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Droid Communication Plan

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Windows 7

Android2011 Activation PlanEmily AlexanderKyle EichinEmily HallHannah NowalkChristian RinconLesley Scheuermann

Anna HorwitzJanelle KarlenTiffany Lettsome


Client LearningsAndroid is a mobile operating system Large community of developers writing application programs "apps"Over 200,000 apps available for AndroidFeatures a customizable and unique Graphic User Interface (GUI).Source: Freebase via Mashable

It was purchased by Google in 2005, and is based upon a modified version of the Linux kernel. Google and other members of the Open Handset Alliance collaborated on Android's development and releaseSource: Freebase via Mashable


Android ArchetypeAndroid is an ExplorerNot restricted to social normsDoesnt merely accept the presentPushes boundaries and raises the barDoesnt want to be fenced inJust as the consumer does not want to be fenced in, the android does not want to be fenced it but capitalizes on the freedom to be itself in an ever-changing culture. Our phones need to be unique to our specific needs, so as the culture changes and our needs change, so our phones should change.The operating system leaves room open for the individual to customize their experience.I dont just have to shop in the Apple App store, I can create my own with the open source development.


I feel that I can trust the Google brandI am comfortable with Google, I know how to use it

4Client ChallengesConfusion exists when identifying Android the operating system.

Current Verizon customers now have option to purchase an iPhone when they upgrade.

Within the Apple culture the iLife, consumers only buy Apple products .

The phones on the Android OS comes off too techy and a complicated.

Differentiate Android the operating system from the DROID phone; from the Motorola DROID phone.Needs to be top of mind awareness in consumer decisionTo penetrate the Apple culture The iLife: We need to penetrate this mentality and ingratiate Android in the mind of the consumers.


Main Client ChallengeWe feel that this is our main client challenge7Client Opportunities27 % of Android users are womenSource: Freebase via Mashable

This challenge presents us with an opportunity to target women.

8Client Opportunities54 % of Smartphone buyers are womenSource: MitekSystems

There is a great potential to tap into this emerging market9Client Opportunities

Android has 22.7 % of the Smartphone market share

10Target MarketFrom the data collected and analyzed, we choose women 25-34 as our target market with a fringe audience of women 18-24. Although males dominate the Android market users, women are increasing in numbers, many of them being young students. This means that a new generation of tech-aspiring Americans holds the key to the smart phone market.

11Competitive Review12Who are Androids competitors?Windows 7

iPhone - iOS

Blackberry RIM13Perception MapSimpleComplexTrendyDorky

OpportunityOur opportunity lies within the fields


Perception of AndroidInnovative, technical, sharp

Android is more for computer geeks who are looking to customize their experience--NOT ME.

Good. I like Google, but they don't seem to have their stuff together when it comes to the technology. The platform is nice though.

Source: CS1 SurveyThe "open" closed source phone. Android has begun to shift more towards the iPhone in business model in recent weeks. Popular as an alternative to those who aren't/weren't on AT&T before the Verizon release.15Android Creative

16Android Creative


Windows PhoneIts time for a phone to save us from our phones

What Theyre About: Functionality and efficiency.

User Experience: Designed for simplicity.

Functional Benefits: You dont need to spend a lot of time on your phone to get the information you want.

Product features: Tile designCamera, 8 gigs or more of memoryCombines the simplicity of Apple with the Open Source of AndroidCompatible with all Microsoft software.18Perceptions of Windows 7It's fast, secure, stable, visually appealing and fun to use.

Today nothing Google could put out could rival the fantastic experience of this OS. I imagine it will be hard for anyone to put out a web OS that will match the slickness of this OS.

User experience less dreadful. UI while still all over the place, can be seen as a decided move towards the more humane approach.

Source: CS1 Survey19Windows 7 Creative

20Windows 7 Creative


Blackberry RIM Love what you doWhat Brand Is About: known for its ability to send and receive (push) Internet e-mail wherever mobile network service coverage is present.

User Experience: Blackberry has the best e-mail experience.

Product Features:Serves as a personal digital assistant (PDA )Wireless e-mailQWERTY KeyboardNavigation ballTouch screen option22Perceptions of Blackberry

Blackberry tends to be more of a professional brand.

I have a Blackberry and LOVE IT. I love the QWERTY keyboard and how easy it is to access messages.

It seems like a good phone, [but] I don't know how to use it. I never hear people complain about them. They seem more useful for business time.

Source: CS1 Survey

23Blackberry RIM Creative

24Blackberry RIM Creative


iPhoneWhat the brand is about: Revolutionary and simplicity.

User Experience: Apple stands strongly behind the idea that the first time you pick up an iPhone, you know how to use it.

Product Features:Retina Display Applications (Apps)Face Time video conferences and editing video.Camera + LED16 GB or 32 GB flash drive

26Perceptions of iPhone iPhone is your do all phone


Positive. iPod, phone, email, games, etc... all in one. Currently the Smartphone industry leader in both innovation and market share.

Its probably one of the most popular smart phones, I love mine although, I do think it is over priced and overly hyped.

Source: CS1 Survey


Apple Creative

29Apple Creative


Funny comic between the Droid and Iphone.31Core Idea32Core IdeaAndroid is a connection worth havingThe Strategic Triad: Customer: Your phone is the point of convergence for your personal and business lives.The Strategic Triad: Product: Android is a feature-rich, customizable backbone for this experience. The Strategic Triad: Competition: Its worth giving it a try. Has a lot to offer the consumer who is willing to explore their options of phones. Android is the new kid on the block.

33Its your world

Media35Media StrategyCombine traditional media with trendy media.

Use :30 second TV spots.

Print ads to reinforce awareness.

Social Media to interact with consumers through Facebook, Twitter, and Blogs.

Pulsing schedule

Twitter: Also, engage customers that may be bloggers. They can spread the word.36DigitalSocial MediaFacebook Page contest: How does Android keep you connected? Twitter Use celebrity paid tweet to foster participation in the Facebook contest.Blog target popular mommy blogs as well as young professional women.

Facebook: Page contest: How does Android keep you connected? Users tag Android in their pictures relating to the contest.

Twitter: Show us how youre connected and well keep you connected.Promoted tweets, Retweet, Mention, Hashtag contest.

Blog: Find the top 5 mom blogs (within target market) reach out to them and offer Androids for the family to write a product review.Find top 5 young women blogs and offer a product for review.

Long term goal: Foster awareness and break through the clutter in the long run. Clear up the confusion that exists with Android OS.

37Would you ever switch?

Word of mouth38BroadcastTelevisionNational coverage Network + Cable

Network to increase reachCable to increase frequency Ex. TLC, Oxygen39OnlineOnline Streaming VideoHuluABC PlayerOnline Streaming RadioPandoraIheart Radio

PrintMagazinesWomen's and General Interest

Budget$ 2 million42Creative ExecutionTelevisionEmotional TV SpotBaby ShowerFunctional TV SpotBusiness Man to Family ManPrint43Print AdJingle All the



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