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DID JESUS NAME THE ANTI-CHRIST? - Media Spotlight He was say ing, “I saw Satan fall, just as light...

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  • Mak ing the rounds through the Internet is a short videosug gest ing that Je sus named the anti-Christ through Hisstatement recorded in Luke 18:10: I be held Sa tan as light -ning fall from Heaven. The cryp tic ex pla na tion rests upon theprem ise that, although re corded Greek, Jesus would have beenspeak ing Ar a maic and/or He brew. There fore, we must look at theHe brew words that would have been used in Je sus state ment. Thenar ra tor then takes us to two He brew texts to sort out what Je suswas say ing. The first is Psalms 144:6: Cast forth light ning andscat ter them: shoot out thine ar rows, and de stroy them (KJV).

    The sec ond is Isa iah 14:14, quot ing Lu cifer: I will as cend above the heights of the clouds; I will be like the most High (KJV).

    The key words in these two He brew texts are light ning inPsalms 144:6 and the heights or Heaven in Isa iah 14:14.

    The He brew word for light ning is keyed by Strongs Con cor -dance num ber 1300: baraq. The He brew word for the heightsis keyed by Strongs num ber 1116: bawmaw.

    We are then to use the He brew con junc tion vau whichmay be trans lit er ated as u or o, and which the nar ra tor says is com monly used to con nect two con cepts. Putting them togetherwe are told that Je sus said, I be held Sa tan as Baraq o Bawmawor, I be held Sa tan as Barack Obama.

    The nar ra tor con cludes: Did Je sus re veal to us the name ofthe anti-Christ? I re port; you de cide.

    The re sponses to this video range from shock, to dis be lief,to scoff ing. Might many Chris tians take this as a Bi ble Code af -fir ma tion that se cretly con firms Barack Obama as the anti-Christ? Cer tainly the nar rator seems to think so, though he does -nt give a de fin i tive answer, leav ing it up to the viewer to de cide.

    So lets take a look at what is sug gested. First, the nar ra tor iscor rect that Je sus did not speak Greek, but, in all like li hood, Hespoke Ar a maicand pos si bly He brew. But Ar a maic was not anan cient form of He brew as much as it was a hy brid lan guage thatin cor po rated He brew with Phoe ni cian, a Canaanite lan guage ofthat era. Its or i gins go back 3,000 years, and it was the com monlan guage of Is rael dur ing the Sec ond Tem ple Pe riod (539 B.C. toA.D. 70). Ac cord ing to ex perts Ar a maic is the Se mitic subfamilyto the Afroasiatic lan guage fam ily. The produc ers of the videocor rected this in an up dated ver sion.

    If, as sur mised by his to ri ans, Je sus spoke Ar a maic, then itwas not pure He brew. But that is just a mi nor aside to this wholeis sue. The fact re mains that in He brew the words trans lit er atedfrom Greek in Luke 10:18 could be as stated in this video.

    However, it would be help ful to look at the KJV syn tax for thestate ment and com pare it to mod ern Amer i can Eng lish syn tax.Where the KJV says, I be held Sa tan as light ning fall ing fromheaven, apply ing mod ern syn tax we would say, I saw Satan fall ingfrom Heaven like light ning. So Je sus was nt say ing I saw Sa tan aslight ning or I saw Sa tan as baraq. Rather, He was say ing, I sawSatan fall, just as light ning falls from the heav ens.

    The word for the heav ens as the at mo sphere, the heav ens asin ter stel lar space, and Heaven as the abode of God, are the samein Greek: ouranos. It is var i ously trans lated in the KJV as air,heaven, heav enly, and sky. Light ning falls from the at mo -sphere, but Sa tan fell from Heaven, Gods abode. Yet he is nowin the heav ens as the prince of the power of the air (Ephe sians2:2). Je sus was tell ing His dis ci ples that He saw Sa tan fall ingfrom Heaven just as light ning falls from the heav ens.

    How does light ning fall from the heav ens? It is so quicklythat it ap pears as a solid light ning bolt rather than as a shaft of lightun fold ing from the sky in steps and trav el ing to the earth. Lightis pure en ergy, the fast est-traveling el e ment known to man, mov -ing at 186,000 miles per sec ond. The anal ogy sug gests that Sa -tans sin caused him to fall rap idly from Heaven.

