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Dazzling Memories Begin - Disney Rewards€¦ · Dazzling Memories Begin Cardmember Perks & Rewards...

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Summer with Disney Magic 2015 Dazzling Memories Begin Cardmember Perks & Rewards for cool summer adventures More news and offers at DisneyRewards.com Sparkle & shine at the Disneyland® Resort Diamond Celebration Sparkle & shine at the Disneyland® Resort Diamond Celebration Chill out with Frozen Summer Fun at Walt Disney World® Resort Share the fun of Disney•Pixar’s new film Inside Out
  • Summer

    with Disney Magic 2015

    Dazzling Memories Begin

    Cardmember Perks & Rewards for cool summer adventures

    More news and offers at DisneyRewards.com

    Sparkle & shine at

    the Disneyland Resort Diamond Celebration

    Sparkle & shine at

    the Disneyland Resort Diamond Celebration

    Chill out with Frozen Summer Fun at

    Walt Disney World Resort

    Share the fun of DisneyPixars new

    film Inside Out

  • 4.25 x 10.625Variable Imaging Area

    Position Adjustable in the 4.25 Dimension

    with the Disney Visa CardCelebrate All Summer

    emories of the times we celebrate together are like diamondsthey are the bright moments of our lives. No wonder everyone loves making

    them! We know we do, and this summer there are so many sparkling ways to celebrate and create Disney memories of a lifetime.Join us for the highly anticipated Disneyland Resort Diamond Celebration. Youll be dazzled like never before with new fireworks and a new parade, plus a new World of Color show at Disney California Adventure Park. All of these events showcase the wonder and beauty of a place that has touched our hearts and made dreams come true for 60 years.

    Chill out with Anna and Elsa as they head to Walt Disney World Resort for Frozen Summer Fun. You can now set sail with the sisters on select Disney Cruise Line vacations, too.

    Memories come in all shapes and sizes of course, and you can make them right at home. Journey to another dimension with Disneys new live-action film Tomorrowland, and explore the intriguing, humor-filled world of emotions in Inside Out, the new DisneyPixar film.

    Making memories can be easier when you use your Disney Visa Card. Every time you use your card, you earn Disney Dream Reward Dollars.1 Each Disney Dream Reward Dollar has a $1 value when redeeming toward Disney products and offerings.1 So load them onto your Disney Rewards Redemption Card to redeem toward tickets to Disney Theme Parks or for vouchers toward movie tickets and DVDs.1, 2

    Using your Disney Visa Card can give you even more value! Bring home some magical keepsakes to treasure from Disneyland Park during the Disneyland Resort Diamond Celebration or express yourself with charming DisneyPixar Inside Out merchandise that you can pick up at Disney Store and DisneyStore.com with your Cardmember savings of 10% on select merchandise purchases of $50 or more.3

    This summer, we hope you make some Disney memories that shine like diamonds! Thats what well be doing. So join us as we celebrate family, friends and the Disney magic that brings us together.

    Make Shining MeMoRieS during the Disneyland Resort Diamond Celebration Pages 4, 5, 6 & 7

    CelebRate with anna anD elSa during Frozen Summer Fun at Disneys Hollywood Studios at Walt Disney World Resort Page 8

    aDventuRe into anotheR DiMenSion with Tomorrowland, Disneys new live-action film in theaters May 22, 2015 Pages 10 & 11

    Meet the little voiCeS inSiDe YouR heaD with DisneyPixars Inside Out in theaters June 19, 2015 Pages 12 & 13

    CaRDMeMbeR-eXCluSive liMiteD-tiMe oFFeRS Enjoy a limited-edition print from D23 and more Page 15

    In This Issue

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    SuMMeR 2015





    You Earn Disney Dream Reward Dollars

    when you use your Disney Visa Card

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    sculpted to look like a jeweled brooch over the castle entrance. At night, special lighting effects will bring the castle to gleaming, shining life. The castle is one of the most photographed icons in the world, so we wanted to make it perfect, David says. Its going to be beautiful.

