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Date post:12-Oct-2020
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    Digital Business Disruptors for Construction Industry

    Yves de Beauregard

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    How digital is changing the physical world…

    Building and Construction

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    In a digital world everything is connected … Key challenges

    Off-site prefabrication


    On-site Logistics

    Facilities Management

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    “20% of buildings materials are either over ordered or wasted

    due to poor onsite logistics management ”

    “10% of a builder’s time is spent waiting for material”

    “Nearly 50% of businesses still using manual entry methods to

    capture critical data”

    “95% of data in construction is thrown away”

    But the picture seems to be

    less shiny…

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    Example of enablers for Digital Disruption

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    IoT communications platform for Constructions

    Maintain post-buildTrack and trace materials On-site logisticsIntelligent prefabrication Maintain post-build

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    Industry 4.0 with IoT

    Inesa (China) Smart Factory, embedding

    sensors across production line and visualizing data in real time

    A*Star (Singapore) Collaboration with

    government, academia to develop ‘Smart Nation’

    services: ‘smart shipping’, ‘smart crowd management’

    Slingeland Hospital (Holland)

    Sensor-based monitoring of patients, provide

    valuable data, improve patient welfare and


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    Reduce Inventory at General Electric

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    AI – transforming data

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    Increase automation of Quality Control  Inspection of material delivered by third parties

     Structure check

    Automate Infrastructure Inspection and Maintenance of infrastructure

    Surveillance of large site with CCTV system or drone

    Artificial Intelligence to improve Quality Control, Inspection and large site surveillance

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    Applying F|AIR for automated (infrastructure)


    ◼ By attaching camera’s to Trains / Trucks / Roadwork vehicles or by Drones,

    we can determine the current conditions and status of the infrastructure


    ◼ Same footage can be used to find other tasks like trash-can status.

    ◼ Sewer inspections analysis can be automated



    Clip Issue Trash



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    Using CCTV camera’s 12

  • Unclassified © 2019 FUJITSU

  • Unclassified © 2019 FUJITSU

    Workers Certification,

    Smart Contracts

    Plan History Sharing

    Supply Chain, Inventory Management,

    Payments, Value Flows,

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    • Companies trade and generate Tax obligations which are recorded by transactions in InvoiceFlow • Tax authorities can see in near real-time the Tax obligations of Companies and the originating (Invoice)

    data which gave rise to the obligations. • The data can be used by Tax authorities for reconciling, audit and compliance purposes Governments have

    a platform to create new cross border processes and relationships

    InvoiceFlowInvoiceFlow Example

    Gov B


    Gov A


    Taxes Taxes

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    Delivering a Bridge to a Quantum World

    A truly differentiated Quantum Inspired offering to transform global business and society by solving real world problems today!

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    Job Shop Scheduling

    ◼ Production jobs are sequential operations

    on machines

    ◼ Some jobs require multiple operations on a single

    machine and each job may require different

    sequencing of operations

    ◼ Requires some sense of scale and difficulty here –

    number of combinations?

    ◼ Digital Annealer computes runtime in less than a


    Minimize overall production time and enable fast re-planning in a dynamic

    production line

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