    Admit tedly, the He brew does al low for co in ci dence in us ing the words baraq and bawmaw, par tic u larly if we fol low the in -struc tions to in sert the con junc tion vau or o be tween the two.But is such co in ci dence suf fi cient to draw the con clu sion thatMr. Obama is the proph e sied anti-Christ for the last days? Hardly.

    There is also the ques tion, from where will anti-Christ arise? There is noth ing in Scrip ture to de fin i tively state that he willcome from any where other than the Mid dle East, spe cif i callyfrom the na tions that sur round Is rael. I am aware that someproph esy teach ers tell us that he will come from Rus sia, orSyria, or will be a false Jew ish mes siah. But there is noth ing clearlystated in Scrip ture to sup port any of these claims. How ever,there are good rea sons to be lieve he will be a Mus lim. But firstwe must set the stage:DANIELS PROPHECY

    Dan iels proph ecy re gard ing the sev enty weeks or seven-year pe ri ods, which re fer to the 490 years of Gods deal ing withIsrael, de tail the rise and fall of world rul ers dur ing that time.The 490 years are de scribed in seg ments as seven weeks, or 49years, fol lowed by 62 weeks, or 434 years which will cul minate in Mes siah be ing killed (Dan iel 9:26). Af ter that, the peo ple of theprince that will come (Ro man em peror Vespasian fol lowed byhis gen eral Ti tus) shall de stroy the city and the sanc tu ary.andin the mid dle of the (70th) week he will cause the sac ri fice and the obla tion to cease (Dan iel 9:27).

    Hav ing ad dressed the time of the end, this vi sion con cern -ing Is rael leaps ahead in time, ig nor ing for the most part thetimes of the Gentiles. Dan iel then de scribes a person age thatfits the de scrip tion of a com ing anti-Christ:

    Nei ther will he re gard the god [elohiym: gods] of his fa thers,nor the de sire of women, nor re gard any gods, for he shall mag -nify him self above all.


  • But in his es tate he will honor the god of forces, and a godwhom his fa thers did not know he will honor with gold, andsil ver, and with pre cious stones, and pleas ant things.

    Thus he will do in the most strong for ti fi cations with astrange god whom he will ac knowl edge and in crease with glory,and he will rule over many, and will di vide the land for gain.

    These pas sages de scribe the 16th-century Mus lim Ca liph OsmanIbn Affan, and the rise of the Ot to man Em pire which has left itsmark on most of the old Ro man Empire. Like his prophet Mu -ham mad, Ibn Affan did not honor the gods of his fa thers, but wor -shipped Al lah, a god of forces.

    And at the time of the end the king of the south [Egypt]will push at him, and the king of the north [Syria] will comeagainst him like a whirl wind, with char i ots, and with horse men, and with many ships, and he will en ter into the coun tries, andwill over flow and pass over. He will also en ter into the glo ri ousland, and many countries shall be over thrown, but these shalles cape out of his hand: Edom, and Moab, and the chief of thechil dren of Ammon [pres ent-day Jor dan].

    He will stretch forth his hand also upon the coun tries, andthe land of Egypt shall not es cape.But he will have power over the trea sures of gold and of sil ver, and over all the pre cious things ofEgypt. And the Lib yans and the Ethi o pi ans shall be at his steps.But news out of the east and out of the north shall trou ble him.Therefore he will go forth with great fury to de stroy, and ut terlyto ban many things. And he will plant the ta ber na cles of his pal -ace between the seas in the glo ri ous holy moun tain [Zion], yet heshall come to his end, and no one shall help him.

    The Mus lim Ot toman Em pire at one time ex tended as far as France, and had a strong foot hold in Spain. Today the Otto manEm pire has ceased to ex ist of fi cially, but its Is lamic in flu encesre main. Je ru sa lem was taken by the Ot to mans and re mained inMus lim pos ses sion until the six-day war of 1967 when mod ernIs rael took con trol of the city. To day, one of Is lams most holysitesthe ta berna cle called the Dome of the Rocksits uponthe an cient tem ple mount (Zion), which is be tween the Med i ter -ra nean Sea and the Dead Sea.