    Buena Vista Street in Disney California Adventure Park received the same sparkling diamond treatment, done in a style that evokes the 20s and 30s in Hollywood, California. Carthay Circle Theatre is decorated to the nines and adorned with diamonds on the tower finials, and the 9-foot marquee is enhanced with hundreds of gems of all sizes.

    As night falls, the beauty and wonder grow even brighter with three stunning spectaculars: Paint the Night, a new state-of-the-art parade illuminates Disneyland Park with vibrant color, fun surprises and more than a million brilliant LED lights. At Disney California Adventure Park, a special edition of World of Color brightens the night with a moving celebration of Walt Disney and his dream of Disneyland Park. And as a kiss goodnight, Disneyland Forever, a spectacular new fireworks show, transforms Disneyland Park before your eyes.

    Our goal for each one was simply make it dazzling, says Steve Davison, Walt Disney Parks & Resorts, Creative Entertainment, Executive Parades & Spectaculars. We wanted to pay tribute to Walt Disney and his vision. He was a dreamer who not only made his dreams come true, but the dreams of millions of people. Finding new and innovative ways to convey those dreams has been exciting and fun!

    A Classic Sparkles in a Whole New WayHaving the opportunity to create our new Paint the Night parade has been a real thrill, says Steve.

    Disney parades take audiences to a very innocent, wonderful place, and I think thats why they are so beloved, Steve continues. We wanted to create a fresh, innovative new parade with Paint the Night yet keep the magical spirit of Disney parades. I truly believe we have!

    For each float we asked ourselves how we could enhance the storytellinghow we could turn each float and Character into a work of art.

    A Taste of Magic





    Whats a celebration without special beverages and food? For us, its about enhancing the stories, bringing the show to life with food, explains Karlos Siqueiros, Project Manager, Food and Beverage Concept and Development.

    For the Disneyland Resort Diamond Celebration, signature restaurants will offer special menus, including River Belle Terrace where Cardmembers receive 10% off (meal period and other restrictions may apply).5, 6 In addition, the chefs are creating unique new pastry pieces for table-service and quick-service restaurants throughout the Park.

    Feeling thirsty? Several restaurants will be offering signature lemonades that you can enjoy only at that specific location. Youll also be able to quench your thirst from imaginative sippers, including a Cars Land Dinoco Oil Can, a sculpted Chernabog that lights up during Fantasmic! or a special stein with the iconic Sleeping Beauty Castle on the lid. Its our crown jewel of sippers, says Nancy North, Manager, Food and Beverage Merchandise.

    Popcorn munchers will be able to enjoy their favorite crunchy treat from innovative new popcorn buckets shaped like the Big Thunder Mountain Railway mine car or a translucent bucket shaped like a Mickey Mouse balloon. Once youve savored the last kernel, they make wonderful remembrances of your visit.

    All great parties end up in the kitchen, Karlos says with a laugh. And we love thinking up creative ways to give Guests a true taste of magic.

    by the Disneyland Resort Diamond Celebrationhe Happiest Place on Earth is about to turn 60, and beginning May 22, 2015, the Disneyland Resort

    Diamond Celebration will dazzle your senses as never before.4 Whether its your first time to the Disneyland Resort, or your 100th, prepare to make some once-in-a-lifetime memories as youre swept up in the breathtaking spectacles of light, music, color, imagination and pure Disney magic.

    This is such a milestone anniversary, we believe our Guests will want to honor it with us, and we wanted to really dazzle them, says Jeff Larson, Vice President of Disneyland Resort Marketing Strategy. Planning began in early 2013 with teams coming together to begin thinking about how best to represent the spirit of the Park. We wanted the celebration to be about looking forward. We are honoring the past, but were also celebrating how bright the future is for the Disneyland Resort, as we find new, innovative ways to tell our Disney stories, says Jeff.

