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Delighting the Customer - The New Business Normal

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Keynote presentation to the Toronto CIO Executive Summit, 12 December 2013, by Peter Coffee of salesforce.com inc.
  • 1.Delighting the Customer: The New Business Normal Peter Coffee VP for Strategic Research salesforce.com inc.

2. Its So Past Time to Talk About The Cloud The verb, to cloud, does not have a single positive meaning The cloud is always a symbol of things that people dont want to do themselves, or even necessarily have at all: of annoying enablers that add no real value of their own Suppose wed called it connected computing? 3. Knowledge is the Currency of Connection Twenty years hence, the typical company will be a knowledge-based organization.Peter Drucker, in The New Realitiesin 1989 What happened to the future? 4. IT Has Not Been a Medium of Knowledge Complex legacy portfolios: difficult integrations Focus on historical data High cost, high risk Long paybackImagineFocus on Connection, not Computing 5. Knowledge + Connection: Close the Loop Customers: records become communities Employees: appraisals transform to collaborations Partners: supply chain grows into value network Financials: transactions evolve to scenarios The combat pilots OODA Loop:Observe, Orient, Decide, Act 6. Connected Customers Rewrite the Rules Old Customers: Prospects get content from Marketing Buyers negotiate terms with Sales Customers raise issues with Support Connected Customers: Prospects seek insights from customers Buyers collaborate on competitor research Customers tell the world when theyre not happy Companies need new organizations & processes Every employee/contractor/partner is a spokesperson/avatar Power to address issues must be pushed to edge of organization Collaborative response must be available on demand 7. Products are Also Connected TECH 5/06/2013 @ 8:39PM | 5,338 views10 Ways Cloud Computing Is Revolutionizing Manufacturing Designing in services is now becoming commonplace, making cloud integration expertise critical for manufacturers. From simplistic services integration on iPhones to the full implementation of voice-activated controls including emergency assistance in the latest luxury cars, adding in services integrated to the cloud is redefining the competitive landscape of industries today. Revising a product or launching a new product generation with embedded services can mitigate price wars, which is why many manufacturers are pursing this strategy today. 8. Cloud is Where the Puck Used to Be Big Data gives the cloud something to do Elastic capacity for high peak/average ratios Connectivity to real-world, real-timereality 9. Mobile Data Sources: Where the Puck is Going Android and iOS combined market share approaching 2/3 Windows at ~1/5and shrinking 10. Not Merely Mobile Device but Multi-Device 11. But a Desktop Is Not an OODA Environment What youre doing Who else is doing it Whats valued by the team Whats already been done Whats new to share Whats new to show Whats now to decide What should happen next?We Call This the Feed 12. Reality of Connection: Meritage Homes Meritage constructs single-family homes across the U.S., with 70,000+ homes constructed to date. Meritage configuration app on Force.com has unified front- and back-office systems Reduced number of documents to create a sales contract from 3,400 to fewer than 500 Meritage no longer requires a dedicated headcount for tracking, managing and creating sales documents Legal now has control over any document that requires a customer signature 98 percent of customer-specific fields in a sales contract are now dynamically populated vs. manually edited 13. A Connected Feed is not a Rip/Replace Systems of EngagementMash-ups from Web and AppExchangeNative Desktop ConnectorsIntegration ToolsSystems of RecordAppExchange AppsERPAny SystemFinance 14. Reality of Integration: Siemens Customer MasterInvoicing/Billing MasterOrder MasterPricing Master Product MasterCast Iron Integration Appliance 15. Value from Feeds of Big Data Demands Disciplines of Discovery, not Query By combing through 7.2 million of our electronic medical records, we have created a disease network to help illustrate relationships between various conditions and how common those connections are. Take a look by condition or condition category and gender to uncover interesting associations.visualization.geblogs.com/visualization/network/ 16. What is an application anyway? Old applications: Data captured as by-product of business activity Function driven by familiar business tasks User experience an afterthought Built by programmers; judged on cost & efficiency New apps: Data captured through algorithms of discovery Function driven by customer