'erj?

A.?OSBORNE, opposite Exchange BankQ ?Who is the most reliable Artist ?

A.?OSBORNE, )(i7 Main street.Q.?Who takes the most life like Pictures?A.?OSBORNE, opposite Exchange Bank.U.?Who takn the gnatest number of pictures?A.?OBBORNE, 167 Main streetIt.?Who has the greatestdisplay of Paintings?A,?OSBORNE, opposite Exchange Bank.d.?Who has the best assortment of Cases and

gold Lockets?A.?OSBORNE, 167 Main streetQ.?Who takes the best Llkenen'for the least

money ?A.?OSBORNE, opposite Exchange Bank.oc 7

QH OfMfc DOLLARS?To those ex-I'l." pending 93in portraits, will be gi-ven a Dub Bill, rood for one share in the followingdonation, when 30,000 have been issued, or for onedollar in portrait* wheneverpresented.

The donation will consist of three houiet and lot*la Richmond, valued at 910,000, 95000 and $1000.?Together wtth29.947 Gold Lookers, Breastpin* withportrait* Books, and other artlclea of a total valueof $14,0W. To be had on npplicstiwn. ofWM. A. PRATT. Daguerrean Artist,

145 Main at.,RichmondM T. SIMONS, Daguerrean Artist,an 28?It 151 Main at., Richmond.

A/fKS.B. B. NOKKIb CELEBRATEDIjJ. CEDAR TAR. for sale by Messrs. DOVE k.CO., Alain (treat, has more testimony than anv ethermedicine in nae, forth* cureof Pulmonary Disease*.Bronchitis, Dyspepsia, Asthma, Pile* and Liver andKidney Anecuon*, and all dl*ea*ea arising from im-pore blood.HT"Bee pamphlet* for fall testimony.

Price 91 per bottle,or 6for 96. *pH t»WHOLESALE CLOTHING TRADE.


HAVE now in *t»re, and will be receiv-ing by steamships Jamestown and Roanoke,

their Urge Mock of WINTER CLOTHING,adaptedto the wholesale trade. And in Introducing thi*branch of their basinass, would merelycall at tendonto the successof their spring trade a* a snaranteethat their best efforts win be putforth to make it ad-vantageoMto Merchant* purahaMng Good* Is thisMarket. Oar stock will embrace the variety ------

sarr to the Meaon, both la CLOTHING and rUR-NIBHING GOODS, and a call Iron the trade U re.speotfelfy solicitedGROSHONG,TUPMAN k CO.,

* Main st, t doors below Purcell. Ladd fc do.esl

I >IJLbTJtR?2CO toot afloat, and for tale.X Apply to RAH RIM fc BARKER.


Larls A Shine, Auctioneers atad Coro-mieeion Merchant*, will attend to a 1 sales ef Reeland Personal E>t*t», ttoefc nlee of Dry Gocd*, Grc-cetiee. Boot* and Shoe*. Hoaee Karaitare. ke. he.oc 13?u Jmn W. ymut, | p/c. Lasc*.

New Cloaks, Furs, Curtain Goods,SILKS AND DkCSS COODS.New style CLOTH and SATINMore Antiqueand VelvetCLUAKSFine VICTURINES. MUFFS, fce.

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Building,fronting on Franklin at. oc 9? taCHARLES R. HARKEYS,

LIor uK, Bias and Ornamental Paixter,lOlh it, t etween Main and Cary.fir All work entiuated to hi* care will be fai;h-

fully aad promptly eiecnt«d. *e 20?3aiGarbep. Sl io.'i Amkhioas Hotki.,

Staunton,Ve.: W. H Gabber, J.B. Brickenridge,L. L Stevenson. Proprietor*.Travellers will Had thi* new establishment a firstclaw house, and the Proprietor* always willing topromote tbe comfort of their gaeat*.

The "American" ia situated immediately at thetermiuu*of the Central Railrrnd. jy 22?3 m

Thk VAI.I.E* OK VIRGINIA FIRE AND MA-RINE INSURANCE COMPANY?capital $300,000?office on 14th *treet, ne»t to the Post Office. ThiaCompany insures against lost or damage by fire in thecity or conntry. Real and Personal Property, inclu-ding vessels and cargoe* in port or on voyage,

m 25-Sm O. F. BRESEE, Actuary.F. M. Robertson, Draper and Tailor,

Governor street, oppoaite the Dispatch Office, Rich-mond, Va. ae 9?-d3m

JAMESB. SCLATEK,Produce Broker,

Corner Cary and Pearl ttreets,Richmond, Virginiajyit i?domDr. George Scuerlk, ioimerly Practi-

tionerof Medicine in Baltimore, re*pectfully offer*hi* professional service* to the public. Office <>n Let-ter*t, Rockett*. jy it?ts

Notice.?The Board of Trueloes of theTown of Manchester will, on the 20th of Octobernext, proceed to elect * Police Ollicer for uid Town,wbo will be expected to give Irs exciu«<ve attentionto thedutie sof tho cilice. Salary<M>oo perLmuiio.?Person* applying, will uiake known tbi.ii v>'Ubes intheir own band wrlting. to me, on orbufoiethe 19thOctober. FJiED. W. REDKORD,

»e2l?law4w Sec'y Board of Trustee*.

