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Date post:29-Jul-2018
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  • Desiccant Air Dryers

    The light weight modular design of the new dryer

    series brings a whole new concept in compressed air

    technology, offering a total installation flexibility to

    meet specific needs.

    Drytec new modular desiccant dryers are less than

    the half the weight and the size of a traditional twin

    tower, allowing even the largest models to be easily

    moved through a standard doorway.

    Drytec innovative modular air dryers are easier and

    more affordable than ever. They deliver high-quality

    compressed air wherever its needed.

    Drytec modular desiccant dryers are designed to be

    located in clean and nice environments without any


    Offered in a wide range of sizes from 5 to 400 m/h(3

    to 240scfm) with the dew points of 40C to 70C,

    they are packed with everything you need, requiring

    only air inlet/outlet connections.

    Drytec proudly offers one of the lowest pressure drop

    desiccant dryer in the world by the help of highly

    engineered inlet valve and purge manifold design.

    Small footprint, lightweight, advanced compact


    Corrosion protected aluminum construction

    Hassle-free, reliable electronic controls

    Can be floor, bench or wall mounted

    Quite enough to be placed in any environment

    Easy installation, easy maintenance

    Modular Heatless Dryers

  • Technical specifications

    Various application options

    Modular desiccant air dryers can be mounted to the wall by

    the help of the mounting brackets to save ground space. They

    can also be fixed to the ground very easily.

    PLC monitor

    The mini PLC is very user friendly and shows the working action.

    An alarm signal or remote control is

    available thanks to an easy access plug

    below the dryer.

    Dew point control

    Dew point dependent switching is

    available as an option

    Drytec S.A. Rue de Clrembault, 17 B-4031 Angleur Tel: +32 43675243 Fax: +32 43670805 [email protected]

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