    The team found the perfect symbola diamond. Diamonds represent a deep emotional connectionlike millions of Guests have with the Park. Diamonds also represent a promise of the future, says Jeff. Like the Park, theyre multifacetedand theyre dazzling. That gave us an image for our creative vision as we began to plan.

    Setting the Stage for Enchantment The dcor is the first piece of the Disneyland Resort Diamond Celebration that our Guests see, says David Caranci, Manager of Creative Development, Walt Disney Imagineering. It immerses them immediately into the celebratory feeling, sets the stage for everything theyre about to experience and says that this is a very, very special timeone theyll remember forever.

    We want Guests to feel that theyre part of the celebration the moment they enter the Park, so we began setting the stage at the Disneyland Railroad and Main Street, U.S.A., says David. Since Main Street, U.S.A. tells a story about life in turn-of-the-century America, we asked ourselves how people in that era would decorate to celebrate an anniversary. We used swags of bunting and flags on the buildings and created an elegant diamond shield for the lampposts to evoke the feel of the times. The colors and the use of diamonds are very unique and beautiful.

    From Main Street, U.S.A., Guests will see Sleeping Beauty Castle gleaming ahead. We used hundreds of thousands of individual reflective faux gems to create a shimmering effect, says David. The castle turrets are decked with diamonds, and hundreds of feet of glimmering strands made of gems ranging from 10 to 18 inches in size drape the castle walls and towers. The crowning jewel is a 60th anniversary medallion

    T Prepare to Be Dazzled

    Disneyland will never be

    completed. It will continue to grow as long as there is imagination left in the world.

    Walt Disney

  • 6Learn more at DisneyRewards.comSuMMeR 2015

    7Learn more at DisneyRewards.com

    SuMMeR 2015

    The Kiss Goodnight A Disney legend tells that as Walt and Richard M. Sherman were watching the fireworks on the opening night of Disneyland Park, Walt turned to Richard and told him that the fireworks were the kiss goodnight to the Park Guests.

    The new Disneyland Forever Fireworks Spectacular surrounds and immerses Guests in an enthralling journey like never before. For the first time, not only Sleeping Beauty Castle, but the Matterhorn, Main Street, U.S.A. and more become magical canvases for projections. Imagine watching Main Street, U.S.A. transform into a blooming orange grove and seeing Walt Disney strolling through, just as he must have done when Disneyland Park was still just his dream. As you watch, the orange blossoms turn to oranges that begin to grow, getting larger and larger until they turn into orange balloons that suddenly pop!

    Projections add a wonderful new layer to the storytelling by creating fascinating environments that surround the Guests, adds Steve. For instance, when were using music from The Little Mermaid, blue laser lights coming from Sleeping Beauty Castle create a ceiling of lights over the Park that makes Guests feel like theyre under the sea. You might even find yourself inside a honeycomb with Winnie the Pooh. Wherever you are in the Park youll find yourself immersed in the stories as never before!

    The show features two original songsthe theme, Live the Magic, and the closing song, Kiss Goodnight, written by Richard M. Sherman as a tribute to Walts words. Its an inspiring close to your time of celebrating the past, present and future of the Disneyland Resort, where the past is golden and the future issimply dazzling!









    We were inspired by some really fun light toys, and tapped into their technology so the lights on the floats all talk to each other. In other words, we have made colors travel from a Characters costume through the floats and props and onto surrounding buildings, trees and even the audience so the parade extends into the environment, Steve says.

    The parade opens with Tinker Bell flying in front of a vortex of light. Guests who are wearing the Made with Magic Ears or Made with Magic Gloves will see them change colors as she passes by.

    The Cars float is another example of our new technology that Im really excited about, Steve says. The open back area of Mack the truck has a lighting display with over 25,000 lights in a grid pattern displaying three-dimensional shapes where Guests can see small versions of the Characters having a tailgate party inside.

    Another of Steves favorites is an enchanted version of Belle in her 10-foot-long golden dress that forms panels behind her which are actually LED screens that tell her tale. The dress alone took us months and months to get right, Steve says. The float looks like a dream going by.