    While re search ing this, I felt there had to be an an swer to theis sue of Edom, Moab and Am mon es cap ing out of this princeshand. Ev ery map shows the Ot to man Em pire con trol ling the en -tire Mid dle East. Af ter prayer for un der stand ing whether or not Iwas cor rect in my as sess ment, I hap pened upon the Web site for the na tion of Jor dan, and found this in its his tory:

    The four cen tu ries of Ot to man rule (1516-1918 CE) werea pe riod of gen eral stag na tion in Jor dan. The Ot to mans werepri mar ily in ter ested in Jordan in terms of its im por tance tothe pil grim age route to Mecca al-Mukarrama. They built aseries of square for tressesat Qasr al-Daba, Qasr Qatraneh,and Qalat Hasato pro tect pilgrims from the desert tribesand to pro vide them with sources of food and wa ter. How ever,the Ot toman ad min is tra tion was weak and could not ef fec -tively con trol the Bed ouin tribes. Over the course of Ottoman

    rule, many towns and vil lages were aban doned, ag ri cul turede clined, and fam i lies and tribes moved fre quently fromone vil lage to an other. The Bed ou ins, how ever, re mainedmas ters of the desert, con tin u ing to live much as they had forhun dreds of years.1

    The in flu ence of the Ot to man Em pire in Edom, Moab andAmmon was mi nor, and the peo ple were never really con quered.

    I see good rea son to be lieve that the last-days anti-Christ willbe a Mus lim, pos si bly Turk ish, for sev eral rea sons:

    1) Mus lims wor ship Al lah, a god their an ces tors did not know.Allah was the god of war (a god of forcesor for ti fi ca tions) of thepa gan Arabs in Mecca. He was adopted by Mu ham mad as theonly god. Not de sir ing the de sire of women, Mus lims re gardwomen as chat tel;

    2) Is lam is the great est en emy of Jews and Chris tians to day;3) Turkey is the land of Gog and Magog, which will at tack

    Je ru sa lem at the end of the Millen nium;4) Pergamum in Tur key is called the seat of Sa tan in Rev e -

    lation 2:13;5) Tur key was the cap i tal of the Ot to man Em pire and to day

    unites the Is lamic lands of the East with the Chris tian lands ofEu rope. It is con sid ered both Eu ro pean and Asian;

    6) Tur key is a mod er ate Is lamic nation that finds fa vorwith the West and, at this writ ing, is a strong can di date for in clu -sion in the Eu ro pean Un ion.

    I re al ize this flies in the face of most the o ries which positthat anti-Christ will be a Jew be cause he would have to be ac -cepted as the Mes siah. But there is noth ing in Scrip ture to sug -gest that he will be regarded as Is raels mes siah.

    In view of the Vaticans in ter faith ecu me nism, what bettercoali tion for an anti-Christ un ion could there be than Is lam andRo man Ca thol i cism? The late Pope John Paul II stated that Is lamsAllah is the same God wor shiped by Chris tians. In fact, this isone of the ac cepted max ims of the in ter faith ec u men i cal move -ment. Many nom i nal Chris tians be lieve this lie, and are seek ingunity with Is lam. Ecumenical re li gious ser vices are tak ing placethat join Mus lims, Jews, Chris tians, pa gans, and even devil wor -ship pers in com mon prayer. On the po lit i cal side, these same re -ligious lead ers are tak ing an ec u men i cal stance on be half ofclimate change and en vi ron men tal issues.

    The anti-Christs king dom will be re li gious. Is lam con trols alarge por tion of the old Ro man Em pire, and Ro man Ca thol i -cism is still the pre emi nent re li gion of West ern Eu rope, which issee ing a strong im mi gra tion of Mus lims. With the Church ofEng land mak ing noises that it seeks re uni fi ca tion with Rome, asdoes Lutheranism and the Eastern Or thodox re li gions, there islit tle stand ing in the way of a re vived Ro man-Ottoman religio-po liti cal union. Prince Charles, who may one day be the head ofthe Church of Eng land, has stated that he does not want to beknown as the de fender of the faith, but as the de fender of faithall faith, includ ing Is lam. He has many ties to Is lam even now.

    (Con tinued on page 14)


    1 Kinghussein.gov.jo/his_ottoman.html (December, 2001).

  • Is lam is the fast est grow ing re li gion in the world. Since theSep tem ber 11 at tacks on the World Trade Cen ter, who has been made the vic tim by the gov ern ment and the me dia? Islam.

