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    Dave Anderson's brand new

    workshop is open for registration!


    WHEN: February 21-23, 2018 or August 7-9, 2018

    *Catered breakfast, lunch, snacks and workshop supplies


    Based on Dave's newest book,

    Transforming Your Mindset to

    Create Change, Accelerate Results

    and Be the Best at What You Do"


    These three days will set the stage to transform every aspect of your personal life and

    organization! They will also equip you to help others grow to their maximum potential

    like never before! There is simply not another workshop like MISSION UNSTOPPABLE!

    I have developed an exclusive workshop that builds on the "How to Become a Game

    Changer" material in my recent seminars and videos. Mission Unstoppable is filled with

    new and in-depth material that I will only teach in this one exclusive seminar

    to individuals in all fields wanting to be THEIR BEST,

    so they can become THE BEST.

    -Dave Anderson

    WHERE: The LearnToLead Elite Center

    in Agoura Hills, CA

  • Rework, and create a

    dynamic, personal philosophy that makes

    you unstoppable.

    Redefine your

    personal and corporate

    WHITE HOT Why!

    You will leave this

    workshop with your philosophy created,

    itemized and on paper.

    You will leave this

    workshop with a

    specific, written outline

    for your mindset routine.

    You will leave this

    workshop with your WHITE HOT Why

    clearly outlined on paper.

    This course blends high-powered teaching with ample hands-on personal coaching from Dave to help

    you accomplish the following:


    Develop or revamp a

    consistent mindset routine that makes you


    Takeaway Takeaway

    Identify personal roadblocks, excuses and/or weaknesses to past personal and corporate

    success and eliminate them.

    Develop a disciplined daily work routine that dramatically increases your impact and results!

    Identify "undertaker," "caretaker," and "playmaker" flaws and tendencies from your thinking

    and behaviors so the game changer mindset dominates your life.

    Intensive breakout sessions to create plans and takeaways.

    Intimate class to increase personal interaction and attentive coaching.

    Guest speaker(s) in-class and by webcast to share insight on improving performance over

    the three days.

    Individual phone call with Dave within six weeks of class to facilitate progress, and fine-tune

    action plans. Four spaced-repetition videos for post-class follow through to help ensure



    Class size is limited to 30 total.

    First come, first served. These are the only times in 2018 Dave

    will hold this workshop.


    [email protected]


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    and much more!

    $2,500 per person. Includes workshop materials,

    and professionally catered

    breakfasts, lunches and snacks.

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