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Dear St. Pius X School Community, Newsletter/Novem · PDF file St. Pius X Catholic School...

Date post:21-Sep-2020
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  • St. Pius X Catholic School

    71 Jane Street

    Toronto Ontario MS6 3V3

    Tel: (416) 393-5237

    Fax: (416) 397-6084

    Principal: P. Tari Vice Principal: M. Duarte Secretary: M. Maringola Superintendent: J. Wujek (416) 222-8282 ext. 5371

    Trustee/Chair: B.. Poplawski (416) 512-3410 Parish: St Pius Catholic Church 2305 Bloor St. West Rev. B. Shea (416) 767-1859

    CSPC Chair: D. Hough CPIC (Parent Engagement--TCDSB) OAPCE Toronto (Provincial Voice for Parents) www.tcdsb.org/oapce-toronto School Hours 8:45: Supervision beings 9:00: School bell rings 10:42-11:57: Morning Recess 11:45-12:45: Lunch Hour 2:10-2:25: Afternoon Recess 3:30: Dismissal

    November 2018

    Catholic School News

    Dear St. Pius X School Community,

    Sincerely, P. Tari

    http://www.tcdsb.org/oapce-toronto http://www.google.com/url?sa=i&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=images&cd=&cad=rja&uact=8&ved=2ahUKEwiYzpuuypreAhXpx4MKHRZDBhwQjRx6BAgBEAU&url=http%3A%2F%2Fannportal.com%2Ffamous-remembrance-day-quotes-sayings-poems-pictures-2017%2F&psig=AOvVaw3FAViaxmwCozGRz0BksCT3&ust=1540315871952049

  • MOVEMBER The men on staff at St. Pius X are participating and helping raise money and awareness for prostate cancer, testicular cancer, men’s mental health and suicide prevention. If you wish to make a donation, kindly follow the links below. Pat Tari:-HTTPS://MOBRO.CO/13901696 Luke Palozzi:- HTTPS://MOBRO.CO/13759614 Louis Materka:-HTTPS://MOBRO.CO/13761127 Matthew Giambattista:-HTTPS://MOBRO.CO/13761215 John Zubac:-HTTPS://MOBRO.CO/13761129

    https://mobro.co/13759614 http://www.tcdsb.org/

  • During the month of October, our school liaison officer Janet A, continued her classroom visits. She continued to discuss grade appropriate topics with our students related to health and safety. P. Tari

    Director’s Cut- Ms. Wright’s class On October 9th, 2018, Ms. Wright’s class partook in an exciting day of being directors! They joined forces with their peers to create movie trailers. As Halloween is quickly approaching, many groups took to creating a trailer in the genre of a horror film!

    A few days prior to Matt (our head director from Director’s Cut) coming in and teaching us how to use cameras and edit, the class worked in their groups and collaborated to create

    ideas for their trailers. They worked very well together and showed excellent collaboration skills. They also agreed on what props and outfits to bring in on the big

    day. They worked so well that Ms. Wright didn’t need to assist on providing ideas, so the final products pleasantly surprised her! Finally, the day of transforming from St. Pius students to hardworking directors arrived! Student’s spent the morning filming all throughout the school, and the afternoon was spent editing with their fellow directors. They completed the editing task before the end of the day so we were able to enjoy watching each trailer. The trailers were FANTASTIC!! The class and Ms. Wright (who had a cameo in one of the trailers) spent the afternoon laughing and enjoying them. It was a fantastic day of hard work, collaboration, acting, and directing!

    If you would like to see the movie trailers created by Ms. Wright’s class, go to http://www.thedirectorscut.ca/ and type in the code Matt1. Watch if you dare! C. Wright


  • On October 9th, the Kindergarten classes celebrated Thanksgiving as a community. We all gathered in the gym to give thanks to God and to enjoy a delicious lunch. Thank you to Setter Home Services for their generous donation and for sponsoring this event. Thank you to all the volunteers who helped make this event possible. We thank Setter Home Services for being our Thanksgiving Lunch sponsor. Setter helps busy families with any home repairs and maintenance so that they can enjoy their home and worry less. As part of the sponsorship, they have also offered parents of St Pius X a $100 credit towards any home service (such as eaves trough cleaning, furnace maintenance or appliance repair). Redeem your $100 credit at: https://setter.com/st-pius-x. FDK Team

    Congratulations to the Junior Boys’ Soccer Team. The team competed at Holy Family Catholic School. The team conveyed a great sense of sportspersonship and athletic capability. The team captured the Championship pennant in a 2-0 victory in the final, against St. Vincent De Paul. It is vital to commend the team for their ability to go undefeated -without conceding a single goal - in the process. Mr. Miceli and Mr. Giambattista would like to thank the team for their dedication.


