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Desiccant Air Dryers AHLD Series Heatless Desiccant Air Dryer 70 - 8,000 scfm
delivering quality, industry
Based in Maryville, Tennessee,
Aircel is a multi-industry
manufacturing leader. Aircel’s
and beverage, automotive,
production, PET market,
breathing air, pneumatic
instrumentation, and more.
Designed for maximum energy savings, the Aircel AHLD E-Series dryers are reliable, fully automatic, heatless desiccant dryers with integrated Energy Management System for purge reduction. Each model combines innovative engineering and technically advanced, highly durable components to produce the most reliable heatless dryers available on the market.
The Aircel Programmable Controller (APC) provides complete, reliable control of the system with text descriptions of each step in the sequence of operation.
The AHLD E-Series reliable operation and robust valving requires virtually no user adjustment or maintenance. Our precision engineered components and design deliver outstanding service life and operational durability.
For ease of installation, ultimate dryer protection, and downstream customer process protection, the AHLD E-Series comes complete with standard filtration system consisting of inlet coalescing pre-filter with automatic drain and outlet particulate after filter with manual drain.
AHLD E-Series Heatless Dryer Heatless Desiccant Dryer 70 - 8,000 scfm
• Heatless adsorption produces continuous low dew point without heat and dew point spikes at switchover. This provides a simple, reliable, and cost-effective compressed air dryer system.
• Integrated Energy Management System maximizes your return on investment by delivering significant energy savings even during various loads and air demands.
• A relative humidity sensor with light and alarm is included in the middle of each tower to maintain dew point.
AHLD Series At a Glance
The Aircel Programmable Controller (APC) with Energy Management System (EMS) is standard on the AHLD E-Series dryer systems. This EMS, or demand cycle control system, reduces purge air and optimizes dryer performance by monitoring the moisture at the mid portion of the tower desiccant bed. This allows for quick response to moisture changes while maintaining the low outlet dew point.
The control system automatically adjusts the regeneration cycle, maintaining outlet dew point and extending the drying cycle during periods of lower loading. Switching is less frequent, reducing dryer maintenance and fully utilizing desiccant capacity. This addition improves reliability and performance while sustaining the low outlet dew point. The end result is an overall purge reduction and significant energy savings.
• Integrated Energy Management System maximizes your return on investment by delivering significant energy savings during varying loads and air demands.
• Constant mid-bed desiccant humidity monitoring ensures a low outlet dew point throughout cycle.
• Controller displays energy savings (hours), cycle modes (dryer operation) and alarm conditions.
• Outlet dew point selection and dew point displayed (provided with outlet dew point monitoring option)
Energy Management Made Standard
90% 80% 70% 60% 50% 40% 30% 20% 10% 0%
En er
gy S
av in
AHLD E-Series | Standard Features Tower Pressure Gauges Large, easy-to-read 3.5” diameter dial
Inlet Valves Highly reliable, long-life, and consistent operation designed to reduce seal wear and leakage. Models up to 750 scfm have automatic piston valves. Models 1000 and up utilize high performance butterfly valves.
Regulated and Filtered Pilot Air Ensures reliable pneumatic control operation
Mounted Pre and After Filter • 1 micron pre-filter with
automatic condensate drain • 5 micron outlet after filter with
manual drain
enclosure • Power On/Off switch and light • Dryer operation status, alarms,
and energy savings displayed • Electrical panel UL 508A rated • Keypad push button
LED Tower Operation Indicates sequence of operation (drying and regenerating) for towers
Pilot Solenoid Highly reliable and long lasting
Outlet Valves Highly reliable, long-life, and consistent operation designed to reduce seal wear and leakage. Models up to 750 scfm have automatic piston valves. Models 1000 and up utilize check valves.
