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  • DEGAGE Discover the magic Social Media can do! June 2013 Issue
  • #MEET THE DEGAGE TEAM AMEEN Although hes the youngest of us all, but hes the most cheekiest boy! He loves travelling with his friends & having fun! Thats a reason why hes from HLFM. CHEREE CHEW Though shes just 19 but she has a huge penchant for fashion, food, dandelions and owns a pretty cute toy poodle Oreo! RENGIE NG She loves anything that has got to do with social media like Facebook and Instagram. Shes definitely a pro in Photoshop and loves to design too! YANQUAN Ask him anything about gym and hell be glad to share with you!You will be impressed by his enthusiastic learning about good health and gym! EDITOR NOTES; Its finally the long-awaited month of June! You can take a break with no worries ! This month we will show you how to spend your time wisely on useful tips on different aspects in life! We have put some easy DIYs which you would not want to miss out! In this issue, we are featuring on Hong Kong Study Trip and FASHION! Flip to find out more For more enquiries, email us at [email protected] or simply search us at
  • Hotel & leisure facilities management Lets find out whats happening with an insight into the 4 AWESOME COURSES, from Hotel & leisure facilities management, Real estate business, Product design & Innovation to Sustainable Urban Design & environment. SCHOOL OF DESIGN & ENVIRONMENT HLFM Want to be a part of an world class hotel organization to provide excellent service to guests? Want to manage the biggest IRs such as MBS ? Then this is the course for you! Most interesting module? And why? Food and Beverage, and Events management. We get to experience what we learn first hand as all students have to go through a Off-Campus Learning Project where we have to work 16 hours in an F&B outlet. Learning out of the class room always is more fun then in the classroom itself. Most favorite lecture? Miss Magdelene Toh . Shes one of the most caring lecturers who will always find ways to help students to study better and make sure they have progress in their work. Mehammad safwan, HLFM year 1 Challenges in HLFM? Having make decisions during dyer situations for the hotel as a hotel manager which would affect the hotels image greatly, (Hotel & leisure facilities management)
  • REB Challenges? Doing the time lapse video for this module was not such an easy task as we had to scout places and stand under all weathers to get the scenes, even in the rain . BUT WE HAD FUN. Be apart of Singapore's upcoming real estate industry buzz that as Singapore becomes the biggest upcoming suburban commercial hub. Most interesting module? And why? Urban planning and economics. Its fun as I get to learn about the area Im filming which is boat quay, where the modern meets the historical part of Singapore. This module gives me the study of the concept of land as an economic resource which enlightens my sight as I see land areas differently. Most favorite lecture? Should be Ms lee Wong Lee Jong. Shes an fun loving lecturer whose lectures are easy to follow and keeps one wanting to listen more to her. Greta Lee , REB Year 2 (Real estate business)
  • PDI Most interesting module? And why? one of the preferred module would be VTDS ( visual technology and design sketches) Im a more of a sketcher and designer, rather then a bookworm or dry subjects kind of guy so I can relate and settle to this module really well. I do a lot of sketching, some in pen and sketch a variety including electrical appliances, vehicles, and random products. We also learn the technique of colour blending and how to make the sketch pop out. Challenge In PDI? At some point of time, there would be a lot of projects and submissions needed to be handed in at one go. So things can get real busy at times. Sketches are also another thing that can be quite a headache as we may need to submit up to 20-30 sketches per week. Most favorite lecture? The lecturer is Geoffrey Tan and he is really is a useful lecturer for the module he is very easy going and friendly. Helps us with our work in a different way, guiding us to do our sketches properly and also encourage us to think out of the box With millions of products out there all fighting for the consumers attention, you have to ask yourself: what separates the dull from the wow? If that came across your mind, then PDI is the right course for you! (Product design & innovation) Muhammad Khoirul Khaial bin Zainal, PDI Year 2
  • SDE Challenge in SDE? The sheer numbers of models we have to make might be a problem. But when youre finally done with the model, we feel a sense of accomplishment.. This course concentrates on how pleasing a building should be in the future not only to the environment but also to a persons eyes Most interesting module? And why? Design and communication. we learn to be abstract and think out of the box. we had to do a lot if drawings to riding our skills and learn how to shade buildings and objects. We even went to marina bay for one of our lessons to draw the Singapore skyline . We have to make models from scratch on what we make vision on. Most favourite lecturer? Miss Arunima Chatuji. being our tutor for model making classes, instead of teaching us how we should make a model, she lets us find the most comfortable way for us to make out models by ourselves. (Sustainable urban design & engineering) Mohammad Hassanul Aman B M S, SDE Year 1
  • The logo shown above is so easily recognised that anybody can tell at one glance that its Apple. In this segment, we are going to share interesting facts about anything. Our focus of this month is Apple Computer Inc. ANYTHING
  • & In 1997, Apple Computer Incs bitter rival Microsoft invested $150 million into Apple. Other than investing money, Apple Macintoshs Internet Explorer, Microsoft Office and development tools were also develop and shipped by Microsoft. This move allowed Microsoft to have another source of income while trying to increase the number of users of Apple as more than 8 million user were using Microsoft Office on their Macintosh. This showed the relationship between Microsoft and Apple, showing that they helped each other despite being rivals in the same industry. What a win-win situation. 666.66$666.66 was the price that the original Apple computer was sold for. In 1975, 200 pieces of Apple I were sold at $666.66 per piece. There is zero meaning behind the numbers but Steve Wozniak thought it would be interesting to label Apple I to be sold for $666.66.
