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Drawing Shape by Shape

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A three-in-one, updated compilation of Chris Hart's popular books Draw a Circle, Draw a Square, and Draw a Triangle, now complete with a new introduction and templates. The bestselling how-to author breaks down the drawing process into its simplest components, so it's easy and fun for kids to learn. Every child can master these basic shapes, and that's all they need to begin creating mermaids, superheroes, fire-breathing dragons, and a circus full of animals.
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    ...and atrianglebecomes afriendly tiger!

    Learn to Draw with Simple Shapes!This easy-to-follow book shows you step by step how to create150 fantastic drawings, starting with just a circle, a square, or atriangle. Drawing has never been so easy, or so much fun!Chris Hart is the worlds best-selling author of how-to-draw books.


    Watch asa circlebecomesa roly-polypanda...

    Create Cartoon Characters with Circles, Squares &Triangles

    DrawingS hapebyS hape

    $14.95 US $17.95 CAN

    ...a squareturns into ascary monster...

    Drawing Shapeby Shape

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  • DrawingShape byShape

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  • Create Cartoon Characters withCircles, Squares &Triangles

    New York

    DrawingShape byShape


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  • Whats Inside


    Let's Get Started 6Draw a Circle 8Draw a Square 68Draw a Triangle 128Put It All Together! 188Index 189Cut & Trace Templates 191

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  • 6Lets get startedWelcome, artists!

    In this book, Im going to show you the easiest way to draw.

    By starting with just a circle (or a square or triangle) and

    adding to it bit by bit, you will be able to draw all

    kinds of cute animals and crazy cartoon characters.

    All you need to start is a pencil and some paper. You can use

    a drawing pad or sketchbook or just some scrap paper.

    Its easy to make mistakes when youre drawing.

    To get rid of any errors, just rub them out with an eraser.

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  • If you need a little help drawing your circles, squares,

    and triangles, there are templates in the back of the book.

    Just cut them out with scissors (ask Mom or Dad to help)

    and trace around the shapes with your pencil.

    To add some color to your finished drawing, you can use crayons,

    markers, or colored pencils, like I did for this book. Remember that the

    more you practice drawing, the easier it will get. So grab a

    pencil and some paper and start creating!

    Happy Drawing!Chris Hart


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  • 8Drawa

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  • Can you draw a ? Then you can draw anything!

    Would you like to draw a playful ? How about a

    from another planet? Or a swashbuckling ?

    Youll learn how to draw all of them,

    plus a beautiful , a wiggly ,

    and lots more cool characters and silly animals.


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  • black belt


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  • hungry mouse


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  • 68



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  • Now lets see what you can make out of a ! How about a

    cuddly ? Or maybe a blasting into space? Have you

    ever wanted to draw a fire-breathing ? Youll soon be

    drawing all of these fun cartoons plus a grumpy ,

    a caped , and so much more!


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  • home sweet home


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  • 97

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    baby gator

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  • 128



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  • Even a can become lots of different wacky characters

    and cute animals! Would you like to draw a sweet little ?

    How about a with magical powers? Or a futuristic ?

    Youll soon be able to draw all of them, plus a prickly

    , a kooky , and lots more

    funny characters and crazy animals.


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  • wizard


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  • skateboard boy


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