Thermal Relief Valves ASME UV stamped set at 200 psi for models below 750 scfm; 150 psi for models above 1,000 scfm
Desiccant Fill Port For easy desiccant replacement of premium grade activated alumina with high moisture capacity
Energy Management System Monitors mid-bed humidity, saving energy by extending drying times and reducing overall regeneration purge
ASME Carbon Steel Vessels with High Efficiency, Premium Grade Desiccant • Below 750 scfm: 200 psi at 450°F • Above 1000 scfm: 150 psi at
Desiccant Drain Port For easy desiccant removal
Purge Exhaust Mufflers For low noise with built-in safety relief valve
Purge Exhaust Valves Highly durable valve. Models up to 1,250 scfm have angle-body piston valves. Models above 1,500 scfm have high performance butterfly valves
Rugged Steel Frame Mounted on durable platform
• Remote start/stop control
• Stainless steel desiccant supports and air diffusers to prevent channeling
• Counter current regeneration, upflow drying, and downflow depressurization
• 3/16” premium grade F200 activated alumina high capacity desiccant for pressure dew point performance
• Easy installation with single point connection for electrical supply power and inlet/outlet air connections
• Dry relay contact alarm for remote indication of system alarms
• Adjustable (5 & 10 minute) NEMA cycle
• Standard communication through RS-232/RS-485 combo port
• All pneumatic control package (no electricity required)
• Various configurations of pre-piped filters and bypass valve packages
• Failure to switch alarm using pressure transducers (monitors for correct vessel pressure during dryer operation, energizes alarm if incorrect)
• Outlet dew point monitoring
• Optional communications: Profibus-DP, AS-I, CANpen, DeviceNet, and Ethernet
• High pressure dryer system up to 7,000 psig
• NEMA 7 explosion-proof electrical classification (class 1, division 2, group C and D)
Standard Features Optional Equipment
AHLD Dryer Configurations & Options
Critical Dew Point Series (CDP) · The CDP Series provide an
ultra-low -100°F outlet dew point in a heatless, regenerative
desiccant dryer. Designed to ensure low dew point for critical
applications such as semi-conductors, cryogenics, and medical
and marine-grade industrial paint (UV resistant outdoor,
caustic resistant paint) applied with the Aircel Premium Paint
PSI heatless dryer series combines the reliability and efficiency
of the AHLD, plus a maximum pressure rating of 300 psig and
a maximum working pressure of 270 psig.
Dew Point -40°F -100°F -40°F -40°F
Energy Management System Standard √ X √ Optional
Electrical Enclosure NEMA 4 NEMA 4 NEMA 4X NEMA 4
Optional All Pneumatic Control √ √ √ √
Control Air and Instrument Tubing Nylon Nylon 304 Stainless Steel 304 Stainless Steel
ISO 8573.1 Air Class 2.2.2 2.1.2 2.2.2 2.2.2
Paint Alkyd Enamel Alkyd Enamel Epoxy, Maritime Alkyd Enamel
A ft
e r
F il
te r
• Compressed air flows through the pre-filter to remove oil and then enters the on-line Tower 1 through valve (A).
• Air moves upward, where the desiccant removes moisture from the air stream. The majority of clean, dry compressed air exits valve (B) and cycles through the after filter to then flows downstream.
• During the drying process, a small amount of the clean air exiting valve (B) travels to Tower 2 (shown in regeneration mode) to assist in the regeneration process.
• To regenerate Tower 2, valve (C) opens and the tower is depressurized to near atmospheric pressure. The air flowing from valve (B) moves down the tower, removing moisture from the desiccant bed. Once it travels to the bottom of Tower 2, it exits the tower through valve (C) and the exhaust muffler to ambient.
• Once Tower 2 is fully regenerated, valve (C) will close, repressurizing Tower 2 to line pressure with the slight airflow coming through valve (B).
• Next, valve (D) will open to depressurize Tower 1 and valve (A) will switch (not pictured), directing wet incoming air to Tower 2 for drying while Tower 1 is regenerating the desiccant bed.
• This process will repeats continuously every 5 minutes unless the Energy Management System is extending drying time period during low load conditions to a maximum of 30 minutes each cycle. The Energy Management System continually monitors the mid-bed humidity level in the drying tower to save energy by extending the drying cycle (up to 30 minutes).
