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DOC’s Changing World Avon Adams Manager, Communications

Date post:25-Dec-2015
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  • DOCs Changing World Avon Adams Manager, Communications
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  • 2 Types of Organisational Change Developmental Transitional Transformational
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  • 3 Change Programme Success Rates 75-90% of change projects fail to deliver Only 40% or projects time, budget or quality goals Underestimation of complexity a factor in 35% of project failure Biggest barriers are people factors Communications is key to people factors
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  • 4 Awareness : to know change is necessary but not What or How Understanding : possible resistance to change Buy-In : to understand and buy into the new vision; to accept and contribute to change => positive attitude Time Engagement Engagement : to actively participate and contribute to change and to incite others to engage in change Unaware The appropriation of change: a gradual process Communication: a Lever of Change
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  • Anxiety Can I cope ? Anger or Elation At Last somethings going to change! Fear What impact will this have? How will it affect me? Threat This is bigger than I thought! Guilt Gradual Acceptance I can see myself in the future Moving Forward This can work and be good Hostility Ill make this work if it kills me!! Denial Change? What Change? Disillusionment Im off!! this isnt for me! Depression Who am I? Can I do this? Reacting to Change Time
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  • Leading Through Change
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  • 7 Change Communications Gap Analysis CurrentDesired outcomeGaps Know What knowledge do people currently have What knowledge to you want them to have What are the gaps in thinking Think/ feel How do people currently feel? How do you want people to feel What are gaps in attitudes Do What behaviour do people currently display What behaviours do you want people to display What do people need to stop/start /do differently
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  • 8 Managing the Transition Engage Minds and Hearts Explain the need for change Create a clear and compelling story Understand those impacted/involved Plan to engage Drive engagement
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  • 8.5 million ha of Public Conservation Land 30% of NZs land area 14 National Parks including 9 Great Walks 34 marine reserves 1.28 million ha 6 marine mammal sanctuaries 2.4 million ha 2,800 threatened species 970 huts 330 campgrounds 24 visitor centres 14,000 km of track 2,200 km of road 4,000 concessionaires 32,000 volunteer days per year Conservation at a Glance
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  • Vision New Zealand is the Greatest Living Space on Earth
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  • 11 Reasons for Change All New Zealanders have a stake in our natural environment. We cant afford to take it for granted. Species decline is just the canary in the coal mine an indicator of a threatened ecosystem. The job is too important to be left to DOC alone. By working with others we can achieve more.
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  • 12 DOC Change Approach Reinforce the need for change Vision Current state is not an option. Visibly led by DG Involve staff in the change process Collaborative environment Rationale for change to external audiences internal/external interdependencies
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  • 13 Key Barriers to Change Lack of Vision A history of poor implementation Change fatigue Lack of Middle Management support Lack of Understanding or Belief An environment of low risk-taking No consequence- management Lack of Clear Communications Poor management of resistance Lack of Time Poor Follow Through Not walking the talk
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  • 14 Change is Ongoing Explain why change is necessary Create a clear and compelling story line Understand those impacted/involved Plan to engage - ongoing Drive engagement to bed in the changes Takes years
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  • 15 Thank You
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