    Mickeys Light Machine was inspired by a lawn ornament. Our teams are great at doing What ifs. What if we do thiswhat if we try that? When wind hits the paddles of a lawn ornament, they turn. We thought, Wouldnt that be interesting to create using light? Steve recalls. The result is a 14-foot light sculpture with illuminations swirling inside it.

    We have used all the amazing new technology at our fingertips to combine light, color and music in Paint the Night to create an experience that will paint memories for a lifetime.

    A Magical Tribute to Walt Disneys Dreams What better way for Disney California Adventure Park to share in the Disneyland Resort Diamond Celebration than by creating a new World of Color show? World of Color Celebrate! The Wonderful World of Walt Disney brings to life the remarkable story of Walt Disney and The Happiest Place on Earth.

    Walt was a dreamer, Steve says. The new show focuses on how he built on his dreams, starting with Mickey Mouse. Weve included film clips of Walt that havent been seen before, and Walt Disney Animation Studios teams have created a lot of new animation.

    World of Color has revolutionized fountain lighting all over the world, Steve says proudly. But as usual, our team wanted to stretch the parameters. So we have made the water itself part of the Cast. When Guests see Mickey heading off on the Steamboat from Steamboat Willie (1928), the water splashes as if being stirred by the boat paddles. Images from The Band Concert (1935), in which Mickeys band is carried off by a tornado, are brought to life with a spinning water tornado. At one point, the fountains pick Mickey up, toss him around and begin conducting themselves.

    Evocative new music adds to the magic. The feature segment has a beautiful score by Christophe Beck, who wrote the score for Disneys Frozen. The segment is gorgeous. Theres not a single word spoken or sung in it, Steve says. Yet the images coupled with Christophes score take you through all the different emotions of Disney animationfrom fear to courage, romance to humor, longing to love.

    And dont forget to use your Cardmember perk at the Wine Country Trattoria to save 10% on the World of Color Lunch package, which includes preferred seating for the nighttime spectacular (meal period and other restrictions may apply).6

    The show is all about Disney storytellingand all about sharing it with our Guests in new ways, says Steve.

    Once-in-a lifetime celebrations deserve once-in-a-lifetime keepsakes to treasure. And this year at the Disneyland Resort, Guests of all ages will find dazzling merchandise to keep memories sparkling for years. We wanted to offer Guests of all ages products that truly captured the essence of the Disneyland Resort Diamond Celebration, says Cody Reynolds, Creative Manager at Disney Design Group. Two years of design and development have resulted in many dazzling assortments to choose from. The special Disneyland Resort Diamond Celebration merchandise focuses on Disneyland Parks rich legacy with vivid images of the Characters, historic attractions and Sleeping Beauty Castle, which sparkles with pixie dust. Guests can also find sophisticated and elegant pieces ranging from crystal beaded headwear to high-end watches and fine jewelry. With your Cardmember savings of 10% off select merchandise purchases of $50 or more at select locations, you can bring home a memory of the Disneyland Resort Diamond Celebration that you can touch and treasure for a lifetime.7

    Sparkling Keepsakes to Treasure

    We got so much use out of our card member benefits when we took my niece to Disneyland for her 1st birthday! We had a wonderful time at the Character Meet N Greetswe even used our rewards to pay for the Character breakfast! Our little Tink had a blast! The big kids enjoyed it too! Irene, CA


    For more celebrations, head to the D23 Expo, August 14-16, 2015 in Anaheim, California. Advance tickets are still available and Disney Visa Cardmembers receive a limited-edition print when they sign up for a new D23 Gold Membership through July 31, 2015. See page 15 for more details.


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    Frozen Summer Fun

    I f you wanted to vacation at a place far from snow and ice, where would you go? Walt Disney World Resort, of course. And thats exactly where Anna, Elsa and their friends are heading to enjoy some Frozen Summer Fun at Disneys Hollywood Studios at Walt Disney World Resort. When it debuted in 2014, Frozen Summer Fun was the first time an entire event had ever been themed around a single film. When the film opened, we quickly realized we wanted to offer a way for people to experience this great story and the wonderful music in a personal, very immersive way, says Reed Jones, Executive Creative Director at Walt Disney World Resort.

