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Decorative Lighting, Architectural Lighting, Indoor Lighting, Outdoor Lighting, LED Lighting in...

Date post: 16-Jul-2015
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There is no more worthy, more glorious or more potent work, than to work with light. Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov
  • There is no more worthy, more glorious or more potent work, than to work with light.Omraam Mikhal Avanhov

  • The Founding Fathers PhilosophyI believe in a bright future. With light we are constantly changing our visible world and creating a new experience of space. With technology we fulfil the dreams of people who demand more from light through new products and lighting solutions. I enjoy thinking of new ideas and am personally aware also how long the path is from ideas to a cohesive solution. My personal goal is to shorten that path. Energy saving, aesthetics and providing well being in a space are the most important requirements of modern luminaries. Our goal is to create satisfaction. Lighting solutions are created by People. I am proud of the achievements of my colleagues and co-workers. They inspire me everyday to create something new, something refined, something better for a bright future. Its with this passion that we are Partners in Creativity to all our clientsPrakash ChhabriaFounder- Shimera Project Lighting Private Limited.

  • Our Vision:Is to bring worlds leading professional luminaries to every Indian Customers

    Mission: Provide aspiration, high quality & affordable lighting solutions for the right applicationDrive: We blend innovation technology with precision & harmony lighting

    Values: Entrepreneurship, Customer-orientation, Professionalism, Care and Integrity

    Our Philosophy

  • Lighting Design EfficiencyInspired by the rare and mysterious power of light, we at SPLPL bring alive a world of seduction through illumination. Visualising light as an art form, our design team works around inventive lighting designs and solutions. The company specialises in innovative design solutions for residential, commercial, retail, outdoor and leisure environments.


  • Our Speciality

  • DeliverablesAt Shimera, we dont just make exquisite light objects; we explore the enigma called LIGHT.

  • Different Needs of a HomeA home is a unique challenge to properly light; it is the ultimate multi-use environment. Lighting a residence requires thoughtful and careful planning and design. Proper lighting makes a difference in how one feels about their home. It adds drama and beauty to rooms, makes smaller rooms look more open and airy, larger rooms feel cozy and inviting. Proper lighting lets home owners enjoy their home to its full potential. The home lighting system at Shimera brings for clients a carefully chosen selection of the world's most unique; yet un-discovered light fittings we know will delight.

  • Decorative Lighting SolutionsCreating eye catching objects that are an eclectic mix of contemporary and traditional design, our light stylists work around human sensibilities, incorporating conventional forms and patterns into dynamic and innovative light objects.Shimera lightings creative luminaires allow users to design light that is based on specific and personal design instincts. The flexibility and versatility of these pieces help create more vibrant, more sustainable, and more beautiful living spaces. Our design team also creates trend setting, one-of-a-kind bespoke light objects and luminaires, customised and fabricated as per client requirement and specification.

  • Style Quotient Dream StuffFrom traditional to modern, from hand crafted to tech masterpieces, Shimera Lighting produces light objects like no one else does. In the most daring way, the company does experimental design for the luxury lighting market.Distinguishing itself with quirky, inventive and story-telling products, Shimera Lighting has earned a reputation as one of the major and most promising players in the lighting arena.

  • Technical Indoor LightingBecause light, after all, is pure energy, Shimera Lighting is keenly aware of its responsibility to create products that give the most beautiful light with the lowest level of energy consumption. To this end, the company designs fixtures and solutions that use alternative, lower energy consuming light sources. Almost every one of our products can be controlled by occupancy and photo sensors that turn lights off when they are not required, thereby reducing energy usage. Every new product initiative also seeks to offer solutions that are affordable and effective for customers. Shimera Lighting is a place where emotions and ideas converge and create a place of endless interpretation as well as a state of well being

  • Outdoor Lighting- FacadeThe faade is the business card of a building. Accurate lighting is essential for the ambience of a hotel or restaurant at night whether grievous or small, modern or ancient, glamorous or indigenous. Intensify the effect of underwater lighting by lowering the brightness of the surroundings, using the surface of the water to produce decorative reflections. Pools with glass walls appear more spacious at night if the garden areas outdoors are illuminated. Adjust your faade-lighting to the various styles of architecture.Understanding this growing need, Shimera Lighitng brings to its clients, outdoor lighting for all possible applications. Trees, gardens, pathways, walkways, ponds or gardens, our lighting technicians artistically illuminate every element, showcasing their uniqueness, also unifying them with layers of light to bathe the entire property in a dreamlike ambience.

  • Outdoor Lighting - WalkwaysWith the changing character of outdoor lighting, Shimera Lighting has moulded its product range, bringing forth a variety of unique landscape light fixtures. The company offers numerous outdoor lighting products that include outdoor wall lighting, outdoor hanging lanterns, outdoor ceiling lighting and motion detector outdoor lights. Making our products more environment friendly, our outdoor lighting range is extra energy efficient. A lot of our outdoor products make use of high power LED light sources.

  • Specialised Verticals-RetailRetail stores often present unique lighting challenges. To engage a client, the retailer must create the right environment. It is important to incorporate flexibility with style, simplicity, colour and energy efficiency. The quantity and quality of illumination, the impression it creates about the merchandise and the effect it has on the retail areas appearance are all factors in a successful sale. From store-front to displays and dressing rooms, lighting affects the customer experience. This is where Shimera Lighitng steps in. Our lighting designers are uniquely qualified to fulfil lighting needs in the retail space with solutions that help retailers catch a customers eye, draw them into the store and keep them there.

    Shimera Lighting carries an unsurpassed selection of track, rail and cable systems, both line and low voltage, as well as recessed downlighting, concealed adjustable illumination fixtures and decorative luminaries to give retailers a complete palette from which to create their very own signature design.

  • Specialised Verticals - HospitalityMore than any other sector, in the Hospitality segment, First impressions count. Taking note of this fact, Shimeras lighting solutions for the hospitality segment are aimed at marking a great first impression, a welcoming ambience, fused with a pinch of excitement. Our innovative hospitality lighting solutions help create a warm and unique setting to make hotel properties more attractive. Lighting products by the company add value in many different ways throughout a hotel property, from guest rooms and public areas to indoors and outdoors.The company also works with flexible lighting solutions that empower guests to personalise their spaces and adjust environments around the hotel property. Whether theyre working, reading or relaxing, our lighting solutions help guests feel like they have a home away from home.

  • Specialised Verticals - WorkplaceBright lights make everyone happier and more productive. Human factors are at the heart of contemporary office concepts, interior design and office lighting. High-quality lighting enhances the perceived attractiveness of workplaces, boosts motivation and aids concentration. This is the logic that drives each of our office lighting specialists. Over the years, Shimera Lighting has amassed extensive knowledge and expertise in ideal usage of light in offices, continuously refining its products and solutions, in line with latest research studies. Lighting solutions by Shimera Lighting create working conditions that make people feel good, motivate them and help them concentrate on doing their job. Our workplace solutions also aim at identifying visual tasks optimally, without distraction.

  • Team: 90 employees which includes A Design Team, Technical Support Staff, Sales Team, Marketing Team, Import & Supply Chain, Accounts Team, HR & Admin Team Implementation team, along withnecessary warehousing facilities. We have a factory in Mumbai ( Kandivali) dedicated to assembly of fixtures. Display: 12,000 square ft in the heart of Mumbai city (Lower Parel) 6,000 square ft showroom in New Delhi (Defence Colony)Behind the Scenes-Workforce

  • Summarizing- What we do

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