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Date post: 19-Jun-2015
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unsung female social entrepreneur
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  • 1. SALONI MALHOTRA: An engineer from the University of Pune, Saloni Malhotra is the Founder of DesiCrew Solutions Pvt Ltd. She started her career in an interactive media start up, Web Chutney in Delhi. The Rural BPO concept was started-off as a project under the mentorship of Dr. Ashok Jhunjhunwala at TeNeT group, IIT Madras in Jan 2005. Saloni's work with DesiCrew has been featured in leading newspapers and magazines across the globe such as Business Week, Business Today, The Economic Times, Fast Company and The Hindu amongst others. She has been nominated for Business Week Asia's Best Youngest Entrepreneurs, MTV Youth Icon 2008, E&Y Entrepreneur of the Year 2008 and also facilitated in the presence of the President of India by the CII. She is the recipient of FICCIs Best Women Social

2. HISTORY OF DESICREW 3. BUILDING FROM THE GROUD UP: This pioneering model started off as an incubate of IIT-Chennais Rural Technology Business Incubator (RTBI) in 2005. DesiCrew Solutions Pvt. Ltd was spun off as a commercial entity in early 2007, as means of addressing a pain point the industry was facing. While doing so they also focused on providing meaningful livelihood to rural & semi-urban India through socially responsible business process outsourcing. Currently, we employ over 130 people across 5 centres in the state of Tamil Nadu. 4. BUSINESS MODEL The DesiCrew rural delivery model is: a network of micro-centres strategically selected across rural and semi-urban locations. professionally run with a 25 seat facility working in 2 shifts to provide back-end services to global clients. Locations identified in territories with a population in the range of 10 to 100 thousand. The workforce built up by training the educated but under employed. 5. BENEFITS OF THIS MODEL Creation of computer based/ knowledge related jobs in communities where there are no similar jobs. Lower attrition rates for the industry, as people are less inclined to leave their jobs given the improved quality of life and option of staying with their families. Lower costs for clients as overheads at these centres are far cheaper as compared to the urban counterparts. 6. SERVICES PROVIDED DesiCrew Business Model offers a full umbrella of services. This model leverages people, processes and technology to deliver global service standards across various verticals - Insurance, Market Research, Internet & Mobile, E-Governance, and the Social Sector. 7. Our Insurance segment offerings include: Digitization - Scanning and Data Entry New Business set-up Mailroom activities Market Research Services: Digitization Translation Transcription Secondary Research 8. Our internet & mobile services strategically supplement ongoing needs like: Website monitoring Beta testing of web products Live chat responses Generate, Populate and Moderate content Localization of web products Our technology driven services for EGovernance include: Digitization Translation Transcription Project Management 9. Various services that organizations can opt for in the developmental sector include: Digitization Translation Transcription Secondary Research Project Management 10. Vision & Quality Charter Vision To expand economic geographic boundaries by leveraging local talent pools to provide a competitive advantage to customers. 11. Quality Charter Everyday they will: Meet and exceed our customers quality expectations. Respond and deliver within the time frame we have committed to our customer. Derive pride and happiness by ensuring our customers are happy. Do better than what we did yesterday. Accomplish this ethically and with the lowest possible cost. 12. DESICREW ADVANTAGEOur hybrid-model is a source of relatively low cost, customercentric, quality focused and socially responsible business process outsourcing that provides meaningful livelihood to educated people of rural & semi-urban India. As the Indian domestic market expands to semi-urban and rural markets, we are able to offer prospective clients a cost effective and culturally specific back-end platform to service customers. For this reason, our holistic approach to business generates and will continue to generate financial and social returns for all of our stakeholders. 13. SOCIAL IMPACT It has a potential for greater impact as approximately 70% of Indias population resides in rural areas This mission is focused in harnessing the business model for generating wealth in the rural economy rather than extracting wealth from the rural areas. Desicrew aims at creating knowledge jobs by outsourcing to educated but socially ,economically and geographically disadvantaged Indians. 14. BENEFITS OF EMPLOYEMENT AT DESICREW increase in income level provided basic sustenance spiked investment in homes as well as higher education higher confidence levels greater aspiration for the futureAll these factors have encouraged rural workers to stay rural thereby initiating a trend of reverse migration. 15. In the coming year we are looking to expand our workforce to 1000 employees across different states of India. Continuing this expansion year on year, we would like to establish ourselves as the preferred BPO of leading companies across all verticals in which we work. Moving ahead we also plan on increasing our scope of work with the newly created "DesiCrew Foundation." The DesiCrew Foundation funds various initiatives like social impact assessment, marketing of the rural BPO model, stock-sharing and benefits for employees, the community service events, etc. 16. CHARACTERISTICS Risk taker. Focused at maximizing profit by minimizing cost. Had the vision to see and make the best use of available human resource. Fulfilled her corporate social responsibility.