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Digital signage and video wall trends

Date post:18-Jan-2015
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An overview of key trends we are seeing in the Greater China video wall and digital signage markets, including smart cities and pop-up installations. To learn more, please visit www.brownbeat.net.
  • 1. Digital Signage & Video Wall Trends

2. From Information to Experiences Static Dynamic Interactive 3. Enabling Conscious Engagement 4. Interactive Experiences VIA AirTalk @ Taipei 101 Racing on the Video Wall Sharing Wishes for the New Year 5. Market Opportunities Smart Cities Smart Events 6. Smart Cities 7. Re-Imagining Retail 8. Re-Imagining Entertainment 9. Re-Imagining the Home 10. Re-Imagining Hospitality 11. Smart Events 12. Pop-Up Signage - Attractions 13. Pop-Up Signage - Parties 14. Pop-Up Signage - Conferences 15. Pop-Up Signage Sports 16. Pop-Up Signage - Exhibitions 17. Technology Scalability Screens Players Content Management Software Cloud Services 18. Business Scalability Design Revenue Models Content/Advertising 19. Scalable Solutions VIA ALTA DS ARM-based media players Android VIA ARTiGO Series x86 media players Windows VIA MW Series Video Wall Controllers 4K support and capture- in Cloud-based management Up to 82 Screens 20. VIA Puzzle Wall FLEXIBLE DISPLAY LAYOUT - WHO NEEDS POST- PRODUCTION? ULTRA HD (4K) VIDEO COMPATIBLE SUPPORT VARIOUS VIDEO INPUTS (HDMI, DVI, VGA, LAN) BUILT-IN VISUAL EFFECTS, SUCH AS OVERLAY, ROLLING TEXT, AND TRANSPARENT CUSTOMIZABLE VIDEO PLAYBACK SCHEDULE USER FRIENDLY SOFTWARE INTERFACE SUPERIOR CUSTOMER SUPPORT AND SERVICES 21. Cloud Solutions Scalability Real-Time Integration Manageability Scheduling Accuracy Remote Client Monitoring Security 22. Re-Imagining Business 23. From Products to Solutions 24. From Installations to Experiences 25. From Multiple Vendors To Total Solution Partners Screens Networking Players Software 26. From Sales to Recurring Revenues 27. Explore the Possibilities 28. Thank You

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