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DMA 2014 Post Conference Email Certificaiton

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This was presented on 10/29/2014 as part of EEC's involvement in the DMA2014 Post Conference Certification. Email acquisition continues to be one of the top strategies that marketers struggle with and if to focus on quality or quantity. Additionally, what to ask (if anything) when consumers sign up to receive information from your company. Add to that the deliverability challenges and legal obligations for companies that do business in Canada or the European Union as well as the United States is enough to have anyone’s head spinning. During this session, we will review B2B & B2C best practices in terms of website, shopping cart and mobile acquisition as well as the legal liabilities that you have to be mindful of when asking for an email address. You will take away solid strategies and tactics about how to maximize every entry point of your company.
  • 1. Email Acquisition: The Good, the Badand the IllegalDennis Dayman, CIPP/US, CIPTReturn PathRyan PhelanAcxiomOctober 24, 2014

2. Legalese This presentation is being provided for informational purposes only Nothing in this presentation shall be construed as creating arepresentation, legal advice, warranty or commitment, contractualor otherwise, by myself, our companies, or any affiliate(s), to you orany other person or entity It also does not guarantee that your email and/or any other aspectof your business is in compliance with state, federal, or Internationallaws Our companies and I make no representation, warranty orcommitment that any message you send to end users will bedelivered This presentation is not a substitute for, should not be used in placeof, and should not be considered, legal advice It is recommended that you contact your general or legal counsel 3. Um.What youre about to see is not in yourhandout.SHHHHHHHHHHHH, dont tell anyone, but we made the deck betterWe will post the deck on SlideShare tonight,so check out Ryans page 4. Prior Industry Experience Vice President, Strategy at BlueHornet Director, Email Marketing & Acquisition at Sears Holdings Responsible for East Coast Operations at Responsys 15 years in senior level roles in Digital MarketingThought Leadership DM News : Email Gets Personal (Cover Story) plus manyother articles on digital marketing Keynote address EEC12, EEC14 Ranked as one of the top 40 Digital Marketing Strategistsin the country by OMI Considered one of the leading authorities in email anddigital marketing Chair of the EEC, Board Member ESPCRyan PhelanVice President,Global Agency Shared Services 5. Dennis DaymanDennis Dayman, CIPP-US, CIPP-ITChief Privacy and Security OfficerReturn PathTwenty (20) Years in Email/Privacy AT&T Internet, MAPS - Mail Abuse Prevention Systems, VerizonOnline, StrongView Systems, and Eloqua/Oracle Involved in several coalition boards M3AAWG, CAUCE, IAPP, ESPC, EEC, DMA Frequent regulatory expert witness and commentator Frequent venture capitalist and mentor 6. THE GOOD AND THE BAD 7. Think 8. STORAGE &PROCESSINGPOWERThe World Continues To ChangeDisruption + Innovation = OpportunityDATAUSAGEMEDIAFRAGMENTATION 9. We see personalization all over the webPersonalization is at the core of all our marketing efforts 10. Why do marketers believe thatevery message we sendevokes this reaction? 11. 11Why do we focuson marketing topeople who dontcare? 12. The Challenge Is That Were Challenged ToThink ClearlyImages provided by EDS with permission 13. The New Construct For Customer ContactOfferInfrequentcontactLoyalty tied toofferDemandgeneratedEngagementRelationshipsformedValuecommunicatedSocial loyaltyLoyaltyNot drive byprice, butactivepreferenceClassification ofsocial standingPerceptionValue basedon visualsAlignment tosocialrecognitionIf the relationship with the customer is based on a offer, were only as good asour last offerConsequence MotivationOptimal Communication 14. Email Program DevelopmentEmail Program Development 15. Foundational ProgramsAcquisition 16. Double Opt-In (DOI) The Gold Standard in terms ofaffirmative consent Reduction in adoption/use in majorverticals in last 2-3 years Recommended use: High risk sites Legal Requirement Problematic Opt-In processes Deliverability issues 17. Acquisition: Sign Up Form On Homepage Make placement prominent Gather email only and collect deeperinformation on the next page Include benefit statements if space allows Link to sample creative Links to privacy policy Limit to 3 bullets Send Welcome email immediately aftersubmission of complete information If only collecting email address, take tobrand consistent thank you page 18. Acquisition: Form Obtaining relevant information at the time ofacquisition is key to: Relevant communication Segmentation 1:1 communication Information gathered should be a part of apreference center that the subscriber canaccess and update Test requiring more or less information based oncustomers willingness to supply that information Some fields are touchy subjects forconsumers For example, date of birth year Remember to get the opt-in 19. Acquisition: Within the Shopping Cart Ensure expressed consent by capturingan affirmative opt-in during thecheckout process Voice of the opt-in should be soft andask for the opt in Depending on space and cartprocesses, test inclusion of: Sample Creative Privacy Link One sentence benefit statement