    We are con stantly fed the lie that Is lam is a re li gion of peace, and that we can co ex ist with it. Well-known pas tors such as BillHybels and Rick War ren have sought di a logue with Mus limlead ers. Hybels had a Muslim imam (holy man) in his pul pitex tol ling Is lams be liefs to the ap plause of his au di ence. By suchac tions these men have de nied the Gos pel of grace through faithin Je sus Christ as the only way to God.

    With all the propaganda in fa vor of Is lam since the at tacks,more peo ple are look ing into Is lam and are adopt ing it in placeof Chris tian ity. As well, fa vor to ward Is lam among Americanssince the Sep tember 11 attack had risen from 45 per cent to 59per cent as quickly as three months later.

    In spite of calls for co-existence the Gos pel is forbidden tobe pro claimed in Is lamic na tions. Over all, Chris tians and Jewshave suf fered more un der Is lam (and Ro man Cathol i cism) thanun der any other ide ol ogy, even Commu nism and Na zism.

    And at that time [the very last days] Mi chael shall stand up, the great prince who stands for the chil dren of your peo ple,and there shall be a time of trou ble such as never was sincethere was a na tion [Is rael] even to that same time. And at thattime your peo ple shall be de liv ered, every one who shall befound writ ten in the book [Is ra el ite be liev ers in Je sus Christ].

    This co in cides with Rev e la tion 12:7-17:

    And there was war in Heaven. Mi chael and his an gelsfought against the dragon. And the dragon fought, and hisan gels, and did not pre vail; nei ther was their place any lon -ger found in Heaven.

    And the great dragon was cast outthat old ser pent, called the Devil, and Sa tan, who de ceives the whole world. Hewas cast into the earth, and his an gels were cast out with him.

    And I heard a loud voice say ing in Heaven, Sal va tion,and strength, and the King dom of our God, and the powerof His Christ have now come, for the ac cuser of our breth -ren is cast down, who ac cused them be fore our God day and night. And they over came him by the blood of the Lamb,and by the word of their tes ti mony, and they loved not theirlives unto the death. There fore re joice, you heav ens, andyou who dwell in them. Woe to the inhabiters of the earthand of the sea! For the devil has come down to you, hav inggreat wrath, be cause he knows that he has but a short time.

    And when the dragon saw that he was cast to the earth heper se cuted the woman who brought forth the man child.And two wings of a great ea gle were given to the woman sothat she might fly into the wil der ness, into her place, whereshe is nourished for a time, and times, and half a time, fromthe face of the ser pent.

    And the ser pent cast out of his mouth wa ter as a flood af -ter the woman so that he might cause her to be car ried awayby the flood. And the earth helped the woman, and theearth opened her mouth and swal lowed up the flood thatthe dragon cast out of his mouth.

    And the dragon was angry with the woman, and went tomake war with the rem nant of her seed who keep the com -mandments of God, and have the testi mony of Je sus Christ.

    If the anti-Christ will be a Mus lim from Tur key or Syria orBab y lon (Iraq), then can he be the pres i dent of the United States?

    Yet fol low ing is an in ter est ing sce nario that could plau si blyde velop. We must not be dog matic about this, and we shouldhold fi nal judg ment un til his tory unfolds to re veal that which issealed up un til the time of the end.

    As much as a large seg ment of the United States pop u lousloudly ac claimed the as cen sion of Barack Obama to the of fice ofpres i dent (a man whose only em ploy ment ex pe ri ence un til be ing elected sen a tor of Il li nois was as a com mu nity ac tiv ist) his pop u -lar ity has slipped dra mat i cally in the short time he has been in of -fice. Yet as his pop u lar ity in the U.S. con tin ues to slide, hispop u lar ity among all other na tions con tinues to rise. What canexplain his be ing nom i nated for the No bel Peace Prize only twoweeks af ter he took of fice, and his be ing elected to re ceive theprize af ter only nine months?

    The United Na tions is look ing to Obama to be the worldleader in im ple ment ing re forms to ad dress the cri sis of climatechange. (This phrase is tak ing the place of global warm ingsince it has been shown that the earth has been go ing through acool ing phase for the past de cade or more in spite of the in crease in so-called greenhouse gases. Now the cri sis is cli mate change,so that no mat ter which way things go, theglob al ists can be right).

