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December Edition

Date post: 27-Mar-2016
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The Freshman Year Transition Newsletter
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The first semester is coming to a close! It went by quickly, even though you feel like some of your classes were dragging on. Finals are just a few weeks away, and you don’t feel prepared. Plus you have to go home and see your parents, whom you may not have seen for a few months, not to mention all the people you were just starting to make friends with. Relax! Be proud of making it almost all the way to the end of the semester. You’ve made it this far, so finish those finals off strong! Concerns Opportunities Cold weather leading to sickness Anxiety preparing for finals Worrying about semester grades Sadness about leaving new friends over break Apprehension about returning home GPA troubles and possibility of academic warning Feelings of being burntout Fearing family reactions to grades Questioning return to school Stressing about seeing high school friends over break Learning to appreciate family Success in classes due to hard work Strengthening relationships with new friends Receiving advice from upperclassmen More prepared to excel in classes next semester Reconnecting with friends/ work at home Maintaining relationship with professors Having a chance to relax for a full month Knowing how to better prepare for finals Excitement about going home for a welldeserved break Equipped with the knowledge to pick courses for the Fall semester Hardworking Feeling overwhelmed and not sure how to do it on your own? Take advantage of the services offered by the Russell Conwell Center. Through academic coaching and counseling, the transition from high school to college can be seamless. Embrace the opportunities and the RCC will help you progress at your own pace and style and watch your concerns melt away. The Russell Conwell Center Presents: Freshman Year Transitions
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The  first  semester  is  coming  to  a  close!    It  went  by  quickly,  even  though  you  feel  like  some  of  your  classes  were  dragging  on.    Finals  are  just  a  few  weeks  away,  and  you  don’t  feel  prepared.    Plus  you  have  to  go  home  and  see  your  parents,  whom  you  may  not  have  seen  for  a  few  months,  not  to  mention  all  the  people  you  were  just  starting  to  make  friends  with.    Relax!  Be  proud  of  

making  it  almost  all  the  way  to  the  end  of  the  semester.    You’ve  made  it  this  far,  so  finish  those  finals  off  strong!  


Concerns             Opportunities    

• Cold  weather  leading  to  sickness  • Anxiety  preparing  for  finals  • Worrying  about  semester  grades  • Sadness  about  leaving  new  friends  over  break  • Apprehension  about  returning  home  • GPA  troubles  and  possibility  of  academic  warning  • Feelings  of  being  burnt-­‐out  • Fearing  family  reactions  to  grades  • Questioning  return  to  school  • Stressing  about  seeing  high  school  friends  over  break    


• Learning  to  appreciate  family  • Success  in  classes  due  to  hard  work  • Strengthening  relationships  with  new  friends  • Receiving  advice  from  upperclassmen  • More  prepared  to  excel  in  classes  next  semester  • Reconnecting  with  friends/  work  at  home  • Maintaining  relationship  with  professors  • Having  a  chance  to  relax  for  a  full  month  • Knowing  how  to  better  prepare  for  finals  • Excitement  about  going  home  for  a  well-­‐deserved  

break  • Equipped  with  the  knowledge  to  pick  courses  for  

the  Fall  semester  • Hardworking  




Feeling  overwhelmed  and  not  sure  how  to  do  it  on  your  own?    Take  advantage  of  the  services  offered  by  the  Russell  Conwell  Center.    Through  academic  coaching  and  counseling,  the  transition  from  high  school  to  college  can  be  seamless.  Embrace  the  opportunities  and  the  RCC  will  help  you  progress  at  your  own  pace  and  style  and  watch  your  concerns  melt  away.    

The  Russell  Conwell  Center  Presents:  

Freshman  Year  Transitions