  • How rich is Apple? In 2011, Apple reportedly to have 76.2 billion in cash reserves whereby the U.S government had 73.8 billion operating balance. Thats a whole 3 billion more! How much was Steve Jobs pay? As the CEO of Apple Computer Inc, Jobs draws a pay of $1 per year from Apple. Jobs held $2.1 billion worth of shares in Apple Inc, as well as $4.4 billion worth of shares in Disney Pixar. Find out more! Q: What is the most commonly purchased phone now? A: Nowadays Samsung. 8-10 can be sold in a day. Q: why people buy the phone ? A: Friend influence, branding and advertising I guess. Q: If the phone the customer wants is not available, what other brand would the consumer consider? A: If they need help, I would recommend HTC. Q: How do you convince the customer to buy another phone if the phone they want is not available? A: I would recommend phones based on its processor. Eg HTC- the graphic is the same as Samsung. Plus Samsung and HTC has similar specification. But based on price its worth it. HTC battery lasts longer than Samsung. Although Samsung battery life is considered quite long enough, business personnel need phones that has longer battery life. Q:recommend a phone? A: HTC ones would be good Tan Yu Hang, sales assistant for a mobile shop.
  • Irresistible. Reintroducing the fruity collection. With this, you will never had to worry about bad hair day or frizzy hair anymore! Say hello to organic earthy chamomile with rose hips!
  • PEOPLE WILL STARE. MAKE IT WORTH THEIR WHILE. Its a new era in fashion - there are no rules. Its all about the individual and personal style, wearing high-end, low-end, classic labels, and up-and-coming designers all together.
  • J O S H U A,19 School of FMS Your Fashion? I dress casually, usually a t-shirt and pants to school as our weather is so hot! Specific brand? Most of my clothes are bought from Uniqlo, cotton on and H&M as the apparels they sell are simple, nice and very affordable. C H R I S.21 School of Engineering Your Fashion? I believe having a great body means any clothes you wear is nice! I normally wear singlet and berms as Im a dragon boater. Recommendation? Errr..Anything that have a snug fit and most importantly, dress what you like. Your Take on Fashion: Appearance is everything to me! I dress up everyday to school. I wouldnt mind splurging my entire months savings on a pair of jeans or accessories that I am keen in. Ultimately, what you wear defines who you are. Most expensive apparels you spent on? I have a pair of Dior Jakes which I bought at $900!! Oh, I recently bought a Bottega Venetta bracelet which cost me about $300+, guess Ill be going on diet for the rest of the month *laughing hysterically* # 2W E I H A O, 20 School of Business
  • WHATS IN FOR GUYS!? ADMIT IT! Although guys have high egos, but you always look for reference sources based on your favorite idols! So we have come up with few designs based on dressing of stars! Striped shirt, berms, geek spects, shoes Checkered shirt, raw denim, Gregory, boots Long sleeve, chinos, supreme cap, backpack
  • THE FORMAL CASUAL Shirt TOPMAN ($49.90) Chinos ZARA ($39.90) THE KEEP IT SIMPLE Essential tee - SIFR ($19.90) Berms VOLTA ($34.90) New Balance Shoe -LEFTFOOT ($119) THE PRESENTABLE Checkered shirt -GITMAN ($59.00) Cardigan H&M ($39.90) Jeans Cheap monday ($119) Shoes ASOS ($49.90) THE SKATER Singlet H&M ($19.00) Hoodie H&M ($39.90) Jeans HURLEY ($89.00) Shoes VANS ($69.90)
  • Casual but DRESSY outfit ideas
  • # 1 Get creative and let your accessories shine! It's easy to learn a few guidelines to complete your outfit and make it more stylish. Find out more at # 2 Be bold, dress loud! Do not be afraid to try out different clothing! Who knows you may be caught by surprise that it actually look nice on you! to look good
  • # 4 Know yourself! # 3 Wear clothes that fit well! # 5 Eat well! Fitted or semi-fitted clothing looks better on petites than loose-fitting apparel. There has to be a perfect blend between inner and outer elegance. To look good you should be able to feel good! Eating correctly will help your body become a natural, beautiful shape. Always eat healthy meals which are breakfast, lunch, dinner, and a snack in between lunch and dinner. # 6 Wear vertically- oriented patterns! Vertical stripes are one of the best ways to add an impression of height without seeming to try for it.
