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Don't worry with bower

Date post:18-Jul-2015
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What Resources Do I Need? Don't Worry with BowerFrank van der LindenAbout meFreelance Java and web developer, with XPages experienceOwner of Elstar ITFrequent (trail)runner

RoadmapWhat is BowerRequirementsInstall BowerConfigure BowerRun BowerBower and XPagesWhat is BowerIs a package manager for the webIt takes care of the specified packages.and keep track on dependenciescreated at Twittermake own packages available, when it is public on GIT

Dont be afraid of the command lineRequirementsInstall NodeJS, pick your flavour

Install NPM

On disk Project$ npm install nvm

Install Bower$ npm install -g bowerConfigure Bowerbower.json{ "name": "bower4xpages", "version": "0.0.1", "dependencies": { "bootstrap": "latest", "moment": "latest", "angular": "latest", "bootstrap-datepicker": "latest", "fontawesome": "latest" }, "private": true}Configure Bower

Configure Bowerdefault directory = bower_components.bowerrc, to specify another directory{ "directory":"nsf/WebContent/libs"}Run Bowergo to the directory where you want to run Bower

and run Bower$ bower install$ cd /Users/frankvanderlinden/Development/GIT/bower4xpagesRun Bower..and the final result

Bower and XPagesOn disk project in Domino DesignerRefresh on disk project

Bower and XPagesDatabase in Domino DesignerSync On disk Project with database

Bower and XPages

Bower and XPages

Bower and XPagesMajor caveat, version number in package

Bower and XPagesAnother caveat, AMD loading conflict

Thank you

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