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Date post:26-May-2020
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  • Don’t worry. You’re coming too.

    A week from now, thirty-nine of us will be setting out on our pilgrimage to the Holy Land. And you’re coming.

    After a midnight departure from Newark Liberty and a mid-afternoon arrival in Israel, we’ll settle in for the night

    in Tel Aviv, right beside the Mediterranean Sea. We’ll have flown for eleven hours, covered 5686 miles, lost

    seven hours of daytime, and what will have to show for it? Not a lot, at least not right away. We’ll have gone to

    all that trouble just to offer Mass with folks from New Jersey. A group of pilgrims from Saint Paul’s in Ramsey

    are arriving the very same afternoon we are, and so we’ll celebrate the Eucharist together that evening.

    But the next morning we’ll begin three or so days of wandering around the Sea of Galilee, followed by four days

    in and around Jerusalem. Bethlehem, Nazareth, Cana, Capernaum. Mount Tabor and the Mount of the

    Beatitudes. The Via Dolorosa and the Church of the Holy Sepulchre. And much more.

    They say that a pilgrimage to the Holy Land is a little like reading a “fifth” gospel. All the places

    we’ve been reading and hearing about all our lives in church … Everything “comes alive” for you as

    you walk where Jesus of Nazareth walked—where he lived and died and rose. And that’s the plan: that

    our faith be enlivened, that our hope be strengthened, and that our love be deepened. And not just

    “our” faith and hope and love. Not just the faith and the hope and the love of the thirty-nine of us

    traipsing around Israel. But yours too. Because you see, every step of the way, we’ll be

    praying for you.

    We’ll be praying that we all might learn (again) the lesson—and this time take it to heart. Jesus of

    Nazareth would be the first to insist. In fact, he’s said, almost in so many words, “If being close to

    me is what you want, don’t go to where I was born. Go instead to the hungry. If you want to be

    close to me, don’t go to where I died. Go instead to the sick.” Jesus has made it quite clear: the way

    to him is by way of the littlest and the least.

    “For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat,

    I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink,

    I was a stranger and you invited me in,

    I needed clothes and you clothed me,

    I was sick and you looked after me,

    I was in prison and you came to visit me.”

    While we’re away, please do a little of that. And when we get back, remind us to do it too. Remind us that the

    real pilgrim road leads straight to the needy—and then right to his heart.

    Pray for us. We will for you.

    Peace and love.

    Fr. Colin

  • Worship… Called and formed by the Word of God, we worship our Lord primarily in the Mass. The Eucharist is the

    center of our Christian life. It grounds everything else we do,

    from prayer to our daily tasks to our ministries. If you have any

    comments, please feel free to contact any of the following

    Pastoral Council Representatives: Fr. Colin Kay, Deacon

    Rich McGarry and Michael Kohler.

    Pray for the recovery of: Vicenta Oyog, Lori Mineo, Ann Riffle, Baby Sophia Behrens, James Giegler, Matt Kenly, Marie Recchione, Bob Nichols, Maria Iozzia, Joseph Fernandez & his family, Emily Capogrosso, Jerry Marcom, Eileen Meyer, Anthony Esposito, Marissa Anderson, Helen Masefield, Timothy Dolan, Marie Kazazian, Rowen Ru, Charles Cummins, Alexa Kazazian, Meghan Curley, Romeo Malungcot, Angelina Perez, Kathy Nahra, Joe Hackett, Baby Joseph Mount, Sean O’Malley, Dave Gondres, Mark Reeves, Dr. Kevin Jeffrey McCarthy, Tommy Maher, Betty Young, Gabrielle Paradiso, Baby Charles Michael Tansey, Marianne Wilde, Lois Dekker, Mary Golabek, Joy Leonard, Mark Reeves, Mercedes Cepeda, Joey Bulger, Tom Pagano, Catherine Kurnath, John Coons, Thomas Paulhus, Mary McCarthy, Nellie Salazar, Ann Garripoli Petrie, Jennifer Crespo, Jimmy O’Hanlon, Patricia Sisti, Albert Gravel, Margaret Hoether, David Guerra, Jessica Pavoni, Debbie Carlotti, Jake Rudd, John Bohlig, Michael Reyes, Frank Morano, Sr., Bill Keegan, Richard Kennelley, Veronica Reichert, Robert O’Byrne, Julia Fedorchik, Jillda DiNardo, Marie Brancato, Helen Konarski, Mary Ludlow, Jason & Justin Leider, Dianna Miranda, Brandon Higgens, Ann Millstein, Carol Gravel, Wendy Gratale, Richie Policastro, Jackie Manning, Stanislaw Tecza, Louis Frances, Jarret Adamo, Matthew McGovern, Sarah Valenti, Stan Tomon, Violeta Arva, Ken Macagna, Todd Hodge, Emily Rao, John Rao, Carol Verbovsky, Kenneth Bodzak, Janice Ward, Anne Llewellyn, Les Wolf, Diana Lambouras, Thomas Brown, Nicole Schepps and John Falcone.