  • OR Which guy do you PREFER to be? Body building muscle is not as difficult as what people thought. However, it takes great determination to achieve a hot body that you hoped for. Next Im going to reveal to you the secret to a Greek god like body. The secret to a muscular body mainly revolve around these few words. Training Diet Discipline. In the first of the series, this article is going to focus on training. For beginner, paying a visit to the gym about three times a week would suffice. Do keep in mind that stretching the target muscle group before any workout is an important procedure. This is to prevent injury and prepare muscles for the high intensity training session. Always start slow and gradually increase the weight as you progress. The following pages shows the recommended beginner training schedule. TRAINING
  • Day Body parts Monday Chest and Triceps, Abs Tuesday Rest day Wednesday Back and Biceps, Abs Thursday Rest day Friday Shoulder and Legs, Abs Saturday Rest day Sunday Rest day The training programs are designed to increase the strength and mass of the user. Having a well built, strong foundation helps to adapt to other more advance training programs more easily. All equipment needed to perform the exercises could be found in most gym. *set are the number of times the exercise is going to be done *reps are the number of repetitions that is going to be done during the exercise CHEST WORKOUT Bench press: 3 sets, 8-12 reps Incline bench press: 3 sets, 8-12 reps Dips: 3 sets,8-12 reps * use dips machine
  • TRICEPS WORKOUT Lying close grip Skull crusher: 3sets, 8-12 reps Cable triceps extension: 3sets, 8-12 reps BACK WORKOUT Wide grip front Last pull-down: 3sets, 8-12reps Seated cable row: 3sets, 8-12reps Hyperextension (back extension): 3sets, 8-12 reps BICEP WORKOUT Barbell curl: 3sets, 8-12 reps Alternate hammer curl: 3sets, 8-12 reps
  • SHOULDER WORKOUT LEG WORKOUT Dumbbell press: 3sets, 8-12 reps Alternating deltoid raise: 3sets, 8-12 reps Dumbbell shrug: 3sets, 8-12 reps Standing calf raise: 3sets, 8-12 reps Lying leg curls: 3sets, 8-12 reps ABS WORKOUT Alternate heel toucher: 3sets, 8-12 reps Lying leg curls: 3sets, 8-12 reps
  • Ray, 18 Q: How long have you been visiting the gym? A: About 2 years. Q: How often do you visit the gym? A: 2-3 times per week. Q: Why do you visit the gym? A: Actually Its because I have nothing to do. Q: What do you train at gym? A: Train my A-maths and E-maths at the gym. Haha, just joking! Train body! Q: What is your favourite exercise? A: Biceps it will be! Q: What is your least favourite exercise? A: Legs, definitely. Q: How long have you been visiting the gym? A: About 7 month. Q: How often do you visit the gym? A: 4 days per week. Q: Why visit the gym? A: It makes me feel healthy. Q: What do you train at gym? A: Almost everything! Q: What is your favourite exercise? A: Pull up!! Q: What is your least favourite exercise? A: Push up, that is. Izikiel, 20
  • Q: How long have you been visiting the gym? A: About 2 years. Q: How often do you visit the gym? A: 3 time per week. Q: Why do you visit the gym? A: I need machines and equipment for better results of my workout. Q: What do you train at gym? A: Mainly chest and back. Q: What is your favourite exercise? A: Bench press! Q: What is your least favourite exercise? A: Pull ups. Shafiq, 20 Q: How long have you been visiting the gym? A: About 1 year. Q: How often do you visit the gym? A: Twice a week. Q: Why do you visit the gym? A: To lose weight, be healthy, release stress! Q: What do you train at gym? A: I train on the track mile and bicycle. Q: What is your favourite exercise? A: Track mile! Q: What is your least favourite exercise? A: Dumbbell. Munirah, 21
  • The brand to know and the brand you should know. Try it. To believe it.