    The Frozen Fun begins at Disneys Hollywood Studios with Anna and Elsas Royal Processional along Hollywood Boulevard, complete with their team of ice cutters, ice skaters and cross- country skiers. This year Elsa delights Guests by making snow from atop a new float designed to look like an ice castle. Anna arrives in a horse-drawn sleigh, Kristoff has his own ski chalet and Olaf appears for the first time in the processional on his own little cabin in the woods.

    But thats just the beginning. Guests can share the songs and music of Frozen in the For the First Time in Forever, a Frozen Sing-Along Celebration. Last year, the show proved so popular that it has now moved into a new permanent home at the Hyperion Theater with new effects and scenery to enhance the storytelling. Historians from Arendelle tell Elsa and Annas story accompanied by scenes from the film and lead the audience in a sing-along. Everyone in the audience gets into the spirit, Reed says. Kids and adults are standing up, singing at the top of their lungs and dancing. Dads sing with their daughters, mothers with their sons. Its a quintessential family moment. At the show finale, as the audience sings Let It Go, the Frozen Characters

    appear onstage. Although Anna and Elsa are not available for Character greetings after the Sing-Along, you can get your chance to meet them up close and personal when they visit Princess Fairytale Hall in Magic Kingdom Park.

    To put the final touch of Frozen magic on your day, check out Hot Frozen Nights, a super-cool dance party at the center of the Park. The party comes complete with Disney dance music, cool videos, special effects and snow, along with some of your favorite Disney friends in their summer celebration costumes.

    As the excitement builds, Anna appears onstage to thank Guests for helping her and Elsa create such wonderful vacation memories. Thats the cue for the Frozen Fireworks Spectacular, a flurry of shimmering, glistening magic in the sky. But halfway through the fireworks show, Anna realizes that Olaf is melting, and Elsa comes onstage to use her magic to lead Guests as they help her sing her signature song, Let It Go.

    To see the fireworks, find your spot on Hollywood Boulevard, and stand a little farther back from the stage of Hot Frozen Nights, Reed suggests. Youll be able to see Anna, Olaf and Elsa on video screens, plus youll get the best overall view of the fireworks.

    To commemorate your day of Frozen Summer Fun with a special keepsake, visit Frozen merchandise locations adjacent to the Hyperion Theater and throughout Disneys Hollywood Studios and use your Cardmember savings of 10% off select merchandise purchases of $50 or more at select locations for the coolest items around.7 We must warn youcarrots are in high demand and snowmen tend to melt when packed.

    at Walt Disney World Resort

    The For the First Time in Forever, a Frozen Sing-Along Celebration is available as part of Fast Pass+. Its a good idea to book in advance.








    entertain A Day at Sea, Filled with Frozen Fun

    hats more exciting than receiving an invitation to a party! This summer, thats what voyagers onboard the Alaskan and European cruises of Disney Magic and Disney Wonder can expect. And

    best of allAnna and Elsa are the hostesses with the mostfun that is! To get everyone into A Day of Frozen Fun party mood, Elsa has used her snowy magic to decorate the ships atrium with shimmering icicles, snowflakes, banners, rosemaling-inspired visuals and even a Maypole. Since the European cruises are headed to Norway, weve been very careful to be faithful to Nordic traditions, says Dana Harrel, Disney Cruise Line Creative Director. We worked very closely with the filmmakers to be sure we were authentic to the film as well.

    In the Oceaneer Club, kids are invited to participate in a snowman-building craft offered several times during the day. Then at dinner, Guests can sample traditional Nordic fare, as well as dishes inspired by Characters from the film. Be sure to check your personal navigator or Disney Cruise Line navigator app for times.

