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Date post:14-Dec-2014
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  • 1. Dashboard

2. Dashboard?? 3. Definition

  • A dashboard is avisual displayof themost important information needed to achieve one or more objectiveswhichfits entirely on a single computer screenso it can bemonitored at a glance

4. Examples first 5. BAD example 6. 7. 8. Average dashboard 9. 10. Good dashboard 11. 12. 13. Great dashboard 14. 15. Great because

  • Lots of important data
  • Few colors
  • Smart graphs
  • Nice design
  • Time overview (sparklines)

16. More?

  • Check out the book Information Dashboard Design by Stephen few
  • Read Edward Tufte books about data visualization, they are great


  • This presentation was done to explain what a dashboard is. This was to illustrate the dashboard in the software Piwik (open source web analytics)
  • Have a look onhttp://piwik.org/
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