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Dashboard / Digest / Compliance reporting of key performance, quality and other data

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    Dashboard / Digest / Compliance

    Prepared by:Patrick OConnellProject Control Group LeadGeorgia Transmission Corporation

    Reporting of key performance, quality and other data

    Session ID#: 200330

  • Georgia Transmission Corp

    This presentation will range from the user side (what they get) to the technical (how to prepare it). I will mainly demo spreadsheets and MSAccess queries / macros that we use to supplement Primavera information

    Get information to those that need it in a way they can use it. Meaning, we dont have everything in Primavera that they need. We report making P6 part of a data warehouse Daily Digest deals with things that happened, things to do,

    lookaheads Co-op digest is system tuning PRQ Project Reporting department quality

  • Georgia Transmission Corp

    GTC - owned by 39 Electric Membership Cooperatives (EMCs) in Georgia

    Build, operate and maintain Transmission Lines and Substations Not only for the EMCs but also for the ITS ITS shared transmission system in Georgia with 4 members:

    GTC, GPC, MEAG and Dalton

  • Project Teams

    How we do it: We are a matrix organization

    PM Group

    Functional Managers supplying team members

    Divided into Project Teams North, South and Bulk teams

    Some resources hard matrixed to a team

    Others assigned based on availability

    Project Reporting (PR) supports not only the Project Managers but also Planning, Environmental, Land Acquisition, Design, Construction and Maintenance

    PR also works with Accounting, Finance and IT and almost everyone else including HR and others

  • Project Control Specialist

    Assigned to a SS and TL Project Manager Estimate, Maintain and Closeout

    Approximately 300 - 350 active projects plus another 950 telecommunication projects

    100,000 Activities Schedule updates semi-monthly Responding to schedule and cost variance reports for EMC, ITS

    and BOD Responding to PM, timesheet users, functional managers

  • Welcome to POCMBQThats affectionate IT speak for:

    Patrick OConnells Mind Boggling Queries

  • Excel Demos

    DASH_DailyDigest PRQ Quality measures

  • The Daily Digest

  • MS Access Macro OutputDaily Digest

  • Daily DigestInfo you dont know DASH_DailyDigest

    Purpose: to report to the PCS activity start, finish and expected dates modified the previous business day by the Primary Resource.

    Action: PCS to review for next schedule update. May require collaboration with affected team members

    DASH_FeedbackfromPrimaryResourcey (Feedback from Primary Resource) Purpose: to report to the PCS notes that have been written by

    the Primary Resource in Timesheets that may be pertinent to the status of the activity.

    Action: PCS review for next schedule update. May require collaboration with affected team members

  • Daily DigestCorrective fixes DASH_Constraint_Missing

    Purpose: to report to the PCS activities where those are missing constraints.

    Action: PCS to review for appropriate constraints

    DASH_ActIsMissingPrimaryResource (Activity is Missing its Primary Resource) Purpose: to report to the PCS projects that an activity that

    should have a primary resource assigned is missing its primary resource in Primavera.

    Action: PCS should assign the proper primary resource to the activity. If the activity is not needed in the schedule, revies and delete it. This primarily affects waterfalls and completion reports.

  • Daily DigestLook ahead DASH_EstimateLookAhead (Estimate Lookahead)

    Purpose: to report to the PCS projects that have an RPE and the estimate is due. Estimates are due 6 weeks after the RPE date.

    Action: Plan ahead to prepare estimate or work to complete past due estimates.

    DASH_CloseoutLookahead (Closeout Lookahead) Purpose: to report to the PCS projects that are RFS and the

    closeout has not been completed. Action: Plan ahead to prepare closeout or work to complete past

    due closeouts.

  • Daily DigestStay out of trouble with Audit DASH_RFSPastDue (RFS Past Due)

    Purpose: to report to the PCS projects that are scheduled to be RFS in the past

    Action: Determine if the RFS notice should be issued or if the date in the schedule should be moved out.

    DASH_PM_BudgetNotApproved Purpose: to report to the PCS scope changes that has started

    but not finished. BC_NotApproved and BC_Approved indicate a decision has been made by the PCS. It also shows the projects of which budget change is being routed and processed.

    Action: PCS to look at the list.

  • MS Access Macro OutputCo-op queries

  • Co-op queriesSystem and maintaining the data Maintenance

    Missing file codes Check loan amounts for Finance Incorrect Primary resources Canceled projects in accounting not canceled in P6

    System Bad project ids that can affect accounting Duplicate activity suffix wont load into accounting Bad LOE relationships

  • Co-op queriesSystem and maintaining the data dash_checkECAtCmpUnits

    Purpose: to check if any EC resource have budgeted unit or @Cmp unit equal to 0. To have the cost spread properly, its unit should be greater than zero. EC50/60/64 is high priority. Units are used to spread cost in Primavera according to the cost curve assigned to the resource assignment. A zero unit remaining cost resource assignment will be calculated to be spent on the data date.

    Action: Use the layout: BIG 4 EC Check. In resource assignment, open cost fix layout. Adjust columns to have Actual Units, Remaining Units, and AtCmp units or Budget Unit. All Budgeted units should not be 0 too. If the activity has started, change Actual Units to 1. If not, change Remaining Units to 1.

  • PR Quality Assurance

  • PRQ PR Quality MeasuresData Date

  • PRQ PR Quality MeasuresActivity Quality

  • PRQ PR Quality MeasuresScope Change Needed

  • PRQ PR Quality MeasuresReforecast Milestones

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