    Accord ing to an Oc to ber 26 Seat tle Times re port:

    Global warm ing will never be reined in un less the UnitedStates leads the way, United Na tions Sec re tary-General BanKi-moon said Sunday at the start of a two-day visit to Se attle.

    Ban praised the city for set ting an ex am ple with pol i ciesto re duce green house-gas emis sions, and said such lo cal ini -tia tives help build mo mentum for na tional pol i cies.

    All the world is now look ing to the lead er ship of the UnitedStates and Pres i dent Obama, Ban said in an in ter view.

    Bans ap peal to Obama to lead the world in fight ing cli matechange com ple ments a March 1 ar ti cle in The In spired Economisthead lined, Saint Obama: The Green Mes siah of Cli mateChange. The ar ti clebegins un der a photoof a paint ing (right)titled Saint Obama.San Fran cisco-basedart ist Feroza Unvalade picts Obama witha crown of thornshov er ing over hishead. Emblazoned onhis chest in large let -ters are the words,Great Ex pec ta tions. Says the ar ti cle byReenita Malhotra:

    Envi ron mental -ists, pol i ticians andeco-minded indivi-


    Did Je sus Name The Anti-Christ?(Continued from page 9)

  • duals ev erywhere have be gun to view Pres i dent Obama as anew Green Mes siah. In just a few weeks the Pres i dent has el e -vated the fight against global warm ing to higher lev els ofseriousness. And now the rest of the world is join ing his cause.

    In its own words The In spired Econ o mist (a left-leaning maga -zine de voted to en vi ron men tal change) high lights the in di vid u alsand com pa nies ap ply ing pas sion and in no va tion to eco nomic,so cial, and en vi ron men tal chal lenges.

    Cli mate change will be the ma jor fac tor to bring about total glob al iza tion. In his speech to the United Na tions on Sep tem ber 23, Obama stated that world peace de pends upon environmentalac tion for pres er va tion of our planet.

    Just about ev ery as pect of our lives is con nected to en vi ron -men tal ism: jobs, food, cloth ing, shel ter, trans por ta tion, rec re -ation, en ter tainmentanything that con sumes en ergy can belinked to this cri sis and come un der glob al ist con trol. Ev ery na -tion will sur ren der its sov er eignty for the sake of cli mate change. It isnt nec es sary for the worlds na tions to be melded into a sin -gle na tion. All it takes is co op er a tion on en viron men tal ism tobring about global, cen tral ized con trol over ev ery as pect of life.

    There are many ex am ples of the worlds de i fi ca tion ofObama. On his 100th day in of fice, April 29, there was to be un -veiled in New Yorks Un ion Square Park a paint ing by Mi chaelDAntuono en ti tled, The Truth (be low) de pict ing Obama

    with a crown of thorns, arms out stretched in a cru ci fix ion pose.Be hind him is the seal of the Pres i dent of the United States. Due to a great out pour ing of dis sent, pri mar ily by what the art ist callsthe irate Chris tian Right who mis in ter preted the art as blas -phemy, he pulled the ex hibit. He now re grets hav ing done so,wish ing he had stood firm for his Sec ond Amend ment rights.

    But this is blas phemy. Jesus said that He is the Truth(John 14:6), and that no one can come to the Fa ther ex ceptthrough Him. We have shown in a pre vi ous is sue other pieces ofart that ap peared dur ing the pres i den tial cam paign de pict ingObama as the sav ior of man kind.

    I have thought for some time that Obama might be a can di -date for the glob al ists choice as leader of the world. Should hefail to win a sec ond term, which the cur rent po lit i cal cli mate inthe United States of fers as a dis tinct pos si bil ity, might the worldcleave to him as their choice for Grand Poobah?

    Ac cord ing to the birthers who in sist that Obama is not ana tive-born U.S. cit i zen, there is also the out side pos si bil ity thathe may be foundout as Pre tender to the Throne, hold ing the of -fice of Pres i dent of the United States as a for eign-born alien. The

    re cent on-line post ing of a Ken yan birth cer tif i cate (be low) forBarack Hussein Obama, list ing his re li gion as Mus lim mightseem to prove the birthers cor rect in their as sess ment of his notbe ing con sti tu tion ally qual i fied to be pres i dent.

