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Define your Hustle Deck

Date post:13-Sep-2014
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Defining My Hustle- How to prepare for your dream job now! It’s not your parents, its not the man, it’s not even your current situation, it’s you! You are all that and a bag of chips, channel your confidence, and stop making excuses. This workshop will show students how to take responsibility for their actions, finish high school and catapult into their dream college, career and even a business. Learn how presenter Felecia Hatcher went from being a “C” student in high school to being honored at the White House. Felecia will show you how she defined her hustle and landed positions with the NBA, Nintendo, & Sony and then built a successful dessert business.
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  • Defining your Hustle

    Dont just sing the hook! Find the lesson Turn your passion into profitBreak down your huge goal into a small step your can start todayStay away from dream crushersMaster the art of communicationNetwork, Network, Network!Show UP!Question Everything!Follow Up!DONT BE AFRAID TO BE BOLD AND GET CREATIVE!

    I need to Hustle Hard because Mama Needs a House and Baby needs some shoes -Ace Hood

  • I started from the

    Bottom now Im here

    Now you are here...huh?Where exactly are you?

  • Follow your most Epic Dream!!!!!!

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