    While waiting for the party to begin, families can participate in Annas Chocolate Chase, a scavenger hunt designed for families to enjoy together. Anna provides clues, and families search for familiar film icons all over the ship. Naturally, theres a reward at the end. And dont forget to join Oaken and his cousins as they teach you how to dance around the Maypole and you can learn other traditional folk dances.

    After all that dancing, quench your thirst with Frozen-themed drinks with your $50 onboard credit for beverages that as a Cardmember you receive when you pay for your Disney Cruise Line vacation in full with your Disney Visa Card.8 Just mention the Cardmember perk when you book your Frozen Fun adventure to receive your onboard credit.

    The day culminates with a festive party on deck Freezing the Night Away with Anna, Elsa and Their Friends. Two relatives of Oaken are the official party hosts for music, dancing, reindeer games and Character appearances. For the finale, Elsa appears and sings Let It Go as gleaming wintery surprises create a magical end to A Day of Frozen Fun. For more information or to book your Disney Cruise Line experience, visit DisneyCruise.com and plan to fill your days with magicfrom sea to shining sea!



    Disney Music for Your Ears

    Looking for a special Disney gift for someoneor for yourself? Visit DisneyMusicEmporium.com, an online store dedicated to Disney music enthusiasts around the world.

    This destination houses and showcases beautiful, collectible Disney music products. Its also a place where fans can read monthly columns by guest writers, hear the latest Disney music news and enjoy exclusive video debuts including behind-the-scenes of beloved soundtracks.

    For a limited time, Cardmembers receive 20% off purchases at DisneyMusicEmporium.com (see page 15 for more details).

    From vinyl to special bundles from some of your favorite films, there is something fun for Disney fans. Take advantage of this offer to fill your days and your heart with the magic of Disney music.

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    Learn more at DisneyRewards.comSuMMeR 2015





    entertainBrad agrees. Its one of the moments that hooked me on directing the film. Casey is coming from a rather grim, dark place and suddenly shes somewhere that is clean, bright and shining. It makes you want to go there.

    But creating the physical world of the film presented unique challenges. Its relatively easy to depict a negative futurejust show a lot of derelict buildings and bleak scenery, Brad says. To create a positive future, you have to build it first. The filmmakers consulted with futurists for ideas of what buildings, transportation and even energy technologies might look like 150200 years from now. We also looked at the futuristic space exploration aspects seen in Tomorrowland in the Theme Parks, including Space Mountain, as well as attractions that are no longer there such as Adventure Thru Inner Space and Mission to Mars, Brad says. But, he explains, the film doesnt take place entirely in the Tomorrowland city weve created. Its an adventure that carries us to many places.

    When it came to casting, everyone working on the film had the same actor in mindbut would he be interested? All along we had been describing the Frank Walker character as a George Clooney type until finally we just looked at each other and said We should just ask George Clooney if he wants to do it! Brad and I went to his home, showed him the mystery box from the Walt Disney Archives and he said hed love to read the script. His performance is spot onhes all the George Clooney you want him to be!

    Im really happy with all the actors performances, Brad says. Its a very odd blend of characters. The story is really about three very different characters and the way they interact. It was fascinating to watch the actors play off each other.

    This has been a very unique film, Brad continues. Normally you have an idea and you just power through to tell the story. But because the idea behind this story is pretty ambitious and complex, we were always challenging ourselves to communicate it clearly. As a storyteller, you dont want to confuse or lose your audience, so theres a fine line between not enough information and too much. Every film is supposed to be a good timean adventurean emotional journey youre sharing with the audience.

    Tomorrowland is first and foremost an adventure story, says Brad. Its about characters exploring a very big visionary idea: that we make our future every day and that it can be better if we believe it and work for it.

    Take your family on a thrilling journey into a new dimension when you redeem your Disney Dream Reward Dollars for vouchers toward movie tickets at participating theaters.1, 2 The future is an adventurewaiting for you!