It would hardly do for any ona to havetbe temerity now-a-day* to question th* excellenceof Dr. HOOFUND'S GERMAN BITTERS, pre-Eated by Dr. C M. Jackson. In oases of Dy.pops'a,

iver Ccmplain', and Derangement of the DigestiveOrgans, their many virtues have long since beenmade plainly apparent. They purge from the sys-tem tbe morbid humors which retard tha naturalfunctions, and bring palecesj to the cheek, tmd suf-fering to the brow They banish those clogs openhappiness, and restore the system to highheaith

Agents for thia city, Messrs Purcei.L, Ladd &.

Co., and Dennett &. Beers, Druggists.oc 16?2w

Cholera Preventive.?Dr. Robinson'sCholera Preventive!?This preparation i« offeredto the public notaa an infallible remedy, but aa beingthebeat yetdi-icovered for Cholera. Cholera Morbus,Diarrhea. Dysentery, Pain in theStomach and Bow-els, Sick Stomach, £e., &c. It ia not unpleasant tothe taste, cauaea no unpleasant sensar.ion, arid doesnotrestrict in diet. Eat and drink, in moderation,such things as you have fourd by experience toagreewith you. E. D. ROBINSON, M. I).

Office on Franklin (treet, opposite MetropolitanHall. au 2?3 m

A Good Comparison.?The Rev. Wm.Roulatt, a well known Methodist clergyman, resid-ing at Naples,draws the fo'lewing amusing,but aptcomparison batween Dr. McLane's celebrated Ver-mifuge and a ferret:

"A ferret, whan placed at the entrance of a rathole, enteri theappsrture, travels along thepa/Mage,seize* upon the rat, extermina'es bla \u25baxittence anddiawa the animal'*defunct carcata to the light Andin like mannerhave I found Dr. McUne's Ameri-can Vermifuge to operato upon wo.mi, thosedreadful and dangerous tormentors of children ?

This remedy, like the terret. enter* the aperture ofthe month, travels down the gullet, hunts roundthe stomach, lavs held of the worms, shakes the lifeoutof the reptiles, sweeps clean their den, ard car-ries their carcasses cl-ar out of the system. This. «tleast, has been theeffect of tile Vermifu upon m>children."

A neighbor of Mr. Rculatt, Mr. Jno. Briggs, adeptsthe simile o' thereverend certifies thus bo h givingtheir most unequivocal approval of this great speci-fic, after having witnessed its operation upon theirownchi!dren- Letotbers try it, and be satisfied.

P. S ?Dr. M'Lane'sCelebrated Vern-ifuge, also hisLiver PiLs, can now be bad at all respectable DrugStores in thiscity.ry rurchaaerswi'l please be careful to ask for,

and take none butDr M LANE'S VERMIFUGE.?All others, incomparison, are worthlessoc 16?diiclwConstantly Increasing.?The number

of persons, phyaiciars, merchants,and others whoadd thtir testimony to the good effects produced byStabler'sAnodyneCherryExpectorant and Di-arrhcea Cordial, is constancyon tbeincrease. Thenames which canhe adduced are those of persons wellknown and of undoubted standing in the communityfor probity and veracity. Such being the case, no onecan for a moment refuse to use or administer theserea'ly excellent medicines. A great number of rbebest physicians in the United States have testifiedthat, they are "more reliable than anyother propri-etary medicines with whif h we [they | are acquain-ted, in the diseases for which they are prescrioed."If ycu have a cough, or any disease of the throat orlungs, make triil of theExpectorant, and mark theresult. The Cordial may be given with good effectsin all diseases of the bowels.

See descriptive pamphlets, to be bad gratia of theagents.rrice for each only 50 centa, or fix bottle* for92.50,

£. H. BTABL£R it CO., Proprietors,Wholesale Druggists. BaltimorePURCELL, LADD It CO.,Wholesale Agents, RichmondAnd by Druggists and Merchants generally through-

out Virginia. oc 9?dScl2tBronchitib, Cough, Dyspepsia, Liver

Complaint. Rheumatism, Scrofula, ic.?Kor alldiseases of theFemale Systemic stands prr-en.iaentA Clergyman jus: informs us it has cured him cfBronchitis of a desperate character?particulars hert -

after.A citizen of theOld Dominion thus speak*:

Scottsville, Albemarle c. Va, >

March £8 1853 JMessrs. Mortimer &. Mowbray?Gentlemen : I havebeen afflicted for the pa*t 8 years with Dyspepsia,Rheumatism and Liver Complaint, suffering allthewhile with paint in the shoulder*. hip*, back andsides?shifting from one s'de to the other?palpita-tion of the heart, loss of appetite, cold sweat* a*iiirht, excessive ccstivenrsa, and great debilityandweakness I tried many remedies, which done menogood, but rathergrew worse. Last, fall I was ad-vised to try Hampton'sVegetable Tincture,andlam hapoy to say it has cured me. I am now freefrom all paio, and inthe enjoyment of perfect healthand take great pleasure in recommending the Tinc-ture to allafflicted a* I have been

Yours, JAS. M. NOEL.Call and get Pamphlets gratia, and see eurea.Sold by O. A. BTRECK.ERand PURCELL,LADD

k Co., Richmond; by Dr. COOKE. Fredericksburg,by all the Druggists in Petersburg; by MORTIME*k. MOWBRAY, Baltimore, and by Druggists aalStorekeepers everywhere.

