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Designing of digital text books

Date post: 14-Feb-2017
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What is a digital textbook?

Adigital textbookis a digital book ore-bookintended to serve as the text for a class.

Advantages to digital textbooksoffer lower costs

easier to monitor student progress

easier and cheaper to update

offer the opportunity for students to access multimedia content.

offer a different or better learning experience.

offer better access to quality texts.

offer improved access to textbooks for student with disabilities.

Disadvantages of Digital textbooks

the transition to e-textbooks is costly, complex and controversial.

Students express a strong preference for printed materials.

device access

digital literacy

teaching methods

Behind the ScenesAn eBook expert consults with the books publisher to determine which interactive digital publishing platform is best suited for the titles content.

The four most popular platforms are: Inkling iBooks Author Adobe DPS Custom HTML5 Solutions & EPUB3

The publications subject matter and content type is an important determinant in selecting the appropriate platform. Each introduces different production considerations.

Examples of different publication types include: Medical Practice, Medical Education, Nursing Guides Science, Health, Social StudiesForeign Language, Arts Novels, Periodicals, Journals, Magazines, Travel Guides, Cookbooks, etc.

Producing a quality interactive eBook is a detailed process that requires honed methodologies and the collaboration of a team of experts including content architects, instructional and interactive designers, CSS experts, HTML5 experts, and digital testers.

A Three-Phase ProcessEditorial and Design Analysis

Digital Composition and Development

Testing and QA (Quality Assurance)

Editorial and Design Analysis

begins with the creation of a sample chapter

including a page layout and style guide

what type of interactivities will be employed,

2) Digital Composition and DevelopmentHTML5 coders build and program all interactive elements based on the storyboards from the Editorial and Design Analysis phase.

3) Testing and QA (Quality Assurance)Proofreading of the digital contentensure that all of the appropriate content was transferred

interactivities incorporated in the right places.

Cross-platform testing is also done