    This doc u ment has been la beled bo gus by Snopes, Truth orFic tion, and FactCheck, and came on the heels of a truly fakeKenya birth cer tif i cate for Obama. Fol low ing are the rea sons Snopes regards this par tic u lar cer tif i cate as bo gus:

    A different birth certificate had proven a forgery; The city of Mombasa, then technically a part of

    Zanzibar, not Kenya proper, was very far away from thepart of Kenya in which Barack Obama Sr.s family lived;

    In September, 2009, U.S. District Court Judge Clay Land dismissed attorney Orly Taitzs complaint charging thatObama is not a natural-born U.S. citizen, andthreatened to sanction Taitz if she filed any similarlyfrivolous motions in the future. Taitz had offered thebirth certificate shown above as evidence, but it wasdismissed out-of-hand.


    Pur ported birth cer tif i cate show ing Barack Hussein Obama be ing born inMombasa, Brit ish Pro tector ate of Kenya. This cer tif i cate was at testedun der pen alty of per jury as a true copy of the orig i nal by one Lucas DanielSmith in U.S. Dis trict Court for the Central Dis trict of Cal i for nia Santa Ana (South ern) Di vi sion. It was not ac cepted as a valid doc u ment by JudgeClay Land, but Smith has not been charged with perjury. Smith also at -tests that he at tained it by brib ing a Ken yan mil i tary of fi cer on duty tolook the other way, and that this cer tif i cate is under seal be cause Kenya Prime Min is ter Raela Odinga is Barack Obamas cousin.

  • Snopes says that Mombasa was tech ni cally a part of Zan zi bar,which bor ders Kenya to the south. The his tory of Mombasa ischeck ered. Dur ing the time of Brit ish control Zan zi bar in cludedthe islands of Zan zi bar, Pemba, Latham and sur round ing is letsand the o ret i cally it in cluded the coastal strip of Kenya, where the city of Mombasa lay. A 1960 National Geo graphic map showsMombasa situated on the coast of Kenya. The Sul tan of Zan zi barcontrolled Mombasa for a short time, but Mombasa and thecoastal strip of Kenya was handed to the newly in de pend ent gov -ern ment of Kenya as late as 1963.

    Snopes, which has ev i denced a left-leaning bias, is not nec es -sar ily al ways trust wor thy when it co mes to pol i tics. It states in somany words that the Ha wai ian Cer tif i ca tion of Birth proves thatObama was born in the U.S. Fur ther, Snopes re pro duces a seg -ment from the Au gust 13, 1961 edi tion of Ho no lulus Sunday Ad -ver tiser an nounc ing a son born on Au gust 4, 1961 to Mr. andMrs. Barack H. Obama of 6085 Kalanianaole Hwy. The same an -nounce ment was also in Ho no lulus Star Bul le tin.

    Someone may sug gest that the un named son was taken toKenya, died, and was re placed with an adopted son who wasnamed Barack Hussein Obama, Jr., but we wont go there.

    The of fi cial Obama Web site dis plays a Cer tif i ca tion ofBirth from Ha waii. It is not an ac tual birth certif i cate be cause itdoes not have the doc tors name and sig na ture, or other pertinent in for ma tion that birth cer tif i cates nor mally con tain. Yet Obamas Web site calls it Barack Obamas of fi cial birth cer tif i cate.

    Ha wai ian gov ern ment of fi cials have stated theyve seen theorig i nal birth cer tif i cate. Still, as long as Obama re fuses to pro -duce his truly offi cial birth cer tif i cate as well as other doc u mentsre lated to his ed u ca tion at Oc ci den tal Col lege, Co lum bia Uni -ver sity and Har vard, which some claim would show he at tendedas a for eign ex change stu dent, the con tro versy will con tinue to rage.

    One thing that could prove the Kenya birth cer tif i cate eitherbo gus or gen u ine would be an im print of Obamas right foot.That would be vir tu ally impos si ble for some one to forge.

    It is not likely that Obama will con clu sively be proven a non -na tive-born cit i zen. Even if it were true, the pow er ful in flu encesof world pol i tics would not al low it to be re vealed, cer tainly notthrough the main stream me dia. But if it were proven that he isnot con sti tu tionally qual i fied to be pres i dent of the U.S. it could free him up sooner and al low the world to embrace him as itsglobal leader.