\u25a0ftl per bottle; ? bottles for It.oc 7?d*et»boarding.

l>OAßDlNG?Persons desiring BOARD,D can be accommodated with pleasant room*, onSouth aide of Grace etreet, Sd door above Bth.

Several day Boarders can also be accommodated.oe 16?3t»


CORNER or M Vl* AND 6TH BTS.TIIS new and popular House offers su-perior attractions to the travelling communityand resident Boardera. The Rouse and Us situationUtke moat pleaeant and delightful of any Hotel intbia city. The Proprietor solicits a share of publicpttf(<DA|o--for transient Viaitora, t3par day.

»e 25?dim*TAMES RIVER HYDRAULIC CE-tr MENT WORKS?The subscriber* are preparedto faratsh contractor* with this ja.tly celebratedCEMENT?eaid b* alt tb« engteeers who have usedIt inVirginia and North Carolina, to be superior toany Cement manufa*tu ed in the United State*.?They will All orders from M bbl*. up to SP.WB.Hoy will alao fill order* front marchant*for small-WB.rooro.D4co,

Agents for thejamo* River Consent Wortu, Cor-ner 30th and Water ate., on the DoakTßicb-mend, Va. oc 14

RICHMOND, TUESDAY, OCTOBER 17, 1854.fHE DAILY DISPATCHBP* The circulation of the DAILY DISPATCHexceeds considerably that at all the Dallypapsrs °»

Richmond combined~



ULARS OP HIS MIRACULOUSESCAPE.The narrative below will be read with thril-

ling interest. It is the same that was notic'ed under our telegraphic head, yesterday.


Quebec, Oct. 14th.E. K. Colliss, Dear Sir.?lt becomes

my painful duty to inform you of the totalloss of the steamer Arctic, under my com-mand, with your wife, son and daughter.

The Arctic sailed from Liverpool Wednes-day, the 20th ofSeptember, at 11 A. M., with?233 passengers, and about 150 of a crew.?Nothing of specialnote occurred during thepassage until Wednesday, 27th, when, atnoon, we were on the Banks, in lat. 46. 45North, and lon. 52 West, steering West, bycompass. The weather had been foggy dar-ing the day; generally a distance of half tothree quarters ofa mile could be seen, butat intervals of a few minutes a very densefog, followed by being sufficiently clear toseeone or two miles. At noon Ileft the deckfor the purpose of working out the positionofthe ship. In about fifteen minutes I heardthe cry of "hard starboard" from the officersof the deck. I rushed on deck, and had justgot out when I felt a crash forward, and atthe same moment saw a steamer under thestarboard bow, and at the same moment shestruck against our guards and passed asternof us. The bows of the strange vessel seemedto be literally cut or crushed off, for full tenfeet, and seeing that she must probably sinkin a few minutes, and taking a hasty glanceat our own ship and believing we were com-paratively uninjured, my first impulse was toendeavor to save the lives of those on boardthe sinking vessel.

The boats were cleared, and the first offi-cer and six men left with one boat, when itwas found that our own ship was leakingfearfully. The engines were sot to work,being instructed to put on the steam pumps,and the four deck pumps were worked by thepassengers and crew, and the ship headedfor the land, which I judged to be about 50miles distant. I was compelled to leave myboat with the first officer and crew to takecare of themselves. Several ineffectual at-tempts were made to stop the leak, by get-ting sails over the bows, and finding the leakgaining on usvery fast, notwithstanding allourvery powerful effortsof keeping her free,Iresolved to get the boats ready,and as manyladies and children placed in them as possi-ble. But no sooner had the attempt beenmade than the firemen and others rushed intothem, in spite of opposition. Seeing thisstate of things, I ordered the boats astern tobe kept in readiness until order could be re-stored, when to my dismay, I saw them cutthe rope in the bow and soon disappear as-tern in the fog. Another boat was brokendown by persons rushing at the davits, andmany were precipitated into the eea anddrowned. This occurred while I had beenengaged in getting the starboard guard boatready, and placed the second officer incharge. When the same fearful nceno aswith the first boat, was being enacted, metileaping from the top of the rail, twenty feet,pushing and maiming those who were in theboat. I then gave orders to the second offi-cer to let go and row after the ship, keepingunder or near the stern, to be ready to takeon board women and children, as soon as thefires were out and engines stopped. My attention wa3 then drawn to the other quarterboat, which 1 found broken down, buthanging by one tackle. A rush was madefor her also, and some fifteen got in and cutthe tackle, and were soon out of sight. Ifound that not a seaman was left on boardor carpenter, without any tools to assist usin building a raft, as our only hope, and theonly officer left wan Mr. Dorian, the third,mate, who aided me with the assistance ofmany of the passengers, who deserve greatpraise for their coolness and energy, in doingall in their power up to the very latest mo-ment before the ship sank.

