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Destination Bremen

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Bremen is one of three Stadtstaaten (city-states). On Weser River, northern Germany, harbor to North Sea 1200 years of culture and history The smallest state at 663,129 people. Destination Bremen. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation
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Destination Bremen Bremen is one of three Stadtstaaten (city-states). On Weser River, northern Germany, harbor to North Sea 1200 years of culture and history The smallest state at 663,129 people
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Destination Bremen Bremen is one of three

Stadtstaaten (city-states).

On Weser River, northern Germany, harbor to North Sea

1200 years of culture and history

The smallest state at 663,129 people

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Our 5-Star Accommodations

The Swissotel Bremen is the most luxurious hotel in the region and is in the heart of the city for easy access to all of our activities.

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Altmarkt (Old Town) District

Bremen was a leading member of the Hanseatic League of Cities—a wealthy European trade alliance.

In the main square of the Altmarkt stands the Statue of Roland. The Knight Roland was considered the protector of trade and appeared in many Hanseatic cities.

Bremen’s statue, perhaps the best, belongs to UNESCO’s World Heritage List.

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Rathaus Bremen (Town Hall)

Gothic architecture, built from 1405-1410

Renaissance façade added in 1608.

One of the most exquisite town halls in all of Europe.

Belongs to UNESCO’s World Heritage List

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The Knight Roland A symbol of freedom and

prosperity His medieval story is told in the

11th century epic poem, The Song of Roland.

Unique to Bremen’s statue: at his feet is a cripple, a tribute to the tragic saga of the pious Countess Emma of Lesum.

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Dom Sankt Petri (Cathedral of St. Peter)est. 1041

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Die Bremer Stadtmusikanten (The Town Musicians of Bremen) One of various

renditions found throughout the city, the story of the Town Musicians, a quartet of a donkey, a dog, a cat, and a rooster, is told by the Brothers Grimm. Fearing for their lives, the animals flee their homeland to find freedom in Bremen.

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The Schnoor Viertel (Bremen’s old town) Long, narrow winding

streets between 15th and 16th century houses and businesses

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Die Böttcherstrasse

Between 1922-1931, Ludwig Roselius, a coffee merchant who invented decaffeinated coffee, constructed this hub of pleasure, commerce, art, and culture—ideal for tourist and locals.

Bremen Casino, Roselius House & Paula Modersohn-Becker museums

Craft demonstrations by the guild: goldsmiths, glassblowing, jewelry, ceramics, textiles, wood.

Shopping: maritime gifts, tea & wine, Scandanavian glass, dolls.

Check it out!! http://www.boettcherstrasse


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The City of Culture

There is an abundance and diversity of museums, bu let’s walk through the Kunsthalle Bremen. Perhaps you have never seen a Fine Arts exhibit.


The Musical Theater Bremen features contemporary productions while Das Glocke—The Concert Hall—thrives on the traditional.

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Events and Entertainment at the AWD Dome Bremen

Capacity of 14,000 is top 10 in Germany.

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The City of Science: The Science Center at Universum Bremen Bremen not only is a

leader in several fields of science, they can also put on a good show. The Science Center is a thrilling sensory experience of man, earth and cosmos.


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The City of Science: Bremen’s new legacy The Klimahaus in

Bremerhaven is the first exhibition devoted to climate and climate change.


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Die Schlachte Promenade

Let’s get outside. Journey on the Schiff Bremen down the Weser through the popular park-like Schlachte Promenade, see the Maritim Museum and join the Festival Maritim.


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Blockland: auf dem Land (in the country)

With a village-like setting of only 400 residents, the quiet farmland of Blockland along the Wümme River is one of the most popular places in all of Bremen because Germans love to take long walks or bicycle rides in the country.

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Cuisine Sampler

Most unique of Bremen dishes, Labskaus is an old sailor dish with mashed potatoes, corned beef, egg, onion, and beet root.

Served at Becks im Schnoor Recipe:


We could eat at the Ratskeller, which has the largest selection of German wines in Germany, but let’s plan on Beck’s, and I mean plan. They want to know what you want four days in advance! Check out menu.


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One last hurrah!

I have never wanted to be an urbanite, but for this city founded by Charlemagne, which has been a commercial, cultural, and scientific leader since its inception, I might reconsider. Want more? You can walk street by street through the city in this panorama. Take one last look around: http://www.bremen.de/sixcms/detail.php?id=8627339&_hauptid=551441

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Page 21: Destination Bremen

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