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Diaspora Matters

Date post:02-Jan-2016
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Diaspora Matters. Diaspora Matters. connect . create . collaborate. of Today. Objectives. The Economist. 4 Big Questions. Answer. Diaspora Capital. Origins of Diaspora. Why Diaspora Matters?. www.diasporamatters.com. Role of Migrants. Social Capital. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation
  • Objectives

    of Today

  • *The Economist

  • 4 Big Questions

  • Answer

  • Diaspora Capital

  • *Origins of Diaspora

  • * www.diasporamatters.comWhy Diaspora Matters?

    World Bank - Hierarchy of Diaspora ImpactKnowledge and Innovation NetworksInstitutional DevelopmentInvestmentDonationsRemittances


    Role of Migrants www.diasporamatters.com

    *Role of Migrants

  • Social Capital

  • Why Networking is now so important

  • Connect with Kingsley Aikins

    Kingsley Aikins on LinkedIn

    [email protected]



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