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Dataflow Management HiW

Date post: 29-Dec-2021
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Dataflow Management

Page 2: Dataflow Management HiW

Dataguess is a Dataflow Management Platform that enables acquiring data from IoT/IIoT devices, creating flows to process data and publishing to external environments.

It performs data processing, analytics, knowledge generation at the edge

About Dataguess

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It supports industrial communication protocols (including MQTT, OPC UA, Modbus, Siemens S7 and more), HTTP requests and visually composing dataflows.

Integrated with all popular Business Intelligence solutions like Tableau, Google Sheet, Retmes MMS, Power BI, Grafana etc.


Visualization & Reporting

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It’s a graph interface that allows to design dataflow with drag & drop components. Programmers and non-programmers can use it easily.

Dataflow Management with Visual Programming Interface


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You can easily integrate between all systems with data.

Integrate Systems That Have Data

Data processing

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Visualization & Reporting Systems

IoT IIoT Devices

And More

Information Systems

Excel And More

Web Services

Structured Data at Edge or Cloud

Dataflow Management

How it Works

Page 7: Dataflow Management HiW

IoT / IIoT protocols

Remote edge device management

Cloud support

Drag & Drop components and dataflows

Encrypted application data and models

OAuth2 authentication & authorization

Realtime data monitoring via Websockets

Rest API & API documents

Hierarchically grouping dataflows

Script Editor for custom python scripting

Web based application

Windows & Linux & Raspberry Pi & Docker platform supports


For more information, please visit dataguess.com

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