    A Thrill Ride of Adventuref you could travel to another dimension, what would it look like? Is it bleak or bright? Dangerous or full of promise? Hang onto the edge

    of your theater seatbecause youre about to find out when Tomorrowland opens in theaters on May 22, 2015! Directed by two-time Oscar winner Brad Bird (Ratatouille, The Incredibles), the riveting mystery adventure takes a jaded, disillusioned former boy genius (Academy Award winner George Clooney) and Casey (Britt Robertson), a bright, optimistic teen bursting with scientific curiosity, on a danger-filled mission. Their goal is to unearth the secrets of an enigmatic place somewhere in time and space known only as Tomorrowland. What they must do there changes the worldand themforever.

    I love the Pirates of the Carribean films, says Damon Lindelof, Writer, Producer. And I have also always loved Tomorrowland at the Theme Parks. I first walked into Magic Kingdom Park at Walt Disney World Resort when I was 10 years old, and it has always evoked such a positive image of the future as a shining, Utopian place. I thought, Wouldnt it be great to make a film where we could write our own story about Tomorrowland?

    When doing research for the film, the Walt Disney archivists unearthed a mystery box with maps and schematics related to the 1964 New

    York Worlds Fairincluding blueprints for its a small world. When we looked at the blueprints under a black light, strange markings appeared that looked like a structure underneath its a small world, Damon recalls. It was probably new drawings over an old blueprint, but the point isit caught my interest. When you stumble onto something like that, as a writer you start asking a lot of fun questions that inspire story ideas: What is it? Who built it? And why?

    Damon says, Our first year we were starting to get the nuts and bolts of the story. I worked with Jeff Jensen, who joined the team to help develop the story and went on to be Co-Executive Producer on the film. We did a lot to weave that inspiration into the story.

    As the story took shape, Damon and Jeff partnered with Brad Bird who collaborated on the story, co-wrote the screenplay with Damon and directed the film. I liked the fact that the film is talking about the future in a way that is very different from the way we talk about it today, says Brad. Much of what we see and hear today presents the future as bleak and dystopian. The vision in Tomorrowland is more informed by the way Walt Disney saw the future. He was very much an optimist.

    One of my favorite moments in the movie is the sequence when Casey first touches a special pin and suddenly finds herself in a whole new place. That image, as she turns around and sees the city, encapsulates the theme of the film, Damon says.


    In theatersMay 22, 2015

    Discover a Summer Page-Turner Whats better than relaxing by the pool or on the beach with a great book! This summer, immerse yourself in The Isle of the Lost: A Descendants Novel, by Melissa de la Cruz. A prequel to Disney Descendantsa new Disney Channel Movie Event premiering summer 2015, the book introduces readers to the sons and daughters of Disneys most infamous Villains who are coming of age on the Isle of the Lost, as well as the benevolent teenage children of Disneys most beloved heroes and heroines.

    I was charged to create a story that sets up the movie, introduces the characters and their backstories, while giving readers insight into what life has been like for them on the Isle of the Lost, Melissa explains. What is it like growing up as a child of Maleficent or Cruella De Vil? They have to be the worlds worst parents!

    Im a huge Disney fan, so the book was a lot of fun to write. When I would tell kids what I was working on, their eyes would light up! Anyone who loves the Disney Villains will enjoy the adventure. Its sort of the ultimate fan fiction.

    Once youre hooked, get ready for the movie by heading to Disney Store and DisneyStore.com later this summer with your Cardmember savings of 10% on select merchandise purchases of $50 or more to pick up some epic Disney Descendants merchandise!3

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    We based the shape of Disgust on broccoli, and green just seemed right. Fear was inspired by the idea of a raw nerve, sort of a tight, energetic squiggle and we chose purple to round out our color palette of saturated hues. Joy is full of energy that radiates outward, so she ended up as a star shapeand sunny yellow, of course, says Pete.

    Not only the characters appearances, but their personalities needed to be believable. The actors made an amazing contribution, says Jonas. They are some of the great improvisational actors of our time. We would script the scene, go through it, ask them what they thought, then sometimes take the pages away and let them improvise. They added a lot of fresh, spontaneous new ideas.