AHLD E-Series | How It Works
AHLD E-Series | Specifications
Capacity Correction Factors
* For inlet temperature above 100°F, molecular sieve desiccant is required.
Dimensions (in.)
AHLD-70 E 70
AHLD-100 E 100 1” NPT 490 75 30 24
AHLD-150 E 150 1” NPT 560 75 30 24
AHLD-200 E 200 1-1/2” NPT 800 85 34 24
AHLD-250 E 250 1-1/2” NPT 870 85 34 24
AHLD-300 E 300 1-1/2” NPT 990 86 46 30
AHLD-350 E 350 2” NPT 1,020 87 46 30
AHLD-450 E 450 2” NPT 1,140 87 46 30
AHLD-500 E 500 2” NPT 1,250 89 50 30
AHLD-600 E 600 2” NPT 1,450 89 50 30
AHLD-750 E 750 2” NPT 1,850 90 50 30
AHLD-1000 E 1,000 3” FLG 2,800 94 66 40
AHLD-1250 E 1,250 3” FLG 4,000 98 70 40
AHLD-1500 E 1,500 3” FLG 4,600 99 70 40
AHLD-2000 E 2,000 4” FLG 5,800 109 82 50
AHLD-2500 E 2,500 4” FLG 7,800 120 109 65
AHLD-3000 E 3,000 4” FLG 9,200 120 118 65
AHLD-3500 E 3,500 6” FLG 9,900 120 120 70
AHLD-4000 E 4,000 6” FLG 10,900 120 128 70
AHLD-4500 E 4,500 6” FLG 12,100 120 128 70
AHLD-5000 E 5,000 6” FLG 13,200 131 138 80
AHLD-6000 E 6,000 6” FLG 15,800 131 138 80
AHLD-7000 E 7,000 8” FLG 17,700 156 148 97
AHLD-8000 E 8,000 8” FLG 19,300 164 150 97
Capacity rated in accordance with CAGI ADF 200 @ 100 psig, 100°F inlet, 100°F ambient and a PDP of -40°F
Operating pressure: 60 to 180 psig (models 70 - 750); 60 - 135 psig (models 1,000 - 8,000)
Ambient air temperature: 38°F to 120°F
Inlet air temperature: 40°F to 120°F
For larger capacities, higher pressures, and custom dryer options, please contact an Aircel factory representative
* For inlet pressure above 135 (models 1,000+), consult factory.
Drain Valve
Drain Valve
Recommended Installation
Inlet Temperature (°F) 70 80 90 100 105* 110* 115* 120*
Correction Factor 1.2 1.15 1.1 1 0.9 0.8 0.7 0.6
Correction Factors for Differing Inlet Air Temperature (C1)
System Pressure (psig) 60 70 80 90 100 110 120 130 140 150
Correction Factor 0.65 0.73 0.82 0.91 1 1.09 1.18 1.27 1.35 1.44
Correction Factors for Differing System Air Pressure (C2)
To Size the Dryer Capacity for Actual Conditions Adjusted Capacity = scfm x C1 x C2 Example: Dryer Model: AHLD-100 Standard Capacity: 100 scfm Actual Operating Conditions: 100°F inlet temperature: C1 = 1 120 psig system pressure: C2 = 1.8
Adjusted Capacity: 100 scfm x (1 x 1.8) = 118 scfm
Adjusted Capacity = scfm / (C1 x C2) Example: Given Flow: 350 scfm Actual Operating Conditions: 100°F inlet: C1 = 1 120 psig system pressure: C2 = 1.18
Adjusted Capacity: 350 scfm / (1 x 1.18) = 297 scfm Selected Dryer Model: AHLD-300
To Size the Dryer Model for Actual Conditions
323 Crisp Circle · Maryville, TN 37801 | office: 865-681-7066 | [email protected]
Please visit us at airceldryers.com

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