    †Pray for the happy repose of † Laura Oblitas, Adele Lombardo, Dorothy Morrisroe,

    Hannah Dougan, Mary Schulz, Vivian Felice and Rev. John E. Komar

    The Bread and Wine will be offered this week for the people of St. Anne Parish.

    The Altar Candles will burn this week in loving memory of Martha Wetzel as requested by The Happy Seniors. The Sanctuary Lamp will burn this week in loving memory of James Molphy as requested by his daughter.

    Monday, October 30 th

    7:30 - Marion Knapp – Family Frank Bua – Ken Paisley Bonifacio Tamayo Sr. & Bonifacio Tamayo Jr. - Edith Tamayo 8:45 – Joseph Istvan Magyar – Montepara & Magyar Family Bonifacio Tamayo Sr. & Bonifacio Tamayo Jr. - Edith Tamayo Jean Calabrase – Laurie Hessman

    Tuesday, October 31 st

    7:30 - Cliff Knapp - Family 8:45 – Michelle Stack (Living) – Stack Family Joseph Istvan Magyar – Montepara & Magyar Family

    Wednesday, November 1 st


    7:30 – People 8:45 - of 12:10 – Saint Anne 7:30 - Parish

    Thursday, November 2 nd

    7:30 - Nguyen Family – Nguyen Family Vien Family – Nguyen Family Carmel Fabrizio - Daughter 8:45 - Hermie Vogel (Living) – Lily Oyog Alfred Marmurowski – Wife Holy Purgatory Souls – Mr. & Mrs. Matteo Bussanich

    Friday, November 3 rd

    7:30 – Edward Bender – Wife, Barbara Maria Thao – Nguyen Family Luis Marzoa - Sister 8:45 – Alex Tunnard “10

    th Anniv.” – Jim & Bea Lacava

    Charles John Rocco “1 st Anniv.” – Mother

    Vincent, Joe, Dominica & Joe – Guiseppina Turrisi Saturday, November 4


    8:45 - James Molphy – Daughter McCarthy & Holland Families – Dan & Joan Alfredo & Carmela Marinelli – Frank Marinelli 5:15 - Etta & Frank Calvano – The Carter Family Jack O’Neil – Janet Stiffler Bernice Vena – Sister, Karen

    Sunday, November 5 th

    7:30 – Hermie Vogel (Living) – Lily Oyog & Family Oliveira Family – Olivia Oliveira Michael O’Connor – Mom, Dad, Patrick, Laura & Family Joseph Godinho - Family 9:30 – Josephine DiPaolo – The Piccirella Family Giovanna Barone – Grandchildren William Hochkeppel – Pat Muse Marie Hanlon – Schmidt Family 11:30- Leon Surgent – Maria Wyrzykomski John & Charlotte Kearney – Family Carmella Pachella – The Choir Jean Calabrase – The Kearney Family 6:00 – Enza & Joann Realmonte – Roe & Elliot Rooth

    Christopher S. Ciccone – DeBonis Family

    http://www.autom.com/images/small/W1500.GIF http://www.electricwitch.com/candle.gif

  • Let us pray for those in our armed forces especially

    for: 2nd Lt. Frank D. Slawson II, USAF: 1st Lt.

    Markus Landers, USMC; Cpl Bobby Cimmino,

    USMC; PFC Richard Marchese, US Army; Pvt. John

    Pagios, US Army; Pvt. Kristoffer Burger, US Army; SPCE4 Kyle Milnes, US Army; PO 2nd Cl Jimmy

    Guerra, US Navy, PO 1st Cl Nicholas J. Vanni, US

    Navy; Major Gregory Sugalski, US Army; MM2

    Nicholas J. Magarelli, USN, Master Sgt. Michael

    VanPamel, USAF; Sgt. Michael Bourke, US Army;

    PFC Lindsay Newarski, US Army; Staff Sgt.. Matthew

    Bauer, USAF; Brandon Motto, USMC; Lt. Marc

    Sabatino, USN; LCPL Storm Odom, USMC; Airman

    Michael Diffin, USAF; CPL Justin Scales, USMC;

    LCPL Dominick Rizzo, USMC; PFC Jonathan C.

    Sulinski, Warrant Officer Alan Harty, US Army; Sgt.

    Bert J. Frullo, US Army; LCPL. Harrison James

    Bruining, USMC; LCPL Steven D’Argenio, USMC;

    Capt. Kip Rainey; SP4 Monica Saucier, US Army;

    Spec. 4 Brian Tarantino, US Army; PO 1st Cl. Mike

    Tarantino, USN; Lt. Col. Marshall Denney; Lance

    Corp. Marshall Denney IV; Col. Patrick Frank; Capt.

    Daniel Curtin, US Army; Staff Sgt. Joseph Sullivan,

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