    Pete approached Jonas with the idea for Inside Out more than five years ago. I immediately thought it was terrific, says Jonas. Pete has great story instincts, and his ideas come from a real place, something people of all ages can relate to.

    We recently had a screening for employees and their families. One went swimming with his daughter afterward. He said she had always been afraid to jump off the diving board, but after the screening,

    she went right in! She told her father that she realized fear had been driving her.

    A reaction like that is exactly what we hope for with all of our films, Jonas says. We always want to engage our audience emotionallyonly this time were using emotions as actual characters to do it!

    Set your mood when you redeem your Disney Dream Reward Dollars for vouchers toward Inside Out tickets at participating theaters.1, 2

    Feeling Good from Inside Out

    W e all know how our emotions make us feel. But have you ever imagined what they look like? This summer, the filmmakers at Pixar Animation Studioswho have brought monsters, toys, cars and robots to lifehave turned their talents to five emotions who star in DisneyPixars new animated feature Inside Out. And once youve seen Joy, Fear, Anger, Sadness and Disgust as imagined by Academy Awardwinning director Pete Docter (Monsters, Inc., Up) and his team of extraordinary minds, youll never think of your emotions the same way.

    Directed by Pete Docter and produced by Jonas Rivera, Inside Out takes us into the mind of Riley, who is dealing with the emotional upheavals of growing up. It can be a bumpy road, and its no exception for Riley, who is uprooted from her Midwest life when her father starts a new job in

    San Francisco. Like all of us, Riley is guided by her emotionsJoy (voice of Amy Poehler), Fear (voice of Bill Hader), Anger

    (voice of Lewis Black), Sadness (voice of Phyllis Smith) and Disgust (voice of Mindy

    Kaling). The emotions live in Headquarters, the control center inside Rileys mind, where they help advise and guide her through

    everyday life. As Riley and her emotions

    struggle to adjust to a new life in San Francisco, turmoil ensues in Headquarters. Although Joy, Rileys main and most important emotion, tries to keep things positive, the emotions conflict on how best to navigate a new city, house and school.

    This was probably the most difficult project I have ever worked on, admits Pete. With most films you have visual references to study as you create the characters. But who knows how emotions should look?

    First, the filmmakers researched human emotions, eventually choosing five to depict. Then we sent a bunch of artists in different directions exploring, sketching and discussing for hours. Thousands of drawings later, we began to see the characters take shape, Pete says.

    Anger was pretty intuitive. When were angry, we get hot and our muscles tense up. We even say were seeing red. So Anger ended up as a tightly compressed red shape. For Sadness, we thought of a teardrop sort of bending over, and because people often say I feel blue, we went with blue. Disgust is a protective emotion that keeps us from being hurt both physically and socially.

    In theatersJune 19, 2015

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    Happy Feelings Start at Disney Store ant to express your emotions? With innovative, imaginative and stylish products inspired by Inside Out at Disney Store, there are many perfect ways to show your style and put some feeling in your fun!

    All it took was one look at Inside Out to know exactly what we wanted to focus on: the five key emotions, says Doug Oglesby, Director, Global Product Strategy, Disney Store. After all, they represent something we all have!

    How are you feeling? Let new dollsJoy, Fear, Anger, Sadness and Disgustexpress your mood. Each doll lights up, speaks 10 to 15 film phrases and holds a mini-sphere memory ball where you can tuck a favorite photo that sparks your memories and feelings.

    The dolls look as if theyve just stepped out of the film, Doug says. When we started bringing the prototypes into the office, everyone immediately gravitated to them.

    We believe Inside Out will speak to people of all ages. So our teams came up with some creative ways to celebrate them. To capture your inner feelings, pick up an Inside Out journal with different sections to write in that match your mood. Wear your emotion with pens that can be turned into bracelets with character charms for each feeling.

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    summer vacation

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