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Digital marketing trends: Top consumer trends and new Brand Engagement Rules

Date post:28-Jan-2018
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  1. 1. Top Consumer Trends & the New Brand Engagement Rules in DIGITAL Top Digital Consumer Trends & the New Brand Engagement Rules
  2. 2. Once upon a time...
  3. 3. There Was No Internet
  4. 4. The world and the world of marketing are changing with a faster pace than ever. The consumer no longer has patience & time for ordinary ads, commercial non-engagement andwell, too much offline brand related work.
  5. 5. Here are 5 Top Consumer Trends are making Digital Vital for the marketing mix & changing the Brand Engagement Rules.
  6. 6. 1. Virtual Reality is best than my reality Virtual reality (VR) is currently the fastest growing form of video traffic, with Cisco predicting that it will grow 61-fold between 2015 and 2020.2 When video literally means the world, computing power will be directed at our visual cortex rather than our fingertips. More than 40 percent of advanced internet users we have surveyed would like a computer with VR/AR as its main interface. This new reality means its time for 5G networks.
  7. 7. 2. The Rise of Artificial Intelligence The idea that a man-made creature could gain awareness has been around for a very long time it can be seen in folklore about anthropomorphic golems, and AI sci-fi stories, for example. In modern science, the idea of creating a digital brain was already around in the 1940s. Today, AI research and development is booming all over the world. In Bots that make customer care cost-efficient & practical, in complex machine learning and robots. Behind the recommendations that streamed media services make based on consumption habits, in the assistants in our phones. However, half of online active people interviewed by Ericsson ConsumerLab this year say that they are preoccupied by the AI takeover.
  8. 8. 3. My Body is out of sync When trains started to appear in the late 1820s in England, prospective passengers worried that the human body was simply not built to withstand movement at such incredible speeds. Even with 200 years of motorized transportation, we still get car sick; in fact one in five feels nausea in cars or buses every week, even today. Consumers believe car sickness will become even worse with autonomous cars. Moreover, the digital inflation, social media crowded landscape and rise of digital interfaces makes the brain a lot more exposed to efforts. Medical studies, innovations, prevention platforms have a great growth space here to come and help.
  9. 9. 4. Social media, social media everywhere In an increasingly globalized world, it feels good to know that there are many like-minded people around us and that we can have our dear ones close no matter the distances. These are the two main psychological wins of social media and why it is most certainly here to stay. Social media is creating so-called echo chambers where groups repeat and amplify similar ideas - the niche communities. Youll want that for your brand so get attached to ones or build your own now. More than a quarter of people interviewed by Ericsson ConsumerLab in 2017 say that they are likely to count on their contacts opinion and advice rather than politicians, spokespeople or authorities.
  10. 10. 5. The smart device safety paradox Nowadays, we take our phones everywhere we go. If we get lost we can call, text, look up information on the internet or navigate using Maps or Waze. More than half of smartphone users already use emergency alarms, tracking or notifications on their smartphones. Another three in five have emergency contacts stored in their phone. But heres the paradox: three in five of those who say so take more risks because they rely on their phone to keep them safe. So digital wearables are now one of the most reliable and intimate source of information and live planning. Thus, your most valuable brand content must reach these devices.
  11. 11. By 2020, customer experience will be the deciding factor over price and product across all industries. Unique customer experiences are popping up all over. And our out of five users believe that in 5 years VR and AI will be hardly distinguishable from actual reality. And all marketing experiences are more and more digitally powered. No digital, no data, no growth.
  12. 12. We are growing towards virtual reality economy.

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