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DERI Galway. David O‘Sullivan, Tomas Vitvar, Hamish Cunningham. DERI International Meeting, Galway November 2005. Vision. DERI Galway’s vision is to develop new knowledge and disruptive technologies for the Internet Semantic Web Services Semantic Web Human Language Technology. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation
  • VisionDERI Galways vision is to develop new knowledge and disruptive technologies for the Internet

    Semantic Web Services Semantic WebHuman Language Technology

  • StaticWWWURI, HTML, HTTPSemantic WebRDF, RDF(S), OWLDynamicWeb ServicesUDDI, WSDL, SOAPSemantic WebServicesSemantic Web Services

  • Semantic WebWWWURI, HTML, HTTPSemantic WebRDF, RDF(S), OWLSocial SemanticWebSocial ConnectivityBlogs, OSNs, Wikis

  • Human Language Technology

  • Research ApproachKnowledgePush leading edge approachesPublish new KnowledgeStandardsSemantic Web ServicesSocial Semantic CollaborationIndustry CollaborationApplications Testing and ValidationOpen source WSMXJeromeDL

  • Seed FundingSFI (9.9 M ) Lion (9.6 M) Supplemental Equipment (150 K) M3PE (174K) STARs (25 K) SeDiTo (open)EU Funding (7.5 M) DIP (2 M) ASG (0.5 M) KW (0.5 M) SWWS (200 K) AMI-4-SME (330 K) EastWeb (200 K) Nepomuk (1.25 M) SUPER (1.1 M) Tripcom (0.6 M) SemanticGov (332 K) SWING (314 K) RIDE (138 K) Ecospace (700 K)EI Funding (2.4 M) Terra Nua (9 K) Storm (9 K) SOAR (340 K) SWORCA (40 K) eLearning (2 M)IRCHSS (0.1 M) Wiki Ireland (125 K)italics: submittedIndustrial Partners (4.2 M) HPGL (4M) HC-exchange (10K) SAP (220K)

  • SummaryGenerate new knowledge and disruptive technologies for the Internet

    FocusSemantic WebSemantic Web ServicesHuman Language Technology

    Key ChallengesSenior AppointmentsManagement StructureDERI Intl Collaboration

    Copyright 2005 Digital Enterprise Research Institute. All rights

    Semantic Web

  • Current ResearchSemantic Web Search Engine (SWSE)Semantic Ontology Repository (YARS)Semantic Digital Library (JeromeDL)Social Semantic Collaborative Filtering (FOAFRealm)Semantic Bibliographic Descriptions (MarcOnt)Semantically-Interlinked Online Communities (SIOC)Social Semantic DesktopSemantic Blogs (semiBlog)Semantic Wikis (SemperWiki)Semantic InnovationSemantic Innovation Management System (SIMS)Ambient Intelligence for Manufacturing (AmI)

  • Business Development

  • AnnoWikiCreate personal information management workbench by integrating existing work linesSocial Semantic Desktop (NEPOMUK)Semantic Digital LibrarySemantic Interlinking of Online Community SitesAmbient Intelligence for Manufacturing eLearningSkills Matching of Human Resources

    Future Research

  • DERI International CollaborationDERI InnsbruckDERI KoreaDERI Stanford

  • SummaryAnnoWiki, Nepomuk and eLearning are major research thrustsOther minor thrusts e.g. AmI, Sioc, etc.DERI Intl CollaborationKey ChallengesRecruitment of post-docs and PhD researchers

    Copyright 2005 Digital Enterprise Research Institute. All rights

    Semantic Web ServicesTomas Vitvar, Laurentiu Vassiliu, Michal [email protected] International Meeting, Galway, November 2005

  • Current ResearchSemantic Web ServicesWSMO, WSML, WSMXOntologizing of EDIMulti-meta model process execution (m3pe)WSMX: Execution Environment for the SWSArchitecture: component-based, service orientedWSMX Execution FrameworkData mediation, Process MediationManagement Tools (WSMT): Ontology Editor, Data Mapping Tool

  • Business DevelopmentBell Labs (telecommunications, e-business)Integration of voice, data and video services in the context of 3G networksDynamic supply chainNortel Networks (telecommunications)Semantics in the call centreCapgemini (e-government)SemanticGov project Semantic Interoperability for PEGSSTORM (e-business)E-procurement

  • Future ResearchWSMX WG to be moved to DERI Innsbruck SWS Focus for the future: Applied SWSapply, verify and align specifications around WSMO, WSML and WSMX according to the real world use case scenariosContribution to WSMO, WSML and WSMX WGStrong Collaboration with DERI InnsbruckApplication Areas E-HealthE-GovernmentTelecommunicationsBusiness Process ManagementGeoSpatial ServicesE-Business

  • Research ProjectsE-Health: SAOR (EI): Interoperability of medical information systems, RIDE (EU FP6): Road map for semantic interoperability in e-HealthE-Government: SemanticGov (EU FP6): Infrastructure for Pan-European E-Government Services based on SWS technologyBPM: SUPER (EU FP6): Semantic Utilised Process Management within and between EnterprisesGeoSpatial Services: SWING (EU FP6): annotation, discovery, composition, and invocation of geospatial web services

  • DERI International CollaborationDERI InnsbruckWSMO, WSML, WSMX WGDERI KoreaE-Health workshop on e-health in summer 2006 to exchange ideas between projects on e-HealthTelecommunications funding opportunities for joint project in semantic integration of services in the context of IMS networks

  • SummaryPast: SWS cluster: WSMX WGFuture: Applied SWSApplication domains: e-health, e-government, telecom, e-business, Industrial Partners: Bell, Nortel, Capgemini, StormDERI Intl Collaboration with Innsbruck and KoreaKey ChallengesRecruitment of Professor, post-docs and PhD researchers

    Copyright 2005 Digital Enterprise Research Institute. All rights

    Human Language TechnologyHamish [email protected] International Meeting, Galway, November 2005

  • Human Language Technology in DELTAThe opportunityThe problemSome solutions

  • The Opportunity: a Knowledge EconomyGartner, December 2002: taxonomic and hierarchical knowledge mapping and indexing will be prevalent in almost all information-rich applications through 2012 more than 95% of human-to-computer information input will involve textual language IBM 2004: 80% of corporate data is unstructuredA contradiction: formal knowledge in semantics-based systems vs. ambiguous informal natural language The opportunity: to reconcile these two opposing tendencies

  • The Problem: Deploying HLT ApplicationsSimple tasks: document clustering, full-text search, entities, simple descriptionsComplex tasks: relations and events, cross-document referenceSpecific domains: chemical engineering job descriptions, football match reportsGeneral domains: all .ie news sites

    Domain specificity vs. task complexity

  • Some solutionsAIs image problem: when it succeeds, its not AISuccessfull businesses exist selling MT, KBS, ANNs, but theyre typically assistiveDELTA will look at 4 semi-automatic applicationsFutures (1): Web-scale HLT and SWANFutures (2): literate modellingFutures (3): redundant-source IEFutures (4): contextual identity

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