Checked/Unchecked box EU Restrictions will affect pre-checkedbox as well as opt-in permissions 20. Approaches to ReactivationAddressableRecords that can beassociated with anindividual and canbe directlycontacted.Non-AddressableRecords that do nothave enoughinformation toassociate to anindividualAddressable AttritedRecords that can beassociated with anindividual, but have anopt-out though email 21. Cross-Channel Approach (ExecutionStrategy)EmailThese customers have an email address that either had activity (open/click) orregistered in the last X monthsSocial MediaUtilize popular social media channels like Facebook, Twitter and others usingchannel specific ad units with cluster specific messagingBannerThrough partnerships with Yahoo, Google, MSN and other properties, you needto execute banner campaigns to reinforce other channel messagesSMSFor those customers that have provided Mobile numbers, message via SMS on alimited basis in the US and more aggressively in other national markets (i.e.EMEA) 22. Sample Reactivation Contract StrategyDay 3 Day 6 Day 9 Day 14 Day 21 Day 28 Day 35+Behavioral ModelsCountry SpecificFree / Premium UserChannel PropensityPost Reactivation Treatment to Cultivatethe Relationship (Re-onboarding) 23. Capture at POS through Text Messaging When you cannot affect change on yourPOS system, or you want to simplifyacquisition, try email acquisition through SMS Quick and easy for the consumer Text sent and confirmation received Welcome email sent and informationcollected (name, location, etc.) Segment out those consumers to seedifferences in behavior 24. Foundational ProgramsOn-Boarding 25. Best Practice: Welcome Email Welcome emails confirm the subscriptionand start the relationship Use personalization They should reflect your brand position, lookand feel Short, simple, to the point HTML based Informative & Setting Expectations Customer service, policies, important thingsconsumers must know about your company Confirmation YES! We got your email address Remember to say Thank You 26. When you have a story to tellA girls playgroundit'san experiencewhen Iget off the pla, its thefirst place I go- Advocate Customer for Henri BendelIn this case, try a Welcome Series 27. Welcome Program: Before Phase 1 Welcome: Black Headerwith lots of text Phase 2 Welcome: Description ofbusiness, still too much text(Click in presentation mode to seethe revised welcome email) 28. Welcome Program AfterImages Courtesy of:Welcome Email 1 Email 2 Email 3Zazzle launched a new welcome email + a 3 part welcome seriesthat engaged the customer based on primary starting interest! 29. Welcome Series: Best Practices Not all companies have a story to tell Only do a welcome series if there is nuance or niche to your business Keep it simple Test keeping subscribers out of normal cadence during onboarding Test number of emails, day delay and messaging Items in a welcome series are items that cannot be fully explained in a singlewelcome email To justify if you should do a welcome series, complete this sentence withoutlaughing or knowing its marketing spin My customers must know that we ____________ before they will appreciate__________ my brand provides31If you fail this test, then optimize your welcome email to include the salient details of your business 30. Closing Ensure that you capture the right informationat the time of acquisition Focus on quality, not quantity Onboard the customer, dont just throw theminto a promotional stream (but only if youREALLY need to tell a story) Welcome emails are the first date, dont messup Move toward a relevant conversation andrelationship with the customer, not just sellingstuff 31. AND THE ILLEGAL 32. CanadaElectronic Marketing Under Canadas Anti-SpamLegislation (CASL) 33. CASL: OverviewNew Anti-Spam law in Canada First of its kind Last G8 nation to have oneCASL will apply to any form of electronic messagesent for marketing purposes (referred to as a)"Commercial Electronic Message", or "CEM"),including: Email, SMS, instant messaging and socialmedia/networking. 34. Recap: strictest anti-spam regime today CASL will apply to any form of electronic message sentfor marketing purposes (referred to as a "CommercialElectronic Message", or "CEM"), including: Email, SMS, instant messaging and social media/networking. CASL also addresses Internet marketing challengessuch as address harvesting, malware, phishing,pharming and other Internet threats 35. Recap: strictest anti-spam regime today CASL prohibits sending of Commercial ElectronicMessages without prior consent, other prescriptiverequirements. Prohibits installation of computer programs withoutconsent Prohibits alteration of transmission data Prohibits automated address harvesting anddictionary attacks Grants individuals right to pursue spammers inCanadian courts (2017) (Private Right of Action) 36. What else do I need to comply?CASL requires senders to: Identify themselves Indicate on whose behalf the message is sent Provide up-to-date contact information Include a functional unsubscribe mechanism.These rules apply regardless of how many messages aresent 37. Similarities with CAN-SPAM Requirement to accurately identify sender Prohibition false and misleadingtransmission data/subject lines Requirement for unsubscribe mechanism Liability for brands who knowingly allowspam to be sent on their behalfoBeware and police your affiliates 38. Recap: who enf

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