The chief engineer, with h part of bii assistants,had taken our smallest deck boar, and before theship went down pulled away with about futeen per-sona. We bad succeeded in getting the fore andmain yard and two top gallant yards overboard,and such other small rpars and materials as wecould collect. When 1 waa fully convinced thatthe ship must go down in a very short time, audthat not a moment waa to be lost in getting thespars lashed together to form a raft, to do which itbecame necessary to get the life boat, our only remaining boat, into the water. This being accom-plished, I saw Mr. Dorian, the chief officerof theboat, taking care to keep theoara on board to pre-vent them from leaving the ship. Hoping still to?;et most of the women and children in thia boat atast They had made considerable progreaa in col-lecting the spars, when analarm was given that theship waa sinking,and theboat was shovrd off with-

out oars or anything to help themselves with,and when the ship sank the boat had got clear pro-bably aneighth ot a mile to leeward. In an Instant,about a quarter to five P. M., the ahip went down,carrying every soul on board with her. 1 soonfound myself ou the surface, after a brief strugglingwith my own helpless child in my arms, when 1againfound my sell impelleddownward to a greatdepth, and belore I reached the surface a secondtime had nearly perished and lost the hold oi mychild. As 1 struggled to the surface of the water amost awtul and heart rending scene presented itselfto my view?over two hundred men, women andchildren strugglingtogether,amidst piecesof wreckofevery bind, calling on eaeh other for help, andimploringGod to assist them. Such anappallingscene may Godpreserve mefrom witnessingagain1 was in the act of trying to save mychild, when aportionof a paddlebcx came rushing up edgewise,just grazing my head and falling with its wholeweigbt upon my darling child; another momentand I beheld him lying lUeless in the water. I suc-ceeded in getting on the top of tbe paddle box. incompany with eleven others?one, however, soonleft for another piece, fioding that it could notsupport so many. Tbe others remained, until theywere one by one relieved by death. We stood inwater, at a temperature of 45 degrees, up toour'knees, and frequently the sea broke directly overas. We soon separated from ourfriend tootherparts ot the wreck, and passed The night, each oneof us expecting every hour would be our last. Atlast, the wished for morning came, surroundedwith dense tog, not a living soul to be seen but ourownparty, seven now being leh. In the course otthe morning we saw some water casks and otherthings belonging to the ship, but nctfaiog that weoould get or afford usany relief. Our ran wmrap-Idly settling aa it absorbed the water. About noon,Mr. 8. M. Woodruff, of New York, wm relievedbydeath. AD the ethers now began to suffer veryseverely for want of water, exceptMr. George /.Alien and myself. In that respect wewere verymuch favored, although we had not a drop on theraft Theday continued foggy, except juatatnood,m nearM we eotdd judge. We had a clear horizonfor about half aa hoar, aad nothing could be seenbut water and shy. Might came oa, thick aaddreary, with our mtnda made up that neither of uswould again ?» the lightof another day, for verysoon three moreof oursutteriig party were reliev-ed bydeath, leaving Mr. Allea, a young man aad"Reeling myself exhausted, I now sat down forthefirst time, about 8 o'clock in the evening,ona trunkwhich providentially bad been fond on the wreck,la thia way 1 slept a little throughoutthe night,aadbecame somewhat refreshed. Aboutaa hourbeloredaylight,?nowFriday, the29th,?we sawa vessel'slights near to aa. We all three of as exertedoar-selves to the utaMSt ofoarstrength ia hattinguatllweboeama qwhe rxkaasinii, la about a quarterotaahoar, the light fisappeered to the East of usBona alter daylight a hark hove la right to theNorthwest, tha log having lighted a little, steeringapparently for aa, oat ia a short time she appearedtohavechaaged bar course, mi agaia we warn

DAILY DISPATCH.to dbappointment. ? Yet I felt hope* thatoar fellow sufferer* might have been arm!^.u e< ?U*a b' o>m - Shortlr alter, we hadflvenbainf reecaed by tbe bark, a ship

r** ?' rered to tbe Eaat of aa, eteeriag directly*V !"®? h«r whh tbe aemt intenaeapproached,the wind changing,

to change her eoarae several points.Aboat noo. they fortunately dlaeoverei a mmontoeraft a earUeta, aad succeeded ia savinghim by

