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Digital Fundamentals Presentation

Date post:14-Jan-2015
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Presentation for Chartered Institute of Marketing Ireland on digital marketing. Presented by Paul McGarrity
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2. The Media Revolution....
and what it means for marketers
Whats hot and whats not!
Research and Trends in Digital Marketing
Digital Marketing Challenges
3. I. The Media Revolution
4. Changing Media....
5. 6. 7. Every day new technology is tearing down old ways of doing business. In the process it is driving us away from a mass media where news and entertainment was centrally controlled and towards consumers.
Rupert Murdoch, CEO
News Corporation
8. A crisis for mass media?
9. .......Digital Media and Content Today
10. Community!
11. Search
12. Real Time
13. Rising trends
14. So what does this mean for marketers?
15. 16. Interruption Marketing
17. Solution for businesses is to change business practices
to suit the new marketplace not to try to adapt the old
business models to new world.
18. 19. We recognise that we are entering an era in which travellers are in control: producing and distributing content. Gone is the time when conversations were a one way broadcast model now dynamic conversations are taking place. Customers interact with our marketing messages, reshaping them and distributing them through social media channels.Social Media Manager, Turkish Airlines
20. The Internet Doesnt Forget!
21. II. Digital Media and Marketing ..... Whats hot and whats not!
22. Whats Not Hot ..........
Your website (probably)
23. The
24. Go where the party is
...social media sites etc
25. Source: Brian Solis, 2009
26. Whats Hot..............
27. Social Media
28. SearchMarketing
29. E-Newsletters...
30. Analytics
31. III. Digital Media and Marketing ..... Research and Trends
32. 33. Digital Marketing Return on Investment
SEO and Email: Best RoI
PPC Down!
Social Media Rol increasing
34. SEO Objectives
35. Social Media Objectives
36. Email Marketing Priorities
37. Digital Media and Marketing ..... Budgets
38. Digital Budgets to Increase72% in 2011
Only 4% decrease
Source: Econsultancy, 2010
39. Over 50%
of companies plan to increase their digital budgets by up to
Source: Econsultancy, 2010
40. More than half of agencies surveyed 58%
say their clients will be reducing investment in offline marketing channels
in 2011
Source: Econsultancy, 2010
41. Channels: Biggest Budget rises in 2011 are for...........
Social Media
Email Marketing
Mobile Marketing
Corporate Website
Source: Econsultancy, 2011
42. 75% of companies to increase budgets for off-site social media (Facebook and Twitter) . 64% are increasing budgets for on-site social media activity (ratings and reviews and blogs).
Source: Econsultancy, 2011
43. Digital budget decreases
among companies for:
Pay Per Click Advertising 14%
Online Display Advertising 12%
Source: Econsultancy, 2011
44. CIM Ireland- Online Marketing Poll May 2011
45. Northern Ireland businesses understand the benefits of online marketing.........however, concerns over online brand reputation, lack of resources and difficulty measuring success are definite barriers.
46. Channel Usage:
88%use social media as an online marketing tool
Email marketing 70% and analytics 70%
47. Reasons for investment:
promoting the brand online 82%
driving sales/leads 73%
improving customer service 73%
48. Barriers to online marketing
lack of human resources to manage online campaigns 48.5%
measuring return on investment 45.5%
lack of budget 39.4%
49. Online reputation management concerns
concerned about the impact negative comments and reviews online can have on their brand.
50. VI. Challenges for Marketers in the Digital Age
51. Mastering Social Media
Becoming radically transparent
Becoming kings of content
Learning and Training

Selling Digital marketing to management

Integrated Marketing
52. IV. Digital Marketing Challenges for Marketers
53. Social Media:
getting it right
managing the risks
54. Social Media is About....
55. Managing Social Media Risks
.... If you need to.
Belfast City Council and Lennox the Dog
Developing Strategies, Policies etc .
56. 57. Stop hiding behind media and marketing... Reach out to your customers through social media, blogs and search engines
58. Data and Insights
Marketers have to become data managers. Why?
No point driving people to sites and not measuring whats happening!
But this is a good thing!
59. Become a king of content!
Content marketing is about delivering unique, interesting and useful content to your customer base ....... Through your website, Facebook, Flickr etc
60. 61. Meet Tom, the world best content marketer....
62. 63. You choose the channels best for your business and your objectives!
Source: Brian Solis, 2009
64. Start with your goals Q. Are we clear on our objectives for each search and visit?
Generate sale or lead (on &

  • Visit conversion rate

65. Lead E-mail address 66. Call back2Engage audience

  • Reduce bounce rate

67. Increase value events 68. Increase return rate3 Answer the visitors questions:

  • Entry or subsequent page

69. New to company 70. Customer or prospect 71. Targeted segments4 Showcase range of products(cross-sell)
5Reinforce key brand messages(99% wont convert in single
6Attract visitors = SEO
Prominent Unique phone number for tracking
Lead generation
Key brand messages
Conversion goals+ OVP
SEO Relevance headings0
Answer customers concerns
Source: Dave Chaffey, Smart Insights
72. 73. 74. 75. www.linkedin.com/in/paulmcgarrity
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