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Date post:27-May-2020
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  • Desktop Virtualization: The Next Big Thing?

    Poh Wah Lee

    Regional Consulting Manager, Asia South

    6th November 2008

  • Is Desktop Virtualization the Next Big Thing?

    What’s drivingthe change ?

    Technology Evolution:VDI to VMware View

  • Success & Momentum of Virtualization in Data Center





    46%Standardizing on

    VMware Infrastructure

    Default Server Policy

    Most New Production

    ServersSome New Production


    Low-Risk, Non-critical Apps

    Physical servers will double over the next two years and number of virtual machines will grow by 150%

    Limited to Testing &


    At this point, which best describes the role of server virtualization in your IT infrastructure?

  • Non-hardware/software costs dominatetotal PC costs

    Hardware and software make up less than30% of total PC total cost of ownership

    Source: Gartner Research

    Physical Desktop TCO

    The Realities of Today’s Enterprise Desktop

    Desktops are Enterprise Infrastructure

    As distributed end-points, desktops are hardest to secure, manage and maintain

    Enterprise IT is faced with a massive desktop refresh cycle (called “Vista”)

    IT budgets are still under pressure

  • What is driving the change ?

  • Apply Virtualization to the Desktop

    Transform the DesktopOS and apps are decoupled from the physical device

    Desktops run as virtual machines in secure data center

    Transform static desktop to a stateless virtual desktop

    Connect to virtual desktop from thick or thin clients

  • VMware VDI Solution Overview

    Extended Win32 client

    Browser on Linux, Mac

    Direct from thin clients



    Windows XPWindows Vista

    Optional integration with RSA SecurID

    Automated provisioning and desktop management

    DMZ deployment option

    Integrated solution including:VMware VI3 Enterprise

    Virtual Desktop Manager 2.1

  • Centralized Management

    User Experience

    Client Virtualization

    Evolution: From VDI to VMware View

    Provide a rich, reliable, universally accessible end-user desktop experience while providing greater administrative security,

    management and control through virtualization.

  • VMware View® OverviewBuild the Desktop of Tomorrow, Today

    View Manager



    Linux / Partner Clients



    Additional Connectivity

    Blade PCs

    Terminal Servers

    Physical PCs

  • Offline View: Best User Experience

    An offline desktop is a VMware hosted virtual machine wrapped in a security and manageability layer.

    Offline View enables designated end-users to relocate their Virtual Machines to a local physical computer – and back.

    Enables administrators to extend the security and encryption policies of the data center to the end-users local computer.

    Full experience for end-users with high latency environments or heavy multi-media requirements.

    Can out perform any protocol on the market.

  • Offline View Demo

  • Traditional VDI VDI using Linked Clones

    Using snapshots and writable clones

    Master Image

    View Composer (Using Linked Clones)

  • Image Management and Separation

    View Composer combines two virtual disks

    Highly Managed OS Disk

    Reduce provisioning time enabling creation on-the-fly

    Roll out updates and patches by creating a new snapshot

    User Data Disk

    Persistent disk to store user data and settings

    OS and user disks can be on different storage

    View + User Data Disks

    Storage 1 Storage 2

  • Managing Patches and Updates

    Users Currently on XP SP1


  • SP2

    Generate an Updated Snapshot

    Administrator creates new master image (SP2)

  • View Composer Demo

  • Unified Access

    Provide secure connection to other platforms

    Terminal Servers

    Blade PCs

    Physical PCs

    Load balancing of multiple Terminal Servers

    Monitoring and auditing within the connection broker

    Blade PCs

    Terminal Servers

    Physical PCs

  • Virtual Printing

    Join local printers without requiring the installation of third party drivers in the guest.

    Provide compression of print jobs while maintaining quality

    Leverage a complete feature set with advanced printers

    Two-sided printing

    Complex tray configurations

  • User Experience

    Increased support for multi-media redirection of customer critical codecs – more coming.



    MPEG-4 part2

    WMV 7/8/9




    MMR reduces the CPU utilization

    USB Redirection

    Remote User experience

  • View Protocol & Desktop Experience

    • High Latency/lower bandwidth

    • “Productive”desktop


    • Deliver via client hypervisor or caching appliance

    • Rich portable desktop


    • High speed• Full 3D/Multimedia


  • Users

    vClient: Simplifying desktop complexity with virtualization





    Thin Client

    Notebook PC

    Smart Phone

    Client virtualization

  • Evolution: From VDI to VMware View™

    Server Based Management

    � VMware View Composer for storage reduction and updating

    � VMware View Manager support for non-virtual platforms

    PC User Experience

    � Support for multiple partner protocols:

    � Codevelopmentwith Teradici

    � HP RGS

    � Wyse MMR

    � Sun AIP/ALP

    � Improved 3D graphics with client virtualization

    Universal Clients

    � Client virtualization layer for device independence

    � Seamless management along side VDI users

    � Extending to mobile devices

  • Future of Client Computing


    The future of client computing

    • IT managers faced with complexity: desktops vsnotebooks, Windows vs Mac, Win32 apps vs web apps

    • Users want their desktop to follow them, not the device

    • IT needs to provide centralized management for all desktops

    • VDI is the first step towards the universal client

  • Is Desktop Virtualization the Next Big Thing?


  • More Information on VMware VDI:http://www.vmware.com/products/vdi/

    More Information on VMware ThinApp:http://www.vmware.com/products/vdi/thinapp/

    Download and Evaluate Solution:www.vmware.com/download/vdi/

    Use the VMware VDI TCO calculator:http://www.vmware.com/calculator/

    VMware Professional Services OfferingsJumpstart workshops providing onsite proof-of-concept and knowledge transfer for VDI or ThinApp

    Custom service engagements to plan, design, and implement virtual desktop deployments

    Next Steps VMware View®

  • Q&A

    Poh Wah LeeRegional Consulting Manager, Asia [email protected]

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