Thk man aavad proved to be a Frenchman, who3r^J!!*. lengf!L 0° board ile"mer whichwe cameIs colllsloii.He informed the Captain that ether* were nearoapiaeMof wreck, and goingaloft, be aaw u* andtoree other* We were the fir*t to which the boat?J® 1?eat, and aafefy takes on board about 3, P. M.Mr. Jame. Smith, of Miaeiarippi. a\u25a0toond ciaaa panenger. The other* aaved were 5otoarfiremen. The ahip proved to be toe Cam-bria, of thi. port, (Quebec.)from Glasgow, bonod toItoatrnl, Capfc John Uuaaell, who commandedtoe oark Jeaaie Stevent, aad wat rescued by Capt.Nye,of toePacific. Of CaptainRataell it would beaearcely poaaible to aay enough in hi* praiae for thetreatment we every oneof oa have receivedtroat blm during the time we hare been on boardBiaabip. Hi* owncomfort* he haa givenup in everyreapect, for oarrelief. Tba Rev. Mr. Walker aadlady, and another gentleman who were pataengeriby the Cambria, have been unceaaing ia tbeir en-deavor* topromote ourcomfortTo them and to all oa board we shall ever owe adebt of gratimde for their unbounded kindneaa toua. From the Frenchman who wa* picked np, welearned thatthe steamer with which we came incollision was the screw steamer Vesta from StPierre, bound from and 'belonging to Greenv.Ue,Franee. As near as we could learn, the Veata wassteering East, South East, and was croaaing oarcourse, two points, with all aails set, wind west bysooth. Her anchor stock, about seven by fourinches square, was driven through tbebows of theArctic about eighteen inches above the water line,and animmense hole had been made at toe sameinstant by the flake of the anchor two feet belowthe water line, raking lore and aft the plank, andfinally freaking the chains, leaving tbe stock re-maining in and throughthe side of tba Arctic, or itis not unlikelythat as so much of her bows hadbeen crushed in, that some of the heavy longitudi-nal pieces of iron running through the ship insyhave been driven through our side, causing the loseof our ship, and I fear hundreds of moat valuablelives.

[second dispatch ]Quebec, Saturday morning, 14th Oct?Havesafely arrived at Quebec, ana am left without apenny in the world to helpmyaelt with, but sinceregratitude to those from whom I have received anchunbounded kindness since I have been providen-tially thrown amongstthem. With them 1 amaboutto separate to go to New York?a home of sorrow.I learned from the Doctor at Quarantine last even-ing. that tbe Vesta bad reached St. John's with aeveral passengers from the Arctic on board, butcould not learn the particulars. As soon as I canget on sbore, I shall make arrangements to leavefor New York, with the least possible delay, audexpect to take thesteamer forMontreal this after-noon.

I am, very respectfully,Your obedient servant,JAMES C. LUCE.

Mrs. Elizabeth Fraser and George Grlgg havebeen examined at Lexington, Ky., on a charge otkilling Mr. Fraser, and held for further trial in tbesum of $5000 each. Mrs. Frwer gave the requiredbail at once; but Grlgg, failing to do so, waa te-

committed.John Y. Rucker, clerk of the Woodford (Ky.)

Circuit Court, has recently committed extensiveforgories, and made his escape. Hia character, previously, waa considered irreproachable.

There were three deaths from yellow inSavannah on Thursday last.

Henry Barnbm was convicted of manslaughter,at the last Bladen (N.C.) Superior Court, and sen-tenced to be branded and imprisonedthree months.He was indicted for the murder oi a man namedJohnson.

Dr.Robert W. Withers, of Greene county, Ala.,who died recently in Huntsville, wm a native ofDinwiddieco., Va.

A Lost Heibess.?Catharine Byrne, alias Mc*Guinness, has become heiress to upwarda ol £20,"000, in Ireland, but her whereabout is not known.

The brothers Glantz were examined in WMhing'ton onSaturday, on a chargeof shooting Mr. EDuvall,nea* Bladenaburg,and remanded to jailtoawait a requisition from the Governor of Mary,land. Mr. Duvall is still veryfeeble from the effectsof his wounds.

Pennsylvania.?Returns from 49 pounties ofPennsylvania make Pollock's majority for Governor over 31,000.

A man named Wm. Smith has committedto prison in Philadelphia to answer the charge ofattempting to paM a $10 counterfeit note of theBank of Virginia.

The Board ot Health {of Charleston report eightdeaths from yellowfever, during the 84 hours end-ingFriday night at 10 o'clock.

Peter Lynn wm ahot dea'd by W. A. Shofner,near Columbus, Ga., on the sth instant Shofnerwas committed for trial.

The Board of Health of Augusta report one deathfrom yellowfever for the twenty-four hours endingThursday evening. Among the new cases wereDrs. Rosaignol, F. Carter, aad A. F. Bignon, threepractising physicians. Dr. Dearing and MayorRobertfon were recovering from the disease. Ab.sentees are advised not to return toAugusta forthepresent.

There were 356 interments ia New Orleans da-ring the week ending Oct 8, including 207 fromyellowfever.

PRICE ONE CENT.bcrnikg OP TB£ PRINCESS.The New Orleans Picayjne of the 10th blatantgiveadiaannexed particulars of tbeburain* of thesiramer PrinceM:"5f *** 'POtn New Cutkim. with >earro ol 3,030 balea of cation Hh- «

"*? *I wm totally consumed oa Sunday morale* thr'fri!whi^SSSJfttoSFort Adam*. Boet end earn, e total losa^The fire originated uader the hollef deck,aa*?pread with such fearful rapidity that tbeoiV*who wm at the wheel, had hardy than to me thebMtMborr! Soquick, indeed, Wm the deetruetiao.that neither the oOetfraof the boat. tMerwnrgaasengera, could save any thing b**gk»g toThe number of persons who perishrd by thismelancholy event, eo far m kaowa, is fourteen ?