  • Did you know? Social media has been integrated into life unknowingly. Youll be on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram etc and continuously refreshing your news feed. Youll often find yourself staring on your social media apps even if there are no updates. How does it work? They post, tweet, publish and comment! Followers of these social networking sites are able to retweet or repost comments and entries. By repeating these messages, all connections of users would be able to see the message and eventually reach out to even more people. Social networking sites act as word of mouth. Marketers and Social Media Because it has become such a big part of our lives, marketers utilises these platforms as another form of free advertising. With the use of social networking sites, companies can interact with potential customers. Such personal interaction can even make customers feel exclusive. IN OF THE MONTH: SOCIAL MEDIA
  • Why adopt the Social Media Marketing strategy? 1. Nearly 4 in 5 active Internet users visit social networks and blogs 2. 70% of active Internet users shop online 3. 53% of active social networkers follow a brand, while 32% of them follow a celebrity These sites serve as a platform for their followers and potential customers to provide feedback, join in their discussion/decision making process, and share their views or even collaboration with brands. O N Social media outlets Facebook, the most common amongst all social media platforms has active users numbered at over a billion. User profiles are much more detailed compared to Twitter. It allow videos, photos, as well as longer descriptions. Facebook can also send out event reminders, and it promotes a product in real-time which brings attention to people. Twitter is a micro-blogging network that is limited to 140 characters. While it generates millions of tweets daily, only a minority knows how they could benefit from the use of it. Twitter is an awesome platform for companies to generate traffic to their sites and offers, just make sure that the contents are interesting enough for people to stop, and read your tweet. It is also an excellent tool to monitor trending topics, and retweets helps to widen audiences.
  • Another popular platform where advertisements are done in a more interactive way to suit the target audiences. In YouTube, the advertisements are synchronized with the content of the video currently viewed by the user in session. YouTube has a greater promotional opportunity as sponsoring videos on YouTube is possible. An example: Someone who searches for a video on travelling to Thailand may be presented with a sponsored video from a budget airline. With 130 million monthly active users, Instagram is a social network that functions as a free photo and video sharing platform. Users are able to take photo and video, and apply a filter to it, with a wide range to choose from! Afterwhich, the photo or video Is shared with other Instagram users within the users circle. In hash tags can be used to facilitate easier media search within the app. How influential can it get? KONY 2012: Humanitarian group Invisible Children IC released a 29 minutes film on March 5 2012. The video is aimed at make Joseph Kony (International Criminal Court fugitive), famous, and gain support for his arrest by December 2012. The video was uploaded onto YouTube. The video went viral within 6 days, reaching 100 million viewers. US Presidential Campaign 2008: Barack Obama, a candidate for the US President used both Twitter and Facebook to conduct his campaign. He updates his social networking profiles regularly, and was constantly interacting with his followers. Through the use of social media, he managed to asked for votes and campaign donations without much effort, and huge amount of money.
  • APPLY OVERLAYS INTO PICTURES! HERES WHAT YOU NEED: Do you see photos with cute drawings on your Instagram nowadays, and when you ask people for the app they use, PicsArt was always the answer? Does it annoy you when you have downloaded and explored the app, you still dont find any of the drawings? P.S. Those drawings are called Overlays q PicsArt (Available for both Apple and Android users) q Overlays (Just save the images into your album) List of Overlays: 1. Msoverlay 2. Brenoverlay 3. Laneoverlay *You can always search for more!* q Create an album for your Overlays for convenience! q Your smart phone! *giggles*
  • STEPS : W q WT W Tq W T NOTE : q More than 1 Overlays can be used q Play around- resize and rotate the image to your own likings q HAVE FUN OVERLAYING! *GIGGLES* T
  • All you need to know ! What is installed for us ? All NP students have the chance to go overseas AT LEAST once! Trips such as Overseas Involvement Program (OIP), study trip, adventure trip and community service trip are open for all! Oh wait, did you know that the subsidy is up to 90%?! A group of DE student went to Hong Kong form 11 to 16 March 2013! The trip was aimed to provide students with exposure to the economic centre in Hong Kong and gain knowledge about the city cultural, political and economic climate. Overseas trip allow students to be exposed to foreign culture and practices, and at the same time develop a global-mindset.
