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Diode and rectification

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Page 1: Diode and rectification
Page 2: Diode and rectification

Institute of CS & IT

Presented Honorably

to Sir Raja Tahir

Page 3: Diode and rectification

•What is Diode?

•Different types of diode.


Presentation outlines

Page 4: Diode and rectification

What is Diode?A Diode is the simplest two-terminal unilateral semiconductor device. It allows current to flow only in one direction and blocks the current that flows in the opposite direction. The two terminals of the diode are called as anode and cathode. The symbol of diode is as shown in the figure.

Page 5: Diode and rectification

The Ideal Diode Model

Anode Cathode

Page 6: Diode and rectification

•Small signal Diode (Small current Diode).

• Large signal Diodes .

•Zener Diodes.

• Light Emitting Diodes (LED) .

• LASER Diode .

•PN Junction diode.

Types of Diode

Page 7: Diode and rectification

Small signal Diode

These diodes assumes that the

operating point is not affected

because the signal is small.

Page 8: Diode and rectification

Large Signal Diodes

The operating point in these

diodes get affected as the signal

is large.

Page 9: Diode and rectification

Zener Diodes

This diode runs in reverse bias

condition when the voltage reaches the

breakdown point. A stable voltage can

be achieved by placing a resistor across

it to limit the current. This diode is used

to provide reference voltage in power

supply circuits

Page 10: Diode and rectification

Light Emitting Diodes (LED)

This is the most popular kind of

diode. When it works in the

forward bias condition, the current

flows through the junction to

produce the light.

Page 11: Diode and rectification


This diode produces laser type

of light and are expensive as

compared to LED. They are

widely used in CD and DVD


Page 12: Diode and rectification

PN Junction Diode

These diodes are used to allow current to

flow in one direction while blocking

current flow in the opposite direction.PN

junction diode is a typical diode

Page 13: Diode and rectification


The process of converting A.C

waveform into d.c waveform is called



• Half-wave Rectification

• Full-wave Rectification

Page 14: Diode and rectification

Half-wave Rectification

A type of rectification in which one half

cycle of the input A.C current is

converted into d.c current

Page 15: Diode and rectification

Half-wave Rectification

Page 16: Diode and rectification

Full-wave Rectification

A type of rectification in which both the

input cycles of A.C current is converted

into d.c current.

Page 17: Diode and rectification

Full-wave Rectification

A.C Input

d.c output

Rectifier with four diodes

Page 18: Diode and rectification

• One input halfcycle

Full-wave Rectification

A.C Input

d.C output

Page 19: Diode and rectification

Full-wave Rectification

• Second input halfcycle

A.C Input

d.c output

Page 20: Diode and rectification

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