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Daring to educate

Date post: 13-Apr-2017
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Daring to educate Northampton Learning & Teaching Conference 2016 Dare to be different Sunley Conference Centre, Park Campus, University of Northampton 17 th May Simon Lancast er

Simon Lancaster

Daring to educateNorthampton Learning & Teaching Conference 2016Dare to be different Sunley Conference Centre, Park Campus, University of Northampton 17th May

Simon Lancaster

Is it possible to deliver a keynote presentation without a bullet point?How about without an abbreviation?1

Show your device some love

Find something that you likePeople who like this sort of thing will find this the sort of thing they like.Charles Farrar Browne, 1863


TechnologyIn a room full of Higher Education professionals can we manage without clickers?

I am going to dare to do away with the technological crutch.5

Can you define excellence?????????

Teaching Excellence FrameworkQuality Code ComplianceNational Student Survey satisfaction scoresProportion of graduates in employment / further educationRetention rates

NSS scores, proportion in employment/ further education from DLHE, and retention ratesTry evidencing a national teaching fellowship with that data.7

Strengths and weaknessesof lecture capture?Learning aidAssistance for students with disabilities and learning difficultiesRevision aidIllness contingencySelf observationRecording quality control

Logistics and resourcesTime ConsumingDiscourages lecture attendance?Discourages note taking?Lazy revision?Binge viewing


Vignettes (staff and students)PresentationCaptureEdit VignetteAdd interactivityPublish online

The students are paired and allocated a revision topic.Each student pair prepares a presentation to be critiqued by their peers and instructors.Each pair delivers a presentation to their peers and the session is captured using Camtasia Studio.Each student pair creates a vignette from their screencast or a subsequent recording.The student authored vignettes are published online to be used as a revision tool.https://espace.library.uq.edu.au/view/UQ:319740/UQ319740_fulltext.pdf9

OnlineWhat can go online should go onlineProf David Read

We need to talk about innovation.10

Our model of lecture flipping

SatisfactionI really really loved the interactive lectures, they made me more engaged and I believe I learnt more in this style of teaching. The Screencasts are essential to go through before the lectures, but this is a good thing. I found the prerecorded screen casts/quiz style lectures actually very helpful, they made you actually think about the lecture material while it was being taught instead of leaving it all to revision timeDid not enjoy his method of teaching, having to watch screencasts in our own time and then doing questions in the lecture was not helpful to me.too much reliance on understanding materialwould have preferred less of the pre-lecture screencasts and and more of this material being taught in the lectures rather than the 'big scale tutorial' type set up.


Freedom from flipping

Acquiring the courage to cut

education gives to us that which remains after we have forgotten all that we have learned in the schools E.D. Battle, 1899Education

Prof Active not Prof Flip

What should be the objective of our questions?

Where does most of the mass of a mature oak tree come from?


The Goldilocks Zone

Kepler186f-ComparisonGraphic-20140417 improvedPublic DomainNASA Ames/SETI Institute/JPL-Caltech-This file was derived from:Kepler186f-ComparisonGraphic-20140417.jpg


Who is best placed to determine the Goldilocks Zone?

Clip art20


Average of 16 lectures conducted by the countrys foremost proponent of peer instruction: Dr Ross Galloway and data gathered by Dr Anna Wood.21

Which one of the three little pigs built the most environmentally sustainable house?First little pig (straw)Second little pig (wood)Third little pig (brick)


SuggestionsFor the sake of the sector, please do dare.


These are my principlesThese are my principles. If you dont like them I have others.Almost certainly never said by Groucho Marx. It has been attributed to New Zealand 19th century politicians.