  • What made you sign up for the trip? Its because I havent been to any trip that NP offered, and I wanted to make sure I make use of the chance I get. How did you spend your time there? We had school trips and visits to CBD etc. Had some good food such as pigeon meat and goose meat. Shopping (Ladies Market) at night. AND DISNEYLAND! What are the challenges you faced there? My camera memory card was not enough, and finding my way around (which got easier after we're kind of familiarised). Was the trip there worth it? Yes definitely! I made many friends through this trip. If given a 2nd chance would you go there again? IF YES, WHY? Yeah, why not. Had a great time in Disneyland, one of the most memorable experiences in HK.. We didnt go for many rides so it will be great to go there again. Liu Yi Ying Sustainable Urban Design & Engineering, Year 3
  • Azrie Hotel & Leisure Facilities Management, year 3 What made you sign up for the trip? I didnt want my poly life to be totally in the poly, I would like to be outside learning and doing things also. How did you spend your time there? My time there was great. Great food. Great company. Great experience. Great lecturers. I learnt about sustainability, history of Hong Kong, how Disneyland works and of course, have fun there. Was the trip there worth it? It was totally worth. No one will ever regret their time when going for this study trip. What are the challenges you faced there? The challenges I faced is mainly communication with the local people. as not all of them can understand English, in fact most of them speaks Cantonese, I have a problem of communicating with them. but fortunately, the friends around me knew how to communicate with the locals and they helped me a lot. If given a 2nd chance would you go there again? IF YES, WHY? Yes I would go again. Mainly for the food and the freedom given to us by the lecturer. I feel this freedom is the consideration that made me feel its worth.. To add on, the 1 week trip wasnt enough to totally explore HK. So, I would like to visit HK and explore it some more.
  • What made you sign up for the trip? I wanted to go to HK because of my friends and enjoy the food and sightseeing. How did you spend your time there? I spent a reasonable amount of time learning about HK and also learnt things that are relevant to my course. I also spent time trying local food and sightseeing. Was the trip worth it? Yes the trip was worth it as it was very fun and enjoyable. What are the challenges you faced there? The challenge is the language as I do not understand Cantonese and when some of the locals speak Cantonese, it pose as a challenge to me. Even though I am a Chinese, it was hard to communicate due to the difference in dialect. If given a 2nd would you go there again? IF YES WHY? Yes I would as there are still many places in HK that I have not visited and food that I have not tried! Vincent Xu Real Estate Business, Year 3
  • What made you sign up for the trip? I wanted to go HK cuz I've never been to a country that far before, never had a getaway with my friends before. There was also a visit to Disneyland, which was majority of the students main purpose of applying for the HK trip haha. How did you spend your time there? Most of my time spent in HK was sightseeing and having some school visits over there. Despite the not so interesting school visits, we also had some own time to walk around by ourselves which was pretty enjoyable. Was the trip there worth it? The trip was worth it, though it was only a week away from home. What are the challenges you faced there? There were times where we fear being scammed by the retail store owners, as they knew that we were not local people due to the dangling cameras we were holding and the language barrier too. If given a 2nd chance would you go there again? IF YES, WHY? I would head over to HK again, one reason is cuz of the cheap items that are sold over there, The food over there are really tasty, though could be pricey at time. Sounds childish, but I would go back for the Disneyland again. Though it was only a week, new friends were made, and fun times were spent together. Product Design & Innovation, Year 3 Jaeme Goh
  • Attend lectures together Go shopping together Watch the street performer together
  • Sight seeing together Top- Famous Ting Kau Bridge Bottom- breath taking night view Go to Disneyland together Look pretty and handsome together Wear shades together We flew to Hong Kong.. Together
  • Budget travelling doesnt have to be bori VISIT FLYSCOOT.COM.
  • ng. SG
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