    Heres some thing else to pon der: Barack Obama was borninto a Mus lim fam ily, but ev i dently decided at some point in hislife to change his re li gion to Chris tian. Yet he has strong af fec -tions for Is lam. Some even be lieve he may be a closet Mus limwho will use his of fice to ben e fit Is lams in flu ence in the world,and par tic u larly in the U.S.

    Obamas gush ing praise for Is lam dur ing his Mid dle East visit was way over the top and ex ag ger ated Is lams ac com plish ments. Hespoke with nos tal gia about hear ing the Mus lim call to prayer in hisyouth. He even went so far as to say that Is lam was a boon to West ern Eu ropes prog ress in the past. Praising what he called Is lams great

    achievements in ar chi tec ture, art, lit era ture, po etry, and spirituality, as well as its al leged ef forts to es tab lish world peace (!), he evencred ited Is lam with de vel op ing the Arabic nu mer als we use to day.This lie that Is lam gave us Arabic nu mer als is even dis pensed insome text books in the United States. The truth is that what arecom monly called Arabic nu mer als were not in vented by theArabs, but by In dian math e ma ti cians. They are prop erly known asHindu or In dian nu mer als (also Hindu-Arabic nu mer als). Eventhe Arabs call them Hindu nu mer als. The In dian nu mer als wereadopted by Per sian math e ma ti cians in In dia and passed on to theArabs who trans mit ted them to Eu rope from North Af rica in the10th cen tury. They were spread around the world through Eu ro -pean trade and co lo nial ism, and are now the most com mon nu -mer i cal sys tem in the worldthanks to Eu ro pean in dus tri ous ness.

    As far as Is lams art, ar chi tec ture and po etry are con cernedthere are no orig i nal Is lamic con tri bu tions in these ar eas. It wasby con quest that Is lam en slaved and/or em ployed peo ple ofother cul tures to build Is lams cul ture. Is lams pres ent ar chi tec -ture is a bas tard ized Byzantine model that be speaks a prim i tiveat trac tion to gaudy geegaws.

    Ive di gressed to dem on strate how the truth about Is lamshis tory of blood shed and bar ba rism is downplayed by worldlead ers (and now Barack Obama), and re vi sion ist tactics are used in order to give Is lam cred i bil ity as a be nef i cent and de sir ablecul tural bless ing. Is lam (and, we must admit, Ro man Ca thol i -cism) has ex hib ited the most inhu mane and vi o lent tenden ciesin the quest for world dom i nance. Might a Mus lim anti-Christnot be the per fect can di date to unite the Mus lim East with theChris tian (ec u men i cal) West for shared world dom i nance?

    Although Obama would have lit tle to do with the NationalDay of Prayer,2 which has been pro moted by Chris tian lead ers(ap ply ing a largely sec u lar tone to his proc la ma tion), he purposelyheld a Mus lim day of prayer on the south lawn of the WhiteHouse. And although he chose not to ap pear in pub lic or tomeet with Chris tian or Jew ish lead ers, as had been the cus tom of his pre de ces sor, Obama did pub licly ap pear with Is lamic lead ersat their day of prayer.

    Obama is not a true be liever in Je sus. He may call him self aChristian (and that is why we must ad dress his words and ac tions), but he be haves more like a Chris tian Mus lim. Obama may not be THE anti-Christ, but he cer tainly is AN anti-Christ.

    Although we may not put any real stock in the baraq obawmaw sug ges tion of the afore men tioned Internet video, wedo not dis miss the pos si bil ity that Barack Hussein Obama couldfind him self as the uni fy ing force be tween East and Westpar tic -u larly the Mid dle East and Eu rope. The cli mate is right for theanti-Christ to ar rive on the scene, or for some one to pave the way for his ar rival.

    At the least Obamas sud den rise to world wide pop u lar itybased on noth ing tangi ble in the way of political ac com plish ment dem on strates the will ing ness of people around the world to beduped into fol low ing in a cult-like man ner a char is matic leader ofobscure begin nings.v


    2 I do not endorse the National Day of Prayer. My point is that Obama continually acts in deference to Islam over Christianity.

    GordonTypewritten TextMEDIA SPOTLIGHT PO BOX 640 SEQUIM, WA 98382-4310

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