PMaengm, were Mr* Jacob Wei* andchild, of Kedßirer; Miss Mary E. VVilaon, of MewOrlMca; a amali white boy from St Loob, namewcm,n,BdehM - *>

Of those attached to the boat who were loat weremaJr TtafiUaeDfi°«r, Andrew Thomas, steers-Ho,ro?*< (colored,) second .toward; Ar-thnr Spencer, (colored,) cabin boy; BUI, (colored.)cabin boy; Timothy Connor, (white,) and BobHalmes and John (colored.) flre^e^Low or the Umar-Tba foliowiag -M feeparticulara ol the elahiag of the steamboat m.i*.

jn the Lower Ohio, and the attendant loaa of We,a brief notice of which we publiahed a few day*aince:t if*I**

Lc*P*ia Frazer, fromLouisville to Memphis, with about 250 passengerson board,atruck a snag at the head of Hurricaneisland, about 50 mites above Padacah, a?tha 29*nit., when she immediately sunk ia about 12 feet ofwater."Most ot the cabin passengers malted oa the har-rlcane deck, while tbe deck passengerscommencedjumpingona flat boat swinging at the time, andm reatening to capsize. From Information derivedfrom one ot the passengers, the number drownedmust have been between thirty and fifty, an excepttwo being passengers, among whom were severalwomen and children. An old gentleman, calledBaronet, from Indianapolis,who wasonhis way toWhite River, wm drowned ia attemptingto jumpon the flat boat The nameof the other cabin pas-senger was notknown "

ExTaAOBDiNAar SAn.n*a?The Clipper shipJanmsßaines, CaptainMcDonnell, made the pas-sage trom Boston to Liverpool in twelve days andsix hours. This, we believe, is the shortest tripever made by a sailing vessel. She wu modelledand built by Donald McKay. *

A Bio Stobt.?During the action at fiontrnoiiisays ? letter from the ship Ajax, thjre *u oneFrench man who did good service. Ho crept onbisface and hand* under the fort, his c nly protectionbeing a large atone. He «u tber e for If. bours,and fired no lew than 200 rounds ofa??""* 4"",and killed 150 Russians.


A T" Ba**CHKa. ?A. "female. wia haafor month. past been making ate a avail,in NewYork, ii a gentleman, vu lately ftirnttd ii a\u25bcagrant, and sent to the penitentiary farabtydayt.She gave her name as Annie Linden - la add to Mbut eighteenyears of age, aad a satire of New Or-leans.?

anu*B*a i* Foo.?An tacident larelated by DmBoston Traveller, wblcb Illustrates dMdanger, ofrannlog (teamen in foggy weather, without sound-ing abell or blowing a steam whistle, as havingoccurred lately near Ihwton harbor IVo itnamera were making for that port through a dense for,oaaof them saddaaly ran into a vessel. staviac lathe haws and turningher completely round, whentbc <**B-Reamer, cwse at haad, trmek ths samevassal in the stern, with finastd'Yahle dasnage.

Wholis au Muaoaa utoBprcxn*.?By the latewwhava the following aanguinary

tt*n from Italy: A military man wastti love witha young lady, whnaa b« eould not obtain in mar.'noeosndatha* refusal, be reaolved on Ten-geance. Arming himself wfch four rwvolvers, harepaired to the mansion nf the ernei fairone. TheP***"*that apaaarad ssesherasotfcar?ha shothat; the aaat wae her fafts* lis *ot him; thenssrInrnSS


Richmond. Oct. 10, 1854. )By order of thePre-\u25a0HttTjCJß! aidant and Directors of theRichmond and York RiverRailroad Company, noticeiahereby given that Booka arenow open at the Officecf theCompany, under the superintendenceof theunderaigneo, for aubecriptlona to the nnaubacribedaharea of the capital atock of thia Company ia con-formity with the act of Aaaembly in auah caeea pro-vided.P raona deairoua of taking atock, will eall oa orcommunicate withthe Secretary.A. W MORTON, Sec'y.oc 11?lawdfcw2m

OFFICE Jt. F. UP.R. R. COMPANY,) !Richmond. October 2d, 18M. J iNOTlCE?Membersof the AgricoltuialSocietyor Virginiawho deaire toviait Richmoad on the oc-casion of the great Annual Fair, which will com-mence on theSlat of October earning,are hereby no-

tified that return ticket*, available for ten day*,will be furnished them free of charge on exhi- ibition of tbeir certificate* of membenhip to tbeofficer* on the route of thia C?r*»j between iWashington and Richmond, provided application 1ia uiade therefor on the way to Richmond.?And though the usual charge will be made for thetianaportation of atock and articlea intended for theexhibition, such atock and articlea will be re-turred over the route for account of the eameowner free of charge, and the amount which haabeenpaid thereon refunded. SAMUEL RUTH,

Agent ofTransportation.P. S ?Stock aad artielea intended for the exhibi-tion. muat be in raadineea for the Steamer Maryland

at Washington aad Alexandria, on the morning ofSATURDAY 28th October, ia order to aecore taair ,arrival i« g «*»*»«.

SAMUEL RUTH,oc 2 Agent of Transportation.


