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  • DISPATCH: tel. + 32 3 641 08 03fax + 32 3 644 20 [email protected]


  • De Boers logo symbolizes tradition and innovation. Its shape is rooted in the Celtic symbolism which is thousands year old. The clockwise spiralling motion stands for water, power and independ-ence of movement and bridges the present and the past. Its green colour represents De Boers green mindset which demonstrates its forward-looking vision.

    1922Founding of De Boer, manufacturer of bituminous waterproofing systems.

    1981The third generation takes over the torch and ensures the continuity of De Boer.

    1992De Boer goes international and increases its number of export markets.

    2000The first DuO life expec-tancy report shows that DuO has a life expectancy of 25 years at least.

    2007De Boer Green, the business unit which specialises in green roofs, sees the light.

    2010De Boer invests in safety on and near roofs by establishing De Boer Safety.

    2012The third DuO life expec-tancy report shows that DuO has a life expectancy of 35 years at least.

    2014De Boer acquires PlantDesign, the reference in Belgium when it comes to green walls.

    2016 Further expansion of our export business.

    2015More DuO innovations : New DuO Aero, DuO Cool, Roof White, DuO Tack,...

    1961The second generation takes over the baton.

    1989 De Boer launches DuO, an innovative concept which combines a TPO top layer with an SBS bottom layer.

    1996 The successful DuO range is enlarged with products for various applications.

    2005 The second DuO life expectancy report shows that DuO has a life expec-tancy of 30 years at least.

    2010 De Boer launches the fifth faade.

    2010 De Boer goes social. You can now follow us even more easily on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Flickr, LinkedIn,...

    2013 De Boer Liquids further extends the range of products offered by De Boer with liquid sealants for roofs and hard to reach places.

    2015 A new generation of DuO sees the light : IDuO, the roofing membrane which can be installed using induction.

    2016 De Boer continues its green offensive: manufacturing rejects serve as the basis for the production of new bottom layers.

    2022Save the date: De Boer celebrates a century of craftsmanship.

  • INTRODUCTION as the CEO of De Boer I am but a transient connecting link. In a family-owned company such as ours, each generation has the duty to bring the company to a higher level. In this way, we create a company culture which nurtures innovative ideas. Always evolving, with an eye to the ever-changing world, our company remains futureproof. This innovative spirit is truly part of De Boers company culture. It can be witnessed at many levels, from product development to the administration. Digitisation, for instance, has made us more efficient, but without losing sight of the human aspect.By the time the next generation will take over the torch, De Boer will be more than a century old. Our greatest challenge as a niche player is to continue distinguishing us through excellence. Knowledge and innovation are our main strengths. We wouldnt have them were it not for our staff. Every single employee of De Boer is an entrepreneur in his or her own way. Their commitment, their passion and their sense of perfection result in products which surpass our partners expectation. To always improve, that is what drives us.

    Dirk MertensCEO De Boer

    Throughout the years, De Boer has been expanding a lot. The company now offers the full range of waterproofing solutions. Our company comprises four business units which complement each other perfectly: De Boer Waterproofing, De Boer Green, De Boer Safety and De Boer Liquids.


    Green roofs are good for your building, for your budget and for the environment. This sums up the mission of De Boer Green. The business unit was created two decades ago already and has accomplished many capti-vating projects across the world. Green roofs have many benefits: they insulate better and thereby save energy, they retain the rainwater and they reduce the emission of CO2. On top of all that, they add to your buildings aesthetic value. De Boer Green has recently added green faades and walls, both interior and exterior, to its activities. De Boer goes green all the way.

    De Boer Safety is a specialised unit of De Boer which offers user-friendly individual and collective protective equipment for temporary or permanent protection on roofs. The products range from steel cable systems to anchored guardrails which can be either purchased or rented. De Boer Safety offers safe tailor-made solutions for all projects and for any budget.