  • Terry Fox Run

    Thank you to all those parents who volunteered their time for the St. Pius X Terry Fox Run which was held on Wednesday, September 26, 2018. Thank you to staff, Ms Agres, her Spirit Squad lead the staff and students through an energizing warm-up, and then they departed for Etienne Brule. As in previous years, apples were distributed at the end of the festivities. Thank you to all the parent volunteers for coming out and supporting the run.

    Hollywood Studios at St. Pius X! On Friday, October 19th, Ms. Oliveira’s grade 4 students worked collaboratively to produce some entertaining digital comics. The “Imaginators” from The Director’s Cut brought in the technology needed to transform the ideas on their storyboards into media productions. Fun was had by all! Ms. Oliveira

  • Taste of the Arts Our Grade 8 students spent the day at Father Redmond High School this past month. The students rotated through the day as if it were their first day in High School and were involved in some impressive activities. Students had such a positive learning experience that they wanted to call it a year and move right on in to High School. Here we come High School! M. Atkinson

    Youth Leadership Expo Miss Atkinson’s Grade 8 class participated in a Youth Leadership Expo at Wychwood Barns late this month. Students were involved in numerous activities such as: ‘The Marketplace for Social Change’, ‘Packaging boxes of toiletries’, and a ‘Wild salmon solidarity action’ activity. Students also made a virtual connection at the event, to students in India, and had the opportunity to write a letter to them. Students are to be commended for their participation during the event. It was a great learning experience for all! M. Atkinson

    Girl’s Junior Soccer

    On the Wednesday, October 3rd the Girl’s Junior Soccer team competed in a tournament at Holy Family School. The girls demonstrated excellent sportsmanship and came in in 2nd place after playing a very competitive final game. We would like to congratulate the team members: Emma B, Alexandra B, Kennedy B, Ava D, Nina E, Maggie L Joey P, Ella R, Rebecca S, Larissa T, Tristin T, Audrey V and the sub-coaches: Katie L and Kaileigh P. Coaches: Mrs. Fillier and Ms. Barbosa

  • Lights! Camera! Action! Between October 17th - 19th, the Grade 3 students of Ms. Barbosa, Ms. Careri and Mrs. Stanevicius' class had the great opportunity of becoming director's for the day! Students worked in groups to collaboratively create a toy stop motion production. Each group generated and organized ideas by developing story concepts and storyboards. Groups used stop motion cameras and computer software to transfer their concept from paper to stop motion animation. Fun was had by all students!!!

  • Scientist in School Miss Atkinson’s Grade 8 class participated in a ‘Cell Explorers’ Scientist in the School program earlier this month. Students made wet mount slides of onion cells, explored and compared various scientific processes, eg. Osmosis; looked at live micro organisms in pond water, and participated in many other activities related to the cell. A great learning experience for all and an excellent complement for their unit of work on cells. Special thanks to the Parent Council for funding such a program!

    IRSS Legacy Celebration

    On Tuesday, October 9, Ms. Ferreira's grade 6/7 class, Mr. Zubac's grade 7 class, and Ms. Atkinson's grade 8 students had a very enjoyable and informative day at the Residential School Survivors (IRSS) Legacy Celebration at Nathan Phillips Square. Through storytelling, games, language, food, music, and survivor accounts (incredible primary sources of information!), we learned a lot about the legacy of the residential schools in Canada. Indigenous people are collecting the pieces left behind in their respective histories and are seeking to create a new story, one for all Canadians to tell and be witness to. As Senator Murray Sinclair, then Chair of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission stated, "words are not enough" and that "Reconciliation is not an Aboriginal problem--it is a Canadian problem. It involves all of us."

    McMichael Gallery On Monday, October 22, Mr. Zubac's grade 7 class travelled to the McMichael Canadian Art Gallery for a fun-filled day of art. Located in Kleinburg, McMichael is the symbolic home of the Canadian Group of Seven painters, as many of their original works are located there. It served as the perfect backdrop for students to explore the practice of sketchi

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