delight User experience a top priority Apps built by front-line business units; judged on ROI 17. Connect with Customers in a Whole New Way CommunitiesConnect customers, partners, products and collaborative teamsHeroku1ExactTarget FuelBuild distinctive Take customers on apps that engage a journey of value customers and empower employees 18. Cloud Connects Machines/Processes/People Connecting Machines OnStar network daily handles 150k human requests and 130k machine-originated requests Some are critical, e.g. air-bag deployments Others may be infotainment, e.g. mileage leader board Connecting Processes General Electric wind-farm management: 123 turbines Field-wide speed optimization, anti-icing behaviors 3% output increase US$1.2M/year added revenue Connecting People Asics delivers RFID-triggered messages to marathoners 19. Canadas Premier Brands are Connecting Connecting for Health Shoppers Drug Mart schedules flu vaccinations across 1,200 locations and over 2,000 pharmacists: public community deployed in just 7 weeks Connecting for Logistics Purolator Courier: booking ~20k packages/day with multi-lingual, multi-channel, & massively integrated SAP & telephone capability Connecting forConnections Rogers National Reservation System secured high-demand inventory for new product launches (e.g. iPhone 4 & 5) to minimize customer churn: multi-million$ revenue impact from a 6-week deployment 20. Canadas Premier Brands are Connecting Connecting for Health Shoppers Drug Mart schedules flu vaccinations across 1,200 locations and over 2,000 pharmacists: public community deployed in just 7 weeks Connecting for Logistics Purolator Courier: booking ~20k packages/day with multi-lingual, multi-channel, & massively integrated SAPModern Canada: Part of the Portrait of & telephone More than 6,000 Canada customers capability Banking Connecting forConnections Insurance Telco Rogers National Reservation System secured high-demand inventory for new product Industry (e.g. iPhone 4 & 5) to launches More than 1,000 Canada employees minimize customer churn: multi-million$ revenue impact from a (500 people on Bay Street) 6-week deployment More than 1,000 Canada attendees at Dreamforce 21. Dreamforce 13 Demonstrated the Reality Over 143,000 registrations Worlds Largest Software ConferenceVisionary speakers 1,200+ breakout sessions 350+ partner sponsors 480,000 Webcast viewers 22. Not a Technology Roadmap but a Start Your Engines Salesforce1: Application, Platform, Post-PC Business App EcosystemVisionary speakers 1,200+ breakout sessions 350+ partner sponsors Gala featuring Green Day at AT&T Park 23. The Community We Used to Call Cloud is Embarked on a Drive Toward Connection Global Coverage Snapshot A year from now Salesforce1s greatest contribution to Salesforce customers could be making their applications easier to use, especially on mobile devices. Forbes Viewed simplistically, Salesforce1 is delivering a more powerful mobile app and a bunch of new APIs, but that would undersell the platform's importance in a connected world. InformationWeek The concept [Salesforce1] is valid and in tune with a business world quickly abandoning its desktop PCs for tablets and ever Visionary speakers more powerful smartphones. eWEEK 1,200+ breakout sessions Salesforce.com says it now has 1.4 million registered developers, 350+ partner year ago, almost double the number it had asponsors a growth spurt one Gala featuring Green Day analyst called stunning. PCWorld at AT&T Park 24. Enterprise Cloud, Next-Gen CRM: Just the Beginning#1Innovation Worlds #1 CRMCloud ComputingMarket Leader2011 2012 2013Enterprise, MidMarket, SMB & Sales Force Automation 25. Proven Leader for Modern App DevelopmentRecognized & Used #1 PaaS for Developers #1 PaaS for Business Experts #1 PaaS for ISVsCustomer SuccessCapacity and Assurance Trust.salesforce.comLeading Cloud Platform3 Million+ apps 1 Million+ installs on AppExchange1 Billion transactions/day 50% of transactions via API 26. Salesforce1 is The Customer PlatformSales CloudService CloudExactTarget Marketing CloudAppExchangeSalesforce1 App Salesforce1 Platform APIsForce.comHeroku1 Salesforce1 Platform ServicesExactTarget Fuel 27. The Cloud? Youll Get What You Ask For If you treat the cloud as merely a way to modernize your IT, thats all youll get. No matter how creatively and competently that modernization is done, it will not be enough. Broadening perspective requires enlarging community of stakeholders and lengthening the list of criteria for success. 28. WELCOME TO THEINTERNET OF CUSTOMERS 29. Peter Coffee VP for Strategic Research salesforce.com inc. [email protected] @petercoffee in/petercoffee Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivatives 4.0 International

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