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Digital SWOT - the digital landscape for 2014

Date post:11-Aug-2014
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My presentation from Digital SWOT 2014, a major new conference examining the increasingly pervasive digital revolution from a business point of view: essentially a SWOT analysis of how companies and organisations and/or their agencies should re-examine their commercial performance from a digital point of view.
  • The Mobile, Digital and Social landscape in 2014_ An overview of the challenges and opportunities Paul Fabretti Digital and Social Media Lead Telefonica Europe
  • The landscape_ devices, mobility and content 2
  • Growth of the smartphone Price is no longer a barrier_ ASP in 2012: $364 ASP in 2013: $317 Iphone: c.$600 Android: $300 Non-Google Android: $180 Firefox OS: $80 3
  • Mobile behaviours Its about Mobility not Mobile 4 UM Wave Research, Wave 7, 2013
  • Mobile behaviours On mobile, youre one flick away from obscurity_ 5
  • Growth of the smartphone And people are doing MORE on the move 6
  • Growth of the smartphone And people are doing MORE on the move 7
  • Mobile payments Explosive growth expected 8
  • Mobile payments Investment in early stage payment start-ups is at an all time high 9
  • Mobile payments Security and ease of use main concerns 10
  • Digital Confidence How important is Trust? Concern over the amount of personal data in social has grown 10% in 2 years (68%). In general: Just 25% of adults are comfortable with location based data and 23% with online purchasing histories. BUT 73% of consumers would be reassured if they were able to withdraw data on request. 66% would like the idea of a dashboard to control data. UM Wave Research Wave 7, 2013 11 O2 Data Dialogue, 2012
  • The landscape_ social media 12
  • SoMoMe Closed, private 121 The fastest-growing social platforms are: +212% / 430 MAU +1021% / 325 MAU Mobile-first Messaging Imaging +170% / 202 MAU This presents challenges +403% / 40 MAU +130% / 150 MAU 350m/day 150 MAU 13 around brand-inclusion and reach Encroachment on current privacies will push more people to these closed networks Source: Business Intelligence, 2012-13
  • Messaging Growth OTT grows, SMS crawls 14
  • Messaging apps Modest monetisation, but still monetisation Xiaomi sold 100,000 of their flagship Mi3 devices in 86 seconds Sold out (150,000 units) in 10 minutes Nov 2013 20% ($31.5m) of Lines revenues come from stickers 30% comes from partnerships, sponsorship and paid-for brand pages 15 Source: Business Intelligence, 2012-13
  • Social behaviours Understand why people use social_ Learning Relationships Diversion Progression Recognition 16 UM Wave Research Wave 7, 2013
  • Social behaviours Understand why people use social_ 17
  • Social behaviours Turn this insight into effective content Themes Topics Channel Medium 18
  • Paid media No longer a nice to have 19
  • Paid media Your fans are not your goal Paid/earned interaction -> clicks Custom Audience match Social connections National Population Friends of Fans Owned Site Fans Loose affinity Owned content sharing 20
  • From Social Brands to Social Businesses NOT the same thing_ 21
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