IMPORTERS AND JOBBERS <No 16 Pearl Stkeet, Richmond, 1ITAVE dow in store, of their own direct \X importation, the largeatand beat aaaurted atock ,

of GOODS they have everyet been able to exhibt to ,the trade. ,

Our Mr. OINTERhaving spent the put4 monthsin the European market, buying GOODS for CASH,we are enabled and pledge ourselvea to aell our goodaae lo waa they aresold byany importer* in thia conn- \

e would call especial attention to oar stock of I'Hoeitry CombeGlovee Threads

Hdkf* Sl Cravat* Binding*Lacee SewingSilk*

Embroiderie* Fancy WoollenDresaTrimmings Good*.Bntton*

\u25a0e 4?diets GINTER k ALVEY.GEORGE J. BUMNER,



Glass, Looking Glasses and. Fancy Goods,No. 20, Pearl (or 14th) Street,


"DESPECTFULLY "» vlteß the attention 'Jiliof the Merchant* of Virginia, North Carohae (andTenneaaee to hia very large and deairabie atockof CHINA AMD EARTHENWARE,of hia own di-rect importation,embracing many new and deairabieBtterns and abapea,and a generalaaeortmentof Cut,

oulded and Plain GLASS-WARE, LOOKING-GLASSES AND FANCY GOODS, adapted to thewants <of the trade.

He pledge* himself to cell oa a* good term* a* anyre-packing houae ia tbe United States, aad to aae hisbest effort* to give entire aatiafactloa.

STONE-WARE, of the beat quality, at factoryprice*.

. ,

N B. Particular attention given to the eerefm)pecking end prompt forwerdinf of Gooda.

en 30- dfcermQASHES, BLINDS & DOORS.?Havingjjnow oa head a considerable lot of the abovework, of variouasixes, I now offer them to promptcastomer* very low. I have a large lot of iatenor

work fjr sale at about half Price.Order* can be packed and eeattoaay pert of the

aonntry lately.... . _ ?

Order* from the eoaatry as well as from towa eoIi-'"SUSK.SV"I'-

" ROYAL PAKKISU,Grocer and Commistion Merchant.

RICHMOND VA.XXAVING commenced the GROCERTXI BUMNESS, in thia city, in connection With

| the Baabiee*, would beg leave to invitehi* frieadaaad the pabite generally, to give him acall, aa*nriagifcowha will eellealow for CASH, orpunctualcu*to*ow*. eaauy other boaeein the.city.


Be haa takaa the Jiouae oa the aentiawrtkm of


gg|f% <&&& g.i'ira.'fr


«B CIP"UB smM"!-100,0(0 ft *eaaon> *1 ?" * "** *isaeaa an

asISS* ft*ba^^f

IP* daily dispatcho» Aamnano.fcija-lg?(il-^SSE

i....».»..:.«,:::: £*a *nM, «ui t»



tfraouTiuui a>oCorner of Governor and Franklin Street*ffAVi now ia .tore, tMiF.ll Stock of

Um m< M netin CURTAINS. Table

molt- " **" 01 work M ?» ««Uw os themojtreeeonible terne*.IHG n» I°.***** BiKO-

. rB«|MO promptly ia £e eity

N<^I^rT?18 Mbieribw would re-rL) 1 tMpublic «t>-2rt7h a ihSiJ^liS1 j"? *?» s* *ortb,AMDIITAI??»>nn Znii£}7~f w *°* k of »ANC?

g~"te£ ,SJKftsjs'S^KS;ftaS^T'^,S?' W "** «?»«*\u25a0» ftt«

"* on^'kiSTta^.t0

riuMh. kllwo?; DoreetnlCum ««4h Ik.! tU eod Va-'encia vUieg*ot fu'Ceeeimerea, ke. Al*o,aguod »».rt-ment of Ho.iery, Glove#, Ae

. , JOHN L SMITHJ?toc7?dim Wo » MaiAt,Richmond, V«.FALL IMPORTATION

OF EARTHENWARE AND CHINA!J**«j a*e«»T*or aLas* AMDPaitcr Article*. '' ITHE subscriber offers to the trade a large 4M- ud varied (took ofEarthenware, and China andGlaaa, the pattern ofwhich wore (elected by falnuelf

paving an experience of many yean In thia ®arti-ewler binnM, he feels great confidence la rtSittathat ia point of prioe and quality, itwill compare fa-»»?Wy witb any other hooie in the Uade.White Granite Dinner Warn iofo ?-,*0 Baslnsand Ewers, Jags,TeaWere, itc.Bine Print, Plowing and Fancy doBin® Decorated China Dinner and Deaert SetaDo do do Teaand Toilet Set*Do do do Pitcher* acid VweaGold Band do of above varietyWhite China de of abovevariety

Conunon Ware of every deecriptlon, suitable forwholesaling,which he otters upon each UrmtjorcathPine Mantel Pier and Toilet GlassesEA;;S£MS£S esss**-* w"*

Glam Ware in every variety.All he asks la a call; and he feels awared his priceswill give satisfaction. .Hie Packer ia oneof the beat In the trade.Stone Ware at Pactory price..oc6?lm JAS. D. k KVANS, 117 Main at.

New stock of fall, and win-ter DRY GOODS.?I have jut opened anentire new (tookofFALL AND WINTER DRY GOODS,which were purchased in (heNorthern markets,on

themoet favorable tertof. I am prepared to ottergreat inducement* to purchasers. Among the a*\u25a0ortmert mar be found?

