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Date post: 17-Jun-2015
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Why Hire Me You Ask?
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Daryl B. Wilber Professional & Personnel Attributes
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Daryl B. Wilber

Professional & Personnel Attributes

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Background Experience & Education

Field Expertise & Business Relationships

Leadership &Employee Development


Leadership:*Recruitment and hiring of quality individuals*Department development*Delegation of projects to improve team member skill set*Share knowledge across CCE*Monitoring POS expenses

Field Expertise:*Provide insights and creative solutions to strategic issues*Development of trust relationship with Key Accounts*Become the “go-to” vendor

Background:*Intactix Space Planning*MS Office Applications*Adobe Acrobat*Margin Minder*MBA Franklin University

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Customers: Kroger-Planogram Development

-Planogram Guidance Giant Eagle-Soft Drink Project Liaison Meijer-Planogram Development

-Planogram Guidance BP Oil-Category Captain Thornton Oil-Category Captain Wal-Mart-Project Execution Gilligan Oil (Exxon)-Category Caption -Planogram Development

-Planogram Guidance

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Daryl Wilber-Key Points to Remember

Personal Characteristics*Honesty/Integrity*Communication/Follow Through*Work Ethic*Winning Team Member*Big Picture Thinking*Passionate*Problem SolverLeadership*Team Building*Recruitment and Hiring of Quality Individuals*Delegation of Projects to Improve Department’s Skill Set*Recognition of Efforts*Share learning's and knowledge across CCECross Functional Experience*25 years in the Consumer Industry*Sales/Sales Support/Merchandising/Point of Sale*Ability to work with many different entities-External vendors (3rd Party), Internal

customers, Suppliers

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Daryl Wilber-Key Points to RememberBusiness Characteristics Demonstrates advanced knowledge of customer, market, sales

force, sales process and resulting needs to represent the business with the development of automated sales tools

Utilizes advanced skills and ability to consult and collaborate cross functionally at various levels across the organization

Works with sales organization to ensure scope is explicitly defined and documented and delivered upon in the development of sales tools

Ensures medium to large projects are completed with key deliverables accurately reflecting the needs of the sales organization

Establishes and executes a project communication plan; negotiates conflict resolution when needed between team members or product owners

Develops and distributes team wide training materials; provides project support and training support services

Communicates project key performance indicators (KPIs) and proactively acts to improve project performance

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Daryl Wilber-Key Points to RememberBusiness Characteristics Works to understand complex functional situations by paying

attention to the details of the tasks at hand and by breaking them down into smaller pieces

Demonstrates and executes on knowledge and understanding of relevant business process(es) (organization and/or function-specific processes) at various levels to ensure successful completion of project, process, etc.

Uses deep subject matter/functional expertise, influence and process skills to help internal/external customers and stakeholders identify and meet their high priority needs while considering cultural and diversity implications.

Identifies opportunities to improve efficiency while providing flawless transactions, services and products; manages monetary assets and other resources to optimize cost effectiveness.

Measures and evaluates the effectiveness of protocols, programs or deliverables; compares measurement results to standards and takes

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QUALIFICATIONS 27 years of professional work experience with progressive

responsibility in management and team building. Excellent employee leadership, development and motivational

skills. Ability to negotiate obstacles or unsatisfactory situations and

produce positive results. Proven customer relationship growth while delivering results Experienced interaction and rapport with all levels of

management from local to senior executive level. Proficient in various software applications: Intaxtics Space

Planning, Microsoft Office, Lotus Notes, Proprietary Applications Multi-tasking, analytical, innovative and mission oriented today,

to meet tomorrows business needs .

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30 Day Vision

Develop game plan with my Direct Report Understand my role and responsibility Understand roles and responsibilities of all departments Understand roles and responsibilities of all departments Evaluate current status in my department and my peers both

vertical and horizontal Identify strengths and opportunities in each individual. Evaluate necessary steps and develop a plan that brings merit to

each of the product’s respective markets. Implement the plan. Acknowledge, embrace and execute my new responsibilities. Develop cross functional relationships with internal customers

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60 Day Vision

Re-evaluate the status of my key responsibilities. Make adjustments if necessary.

Evaluate my development plans with my Direct Report. Capitalize on positive results, analyze and adjust for negatives.

Continue education of my new role. Continue to reach out to all assigned customers and Key POC. Build on establishing key relationships with internal customers

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90 Day Vision Continue to reach out to my immediate supervisor recapping last

90 days and get feedback. Evaluate my training initiatives and implement as standard

operating procedures. Continue to reinforce our foundation goals Continue to grow in my new role. Seek new innovative ways to make my department more efficient

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Knowing the Customer through Convenience Store Shopping Patterns

By understanding how store layouts and consumer shopping patterns affect product sales, I can effectively develop a planogram showing where the “hot” doors will be. From that point, product positioning will be key in generating sales.

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Planogram Example

By breaking down each door or segment, I can demonstrate to the customer (in this case it is the Store Management Team), that by placing key products on key shelves, the turns will be greater, thus increasing sales.

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Consumer Insight-Knowing how they shop and from which direction

By understanding traffic flow as well as and consumer preferences, I can determine what is the BEST mix of products for a particular demographic area.

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Planogram Support Schematics

By “breaking down” each section, I can show the customer exactly what brands will be on the shelf and where they will be positioned. By having limited space, I can provide supporting share data that supports a particular package mix.

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Consumer Insight-Shopping Behaviors

1st Position—Is having 1st position in a store always necessary? Some say NO. It comes down to store layout, demographics, size of section, consumer recognition of brands, and of course price.

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Consumer Insights-Knowing when it is time to change Product flows and layouts

Companies must continually be ever mindful of having the right product for the right consumer. By studying the insights of our customers, we gain knowledge of buying trends and can make adjustments to the brand order or mix when necessary.