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Don't Worry...Be Happy

Date post:29-Nov-2014
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  • 1. Do you have the feeling that everybody is against you?
  • 2. And walk all over you?
  • 3. Are your colleagues grumpy again?
  • 4. Do you sometimes have the creepy feeling as if you dont fit in?
  • 5. Do you feel somehow watched?
  • 6. Is your boss always on your case?
  • 7. Do you feel little and insignificant?
  • 8. Are there problems on the home front?
  • 9. Are you tired and listless?
  • 10. Do you only want to sleep?
  • 11. Or do you want to eat all day?
  • 12. Is the water up to your neck?
  • 13. Do you cling to the last straw?
  • 14. Do you nostalgically look back to the good old times?
  • 15. Do you feel pestered?
  • 16. Or lonely and forsaken?
  • 17. Do you sometimes feel like howling!
  • 18. O.k. Now! Cheer up!
  • 19. Everybody needs a shoulder sometimes!
  • 20. Sit back, take a deep breath and relax!
  • 21. A helping hand quite often is very near!
  • 22. Remember the affection of those who love you!
  • 23. If everything fails, eat a cookie but only one, not the entire box, otherwise youll feel even worse afterwards!
  • 24. Stay cool even if they laugh at you!
  • 25. But most importantly... Laugh!
  • 26. Well, dont you feel better already?!

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