Ladle*1 Dress Good* of all atyleeEmbroideries and Lae«Hosery, Gloves, Ribbons, Sic.

ALSO,tood assortment for Gentlemen, Boys'and Ser.vantr Wear?with a large stock of Domestic Goadsand fancy Articles.Thepublic are respectfully invited to give me acall, aa I am determined to cell as cheap as any other

house in the city. H. ROBENFELD,se 18?3 m 175Broad at.

LOOK OUT FOB BARGAINS'!NOvV 18 THE TIME TO SAVE MONEY.T QREENTREE <fc BROTHER, No. 88JLe Main street, two doors bellow Pu'celt, Ladd ItCo., take pleasure in informing the frienda and pat-rons of their establishment and the poblic withoutdistinction, thatthey haverecently re earned from thenorthern cities, with a large and beautiful assortmentof CLOTHING for FALL and WINTER Wiu.?BW.t, auKKuuutauu< naClKim ana jfimtWn»,Dress and Frock Coat*, Fine French Casnmere andTweed Coata. Black and Faney Doeskin CaslmerePants, Black and Fancy Silk and Satin Vasts, Mar-seilles. Ac, Ac.Afull assortment of ROT'S CLOTHING. Also,Trunks, Shirts, Cravata, Gloves, Silkand cotton Un-dershirts, Umbrellas, Drawers, be. Their stock hasbeen manufactured in the most Fashionable Styleand substantial manner, and they will sell good andwell made Clothingat each prises a* will more thanrealize the expectation of tha public- Their Cloth-ing is cat in the latest style or otherwise to suit thetaste of customer*. se27?l«*

NEW GOODS! NEW GOODS!!?Theardersi sired hasjost returned from the North-ern cities, whereha purchasedto vsrson.* targe amiextensive select stock ofFANCY AND STAPLEDRY GOODS, principally for cash, at exceedinglylour prices, and wiii sell the same at small advanceoncost. In the assortment will be found solid, col-ored French Mcnstins, fine 6-4 French Merinoes, invariety of colors; plain and figured Cashmeres; Em-Wider?, in great variety; black Silk trimmingLaces; fine Cloths in all eolo'S for Ladies Cloaks;large utock French Corsets; with an endless varietyof Silks, colors in ashes of rosea, tan, stone. pUidand black and brocade. Forfood bargainscall at thecheap store of MORRIS W. ROSE,

oe 6?2 m 80# Bread street.

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT.?The undersigned would respectfully inform ell

persons who may be In went of ORNAMENTALIRON RAILING for Dwelllrgs, Cemetery Lots,fee., that be has purchased thepatent right to maknand put upORNAMENTAL RAILING upon a newand improved principle, which will enable him teputop such work tally25 per eeat cheaperthan bat evetor can V done by any other establishment Isthe city. He has also received severalnewand beau-tiful patterns, to which he wottid invite particnlasattention. JAMES D BROWNE,

se 28?dim 9th street, next to Lafayette Hall.ITXECUTOE'S NOTICE.?AII Bmon«

I £j havingclaims against the estate of JAMES BO-SHER, dee'd, are requested to present them proper-ly authenticated; and those indebted, to moke pay-ment CREKgHAWjT 11?ts E*eeutor of James Bosher, dee'd.


0DUDLEY k CO. have in store a very aapcriovlot of the above, which they will sell la quantitiestosalt purchasers:

80 casks Dark and Pale Brandies100 do Fort vMadeira and SherryWines ?45 bbls. Old Rye Bonn aw Whiskey

Old Sefciedain Holland Gin ?%Jamaica and St. CroU RamScotch and Irish WhiskeyMarisehino, Cariees, Abeyotfc and other Cor-

oc!6j dltls. MamflratKT.

ivjKVl-FIRE HKTB.?Onuolß MBd «tediO fireBets, ofoar own importation, from thesk-5-- sr."" \u25a0^hsssfi'SßTCXIEA CHEMICAL OLIVE 80AP.JuJ?Prepared expresely for general familyTh .sSeep haspowerfal cleansing properties, whichreadUyremeve Oil. Faint, Dirt, he., frees every die-crip loaef goods, withoutJajnryto them. U lasn-nertsr to any other Soap tor washing woolen goods,as itarevents thai* fuillag.and leevee taeta entiw*free from goaaaay andrninoas substances, usuajly leftintluwsslM waw«B CsmUy orroetn »<«p*sreased. It has alno thn additional property ofwathisfla salt water, which randan It velnebla fajfuluparposee. For sake at J. BLAIR'S.

o« 16 OpaatlteR. F. fc I'.R- RTDepot.(?OH. HIBK?IDRYD, tor tto uWnoDoff thejyor, a WOMAN, that ieajld b-a «r*rate waeoeraad fcaaar. ED W'D D. BACH*.«*-

oc 16 General Mjt. aa^Ceileetor.tfuK HI£E, for Um» pf tbe yew,r two GIRLS, abont 18 Jears of age, secs.Wo.ed



Tga&asitafrrQYBTEK ANDOTEWDItaBBB, Ogsfrr* v

t iUUOE CA»IBM> f*!L Bettle Liquor Oeeaa, with #