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DLI Vyškov. Jan Šmíd Vienna, 7-11 October, 2007. DLI Vyškov. History 2003 Established in Brno 2004 Relocated to Vy š kov 2005 Centre Liberec 2006 Centre Prague + SAC 2007 Centres Brno, Olomouc, Náměšť nad Oslavou, Čáslav, Žatec. DLI Vyškov. DLI Vyškov. Languages taught at DLI - PowerPoint PPT Presentation
  • DLI Vykov

    Jan mdVienna, 7-11 October, 2007

  • DLI VykovHistory

    2003 Established in Brno2004 Relocated to Vykov2005 Centre Liberec2006 Centre Prague + SAC2007 Centres Brno, Olomouc, Nm nad Oslavou, slav, atec

  • DLI Vykov

  • DLI VykovLanguages taught at DLIEnglish, German, French, Russian, Arabic, Czech

    Languages tested at DLIEnglish, German, French, Russian, Arabic, Czech, Spanish, Polish, Serbian, Albanian, Italian, Hungarian, Chinese, Persian, Romanian

  • DLI VykovCourses taught at DLI


  • DLI VykovNumber of students tested

  • DLI VykovNumber of students

  • DLI VykovNumber of courses

  • DLI VykovTotal number of students and courses

  • DLI VykovIntensive coursesSLP2 500 hoursSLP3 600 hours

    Refresher coursesSLP2 150 hoursSLP3 200 hours

    Combined coursesSLP1, SLP2, SLP3 300 hours

  • DLI VykovSpecialised courses

    Length:1 6 weeks, 30 180 hoursLocation:DLI, military installationsContent:Requirements-based

  • DLI Vykov

  • DLI Vykov

  • DLI Vykov

  • DLI VykovSAC in Vykov, Brno, Prague

    E-learning (combined courses)


  • DLI Vykov


    Best regards from Colonel Chaloupsk who is currently on a mission in Iraq.

    I am sure everyone here is familiar with DLI Texas, but not everyone might have heard about DLI Vykov.

    So what is and where is it?

    To answer the question What is it? it is quite obvious it a central departmental institution which provides language training to MOD personnel both military and civilian.

    And it is located in the town of Vykov. This answer seems to be quite obvious, however, not many people have heard about this place, so where is Vykov?

    Many people consider this place to be a synonym forI guess it is quite self-explanatory a black hole.The gravitational pull is extreme. Once you are there, it is nearly impossible to escape.

    As you can see in this picture, it is an excellent location for training in the middle of forests and fields, with a firing range, monkey/obstacle course and simulation and trainer technologies centre.

    These are the main buildings of the Vykov garrison. In this building here we occupy one whole storey there are our offices. In this building the B Block we occupy 1 and half storeys there are our classrooms and language labs.In this building the C Block we occupy 5 rooms and a language lab used by our testing department for testing candidates.Newly established in September 2003 located in Brno (40 kms from our current location).Year later, we were re-located to Vykov because there was a tendency to centralise all the training to one place.From what I have said earlier it is quite clear the most of the staff are not very happy about the present situation. Sometimes we are accused of overreacting, being to dramatic, but there are some facts that speak for themselves We have been understaffed ever since we were relocated We have been experiencing common fluctuation of our employees. They come and go after some months. I am the living proof. My hair loss sped up dramatically in the past three years. There are many problems, we simply have to deal with them.

    Later on with the increasing need to train more and more people, we started opening new affiliate centres throughout our country.2005 Liberec NBC Defence Brigade located we train mostly their personnel2006 affiliate centre in Prague2007 other places, Olomouc Joint Forces Command, Tactical Air bases, Special forces brigadeDLI director Colonel ChaloupskyDLI Deputy director Mr. Klein acting directorTwo departments:Director of studies MEDirector of testing and methodology my charming colleague Sonia Samalikova

    We havent staffed slav and atec yet. In slav, we have not found qualified instructors in that area.In atec, they have their own running language programme with qualified instructors.Currently:6 intensive level II groups7 intensive level III groups1 intensive refresher level II group1 specialised course6 combined courses E, G, F, R20032004200520062007English5712357279031762425Other languages81301472319242

    Former Chief of the GS envisioned our armed force with almost all officers passing Level III from English and all WO level II.In September, there was a slight shift in this policy. Based on the new order of the Minister of Defence personnel up to the brigade command level level II is enough.

    200320042005200620072008SLP14882909838SLP267117135194244SLP3141089195131152No SLP57136109120

    200320042005200620072008SLP151111124SLP2914152328SLP321613141719No SLP11151316


    With all the affiliate centres and slight increase in the number of our instructors, we have reached our peak capacity. The amount of courses we can organize yearly cannot go over this number.These are the basic courses we organize. All of these end with an exam based on STANAG 6001.The core material is ALC American language course, or as surprisingly many of out students say, not yet knowing the fundamentals of phonetics, the American Language Curse.

    No bound by STANAG 6001 descriptors, therefore do not end with a language exam.Solely based on the requirements and needs of the trained group.

    Military Police, other Units, mostly guard duty, patrolling- basic terminology essential to master to linguistically survive in the operational theatre (Unfortunately the language readiness is not on top of their list)Fully equipped computer laboratories with learning software, self-access material (listening, reading)

    Commercial e-learning (bound by too many regulations)

    Website with interactive tests from languages taught at DLI.

    In the recent years we have developed close ties with Landesverteidigungsakademie in Vienna, the Sprachsinstitute it has been fruitful cooperation in language training Czech and German

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