    A tiny crack or leak in a spot which is hard to reach? You can quickly and easily repair it with De Boer Liquids. De Boer Liquids are liquid multi-component sealants which, once hardened, form a waterproof membrane while retaining a certain degree of flexibility. De Boer Liquids are mostly used for flat roofs, skylights, drains and connections. The anti-skid versions are ideally suited for stairs, parking garages and terraces.

    Waterproofing is De Boers oldest and biggest unit. This business unit is all about bitumen which we have been processing in our own plant since 1922 already, in order to manufacture a wide range of high-quality products such as SAS, APP, SBS and PB. Waterproofings top product is DuO, a clever roofing membrane which combines hard TPO with soft SBS. Waterproofing offers the right product for every type of building, all kinds of applications and purposes and for every climate.


    COMMITMENTSUSTAINABLE BUSINESS, WITH RESPECT FOR HUMANS AND THEIR ENVIRONMENTThe world changes, global warming is an ever-increasing concern. De Boer does business in a sustainable manner, putting man and nature at the center of its attention. We care about safety and about ecology.

    We offer all possible tools to ensure safety of people on roofs and we inform our customers about preventive safety measures.

    We recycle waste and we promote green transport by encouraging our staff to come to work by bike. Mens sana in corpore sano where nature gains, as well. Finally, we aim to make the air around us cleaner: our bituminous roofs and our green roofs and walls purify the air and reduce warming, fully in line with our values.

    WORLDWIDEDE BOER WORLDWIDEAs a premium niche player, De Boer is present worldwide, from Scandinavia to South-East Asia, and obviously also in our domestic market as well as in the neighbouring countries. In cooperation with solid partners, we have completed many prestigious projects across the world. Our products offer the same high protection and long lifespan in all climate regions. In order to serve our customers in a timely manner, whichever country they are in, we have distribution centers worldwide. De Boers international staff is in close contact with De Boers Knowledge Center in order to offer customized technical support. We are only a mouse click away from the entire world. We have our own logistics department which delivers just in time to your site, anywhere in the world.

    INNOVATIONINNOVATION AS A KEY TO THE FUTURE Innovation is the constant value in De Boers success story. As long as we have been in business, we have continued to invest in knowledge and product development. We manufacture our products ourselves and we have our own laboratories. This enables us to manage the entire production cycle and to continuously raise the bar. We monitor our products years after projects have been completed, so we can substantiate our claims to durability with facts and figures. At the same time, our R&D team continues to further improve our products.

    One of the milestones in the history of our company was the introduction of Du0, a revolutionary product which had taken years of research and development. What makes DuO unique is that it combines high elasticity and adhesive strength with high mechanical resistance, strength and stability. Since its inception, our range of DuO products has been expanded and the products and techniques have been further enhanced. Several new, groundbreaking products are in their final phases of development and will soon be launched. To be continued...




    Having a roof over ones head is one of mans most elementary needs. Roofs have been De Boers raison dtre since the company was cre-ated in Belgium in 1922. Its almost one-century long know-how has earned De Boer a worldwide reputation for durable bituminous roofing

    membranes for flat and low-slope roofs. Demanding architects, owners and roofers who think long-term have been giving their trust to De Boer since decades. That hasnt happened by coincidence: it has indeed always been De Boers ambition to be the best and to remain the best. That takes more than just manufacturing top products which meet the most stringent quality standards. It also requires having

    reliable partners who work with De Boers products. That is why De Boer offers them solid technical support and extensive training. Quality throughout the entire cycle of manufacturing, installation and maintenance offers the best guarantee for your roofs life. A solid roof that

    lasts long protects the value of your property and its contents. Working with De Boer means thinking long-term.

    SINCE 1922


    Change requires innovation. This is exactly the idea which has been governing our waterproofing business since it originated in 1922. Bitumen is our core business. We have been processing it in our own facilities to produce top quality SAS, APP, SBS and PB. In 1989, the years-long research by our R&D team resulted in our